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Dressed Up, Tied Up & Nowhere to Go

by Mikeroper

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I have been a fan of bondage and self bondage since I was a teenager, even as far back as nocturnal emissions, I knew this would be my life path, but finding a partner in this lifestyle is awkward and complicated. The first time I touched a pair of pantyhose, I immediately had a discharge, so I think it was a biological indicator I had a fetish. I spent years trying to keep this side of my life safe, I had enough guts one time to actually wear the pantyhose and try to tie myself up. I came then the power went out. I realized I was stuck and could not escape. I had to hop out of the bathroom, as I tied my ankles and had a silk scarf over my mouth. I found my door wide open and all my neighbors out because of the power outage, I was in plain view of all my neighbors all trussed up.

I avoided all my neighbors and any outdoor activity until we moved 6 months later. Years later, I had only thought of bondage and for a glimpse of pantyhose on a woman. I would not dare do these things with a girlfriend because my secret would get out. Harmony Concepts came about and I was in heaven!!! Someone understands and my life changed from that moment on. Enough background, people want to hear the self bondage swan song. I do not like outdoor bondage because of exposure to the elements and being caught by a child or a criminal risk is too great, so I like things behind closed doors, where no one can find me, I am on my own!

Since I have years of disappointment with bondage and self bondage, I want this event to be the best, my swan song, the one I will never be able to top! So I went all out planning over a week in advance. I took off two weeks for vacation, told everyone I was going to drive through the US, and being a private person, they expected no less. My story is plausible to my family and friends and they will not expect a call or me to be home. No one has the key to my place and it is alarmed, so no one comes by if I am not home. I purchase a new outfit; I am going to be a damsel in distress, robbed and left bound and gagged. I bought the following items…white silky-satin panties, matching see through bra, silicone implants in bra which look real glued to skin, Mary-Jane heels, peavey tan pantyhose sheer to waist, white satin half slip, white corset over my torso only, white satin blouse, black pencil skirt, wig and makeup. This event was going to be a complete makeover!

I took a bath, shaved entire body and face, put lotion on my body and let it dry as I got out my ropes. I feel silky smooth and anticipating my makeover and predictiment. Living alone has many advantages. I put on the panties and shifted my manhood so I was unable to get off during the entire process, no matter how I moved or gyrated. I put on the breasts, the bra and the slip. I also put the corset over my torso and felt very feminine.  Put on cover up, rouge, eye makeup and mascara and bright red lipstick with gloss, I place my wig on and taped it into place, I looked in the mirror and looked like a woman, I had never done this before, but it was orgasmic. I turned the a/c down to 65 because it was getting a little hot with the clothes and makeup, and I put on the pantyhose so slow and then my heels. I placed fake fingernails on my nails and painted them the same color as my lips. I was going to wear my satin opera length gloves, but I thought I might need my sense of touch because this will be an intricate rope bondage situation.

After my nails dried and put on my skirt and blouse, found out the slip should go on last, but live and learn. All clothing and look assembled, now it is time to be in bondage. I took a thermagenic early in the day, and ensured I would not need a bathroom break for at least 4-6 hours because it might take me that long to get out. I had also taken an enema and not drank anything for about 12 hours so I felt empty. I wanted to hogtie myself, but I have done that in the past with limited success, so I thought of tying myself to my kitchen chair. I put on the TV to a bondage movie, brought the chair in front and left the ropes there. I went to the freezer and took out the ice cubes, all 12 of them and placed them in a stocking on the other side of the place, about 200 feet away. And tied it as my escape scissors, and tied a string to them and tied the string to the back of the chair.

My idea (never tested) is when the ice melts and the scissors are free, I must drag the scissors by the rope tied 200 feet to the back of the chair to cut the ropes, because there will be no other way out. I should have tested it first.

I took my ropes, tied my ankles to each side of the chair leg, so my legs were open and anyone who would find me could look up my skirt… oh my! I tied each leg at the knee to the bottom of the chair so my legs could not move at all. I then set up my wrist tie coil and the cinch rope tied to the top rung of the back of the chair. I was tying my wrists inside instead of outside the back of the chair for more comfort and harder to escape. (Lesson learned #2) I tied my upper thighs to the bottom of the chair and my waist to the back of the chair ensuring I could not reach any knot. I made a chest harness around my fake boobs and tied it to the back of the chair, knots in the front out of reach.

I have a cotton candy ballgag from the Sub-Shop and wanted to try it out, so I took a breath and stuffed it in my mouth. I felt my lipstick smear a little and could taste it in my mouth, so I knew what a damsel would feel like in that situation. I tested all of the bonds and ensured I could reach the rope for my escape based on my strict mobility, I wanted to be sure before I tie my wrists, then it would be too late….as we all know that feeling!

The reasonable side of my mind is telling me this is enough, I proved my point, now masturbate, untie and relax the rest of the day. The what-ifs were going through my mind as I tied the cinch rope slack to the back of the chair, through the chest harness of rope and hanging, awaiting the wrist coil. In the past, I have found the wrist coil to be hit or miss due to improper planning, but I have the right length and just enough room to squeeze the wrist coil in there. Took a deep breath and ensured my TV alarm was set to turn off in 2 hours after the DVD movie, and placed my wrists in the coil. I held my breath and cinched, surprisingly it moved quickly and securely, I was now stuck and after about 5 minutes of struggling to get free of the wrist tie, I realized I was unable to move at all.

This is the time I had wished I had a self bondage buddy, someone who would not mind finding me like this and could understand, but also, I am stuck and had to hear the phony moans of the bound ladies on the video. I  struggled desperately because I wanted to come and was a little scared, but I was basically stuck, ropes were taunt, not too tight, but tight enough to restrict even small movements. I began to worry about the escape plan that I did not test it and maybe if it did not work what would I do.

I began to get lost in my world of bondage; I gave in to its nirvana and the bliss it gives me when it is done properly. That lasted about 1 hour and the movie was over. Being it was at night, once the TV turns off, it will be completely dark. All shades covered to not be seen or light to get in. I put tape over the microwave clock so I could not get light or check the time. I felt a little numbness for being in one spot for so long, my bum was numb. My calves were sore because of the heels and tied so I could not kick them off, even if I wanted to. I became my first victim of self bondage success.

The TV shuts off and it is completely dark, it startled me how dark it became and I said some choice curse words through my ballgag which really was effectively muting my speech and I began to moan like those ladies in the DVDs, I thought I have made this damsel in distress thing so full circle, I should have videotaped it… but I do not want any evidence someone would stumble upon later and have explaining to do.

I tried to tug on the escape rope, but I had trouble because there was much slack and was not sure how I was going to move this rope such a distance. I eventually pulled it taunt and it was still stuck, the ice is yet melted I guess, so the rope slipped out of my hands and I could not find it. Great, stuck and this is all I need. I tried to move the chair, but based on the way I was tied, the chair was not moving, nor was I. I started to rock back and forth hoping to catch the rope since there was much slack, but I almost toppled over, so I stopped doing that.

Now I getting to the point where it has to have been over 4-5 hours, I am numb my entire body, tired of sitting in the same spot and still cannot ejaculate, I should have at least had a vibrating timer or something. I finally found the rope after much grunting and moaning, rope was still taunt, so I started to thrash about in frustration and broke the right leg of the chair off. Good news, my leg is free; bad news is the chair is wobbly now.

I stood up on my right leg and tried to hop to the scissors. I would hop about 5-10 feet and rest a little. I eventually hopped to the scissors, still the ice had not melted, but I could barely see how much to go. I was able to reach up and pull on the stocking and pull it off of the hook I tied it to, using my weight. Then the scissors fell to the ground. Even if I go to the ground in the chair, I could not get the scissors because my arms were tied inside the back of the chair and the rungs were like a grate.

For some reason, once the scissors hit the ground, I ejaculated without any stimulation… self bondage… go figure!

I patiently threaded the rope though the back of the chair and finally got hold of the scissors. I managed to cut the coil and my wrists were free. Untying the rest was easy, and after 10 minutes of untying knots, I tried to stand and just collapsed on the floor. I feel asleep in my outfit and I woke up and it was a little light out, so I continued to wear my outfit and heal from my rope burns and contortion. Until the next challenge… be safe out there!!! Anyone one in Southeastern PA who wants to be a SB buddy, feel free to email me through this site.

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