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Double Surprise

by tttttt9876

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© Copyright 2010 - tttttt9876 - Used by permission

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Well I wanted to surprise my wife when I got home from a 2 week business trip on the in another state. Let me explain, we have been married for just over 2 years and we have a very healthy love life and this is the first time we have been separated for more than an overnight trip. Also we both enjoy giving and receiving bondage in our love making. So this is where the surprise came in. I have rescheduled my return trip home earlier than Tammie expects me so I can get ready before she gets home from her job.

Let me tell you about us. Tammie, well let’s say she is fantastic. She is 30 years old, 5’, 110 pounds, 34C 24 32, long nipples when she gets real excited, long red hair, and shaved. She works out and keeps herself in great shape. I call her my little fireball. I’m a couple a years older, 5’10, 165 pounds, brown hair, and I’m in decent shape. With my job I try to work out at least 3 times a week.     

For the surprise I want to get home early, get ready, and tie myself up on the bed waiting for her to get home. But before I get too far into this I went shopping at a local adult shop in the big city. I purchased a sexy soft black leather pushup half bra where her nipples would over hang the bra. A sexy matching garter belt with black seamed stockings. And a micro short matching leather skirt. Also for the surprise the night before I returned home I shaved all the hair off my body below my head. So I’m all set to head home in the morning. .

Well the flight home was right on schedule and I was able to watch my wife drive off to work. I followed the few miles to her job and watched her go in to work then I went to the home improvement stop to pick up the last few items I needed. About an hour later on my way back to the house I call my wife from my cell phone to her office number. I told her I was just getting to the airport and should make my flight with no problem. We talked a little then I said I would see her at home and I said I loved her and hung up. I knew she would not be home at lunch since she had a lunchtime conference.

I went back to the house where I empty out my car then I moved it to the apartment complex a block away and walked back to the house. Its 11:00 now and I need to hurry up with my plans. First I wrapped up her new leather clothes up in individual gifts box and set them on the coffee table so se would see them when she walked in. I placed a note on the box which read,

Hi Honey I got home early to surprise you. But first take a shower and put your gifts on with your new sexy shoes. I will be in the play room waiting for you. Do Not come in until you’re dressed. I have a big surprise for you when you come in.

Now with this done I went to my luggage I got out the next part of the surprise. I also got out toys out and the rope I bought where I cut it up in a few different lengths.

Time for me to get ready. Tammie has been joking with me that she was going to dress me up in her sexy lingerie so I bought some things for me to wear with a wig and makeup. Time to get ready. I put the eye makeup on, lipstick, then nail polish on my finger nails and toe nails. First the garter and stockings, panties, then the bra with the false boobs went on. Also I put on a short little black dress with high heel shoes. I had to stuff my cock between my legs to keep the monster down. Last of all I put on the long hair blond wig. Now its time to tie myself up. I laid out all our toys on the dresser next to the bed where she could get them when she needed them.

First went in was the black ball gag with my red lips showing around it. I set all the rope on the bed with the handcuffs and blindfold. I check the clock and it’s now 1:00 and I’m on schedule. I get in the middle of the bed and tie my feet together around the shoes. Then I tie my ankles and above and below my knee’s. MMMMMMM this feels good. Next I tie a rope around my waist and pull it between my legs and tie the handcuffs to it. Oh yes the keys to the cuffs are tied to my balls. Next I tie a rope around my chest above and below my fake boobs. Wow, now I know how my wife feels when I do this to her. I center myself on the king size bed and put the black leather blindfold on. I reach for the handcuffs and click the left one on first. Last chance to back out but I place my hand in the other cuff and click is shut. Now I’m here till Tammie gets here. I hear the clock chimes go off and it's 3:00.

I hear the front door open and I am a little surprised that Tammie is home early from work, I guessing it was about 3:30 or so. I hear her giggle so she found the gifts I had out for her. Now the shower went on so she is doing what the note said. Soon she will be here. The water goes off and a few minutes later I hear her go into our bedroom to get ready. I know she will be here any minute and I’m as hard as a rock but my cock is between my legs. The door opens, she must be standing there looking at me and then I hear her walk in over to the dresser covered with the toys. Next I feel the bed move as she climbs up and straddles me. As she is sitting on top my waist I hear her make a phone call, what the hell. When the other end answers she said, "Hi Tammie its Sue". Oh My God it’s not my wife but her best friend Sue.    

Shit little did I know my wife had something planned with her girl friend Sue before I was to be home.  This was a surprise on me. Sue is a wild one. Well sue is 5’11”, real nice curves, I guess a nice set of 38D’s, and short sexy blond hair. Tammie jokes with me that she might invite her to bed with us as we are making love but I never planned on this. Oh Sue is BI and I’m guessing my wife had a thing about her.

I hear Sue talking with Tammie

She tells Tammie, "I love your surprise. The outfit is real sexy but the note said I was to wear your high heel shoes".

"Sue what are you talking about? I didn’t get you an outfit".

"Then the note said take a shower and put on the outfit with the shoes and come into the play room. I guess the play room was the second bedroom. When I went in there is I’m guessing Steve tied up and dressed as a woman".

I can hear Tammie nearly yelling now saying "WHAT" and "Where are you now?"

Sue’s answer was she was sitting on me straddling my waist. "Also the dresser is full of sex toys with another note saying to use everything on the slut tied on the bed".

I can hear my wife on the phone say, "that husband of mine is a real ass sometimes", then she told Sue to get off her and go into the bathroom which she did. Sue come back in and put my wife’s earplugs in my ears so I can’t hear anything. Then I guess she leaves the room.

About 30 minutes later I feel someone touch my left leg and someone else touches my right one. OH MY GOD my wife is here with Sue. Next they are playing with my fake tits through the dress. Next they are rubbing my fake pussy and pull up my dress to see what’s under it. Now they are cutting the dress off me. Oh God this is so fantastic. They also cut my panties and pull my cock up to play with it and when it gets real hard they put my cock strap on it.     

Next they go up to my head and remove the earplugs so I can hear again. Sue bends down and whispers in my ear and tells me that my wife loved the surprise but I was getting a bigger one. She also said that we will be calling her Mistress Sue from now on and that we had to do what ever Mistress Sue tells us. Did I agree or not, which I did. Then she asked my wife the same thing but she didn’t answer quickly enough and I hear a loud slap on her ass. Then Tammie answered, "Yes Mistress".

Mistress Sue tells us that once a week we will be her slaves for a night and once a month slaves for a weekend did we agree?

I waited for Tammie, again a slap to the both of us. I hear Tammie say, "Yes Mistress", and I shake my head yes.

"Very good slaves".

Next Mistress tells my wife to get up on the bed and sit on that cock that slave Stephanie has but not to move after she got on it. Mistress said she needed to put a gag in slave Tammie’s mouth and then I hear handcuffs click on her wrist. Now I feel Mistress pull ropes under me and ties Tammie on top of me. Next Mistress takes one of our remote control vibrators and pushes up under my balls, then the second one up to the bottom of Tammie’s ass. She takes the 2 vibrating dildos and duct tapes them to my cock and Tammie’s pussy.

Mistress tells us that we cannot cum till she tells us we can and turns the vibrators on low. I nearly shot off when she did that. Then I feel Mistress sit on my chest then she slides off my blindfold. As my eyes get use to being able to see again Mistress stands up and I can see her plant her pussy on my wife ring gagged mouth. I can see between our Mistresses open legs my wife licking and eating her first pussy over. What a turn on. I grew inside my wife and she knew it. Mistress turns up the remotes and we both start moaning. After another few minutes she turns the remotes all the way to full and tell us, "Not yet Mistress needs to cum first", which she screams and cum's all over my wife’s face.

Mistress gets off the bed before she would collapse on us. She tells us on the count down of 10 that we can cum.












Get ready



Are you ready?



"You may cum now". We both started shaking moaning and we both came so hard I know I passed out for a moment. When I came too my wife was laying on my chest still tied to each other. She started to move a little and came too then sat up.

Mistress came over to us and untied us and helped my wife off me. Then my wife untied me, removed my gag then gave me a large kiss. Once we were all untied and undressed we all went into the master shower and washed each other down.

After drying off we went into the living room for some wine. Tammie gave Sue the gift she had left on the corner chair for her but she'd seen the one I left on the coffee table. The gift was a 10” remote control dildo like the one I gave my wife on her last birthday. We all laughed, got dressed and took our new Mistress out to her birthday dinner.

Well everybody that was a true story that happened last fall and we will be writing you with more fun and games.       


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