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The Drive

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2018 - Mikel - Used by permission

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As the car sputtered and died she was able to get into the driveway just out of the road. Mary had decided to go for a drive while she indulged in her favorite past time of self bondage and now she was stuck out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. Mary was wearing a boned leather half hood neck corset that had a large leather phallus filling her mouth a tight black latex hobble dress with a corset matching the hood laced tight enough to make her large breasts push against the rubber trying to hold them in and showing her aroused nipples with each gasp. The knee high ballet boots were laced tight over the latex leggings holding her twin vibrators deep inside her, the ankle and wrist cuffs were like everything else locked on and the keys were at home god knows how many miles away.

She had decided to go for a drive after being board shuffling around her small apartment in her rubber and steel waiting for her ice release to melt so she set her vibrators on random and grabbed her keys. The plan was going for a short drive just to spice things up but when the vibrators distracted her long enough for her to make several wrong turns she ended up driving much further than she had intended and was also lost as to how she had gotten to where she was and how to get back. Mary knew she was in trouble when she pulled into a gas station and actually started to get out before she remembered her filled mouth and rubber dress. She started the car and drove off knowing that no matter how hard she tried she would never get across what she wanted or where she wanted to go and that was if they didn’t call the cops on her. The dress even though it was black was so tight that it left nothing to the imagination and would be considered quite lewd for this town and would most likely get her arrested.

Driving blindly she thought she recognized a group of buildings and turned down the street and followed it until she was out in the country. When the vibrators started their assault on her body again they made her moan and twist in her rubber before stopping on the side of the road and having another massive orgasm. Fighting her bonds until the feelings passed she drove further hoping to find anything recognizable. When the car shuddered the first time she looked at her fuel gauge reading over a half a tank and hoped it would go away but it continued and got steadily worse until the car died and left her sitting partially in some stranger’s driveway at one in the morning.

Mary was trying to start the car when someone tapped on her window making her jump and squeal before rolling down the window a crack to hear a man’s voice saying “I think it’s done”. Mary couldn’t turn her head to see him or respond with more than a grunt as she kept cranking the engine hoping it would start and get her out of here. The car finally stopped cranking all together and she heard the man’s voice again say “Well it’s definitely done now, why don’t you step out and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do.” Mary grunted again as she knew there was nothing left to do and hoped she could slide out in the dark and not be seen right away. As soon as she pulled the door handle the interior lights popped on and she in all her latex and leather glory could be seen clearly. The stranger had stepped back and watched Mary swing her pointed toes out of the car door and watched in awe as the shiny black figure stood up next to the car. He looked at her body noticing her shapely legs then tiny waist below her heaving breasts that looked too big for her small body before seeing the thick leather collar flowing from her lower neck up to her ears. The two looked at each other for a few seconds before he smiled and asked if she was ok? Mary grunted and held her cuffed hands up giving him a thumbs up and pointed to the car.

He stammered for a second before reaching past her and popping the hood and said “Let’s see if there is anything I can do tonight” and walked to the front of the car and started looking under the hood. Mary stood next to the car trying to act nonchalant but trying to keep an eye on him at the same time as she wobbled on her pointed toes in the gravel drive. After a few minutes he yelled “Bet that’s it” and motioned for her to come see. Mary stumbled her way around the door taking short steps due not only to the tight dress but also from the short chain between her ankles finally reaching the front of the car. Leaning over she could see something in the man’s hand that looked melted and grunted at him. He explained what it was and that he would have to go to town to get one tomorrow asking if there was someone she could call to come get her? Mary turned her body indicating there wasn’t and the man asked surprised “No one?” Mary’s eyes looked down as she felt ashamed by her lack of friends when he said “It’s ok I don’t have many friends either, let’s go inside and we figure something out”. Mary thought he was very nice for saying that but was unsure she should go inside a strangers house in her condition. Mary figured no matter what he could do what he wanted to her anyway so she followed him to the house stopping at the steps trying to figure out how to walk up them. He quickly figured out her dilemma and scooped her up in his arms and carried her up and into the house.

Setting Mary down the man stepped back to admire her dress before leaning over quickly and tugging her hem back down past her ankles saying “Clejuso cuffs? They look very heavy” as he looked closer at her bound ankles. Mary stood surprised that he recognized her restraints and wondered what she had got into when he stood up and said “I’m Jim by the way” and stood looking at her like he was waiting for an answer. “ary” was all Mary could get past the thick gag filling her mouth, Jim smiled and asked if she was in any distress and need or wanted to be cut out of her bindings. Mary gave another thumbs up the chain between her wrists clinking, Jim grabbed her handcuffs and raised them to his face looking closely at them before announcing he wouldn’t be able to open them either. A fact Mary already knew because when she ordered the custom set she had asked for barrel locks to be used so not everyone owning a pair of these type of cuffs would have the keys to hers. The cuffs all were double thick with twin chains connecting them and were actually quite heavy as she lowered her arms again while Jim moved around her back and she could feel him pulling at the multiple locks keeping her half hood and corset closed.

“Well I would say someone sealed you up nice and tight but I have a feeling you did this to yourself didn’t you?” Jim asked. Mary blushed and looked down when he asked but he interrupted her thoughts by saying “Well if you do not want to be cut out then I need to get back to bed, I’ll show you the guest room and get you settled in”. Mary followed him to a small room, her pointed toes and high heels clicking loudly on the hardwood floor as he showed her a small but neat room and said “You may sleep in here or whatever”. Jim suddenly hearing her vibrators humming and noticing her breathing increasing “ I’ll help you get tucked in” as he guided Mary to the bed and pulled back the covers. Mary was distracted again and let him lay her back and pull the covers over her as she closed her eyes and gasped for air while he tucked the covers in tightly around her body and left the room. Mary struggled with her orgasm, panting and whining until it passed only realizing then that he had tucked her in so tight she couldn’t get her arms or legs from under the covers and the tight corset kept her from sitting up. After struggling for a few minutes she relaxed and drifted off to sleep warm in her cocoon.

During the night the vibrators stimulated her to three more orgasms before the batteries died and let her sleep having wonderful dreams about be held captive for the rest of her life. Waking only when she heard an engine outside awaking to still being trapped in her bed. Mary struggled and twisted for fifteen minutes and finally had herself out from under the covers and stood on her sore toes. Mary groaned as she did having never worn the boots or any of her current clothes for this length of time before and was feeling very sore all over with her jaw aching. Mary managed to get to her feet and walk gingerly to the window to see Jim hooking a chain to her car and slowly pulling it out of her line of sight. Mary squealed and walked to the door only to find it locked and began banging on the door screaming into her gag until she stood gasping for air and needing to sit down. Resting she looked around the room for something to use as a weapon and saw nothing as she twisted her body noticing the room had only a large heavy bed and one dresser in it. Mary stopped hearing the motor running and got up and went to the dresser and started pulling drawers out reaching the bottom two she gasped when she found they were full of steel cuffs. Her shock faded to amazement as she guessed there must be hundreds of pairs of cuffs in all different styles and pulled several out thinking as she looked at them how long it took her to save up for the few pairs she had.

Mary was still squatting in front of the dresser when the door opened and Jim walked in smiling and said “Oh you found part of my collection I see”. Mary twisted her body and looked up at him with a scared look on her face hoping she hadn’t offended him by looking in the drawers. Jim helped her stand still holding two pairs of the cuffs when he asked her “You like those?” Mary blushed again as he took them from her hands quickly snapping them around her wrists then bending down and ratcheting them closed around her ankles and pulled down the tight hem of her dress. Mary gasped as she realized she was now more trapped then before as she watched him leave the room and started to follow him. Her steps were now much shorter than before since the cuffs around her ankles were actually handcuffs leaving her less space between her ankles and wrists. Mary grunted and twisted her wrists as she followed him into the kitchen finding him sitting at the small table drinking coffee. Moving the chair she sat down holding her hands up whining wanting him to release her from the new restraints. Jim smiled and said “You really aren’t in any position to be asking for anything now are you?” Mary sat back dropping her arms and just stared at him panting through her nose. Jim continued drinking his coffee as Mary sat staring at him until finally saying “If you go out that door you will see a building to your left go into it and wait for me and since it will take you much longer to get there than it will me do it now”. Mary sat absorbing what he said and slowly forced herself to stand and shuffled towards the door. Once outside she did see the building a few hundred feet away and turned to look around thinking about trying to run away but knew she had almost no chance of getting far in her current situation and started shuffling towards the building.

Jim smiled as he watched her walk slowly away thinking he might have found someone to share his hidden desires with and even if she never returned he would take full advantage of her right now. Mary was halfway to the building, her pointed feet were throbbing and she was sweating badly as she struggled to take each step hoping there was a place to sit down once she got inside. When Mary reached the building she was very horny again as the inert vibrators still filling her shifted as she walked arousing her and the thoughts of being a true captive filled her mind. Entering the building she pivoted on her toes leaning forwards and backwards looking around the room and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Hundreds maybe thousands of shackles, cuffs and other restraints mounted on the walls! She was very turned on by the images of her wearing all of them as she turned around and around staring at how many he had then the thought of how strange it was that this man had all of these made her shiver. She began to panic until she thought it was no more strange than me showing up bound and gagged and covered in latex and she relaxed at the thought of maybe she had found someone that enjoyed bondage in this small hick town.

Mary spotted a chair in the middle of the room and shuffled to it and sat down quickly leaning back and stretching her legs out to ease the pain in her feet still staring at the wall in front of her as she relaxed. Jim came in a few minutes later smiling as he turned on the lights and said “So what do you think of my collection?” Mary held her thumbs up and tried to ask why only able to get a few mumphs past her gag before Jim handed her a pen and note pad and she wrote “Why?” Jim laughed as he walked around the room and said “You of all people should know the reason for that”. Mary blushed again and quickly wrote “So many” under the why, Jim said “I just got into them when I was a boy and kept finding new and more interesting shackles and now it’s grown to this”.

Mary smiled under her gag sitting back as Jim asked her “Any you want to try on?” Mary wrote “NO” and could see Jim’s face drop then scribbled “Not right now” and saw him brighten up. Mary could hear him moving around behind her then he stepped in front and pulled her gently away from the back of the chair and said “Let’s see how this fits” and quickly wrapped a wide band of steel around her throat and closed it with a resounding click. Mary could not see what he had locked around her throat but started struggling and pulling at it with her cuffed hands as he walked off leaving her to discover what he had done on her own. Mary sat struggling finally standing and turned to see he was gone. Mary kept pulling on the thick steel until she noticed a mirror over the small sink and went to it and could see that the thing now locked around her neck was indeed a wide collar with a chain hanging from the front. She could feel the key hole in the back but couldn’t get the collar to turn around her neck, it was just too tight over the leather already holding her neck firmly.

Mary stumbled around the room still tugging on the collar before sitting back down gasping for air and wondering what he had in store for her next and being even more aroused at the growing collection of steel on her body. Mary had calmed herself and was still sitting when Jim came in and said how wonderful she looked in his collar. Jim began telling her the history of it as he walked around the room pointing out specific items and explaining things like the mannequin she had seen standing in the corner with all the metal straps around it. Mary finding out that they were not a set but individual straps used for different kinds of restraints like belly chains and stocks for the thighs to limit a prisoners steps and even chest straps that held a person’s arms closely to their side. Finally Jim said “I need to go to town to pick up the part for your car but I don’t think you would be too welcome dressed as you are so you will have to wait here for me”. Mary was relieved that he was not going to make her go with him but that was short lived when he asked her to stand and she heard then felt him wrap another steel band around her waist.

Mary felt her corset get much tighter as he grunted while he squeezed the metal strap until they both heard the click of the latch closing. Mary struggled but could not get away from him until he let her go and she started tugging at the new steel around her waist as she gasped for air. Looking in the mirror she could see the belt was about five inches wide and literally pulled in her waist so much that the corset was bulging on top and bottom of it. Mary squealed and turned to look at him just as he approached her and took one of the locks from the wall and locked the chain from her collar to the belt. Mary tried to back away but he held the chain and reached over and grabbed another lock and slipped it between her cuffs trapping all three chains connecting them before closing the lock around a link near her new belt. Now Mary could no longer raise her hands or reach more than a few inches away from her body and turned away from him struggling and whining as he laughed and said you’re perfect.

Mary was scared and tried to walk to the door only to have him stop her and gently lead her back to the chair and made her sit. Mary was gasping and had a panicked look on her face as she watched him connect another chain to her collar and heard a loud click again. Jim knelt in front of her and picked up one foot and began rubbing her sore toes, Mary was still gasping but her whines turned to moans as he continued to rub her feet making her relax and sit back in the chair. When Jim was done he stood up and said “I’ll go get your part now, this will keep you out of trouble” holding the chain attached to her collar, Mary moaned softly still relishing him rubbing her feet not realizing he had gone for several minutes.

Mary quickly stood up and walked away from the chair towards the door upon hearing his truck crunching down the drive as he left and just before her bound hands reached the door knob her collar was yanked back almost making her fall down. Turning Mary could see the thick chain was connected to the heavy chair and suddenly realized she was now truly a prisoner and could feel another orgasm building. Mary felt the need to jerk the heavy chain trying to move it closer to the door so she walked closer to it until the chain hanging from her neck fell to her chained hands and grabbed it. Mary backed away from the chair pulling as hard as she could then yanking it hard sending a wave through the heavy chain that hit the unmoving chair then snapping back to Mary. The wave jerking the chain from her trapped hands as it moved up to her collar yanking her forward making her fall off her pointed toes and land hard on the floor with a thud. Mary was so surprised by being yanked down she was barely able to keep herself from landing flat on her face. Mary groaned as she rolled onto her stomach staring at the base of the chair and able to see the thick bolts holding it to the floor. Mary was cussing herself wishing she could rub her shoulder and thrashed about as she tried to get back on her feet. After wrestling with her bonds she was finally able to get on her knees and scooted herself to the seat of the chair and used her chest to raise herself back into the seat.

Mary sat gasping in the chair trying to figure out what to do for two hours before finally hearing his truck pull back in the drive and turn off. Jim walked in and saw her dress covered with dust from the floor and said “Well I guess I was wrong about keeping you out of trouble”. He inspected her before forcing her to stand and thoroughly cleaned her latex covered body sending chills through Mary who was very near an orgasm truly enjoying her captivity and his hands on her body. Mary was standing with her eyes closed as he removed the chain from her neck and eased her over against something hard. Jim started strapping Mary to the long board and when Mary opened her eyes she could see her latex covered body shining in a long mirror. Every inch of her body gleamed from his rubbing and found she was now strapped from her ankles to her neck by at least ten wide straps and could no longer move an inch. As she started to struggle against the tight leather Jim pulled the last strap over her eyes and pulled it tight blocking all light from her and sealing her fate as she moaned and whined as he left the room grinning with his cock bulging in his pants.

A few hours later Jim returned to a still struggling Mary and said “Ready to be a good girl?” Mary froze she didn’t know if she liked the sound of that or not. She knew that she had now been bound for over twenty four hours and didn’t have long until she would have to eat and drink so she moaned weakly that she was ready and calmed her struggles. Jim laughed as he unstrapped her from the board and unlocked the collar and extra cuffs around her hands and ankles leaving her restrained by only what she was wearing when she arrived. Only the wide steel around her waist remained which Mary had forgotten about being glad to be able to have a little more freedom and feeling better about Jim binding her like he had. “I just wanted to have a little fun but your car is fixed and you can leave whenever you are ready”. Mary smiled under her gag and tried to hug him. Finding her note pad she wrote what time is it? Jim looked at his watch and said “Three” Mary wrote can I stay until dark? Jim laughed again saying “You can stay as long as you like”. Mary followed Jim into the house and sat down and began writing a note while he cooked himself lunch and when he sat down she slid the pad over to him. Jim sat and read the note smiling as he got to the end and nodded in agreement, Mary’s note had read,

“I was lost when I found your house so I don’t know how to get home. I also am a little scared about trying to get home alone so if I stayed another day and let you restrain me with as much as your collection as you could would you drive me home?

Mary was looking down after she saw him nod thinking how much she wanted to cum again and hoped he would bring her to a wonderful climax before he took her home. Jim was thinking of the things he would do to her before releasing her and hoped he could make her want to see him again. Jim asked her for her address and Mary wrote it down before Jim said go back out to the building and wait for me. Mary quickly stood up and headed outside her pussy all ready tingling from excitement as she neared her new dungeon. Jim made her wait for a half an hour before he joined her and started with taking handcuffs and locking her wrists together again then continued to lock more on her until Mary’s arms were covered in steel past her elbows.

Mary could barely raise her arms from the extra weight and stood smiling under her gag as Jim started clicking thumb cuffs around each of her fingers until each finger had at least three pairs of cuffs holding them to the other hand. Jim carefully worked her latex up to her waist exposing her latex covered legs and began locking more legs irons and cuffs around her legs until they were a solid unit linked together by steel and she could not separate them at all. While he was locking her legs together Jim had found her battery pack and installed some batteries wondering when or if the unit would activate before pulling her skirt back down. Next he locked several large handcuff style cuffs around her neck topping them off by the wide collar making Mary’s head lean back and Mary gasp as she felt like she was being slowly strangled. His last item was a steel head cage which covered her eyes and forced her head back further. Mary was struggling inside the steel desperately trying to raise her hands but Jim had locked them to the belt again and now she was almost completely rigid and immobile.

Mary could feel him hooking something to the head cage and then felt him nudging her backwards, she strained to shuffle a fraction of an inch at a time. The heavy steel jingling with each movement until he stopped her and she felt the weight of the head cage ease and was now hanging from a chain in the ceiling. Her hands and arms were held solidly in front of her body and her legs were covered in steel as Mary’s thoughts took this in and her climax grew nearer Jim was taking pictures of his prize. Working her skirt back down over the steel leaving a shiny black captive chained heavily by him and utterly incapable of any freedom without him. Mary was struggling under the steel but almost no movement was visible, even her fingers couldn’t move as they were held out and way from each other at the end of her pinioned wrists. She swiveled slightly at the end of the chain as Jim found more steel straps and adjusted them to fit around her torso finally finding two that would compress her breasts and hopefully make them bulge around the steel. Mary could feel her body being compressed further but when she felt her breasts being fondled then compressed. Mary began moaning and trying to fight but nothing could stop Jim from squeezing the steel straps around her body and locking them closed. Jim stepped back to watch Mary struggle for air listening to her gasps and watching the latex covering her swelling breasts squeeze itself and her soft flesh in between and around the tight steel now locked around her body.

Jim took more pictures and sat back watching his prize struggle when a faint hum could be heard and Mary squealed as the vibrations started. Mary was already in heaven and growing close to a major orgasm when the vibrations started. Mary thrashed and twisted much harder in her bonds as she could now not control her body’s reaction to the added stimuli and quickly started gasping and whining loudly as she grew more frustrated by her bonds and the slow speed of the vibrators. For the next hour Mary hung whining and gasping on the edge but unable to push herself over it when the vibrations stopped leaving her grunting and thrashing again until she had to calm herself and her breathing. Jim had ejaculated twice during this time and had gone inside to clean himself returning to a calmed and panting Mary and asked if she was ok, she grunted once for yes but when he asked if she had cum she grunted loud twice for no and started whining. Jim laughed and said “What exactly do you expect me to do about it, you are completely unavailable for any help from me” causing Mary to whine louder and moan behind her gag. Jim set up his video camera and told her he was going to bed and he would see her in the morning. Mary whined and thrashed inside her bonds but he just smiled and opened and closed the door making her think she was alone and sat back down to watch the show.

Mary stood wiggling and snorting as she tried desperately to stimulate herself until the vibrations returned and this time were on a much higher setting and brought her to a massive orgasm making her scream and twist as her body convulsed. Jim was watching as she fought for air through the small holes over her nose and finally blacked out, her limp body sinking the small amount the chain from the head cage allowed. Jim held her upright until she regained her footing and started unlocking the cuffs he had applied to her arms. Mary was still groggy and barely noticed Jim removing her added restraints until she felt him lift her arms and lock them to the chain leading from her head. Once finished with her arms Jim removed all the straps he had placed around her body letting Mary take a deep breath in just her corset again then carefully worked the skirt up and worked on her leg restraints. Putting all these shackles and cuffs on her had taken about a hour but removing them took much longer and when Jim had finally completed removing all her legs restraints the sun was starting to come up.

Mary couldn’t tell but Jim had even removed the ankle cuffs she had arrived in and was now removing the locks from her boots and corset moving up to her collar and opening the three locks there before lowering her arms. Mary was standing perfectly still as Jim worked her dress back down and loosened the chain and backed her slowly to the chair and allowed her to sit before removing the head cage. After her black out Mary thought it was the next day not realizing Jim had never left and that it was only now morning but when she felt him unlock her wrists she opened her eyes and held them in front of her face and squealed loudly as she rubbed them.

Jim laughing said “I went by your place and got the keys and some clothes for you while I got your part. Come in to the house and you can get cleaned up and have something to eat before you go” Mary jumped up and hugged him and they walked into the house. Jim unlaced her corset and helped her shimmy out of it before she dashed into the bathroom and removed the collar and peeled the latex from her sweat soaked body. Mary gasped as she pulled the large phallus out of her mouth laying the hood on the counter as she rubbed her sore jaw muscles. Unlacing the boots she rubbed her feet and calves before unzipping her dress and pulling it and her leggings off in one step. The hot water from the shower helped ease the pain of her sore muscles but Mary decided to not remove the plugs yet opting to wait until she got home to do that chore.

As she washed off all most two days worth of sweat and other body fluids she started to get sad thinking that maybe it was over and wasn’t sure she wanted it to end. Rinsing her latex she hung them to dry and climbed out feeling refreshed but very tired and slowly dried herself off and got dressed. The tight jeans reseated her plugs as she buttoned them up and the t-shirt he had found was one she normally just wore around the house because it fit her so tight but at least she wasn’t trapped in her latex for the drive home. The tennis shoes made her legs muscles ache but she walked into the kitchen on her toes and sat down smiling at the attractive man that had not only held her captive but given her release at the same time. The two chatted while she wolfed down breakfast explaining what she had been doing and how she had gotten lost.

After eating Mary’s eyes got heavy. Jim noticed her exhaustion and said “Why don’t you go take a nap while I clean up you have had a long couple days”. Mary smiled and let him lead her into the waiting bed and slept soundly until early evening. Waking Mary searched the house for Jim but found him nowhere, she did find he had cleaned and folded her latex and other clothes and put them in small box with her cuffs on top. Mary snacked on some leftovers and drank several glasses of water before going out to the building to see if he was there noticing on her way that his truck was gone so she went in to explore his collection. While studying the walls of what had to be every kind of steel restraint known she became horny and decided to try on some of the more unique restraints she had found. The first was a shackle that would hold her legs far apart and had a bar running to a steel collar that would keep her bent at the hips. Mary checked the locks making sure she could release herself and locked the stocks around her ankles, then bent over and closed the collar around her neck. The collar had multiple options for slipping the hasp through and she chose the smallest one and slipped the lock through. Mary struggled briefly arousing herself as she stumbled around in a circle.

While she fought the shackle she noticed a pair of stocks that looked like they would fit her wrists and reached up and pulled them down and stood bent over looking at them figuring out how they worked. After opening them she slipped her wrist into one side and closed it then with her trapped hand slid the locking pin into the hole hearing it click when it was fully seated. Mary pushed her hands behind her back with the key she was holding and with her pinioned hand testing if she was able to unlock it and easily removed the pin. Mary squealed as she quickly closed the stock around her other wrist and pushed the pin home. Now Mary stood bent over held rigidly by the steel spreader bar connected to her neck by another solid steel bar and now she had managed to lock her hands into a steel stock behind her back. After arousing herself almost to an orgasm Mary was sweating from the effort of remaining bent over and opened the wrist stocks and removed the neck and ankle stocks as well hanging both back where she had found them wanting to try something else.

Finding a section of gags Mary studied one that was inserted through a metal head cage and could be expanded in the wearer’s mouth by turning the key. She didn’t know that it was actually a torture device but got even wetter between her legs at the thought of having the heavy steel forced into her mouth. Mary continued looking around as a plan was forming to surprise Jim with an offering of herself and be fully restrained when he returned home. Mary looked some more before finding several items she could use returning to the house and removing her plugs and folding her clothes and putting them and her plugs in the box. Mary quickly scribbled a note leaving it on the box on the table, taking her boots she ran back to the building completely nude. Beginning with taking the rigid stock she had worn earlier she attached the pole leading to her collar to a short chain that was mounted in the wall and laced her boots on before locking the stocks around her ankles. Mary was now stuck no matter if she continued or not the keys she had placed in the seat of the chair well out of reach. Now she stood naked and chained by her ankles to the wall waiting for him to come home. Mary had no inclination to stop here, she locked the head cage around her head feeling the weight of the steel pull on her neck as she tightened the thumb screws on it making the straps encircling her head grip her head tightly and smiled as she knew this was going to be difficult but fun.

Before inserting the gag she took what looked to her as a way to torture a woman’s breasts and locked it around her chest pulling her ample tits through the wide bands of steel surrounding the bases of each breast. Once they where snuggly inside the bands she twisted the knob on the band that went around her chest making it pull tight and continued to twist until her breathing was hampered. Mary started turning the knobs above each breast until her tits were bulging and quickly turning red, the next step was to twist the thumb screws mounted around the breast rings forcing the blunt tips of the screws into her tender flesh of her breasts. Mary tightened all eight of the thumb screws until tears were forming in her eyes making her stop leaving her bulging breasts being tortured by the screws pushing in to them around the bases. Mary took the gag and shoved it in her mouth and turned it in the cage until it clicked then started turning the key until her mouth was forced open by the spring steel inside it. The steel pushed her tongue down and pressed itself against the roof of her mouth and was already becoming uncomfortable. She continued to turn the key until she could take no more and pulled the key out and turned her body and tossed it onto the chair.

Mary had been feeling the steel around her body giving her the sensation of getting tighter but just thought it was her movements making it feel that way. She didn’t know that each strap knob had large thick springs under them and once they were bottomed out would continue to compress the steel bands further. Soon she not only would be gasping for air she would be weeping from the pain in her breasts caused by the strong springs around her head and in her mouth as the spring steel in the gag continued to try and force her mouth open further. Now that her head and breasts were trapped she took the wide steel belt he had used before and wrapped it around her waist. Struggling to close it not remembering she was wearing her corset when it was locked on before but finally managed to close and lock it. Unable to look down she felt around the belt at the skin bulging around it and even though she knew it was a mistake she also knew she could do nothing about it. She turned her head and looked at the chair less than ten feet away but it might as well been a hundred miles with her chained to the wall like she was. This realization made her even hornier and drove her on to complete her bondage.

Bending forward Mary squealed into her gag as the band around her waist pinched her, once she adjusted the strap she locked the neck band around her neck. Mary worked it under the neck band of the head cage and locked it in place, then reached to the top of the head cage locating the large o-ring on the top and locking it to the same eye bolt in the wall that the chain was attached to. Mary’s body was now locked into bands of ever tightening steel, she was bent at the waist with her head locked to an eyebolt that wouldn’t allow her to move anywhere. Even though she was already gasping around the gag and was feeling uncomfortable she reached behind her guiding a pair of thick steel manacles that were also chained to the wall behind her back.

Gasping and struggling she managed to get one wrist into the thick steel and folded her arm up her back and wrestled with the other cuff gasping and grunting. She finally felt the cuff close trapping her wrist and holding both pulled up her back close to her shoulder blades. Now Mary was truly secured and quickly discovered the mistakes she had made. First her gag was stretching her mouth open wider and was hurting badly. The metal bands were also tightening and causing her difficulty in breathing and making it feel like her tits were being squeezed off. The two collars were forcing her head backwards while the tightening cage was trying to keep it forward both were pushing on her throat making it more difficult to breathe. As Mary stood bent at the waist drooling on the floor she whined and shuffled on her pointed toes trying to find some position that was more comfortable only to be stopped at every effort by the unyielding steel she had surrounded herself with. Mary relaxed her body as she stretched her hands and arms and stared at the growing puddle of spit on the floor. Mary could feel the cool air on her exposed moist pussy moaning while she shifted her weight from foot to foot. Mary was tugging lightly on the eye bolt with her head and tried to control her breathing hoping he would take her as soon as he got home.

It felt to Mary she had been waiting for days, her body was cramping and her breathing was becoming more and more shallow from the bands tightening. She was constantly on the edge of crying or climaxing as she struggled in her self imposed prison when actually it had been a little over an hour since she closed her wrists in the steel shackles now holding them further up her back. Mary had tried to bend her knees but with the rod connecting her neck to her ankles and her head attached so closely to the wall she was only able to lean forward. When her knees touched the wall Mary felt she could hang there if she wanted but was worried about the collar to the head cage choking her. As Mary stood frozen in steel she began to worry about why he hadn’t come home or if maybe she should have left and that the boxed up items were his way of saying go home.

Mary’s worries finally worked her up into a frenzy as she thought he was married and had to go pick his family up and now his family would come home to find a chained naked slut in his museum. These thoughts made Mary start to struggle and twist, grunting as she pulled on everything holding her. Mary was gasping around the steel in her mouth that felt like it was trying to rip her jaw off until she stood weak kneed and gasping on her toes. Mary accepted the fact that no matter what happens she was stuck where she was until she was found and released and hoped that she would be punished before and after she was fucked in all available holes.

During Mary’s struggles she had missed hearing Jim’s truck pull in and had no idea he had already read the note and was gathering up things to tease and torture her with before letting her know he was home. Opening another drawer he looked at his choices of whips and floggers selecting several before grabbing some items he could use to tease her. Jim removed his clothes except for a pair of shorts and headed to the building to claim his prize. Jim opened the door quietly and was surprised when he saw how she had restrained herself and stood watching her struggle. Jim admired her toned legs with their muscles stretched by the tall heels and her firm ass sticking out showing her damp pussy just begging for him to fuck it. Jim almost couldn’t control himself to keep from jamming his swollen cock into her right then. Easing up behind her he took the small feather and started lightly tickling her ass, stifling a laugh when he saw her tense one ass cheek then the other. Jim dragged it along her ass down to her thigh then across her damp pussy making her struggle and squeal as Mary thought it was something crawling on her and desperately tried to move enough to make it go away.

Jim continued tickling Mary until she was moaning loudly then switched to a paddle and gave her a quick swat followed by several others. Mary screamed from the surprise and tried to move her ass out of the way but could not stop the increasing pain he was causing. Mary whined and grunted trying to get his attention so he would free her but Jim had no idea of her discomfort. Jim was enjoying punishing her way too much to do anything but follow her instructions about using her until he was sated and she had begged for him to punish her before and after he was done with her sexually. While Mary was still whining Jim said “I really like my reward for rescuing you but if you wish to stop I would release you if that is what you want, just moan once for out and we will stop now” As badly as Mary wanted out she didn’t want to disappoint him so she kept quiet and could hear his excitement when he said “Good I was hoping you would stay and let me play with you some more!” Mary was filled with pride as she felt his excitement and was determined to allow him to enjoy her no matter how much she hurt.

Jim teased and whipped Mary for thirty minutes even adjusting the thumb screws on her breasts before stopping and saying I have something that will complete your ensemble. Jim walked away from the moaning woman who now wanted to be fucked more than anything and would let him do anything he wanted if he would just fuck her brains out. Returning to her side he explained how impressed he was that she made everything so tight explaining how the bands self tightened while he retightened her head cage bands. Mary groaned as she now understood why she felt that she was being squeezed to death and groaned as she felt the steel growing tighter around her head. Jim held two items under her head and said these were the first nipple clamps to be used, but they were not originally used for pleasure but he thought she might like them.

Mary had only been able to see her nipples when she was struggling and could not see him as he slipped the round item onto her nipple and began twisting it until she was squealing loudly. Jim repeated the procedure on the other nipple twisting both a few more turns making the coiled spring cones pull on her pinched nipples harder before saying “See I knew you would like them!” Mary didn’t like them and was whining and twisting trying to get them off as Jim stepped back taking pictures again of the struggling woman. Mary could see the devilish metal cones now adorning her nipples as they pulled her nipples down allowing her to see them and moaned louder trying to beg him to fuck her. Jim could wait no more and stuffed his cock into her eliciting a deep moan from her gagged mouth and began to slowly fuck her while she tried to move with him. Jim watched her hands struggle in the cuffs and whipped her several times before leaning over and grabbing her tortured breasts. Jim kneaded them as he tightened the clamps further feeling her tense beneath him before moaning and her body starting to shake as the orgasm washed over her. Jim started pumping her harder and faster making her groans turn into screams as they both climaxed longer and harder than either had before.

Jim was still leaning on Mary’s shuddering body panting as he tried to regain his strength and hoped and prayed Mary would be his from now on. Jim was tempted to keep her chained here so he wouldn’t have to worry that she might find him unattractive or something and never come back. While Jim had these thoughts Mary was also thinking she would really like for him to keep her chained up in his house to be used whenever he wanted and hoped he would find her attractive and exciting enough to keep her around. Jim eased back to the chair and sat down staring at his beautiful captive who was still enjoying the rapture of her orgasm as he pulled up his shorts and walked back behind her and said, “When I return I will grant your wish of being punished again after I had taken you”. Mary moaned as she heard him leave the room forcing her to remain bent over and chained in place waiting for him to return to torture her more and hoping above all he will use her again to pleasure himself before releasing her.

Jim walked back to the house and got something to drink before returning to her and whipping her until she was screaming and was thrashing wildly in her bonds. Jim shoved her vibrator into her pussy and his swollen cock deep into her ass, turning the vibrator on high while he pumped her ass and kneaded her sore breasts. Mary was screaming and thrashing under him as her orgasm grew quickly and exploded inside of her as he kept pumping her until he exploded as well. They both were left shuddering rapt onto each other and barely able to maintain standing. Mary was purring as he dismounted and sat down to pull his shorts up and catch his breath carefully watching her as the sweat dripped from her nipple cones and her legs shook in their bonds. Jim finally said “I wish I could keep you locked up forever” Mary heard this and moaned and twisted in her bonds trying to say she did too. Jim located the keys and unlocked her head, hands and the chain to the bar from the wall holding her while he unlocked the collar. He helped the cramped woman to stand up straight for the first time in hours, Mary groaned as he helped her stand and felt him dragging her body back to the chair. She let her hands slide down her back slowly while he unlocked her legs from the spreader bar.

Mary was sitting in the chair her head still held in the cage and the gag still trying to rip her jaw off and looked up at him and stopped him from releasing her further crossing her legs indicating she wanted to be restrained again. Jim smiled at her and quickly found some rigid cuffs for her ankles and locked them together. Jim turned the key in the gag easing the tension with a groan from Mary until her could see her relax and stopped, leaving some pressure on the gag. Mary smiled around the gag as he loosened each spring band knob several turns before loosening the thumb screws poking into her tortured breasts. Mary could breathe much better now and sat back against the chair. Mary watched him clean and put away the bonds he had removed from her before returning and asking if she was ready to be released yet? Mary shook her head no but mumbled “AG” and he finished loosening the gag and unlocked it from the cage and slowly pulled it out of her mouth. Mary groaned again as she flexed her jaw muscles and said “Would you have me stay like this with you, sir?”Watching him closely while she asked, Jim was stunned and stood up and replied “It would be my honor to have you stay like this with me”.

Mary spent the next two months moving in with Jim, always wearing the steel bands around her body or over her corseted waist and the last month she wore a medieval style chastity belt twenty four seven. Once she was fully moved in and had quit her job Jim locked kept her locked up twenty four seven except when he wanted to release her to use her wonderful body. A year later they were married with her still locked into the steel around her chest and pussy and him now wearing a chastity tube that she wore the key to around her neck. The two had many adventures up to their marriage and would have many more both enjoying the comfort of the steel the other controlled and deeply in love with each other and both glad she had decided to take the drive that night so long ago.

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