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by Tektaper

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At the University Amy and Cindy were getting ready for the weekend. Cindy was going home to see her parents for the weekend, and Amy was going away with her boyfriend on a special trip.

Cindy packed up her car and then headed for home.

Amy went to her last class of the day.

Cindy was about an hour and a half out when she got the call form her parents. They were going to the hospital to see Great Aunt May. The doctors said she would not make it thought the week. They told Cindy they loved her and that they would see her the next time she was in. Cindy said she was going back to school and that she loved them too.

Amy got out of class and called her boyfriend Jeff. She told him she was ready to go. Jeff said he had been called into work this weekend on an emergency. Amy asked him to come over after work as Cindy had gone home for the weekend. Jeff said he would try, Then he told her he loved her and hung up.

Jeff called his friends and told them it was on for this weekend. Jeff had showed his friends a video that he and Amy had made. The video was of Amy taking off her clothes and telling Jeff about her fantasies of being raped by four or five guys in masks after they break into her apartment and tie her up. She said she was giving her permission to them to tie her up and use and abuse her as long as they follow the rules and use condoms.

Amy went back to the apartment and changed into her white tight and navy blue leotard so she could go to the free yoga and palates class that was offered every Friday. Amy repacked her bag and drove over to the gymnasium.

Cindy got back and drove around the parking lot looking for Amy's car, but it was gone.

Amy finished her workout and hit the showers. She put on a pair of maroon tights, gold leotard and a pair of shorts. She decided to save herself for Jeff, instead of going back to the apartment to play, so she decided to go to the movies.

Cindy left all her stuff in the car and went into the apartment and looked around for Amy's overnight bag, and it was gone too. Cindy said to herself the apartment is all mine with a big smile on her face. She went into her room and unlocked her footlocker. She got out four ¼" rope ratchet with O-rings on the end, her lockable leather wrist and ankle cuffs, four open keyed alike luggage locks, and four open keyed alike padlocks, a full roll of duct tape, her leather hood with removable blindfold and removable inflatable hollow gag, her wireless vibrating dildo and wireless vibrating butt plug, and a six foot piece of ½" rope with a noose tied in one end.

Jeff's friends went to the liquor and beer store. They bought 6 cases of beer and Disaronno and Sour Apple Vodka for the party.

She put everything on the bed and then took her clothes off. Then she folded her clothes and put them on the chair in the corner. Cindy opened her chest of drawers and get out her black crotch-less tights and her maroon crotch-less leotard, then she put them on. She tied the noose to the bottom center of the foot board so it went a foot up on the bed. Next she tied the four ¼" rope ratchet to the four corner of the bed so the two at the bottom were three feet long and the top two five feet long.

Jeff's friends then went to the Adult store.....

She went to the freezer and got one of her two hour bottles with a string frozen within it. Then she put the key to the padlocks onto one of the two key rings tied to the string in the bottle. Next she hung the bottle from the hook over the head of the bed. She got some lube and put it on the butt plug then she used it. She then inserted dildo and used the duct tape and put three strips over her crotch. She then taped her feet together with three loops. Then three more loops around her ankles, then below and above her knees. She used the noose around the ankles and pulled it tight. Then she scooted up the bed to pull the rope tight. Next she put on the wrist cuffs and locked them on with the luggage locks. She put ear plugs in then put the hood on and laced it on tight then locked it on too. She pumped the gag up and removed the ball pump and put it on the night stand. Then she locked her wrist on to the O-ring on the rope ratchet. Then she set the butt plug and dildo to random. Lastly she pulled the ropes on the rope ratchets to make her bondage inescapable until the ice melted in the bottle.

Jeff's friends had decided on using fake names when they played out Amy's little fantasies. Rick picked Steve-N, Jerry picked Steve-E, Max picked Steve-O, Bart picked Steve-Str and Jeff got the name Steve. They were going to use voice boxes to change voices, ski masks, and thick rubber gloves.

Cindy had been all tied up for a half an hour when Jeff's friends showed up.

They opened the back door with the key Jeff gave them after putting on ski masks. Once inside they looked for Amy very quietly so they could get the jump on her. When they found what they thought was Amy all ready tied to the bed. One of the guys said she was kinkier than he had though. They saw the bottle hanging from the hook over the head of the bed. One of the guys took down the bottle and removed the key. Then he put the bottle back in the freezer and said she will not be needing this any time soon.

Cindy still had no idea that anything was happening. She was in the middle of a fantasy about being found tied to the bed by four guys that broke into her apartment and were going to use her all weekend.

Amy had just finished watching the first movie and she had decided to watch a second movie before she went home.

Max started tickling what he thought was Amy's feet and got the same response that he was use to. Jerry and Rick started tickling her sides making her jump and scream like a wild woman. They had never gotten to tickle Amy for more that a minute before Jeff would stop them or she would run into the girl’s bathroom. After fifteen minutes of being tickled Cindy blacked out. Bart untied her and with the help of Max and Rick. They striped her out of the leotard and tights, removed the butt plug and dildo, and removed the cuffs. Bart took one of the rolls of duct tape and taped her left hand to her left ankle all the way down to her elbow and back up again. Then he taped her right hand up the same way. He put her ankle cuffs on her and then used both of the rope ratchets from the foot of the bed on the right cuff and both of the rope ratchets from the head of the bed on the left cuff. He pulled the ropes till she was centered on the edge of the bed with her bottom hanging over. He pulled the ropes tight till her hands and feet were flat on the bed. They let her wake up and struggle a little bit before the started to take turns with her two holes.

Amy left the movie theater and went to the grocery store to pick up a few things; Milk, Bread, Ham & Cheese and two rolls of duct tape to go with the plastic wrap at home when her boyfriend came over.

Amy got back to the apartment and opened the door. When she got inside and shut the door, she heard the guys making noise and talking about what they were going to do to Amy. Amy set down the bag of groceries and went to see what was going on. She saw four guys with ski masks, and thick rubber gloves working on some girl in Cindy's room.

One of the guys turned around and saw Amy standing in the other room and said, "Oh shit".

Amy said, "Mary had a little lamb". And the guys all stopped what they were doing and followed her into the kitchen. She asked, "Who is that girl in there?"

One of the guys said, "I thought it was you all tied up to the bed."

Amy said, "What is up with to funny voices and she was already tied to the bed?"

The guy said, "The voice box was so you could not recognize our voices and yes she was."

Amy said, "You guys just raped Cindy for real."

Then she said, "Stay in here and let me see if she is ok."

The guys stayed by the back door and waited for Amy.

Amy went into Cindy’s room and put her hand on Cindy’s arm. She ask Cindy of she was ok and got no response. She saw the ball pump and keys on the night stand and got them. She used the ball pump and let the air out of the gag. She then unlocked the collar and unlaced the hood and removed it. She saw the ear plugs and took them out and asked if Cindy was Ok.

Cindy said "Yes, I came back and then they grabbed me".

Amy asked, "but weren’t you already tied up?"

Cindy turned red and asked, "How did you know?"

Amy said, "I am sorry about this. It was supposed to be me that they grabbed and used all weekend. You were not supposed to be back till next Monday."

Cindy Said, "It is ok, I always wish my fantasies of being fucked by four or five guys in masks after they break into my apartment and tie me up to come true some day and today was fantastic".

Amy replied, "You have had that same fantasy too."

Cindy asked if Amy knew how to get them back?

Amy asked. "You want them to come back?"

Cindy replied, "You did say it was supposed to be all weekend?"

Amy asked, "You want more?"

Cindy said, "Yes Please, But could you put my hood back on first? I don’t want to see them at all."

The guys in the kitchen heard the whole thing….

Amy said, "I think I might be able to find them."

Cindy said, "Good, You don’t mind sharing them do you?"

Amy said, "Not if you don’t mind recording a video waver?"

Cindy said, "Go get your Video Camera."

Amy showed Cindy her video waver and then Cindy recorded hers including the little mix up early.

Cindy told Amy where her ring gag for the hood was and had her put the ear plugs back in and tie the hood back on tightly and locked the collar back on.

Amy then went to her room and got her stuff and then asked how they wanted her.

The guys said, "We want you tied up just like Cindy right next to her."

Amy said, "This will be fun if Jeff can’t tell us apart."

It was about 4:45 pm on Friday.

Jeff was due around 6:00 pm.


The End for Now


Lord of all my dreams.

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