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Drink to Success

by Imurstwouse

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Well I did it again. I have been reading lots of stories in Gromets Plaza and came to one and thought I have some thorny vines so let's see what we can do.

The girl in the story tied her ankles and attached a winch to them to drag her through the vines. I looked at the vines here and thought " If I tie my winch to my ankles they would drag me through them like they did her but these vines wouldn't scratch me they would dig in and pull chunks out and thats not what I think would be fun in any way".

Then I read another about a girl that had to drink her urine to get free. I haven't ever drank any so I thought maybe I should try that as some way of escape. Now do not try this if you do not have some medical training. It has to do with inserting a catheter in yourself so DO NOT try this unless you know what you are doing.

To start I figured I better find out how much water I could drink at a time and how long it would take me. I attached a tube to the bag and sucked. I drank a full gallon of water and believe me I was very full but I did it. While drinking I thought if I somehow dropped the tube then I would be in a world of hurt with no way out so I glued a disk on the end of the tube. I tried it and it worked great but then I thought that might make it too easy. All I had to do when I got tired of drinking all I had to do was put my tongue over the end and then continue drinking. The water (piss) wouldn't drain back into the bucket, so I got 2 thumb tacks and pushed them through the disk and glued them there. I tried it and couldn't put my tongue against it to seal it. The piss would drain back into the bucket and I would have to start all over. 

Then I gathered some flat plastic bags of various sizes. When they were full and laid down they were flat and that is what I wanted because I think the flatter they are the faster the water melts right? First two bags holding sixteen ounces. One for each nipple. The most I have been able to put on without screaming was twelve. Then the gallon size. I don't know how much my balls can stand but I think a gallon is way to much but I must suffer. Then I got a fish tank air machine and timer. This I would hook up to my butt plug.

OK Here we go I go to the tool shed and attach pulleys to the ceiling two by fours. I also put screw in eyes to hang the bags from. Lets see a pulley holding the key which has a string tied to a bucket in front of me so I can see it. I balance the key and bucket with weights. All the bags are ready so here goes. First thing I insert the catheter (don't try this unless you really really know what you are doing) and put the bucket. I filled the bucket with a gallon of my first piss of the morning I had gathered over a month and saved.

Then I hung the bags of frozen water on the outside wall of the shed where the sun would hit them melting the ice faster. I then ran the tubes into the shed and went in and attached the tubes to the bags for my nipples and the one for my balls. I then ran the string with the clamps through the eye rings in the wall twice. I knew with a lot of straining I could if need be pull the bags up but it would hurt really bad but I could do it.

I thought about wrapping the string three times but knew I could not pull any slack even if I had to so only twice. I then hung the ball bag on my tender soon to be hurting balls.

Everything ready I put one side of the cuffs on then checked everything in my mind. everything right so I attached the clamps. Damn they hurt more than I remembered but then I reached behind my head an locked the cuffs. Now I was trapped with only one way out.

No No I always have a back up plan just like anyone else doing this type thing. My ex wife was coming over to get some stuff and while she doesn't agree with this life style she will help out. Of course I didn't tell her what I was doing.

Now I must start drinking my own piss. I sucked and sucked but found it lots harder now that I had put the thumb tacks on the hose. I finally got a taste of my own piss. That stuff tasted horrible but down it must go. I sucked for all I was worth and drank until I was dizzy. I had to catch my breath so I stopped and the piss in the tube drained back into the bucket.

I caught my breath, then it took forever to get it back up and the taste hadn't changed it was still bad.

My nipples were starting to hurt because of the weight of water. I looked and the bags were half full already and I looked at the pee bucket and couldn't see that any piss was gone. I knew I hadn't pissed so lots of it should be gone by now. I had to drink faster. I  could see the water drip in the bags for my nipples and see my nipples stretching out more and more. I did like the little piggy I sucked and sucked and sucked some more.

Finally I was seeing about half the pee was gone but my balls were holding lots more weight. I tried sucking faster but got dizzy again so I started to pace myself. When I got tired I bit into the hose to shut it off so it wouldn't drain back but then thought how bad it would be to bite the hose into so I just kept sucking for all I was worth.

My nipples were starting to tear off my chest I knew I was bleeding but couldn't bring myself to look. My tendrils from my balls were pulling hard on my stomach and groin area. I just knew I was doom to a life without sex. Now I wanted to know what stupid thoughts made me do such a stupid thing. Make myself into a enuch. I sucked and drew air. I had drank all of it. I could reach the key to the cuffs.

I relaxed and reached for the key and then I just cut loose with the longest pee of history. No way could I stop peeing. Seemed like I filled the bucket to the top. I started to cry but then drink again. It seemed to take longer than the first time. But then I felt the key and finally was loose. I had to be careful because I didn't want to injure my nipples more than I already had. I looked down to see the blood on my chest but there wasn't any. I took the clamps off and they stung worse than they were before. Then gently untied my balls and the relief was heaven.

Lucky for me the air pump never kicked in so my plan didn't work all the way.  Never again. Until the next idea hits me anyway.

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