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Dual Self Bondage

by Self Bound Couple

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© Copyright 2003 - Self Bound Couple - Used by permission

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I’m really not sure how many stories on your site are in fact true but they have been a great inspiration to my husband and I. We have been tying each other up for years and started trying to tie ourselves up at the same time after reading the section on “Goldfish” in the book “The Joy of Sex” by Alex Comfort. However, we thought and fantasized for years about being tied together face to face on a bed. After quite a lot of thinking we have finally figured out a way to tie ourselves together on the bed, face-to-face, in a very tight spread eagle. Our method is so good that we would like to share it and possibly start selling our own line of self-bondage equipment depending on interest.

To start with we prepare the following items for our sessions:

1. Two (one set) of “Red’s” Brand leather cuffs (the ones that go on with Velcro)

2. Four “Rope Ratchets” (they are like pulleys but only go one way) with a clasp tied to the end of each.

3. Lots of 1 inch wide nylon straps (various lengths) with 2 D-rings one end so they tighten like football pants.

4. Two special ice-timers that we developed ourselves. They attach directly to the bed frame and then the “Rope Ratchets” attach to them.

We normally start the evening with a light dinner and then retire to the bedroom for a shower. After some time enjoying each other’s company we get down to business. Most of the time we set up a video camera to record ourselves for both enjoyment and for review to improve our methods. On rare occasions we set up our web cam and do it live for some lucky soul who stumbles upon us.

Once the cameras are set up we start by attaching a rope ratchet directly to each of the bed frame legs at the foot of the bed. Both the ends we will pull on and the ends that will be attached to us are laid up on the bed.

Next we lay out all the nylon straps on the bed. Two for our ankles, two for our knees, 2 for our thighs and up to three to bind our torsos together. The ones for our torsos are pre-positioned where my back will be when I lay down, and the ones for our thighs and knees are looped through the D-rings so all we have to do is slide our legs in later. The loops of nylon strap for our thighs and knees along with straps for our ankles and laid at the foot of the bed.

Next we take the 2 leather cuffs and snap them on to the clasp of the remaining rope ratchets. We then place the attached cuffs and the pulling end of the pulleys at the head of the bed with the ratchet laid over each side. I then send my husband to the freezer for the ice timers and I lay down on the bed.

At this point my heart is usually racing in anticipation. I know at this point it will be only a few minutes before we are both tied together and completely helpless to do anything until the ice melts.

Once my husband returns he attaches an ice timer to each leg of the bed frame at the head of the bed. He then attaches the rope ratchets to the ice timers. He makes one final look around the bed and then its time to get trussed up.

He kneels before me as I lay on the bed and puts my right leg and his left into the loops nylon strapping meant for our knees and thighs. Then he does the same for my left and his right leg. He then takes and uses the ankle straps and binds my left ankle tightly to his right and attaches a rope ratchet to the strap. He does the same to our other ankles and then hands me the loose ends (to pull on) of the ratchet devises and I lay them by my sides for later use.

He then starts to lay on me and pulls the strapping loops for our thighs up over our knees one each side and then pulls the strapping loops for our knees just above our kneecaps. He then bends to each side and pulls on the straps until each of our knees are tightly bound to the others. He then enters me and is laying on me completely. He then slowly leans to each side and pulls the straps for our thighs up until they are as high up in our groin as possible. Then he pulls the straps very tight until they dig deeply into our thighs.

Now its my turn to do some work. His chest is now on mine and I take the 3 long straps I am laying on and cinch them down tight behind his back. Each of our legs are now tightly bound to the others from feet to hands and our torsos are tightly bound together and we usually begin to sweat at this point. Satisfied that the straps are secure I know pull on the ends of the rope ratchets attached to our ankles until our legs are pulled far apart and down.

My work is now done and all I have to do is enjoy; it is up to my husband to finish the job. At this point the gives me a very long passionate kiss. He takes my right hand into his left and our fingers intertwine. With his right hand he takes a cuff that is attached to the ratchets at the top of the bed and we slip our intertwined hands into it. With his right hand he pulls the cuff tight squeezing our wrists very tightly together and he closes the Velcro. Then we use our bound hands to grab the other cuff and clasp our other hands together and slip them into the cuff. For this last cuff, my husband uses his teeth to pull the cuff tight and rolls the Velcro closed with his cheek. Once this is complete all the hard work is done. My husband usually asks if I’m ok (of course I’m more than OK!!) he asks if the stove is off and the dryer not running (he is such a worrier). Then we are ready to do it.

We begin slowly pulling ourselves out tight. At first we give a long pull with each hands and things go very easy. However, as we are slowly drawn out in our “X” position it become more difficult to pull and we end up using our fingers only to get the last few “clicks” out of the ratchets. Its really strange that I don’t notice what we have really done to ourselves until we stop pulling to tighten ourselves up and relax for a second.

Once we are done pulling the rope ratchets the first “tug” against the restraints is amazing! It a rush of sexual excitement and a bit of fear and panic. It hits me like a brick wall with the sudden realization that I an completely bound to the man I love, both of us are totally unable to move, and there is no way out until the timers melt. My mind runs wild, what if someone breaks in, what if the heater stops and the ice won’t melt. Then the rush of excitement and panic drives me to orgasm. My husband senses my excitement and he follows suit.

Now some real struggling begins. We have both come to orgasm and we both want loose now. Unfortunately there is usually a good 45 min to an hour left before any chance of release. We struggle hard and at least I regret doing this to myself (briefly). I would guess we struggle about 10 min before all the sweating and rubbing against each other gets us going again. Both of us last much longer the second time and we end up still bound with quite a while of struggling left. We have never made it to a third orgasm for him but the final bit of struggling is very productive for me since he usually wants out of the bondage really bad during the last 10 - 15 minutes before the ice timers let us free.

Once we hear that familiar pop and gurgle of the ice timers breaking free we quickly rip off our bindings and go right to sleep. In the morning we clean up the mess and rearrange our toys for the next session. As I blot up the melted ice I get a warm sensation thinking of the pleasure that simple water gave me the night before. With that thought I quickly fill up the timers and return them to the freezer in anticipation of my next session.

As a final point, my ice timers work great solo as well. I calling my husband at work and telling him “I’m tying myself up now and you only have an hour to come home before I’m loose”. It gets him home every time. We have also developed a PVC rack that can be easily disassembled and stored. I love to tie myself up on that or even better……… we have tied ourselves together “upside down” on the floor with it. That was a very intense and enjoyable scene with him inside me and my feet spread with his wrists above his head and vice-versa at my end.

Like I said we are thinking of starting a business selling our ice timers and PVC rack if there is any interest. I also have pictures of the items we are thinking about selling and pictures of us using them (including the scene above).

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our games as much as we had experiencing them.




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