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Dual Purpose

by Mikel

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Jodi prepares herself for the evening’s activities, she knows Jim will be home in a few hours and she wants to treat herself to some self-bondage and allowing him to find her tied tight in one of her favorite positions available for him to use as he sees fit. She knows Jim will bind her in any position she would ask him to but there is something more arousing to her when she is trapped and doesn’t know the exact outcome.

Being married for as long as they have been they had decided years ago to spice up their marriage by introducing bondage into their sex lives and have practicing many different kinds ever since. Jodi keeps herself in good shape even though she’s a thirty four year old working woman, her body is toned with long legs and a thin waist, she admires her ass in the mirror, and works especially hard on keeping it firm knowing that Jim is an “ass” man and can’t keep his eyes off hers when they go out especially if she’s worn something of latex or leather.

Her large breasts have started to droop just a little but still set high on her chest with large easily aroused nipples that she had pierced years ago sitting atop them. Turning away from the mirror Jodi slides her legs into some black stockings and pulls them up her toned legs admiring the way the seams highlight the shape of her legs, she wears stockings often and really enjoys the way the men stare at her in the office when she wears tight skirts just long enough to cover the tops of the stockings giving just a peek of them when she sits or bends driving the men to actually bend their necks trying to catch sight of them.

Next on is her favorite high heels, these are 6 inch heels with thin straps across her toes and two that buckle around her ankles, she doesn’t walk very well in them but loves the way they force her to stand and the ache they will cause her later. After strapping on her shoes she wraps wide leather cuffs around her ankles and buckles them tightly making sure the ankle straps are not under the cuffs.

Jodi wraps her corset around her waist and pulls it as tight as she can manage, pulling her waist in a few inches and letting her breasts sit on the half cups giving them some support, she doesn’t wear corsets often and only likes the added restriction when she is feeling “frisky” even though she really likes the look of her waist being made more narrow and thinks as she attaches the garters from the corset to her stockings, that maybe when she gets a little older she start wearing one full time.

Now inspecting herself in the mirror again she is happy with what she sees and picks up the large vibrating butt plug and lubes it generously and bends slightly as she inserts it into her tight ass, this is something she truly enjoys and wears often, even on special days at work making her very horny and keeping her distracted all day and practically ripping Jim’s clothes off when he gets home. She has on many occasions had it and a large dildo locked inside her for days by the steel chastity belt Jim got her two years ago and still locks her in it regularly while she is being punished or he has to go out of town leaving her frustrated and horny for when he gets home. Once the plug has settled in she moves carefully into the middle of the bed and stands on her knees.

Placing a large reading pillow between her legs that will act as a ramp keeping her aching pussy elevated for easy access for Jim while giving her some back support during her incarceration, she ties her knees with several coils of white cotton rope, these ropes are already tied to the footboard of their heavy four post bed frame and will keep her knees spread wide and immobile once her other restraints are pulled tight, as she ties them she thinks, is this the night Jim was going out with his friends?

Jodi continues now unsure when Jim will be home but the uncertainty making her even more horny knowing that there is no back up, there will be no way for her to release herself once she is finished and will pay dearly for this “stupidity” as Jim calls it when he finds this out, probably she’ll be locked in her belt for a week or more with her plugs if she’s lucky, maybe he’ll use the thigh straps this time, forcing her to wear thick long skirts to cover them up for the duration she thinks to herself smiling.

Taking the ropes she previously arranged on the bed she ties one to each ankle cuff and begins to pull on the rope ratchets strapped to the posts of the headboard pulling each until her knees are pulled hard against the ropes and pointing at the corners of the wide bed, stopping only when she can no longer pull any more slack out, the rope ratchets are a new addition Jim had found and had dual purposes, not only could he bind a load in his truck with them he found they were perfect for binding her tightly anywhere he wanted and she had come to utilize them often liking the way they can be pulled tight and not give any slack back making it possible for her to restrain herself tightly and not chicken out when it gets tough.

While letting her legs adjust she pulls her elbow length leather gloves on and then locks leather suspension cuff around her wrists making sure they are tight enough so she can’t slip out of them, picking up her tall posture collar she wraps it around her neck and buckles it snuggly then takes the butterfly clamps that has their chain attached to the d-ring of the collar and carefully clips each nipple behind the piercing pulling on them to make sure they are set properly.

The chain holds her nipples slightly upwards and Jodi knows when she lies back her tits will try to flatten some and the clamps will pull harder and as the clamps slip during her struggles they will snug up to the bars crossing her nipples and start to hurt substantially more. Once the clamps are tight she pulls again on her ankle ropes making sure they are stretched as tightly as possible before stuffing the large ball between her teeth and wrapping the attached clear panel over it and buckling both very tightly behind her head, this gag will keep her quiet and make her breathing much more difficult as she struggles more.

Jodi slips the rubber blind fold over her head leaving the bottom strap open and allowing her to see until she is ready, this blindfold Jim had made for her and was made from thick rubber with a strap that would wrap around her head at eye level and another one would wrap around her head under her ears making it impossible to rub or twist off and the buckles could make it sung or extremely tight if you stretched the rubber hard enough, Jodi loved this blindfold it was extremely effective and also very comfortable and wore it almost every playtime.

Almost ready Jodi takes her powerful vibrator that she had already plugged in lowering her eyes to look down past her covered mouth and clamped nipples she attaches the vibrators harness to her corset to keep it sitting on top of her now soaking pussy ready to be turned on at the last minute, she pulls the control for the butt plug up between her legs and makes sure the wire runs under the vibrators head and inside her pussy lips and lays back on the pillow leaving the remote laying on her corseted waist. As she adjusts to her bonds stretching and twisting until she is comfortable she yanks hard on the ropes leading to her ankles making them pull even further back and outwards towards the bedposts at the head of the bed and sinking the ropes around her knees deeper into her skin as they fight to hold her knees wide apart and pointed the opposite direction of her ankles.

Jodi now runs her gloved hands over her bent body enjoying the tension she is feeling in her legs and how the corset feels tighter across her stomach, her nipples are being tugged on by the clamps as they shift from her new position and they cause her to gasp from the increasing pain as she gently kneads her breasts making them even more uncomfortable. Being extremely horny now she slides the blind fold down and wrestles with the buckle being unable to raise her head due to the stiff posture collar until she has it pulled tightly under her ears making her world totally dark until she can remove the tight rubber from her eyes.

Reaching above her head she finds the clasp that will clip the d-rings on the cuffs together and once the rope attached to it is pulled will hold the clasp closed as long as there is pressure applied, this clasp was another thing Jim had found and made it easy for them to attach her cuffs to different objects and easy for him to open to release her. While she was checking the clasp in her excitement she went ahead and slipped it on to her d-rings and gave the center rope ratchet a quick pull closing the clasp around the d-rings, even though her arms were not taunt there was enough pressure to keep it closed making her realize she did not turn on either of her vibrators and making it all the more frustrating as she yanked and pulled at her cuffs.

When she realized her mistake Jodi let her arms drop to the bed as she lay thinking about anyway to be able to turn on the vibrators and found none, she was securely tied in place and could to nothing to even touch the inert tormentors just inches out of reach. After grunting and twisting for a few more minutes she pulled on the wrist rope listening to the ratchet clicking as she pulled more and more slack from her arms until they were pulled tightly over her head and held slightly above the mattress. Resting for a few minutes Jodi stretched her body pulling hard on her cuffs then yanked on the rope again pulling the last of the slack out and making her body taunt as well.

Jodi now lay gasping at all the tension pulling at her body, wishing she could see herself and imagined what she must look like in her inverted Y position, her stocking incased legs bent at the knees that were anchored to the foot board keeping them spread wide as her legs led up to her elevated pussy with a large inert vibrator strapped to it, the also inert butt plugs remote wire running through her pussy with the remote resting on her corseted waist, the corset making her gasp with each breath and causing her large breasts to heave and tug on the tight nipples clamps each time she pulled air in to her lungs.

Her thin ankles wrapped in leather cuffs that were pulling hard on the ropes attaching them to the headboard and keeping her lower body utterly still, not allowing any movement in her legs at all, even the tall heels that were meant to be sexy were now starting to cause her feet to ache from their enforced position as she wiggled her feet trying to ease the cramps in her folded legs. Her forced arched position kept her head pushing down on the mattress making the tall posture collar dig into her chin and she knew from past experiences if she relaxed enough the collar would start to cut off her air and blood flow making her black out awaking with a powerful headache. The large ball behind her teeth would soon make her jaw muscles begin to ache and the clear vinyl cover held tightly over her mouth allowed very little sound to escape and absolutely no air in forcing her to breathe only through her flared nostrils.

Her head was sandwiched between her outstretched arms and even though the collar kept her from turning her head the tight skin on either side of her head made it completely impossible to move her head in any direction or even attempt to rub the tight rubber blindfold now covering her eyes off. As she wiggled her leather covered fingers and tried to pull her hands out of the cuffs that were keeping her arms stretched above her head she knew it was going to be a long night of aches and pains while being extremely frustrated by her own stupidity of not turning on her vibrators and allowing herself an unknown number of orgasms until Jim came home.

Jodi tried to wiggle her ass for some stimulation but she had restrained herself too well and too tightly over the pillow to allow enough movement to be able to stimulate her aching pussy and finally rested laying stretched and trapped by her own hand unsure of how long she will be forced to endure this punishment of pain and frustration, hoping that Jim will be home soon and imaging what events might happen when he does get home.

Jodi dreamed of different scenarios as she lay getting even more sexually frustrated, will he come home as normal and tease her until she was ready to burst then pound her pussy to a wonderful climax or will he stay out late tonight and come home a little intoxicated use her quickly for his own satisfaction leaving her unsatisfied and bound to the bed while he sleeps off his night out, these were just a couple of the possibilities Jodi came up with over the next few hours as she waited helplessly bound to their bed growing more frustrated by the minute and having bursts of struggling fits before settling back down and trying to not think about her clamped nipples or cramping legs and fantasize more to ease her discomfort and fuel her lust.

To be continued?

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