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A Dream of Devotion

by LordBond

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© Copyright 2002 - LordBond - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; bfold; gag; nylon; cocoon; slave; stuck; caught; F/f; tease; tickle; kidnap; bond; box; mast; cons/nc; X

This story is all fiction, nothing you read happens until now and I guess it probably never will be happen. Please excuse my bad english cause i'm a german who is really inetersted in writing stories for all the readers around the world .


She always dreamed of him as her master. He would tell her what to do and how she had to fulfil his orders and his dreams. But he isn't into this kind of game. Their lives had gone into routine. Every morning he left the house, kisses her goodbye and wouldn't be seen until the late of the afternoon. He worked for a big factory and brought home a nice salary. She always has to do the housework and something in the garden.

Then on one of these usual days it happened. She was left alone as always but suddenly thought about something real special. She didn´t know where it came from, but suddenly she wanted to be his slave and wanted to do everything to get him into this new kind of sexual game. The only way she thought in this moment was about sex  ‚Ķwith him her new master.

The games they had played until then she felt were boring. Some foreplay, nice cuddling, then he enters her and soon it was all over and she lay beneath him without any real satisfaction. That had to be changed. If she could surprise him with something special he might make love to her in other ways and he would see her in a new kind of light. So she began to prepare everything for the surprise of the day.

First she wrote a letter : 
  To my MASTER
You will find me in the bedroom for your pleasure. This will be the day everything will change between us. You should treat me in the future as your personal slave. Your command is what I will be living for, what you decide I have to do without any hesitation. Don't be shocked my dear but this is my way to show you how deep my love is for you. Please use me as you never done before. Make me feel your strength .
Your devote SLAVE Jane.

This letter she placed on the table in the kitchen where normally they would eat their lunch together. Then she did her usually housework, she had enough time to get everything done until her husband would be back at home. She washed the dishes, did some ironing and got the meal for the afternoon ready. Now the time has come where she did last preparations for her new adventure. She fetched two pairs of her pantyhose, a slip, two earplugs, a couple of scarves, a blindfold and some rope. She went upstairs to their bedroom and began to let her dream come true.

First she undressed completely. Naked she sat down on the bed and used the rope to tie her feet together. She did it in a special way. Jane looped the rope around her ankles then between and around her feet. A small rope was put around her big toes so her feet were completely immobile. Now she put on both pantyhose stepped with both feet in only one leg of each hose. She pulled them up to her navel so one opening was in her back, the other one in front of her. Next she inserted the earplugs and stuffed the slip in her mouth. Then she placed the cloth scarf gag in her mouth balled up and then tied another scarf over that to hold it in place, the ends tightly tied behind her head. Before she used the blindfold she looked to the little watch near the bed and smiled because he should be with her in nearly twenty minutes.

After she had placed the blindfold above her eyes the harder part of her selfbondage begins.

She had to insert her arms in the pantyhose and stretch them over her head. The first one with the opening in her back was easy to use but the second one was real hard work to do. She has to wiggle a lot around to get the hose over her arms, but suddenly it went on and the opening slid along her back. She wiggled for a while so it would reach the top of her bottom. She felt great at what the pressure of the hoses were doing to her body. Cause her arms are stretched above her head the pressure on her face her blindfold and her gag are most arousing. She tried to speak but only muffled noises was heard in the room. She could hear nothing.

Also she can't see but feel. Her breasts are flattened against her body but her nipples are stiffening through the fine material of her pantyhose. She tried to roll around on the bed but found that it isn't wasn't easy. Suddenly she turned around and lay on her stomach. Breathing this way was harder because she lay with her head right on the pillow and her nose was pressed in it. Jane had to turn around as fast as she could or she will suffocate. She wiggled as much as she can but nothing happened. Her breathing became shallow and she felt as though she might be fainting in a few moments. She begin to panic and thought about her fault she did this. What might happen if she couldn't turn her body around again, will her husband find her cocooned as she is but dead ???

She stopped trying to turn but lifted her head as much as possible to breath through her nose. This movement transfers to her breasts and her slit. She feels every movement as if her husband was making love to her. It was unbelievable but she felt the wetness between her legs. She is so horny now and has to concentrate to breath. If she would come now her head would fall back onto the pillow and it would be the end of her life but she had to move or otherwise she will suffocate with her head deep in the pillow.

It was a real nice picture to see the movements she did to breath through her nose. Arms stretched also her legs and her whole body in movement with ups and downs. She felt the tingling in her body and thought she couldn't stand it anymore. Suddenly her legs fell on the floor, her body followed and she crashed hard on the ground. 

Gladly she had turned on her back and breathing was now much easier for her. She'd hit her head and all around her went black. She didn't know how long she had laid on the floor but she felt there was something wrong. She wasn't able to hear the answering machine with the voice of her husband who was telling her he would have to do a business trip at once and will see her in three days.

Part Two

It seemed to be a long time for Jane to regain consciousness, she was still dazed and confused from the blow to her head. She felt uncomfortable and thought about what she had done to herself, she was firmly stuck in her bondage. If she only could hear something or even see she might feel much better. But she had done too good a job on herself, so nothing from outside her cocoon would disturb her loneliness. Suddenly Jane believed she smelt smoke…
Had she forgotten to shut down the electric-iron??

She began to panic. Shouldn’t her husband been home by now? Will he arrive soon enough to stop the fire??

Jane was completely irritated with herself, she struggled to break free, her efforts proved futile as the Nylon held her body in it’s smooth grasp. How long was she lying on the floor?? With her mind still blurred, it raced through several thoughts and with all her questions she didn’t realize that nothing was burning, it was just played out in her overheated mind.

Jane suddenly felt a soft touch on her stomach. ‘Thank god he has come to rescue me,’ she thought. But the touch was not from a human being, it felt so much smaller. Something jumped on her body. She tried to find out what or who it was. She felt the tickling that this thing was doing to her, her body was now extra sensitive, ‘it must be due the nylon’ she thought. The thing continued to wander her bound body and began to play with her breasts. Her nipples began to grow with the touch, her nipples becoming erect. The tickling suddenly turned into torment because the thing that had invaded her room was the cat from the next door neighbour and was now using it’s claws to play with Jane’s nipples. 

The claws of the cat rubbed over her stomach as the cat stretched itself, it’s claws extending and retracting as it continued to play with this wonderful thing it had found. Jane felt that she’d been cut by them, but still the pantyhose remained and didn’t  get destroyed. The cat jumped around on her body finding it suddenly fun to play with Jane’s nipples again, the cat pawed at them with it’s feet, swatting them and making them more erect, the cat then tried to bite them. Jane started to get delirious because she was not able to find out what animal is torturing her body, she squirmed around trying to get whatever was tormenting her off her ravaged nipples.

Jane begins to wonder what animal has found her bound body, she thinks of mice and rats, or beavers and badgers or even dogs like she had seen on TV, which are trained to kill. The neighbours cat did not come to her mind. Jane wiggled her body and made such a lot of noise, she believed, but all that was heard were muffling noises. The cat thought it was great fun to play with something moving around and making such nice noises. Jane soon became exhausted with moving about and after a while the cat got bored with it’s plaything and jumped out of the window Jane had forgotten to close.

Now Jane was on her own again. When will her husband arrive soon? Or is he playing tricks on her. Was it him that had played with her body? Several thoughts went through Jane’s mind as she laid there thinking about her predicament. Jane was still lost deep in thought and didn’t hear the doorbell. How could she, she was still wearing earplugs!

After a while a key was inserted in the lock, the front door opened and someone entered. The person was looking around the house, glancing in every room and upon entering the main bedroom stood suddenly shocked to see Jane lying on the ground in her bondage!!!!

Part Three

After a few minutes the shock subsided and changed to a little smile. If you could have seen it you would say it was a bit diabolical. The person standing in front of Jane was the secretary of her husband. She had got the order to look after Jane and have a nice evening with her. She thought that it would be a rather nice evening now after she had seen Jane down on the floor in her bondage. The secretary’s name was Sue. They had often met in the past and were good friends. That’s why Tom , Jane’s husband, had sent her over to have a nice evening and keep Jane company. Sue wasn’t really bi , but now she was impressed to see Jane bound that way right in front of her. She kneeled beside her and touched her body at first real shy, a little tickling there a soft brushing there. 

Jane thought Tom had come home and so she squirmed and wiggled around to let him see how much she needed his love. Her cocoon was drenched in her sweat but she felt now absolutely happy because he had come to free her or do with her what ever he wanted. The fingers felt so soft through the thin material of her cocoon. She began to shiver and her heart began to jump. She could feel her nipples raising and rubbing against the pantyhose. Her sex was like a spring and her fluids leaped down between her legs. Jane felt so good.

Sue was impressed of the reaction she could see and feel on Jane’s body. This might more than a really nice evening !!!!

She had decided to keep Jane for the whole three days Tom was away. Sue lived in a house quite a bit outside of the town. She thought it might be fun to take Jane over there and have some fun with her. Nobody would know what would happen through the next three days. After she had teased Jane for a while she made the decision to take Jane away right now. But how should she manage to get her captive out of the house without to be seen?

She walked through the whole house to find anything to put Jane in for the transport. In the cellar she found the empty box of the television that was delivered last week. She carried it upstairs. Then she went back to pick up a few rolls of  tape she also found in the cellar. Sue sat near Jane and looked how this cute wife was wiggling in her bonds. All she could hear was “ Mmppff ,mmppff”. She thought Jane had done a real good job on herself. But she would do now a much better job.

She used the tape to bind Jane’s hands and her elbows. Next she taped her feet then above and beneath her knees. She then bent Jane’s legs and pulled them up to her breast and taped them to her body with more then four turns of the tape around her body. Then she taped her already bound feet to her upper legs. Jane began to breath real heavy and she felt there must be something wrong. She struggled as much as she can but was absolutely helpless. Sue laid the box near Jane and tried to roll her body inside, but was unable to do so because of Jane’s outstretched arms. So she moved this bound package of a body around until she got it in the box with the arms looking out. But she still can’t move the box outside. She has to hide the arms. She spotted a big vase in the corner of the room and guessed it would be the right item to cover Jane’s arms. She brought the vase and shoved it over the arms. She had to turn the vase aorund a lot to get it over the arms but suddenly it slithered down and the arms were covered.

Jane in the box was whimpering. Not only had she bound herself in a cocoon, now she had been taped and felt additionally that cruel pressure on her arms. Tears went down her cheeks. What is happening to her? Who is her tormentor? Sue had already got the trolley to bring the box with the vase on top to her van. It wasn’t easy but she man-handled the box and after a lot of work got it in her van. Now Jane’s trip began. Sue closed all the doors and windows of the house and found Jane’s letter for Tom. She took it and smiled when she read it.

This will be three very nice days for both of us she thought, as she went out closing the entrance door and locked it. Sue started the engine of her van and couldn’t wait to arrive the destination of her ride. She felt nervous about all the things she could do to Jane. She will never know who did it to her she thought and smiled again this devilish smile.

Part Four

The ride to her home could be so easy, but…………..

The first thing that happened was this terrible detour. She had to leave the highway and drive through narrow bumping roads. She could hear Jane whimpering in her box when the car hits another hole in the street. Also the box slithered in the van from side to side. But Sue wouldn’t stop to fix the box. Sometimes she heard the vase bumping against the side of the van. She hoped to arrive home soon without any complication.

The next thing happen was that idiot of a lorry driver who suddenly appeared from nowhere right in front of the van. Sue was totally shocked and had to hit the brakes of her car immediately. The car stopped right in front of the lorry. Nothing happened outside the van, luckily. But inside the box rushed through the car and bumped hard against the back wall. Sue could hear the noise of the broken vase and felt her heart bumping because she thought she had injured Jane badly. What should she do now?  She can’t step out of the car to look for the box in the rear, because a police car stood right on the opposite corner of the lane she was driving on. The door of the car opened and an officer came out directly to her van.

Sue’s heart was beating like a drum. How could she explain her freight??? 

The officer knocked at the window and Sue opened to find out what he wanted from her. He asked Sue if everything was alright, or if something has been damaged at this near accident? Sue had to breath real deep and answered that nothing happened and she had to go rather quickly to her home because somebody would be waiting there for her. The officer grunted and went away, but suddenly turned around to come back to Sue. She felt her blood rush out of her face and guessed the officer had heard something to look in her van. She opened her window again and asked what else he wanted from? He only told her she should follow the police car. Sue felt weak. But then the officer talked again and asked her for her destination to help her get very fast to her home. Sue couldn’t believe what she heard and told him where she wanted to go. He turned, walked to his car entered got on the lights and helped Sue through all kinds of problems of the ride.

Half an hour later they arrived. Sue jumped out of her car and ran to the officer and thanked him for his help and asked him inside for a cup of coffee with her. She thought she had to do this because of his kind behaviour, and believed he would answer with sorry but there’s no time. But he smiled and answered that’s real nice my shift is over right now and I’ve lots of time to help you unload your van.

What should Sue answer now. She only wanted to be kind to the officer and he will now complicate everything. So Sue laughed and told him first to drink the coffee and to see later about the freight in her van.
Interested in more??? So let me know !!!!!!! 

If you want to know what will happen to Jane please let me know!!!!



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