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Dungeon Prisoners

by BoundBecky2000

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© Copyright 2004 - BoundBecky2000 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbff; rope; cuffs; nipple; gag; cellar; fantasy; cons; X

Amy and I knew of each others self bondage games and often talked about them amongst ourselves, but we have never done a game with each other.  We decided it was time to change that.  After coming up with ideas, we found one that we both wanted to do.  In Amy’s basement, which serves as our dungeon whenever any of us do any bondage games, there’s a sort of closet size room in there with no door.  That is where we chose to be tied.  Our story would be that we are captured by some knights and locked in here until we are to be tortured.  First thing we had to do was make a door that we could shut and use to keep us in there.  With a little help from some wood, cardboard and a staple gun, we managed to make a pretty nice looking door.  We cut some bar shapes near the top to give it a dungeon door look to it, and to let some light in the room.  We pushed the door into the frame of the room and it fit very tightly.  Perfect.  Now to set up our bondage.

We took a thin chain and placed part of it into the bottom of a 2 litre pop bottle.  We filled it with some water but not all the way.  Once it froze Amy figured it would take about an hour to melt.  I added a little more water to it just for kicks.  Once it was frozen, we could stuff it in the rafters above us and tie our handcuff keys to the rest of the chain.  Obviously once it melts the keys will fall and we can release ourselves.  We placed it in the freezer and went on to other things.  We gathered some rope, handcuffs, cloth for gags, and our nipple clamps.  

We had lots of time before the water would freeze so off we went to buy something new to wear.  I bought a pair of black, silk panties. I planned on going topless so I didn’t need a bra.  Amy had a hard time deciding so she chose another pair of black, silk panties like mine.  She said it was the traditional “slave” outfit for the castle we pretended to be locked in.  We went out to eat and then back to Amy’s house.  We were gone long enough and the water was now a solid piece of ice.  Amy took a small padlock and attached the handcuff keys to the chain.  Each of us went to the bathroom and changed into our slave outfits and placed our regular clothes back on over top.  

“Ready Becky?” Amy said with a grin.  

“Let’s do it” I replied.  We then gathered our stuff and went to the basement.

“Move it slaves” said Amy, pretending like a knight had ordered us down there. 

We made it to the room and placed the bottle in the ceiling, well out of reach for when we are tied. 

“Take your clothes off” I said, playing along with the knight game. 

We removed our clothes down to our black panties, or in this case our slave outfits.  “Now get in there”. 

We went into the room and grabbed the rope.  We agreed to tie each other for a couple reasons.  First, we could make them tighter on each other to prevent escaping and secondly because it would make the scenario more realistic rather than tying ourselves.  

Amy crossed my ankles and wrapped the white rope around them, tying them tightly afterwards.  The same was done above my knees.  I tied her ankles together and tied more rope above her knees as well.  Amy tied a large knot in the middle of the cloth and gagged me with it.  I, of course did the same to her.  We applied our own nipple clamps.  I placed mine on tight enough to where they couldn’t be shaken off, but not tight enough to cause unbearable pain.  They did hurt a little and I’m sure it would get worse over time.  Amy clamped herself then pulled our dungeon door into place, making sure it wouldn’t fall out.  After testing it, we had one last thing to do.  I placed my hands behind my back and clicked the handcuffs on.  Amy clicked hers onto her wrists behind her back.  

Next we took a padlock and locked it around the chains of our cuffs to secure them together.  We were now handcuffed back to back, sitting on the floor in a scarcely lit room.  The room wasn’t very big, plus my cuffs were hooked to Amy’s so unless the two of us moved in sequence, one person couldn’t move at all.  I sat there for a while, getting used to my situation, then I began to fantasize.

Here I am, bound and gagged almost completely naked.  Eventually the knights that captured me will return and bring me to their torture chamber.  What will they do to me? 

I dreamed of myself being strapped down to the rack.  Slowly my body begins to stretch.  I try to resist, but the machine is too strong and my body is hurting more with every click.  They stop once my body is stretched to its limits.  My screams are muffled by my gag as I try to beg for release.  What will they do to me once I’m helpless on their rack?  Will I be whipped?  Will they use red hot pokers and torture me with them?  Or will I be left in this position, alone, to suffer. Maybe I will be put in some kind of pillory.  My head and wrists locked in a wooden frame as my body is left vulnerable.  Will I once again be used as their whipping toy, or will they fulfill their pleasures on me in some other way? 

So many thoughts went through my head during my bondage session.  I would have loved to touch myself but my hands were locked behind me, plus Amy was there and I couldn’t make my self orgasm with her right by me.   I had to wait it out and suffer.  

The keys eventually dropped and we were able to set ourselves free.  My nipples ached from the clamps and my entire body was sore from the uncomfortable position I was forced to stay in for so long.  It was well worth it though.  Afterwards, Amy and I talked about what went through our heads during our time together.  She had pretty much the same fantasies as I did, except in hers, I was there being punished along side her. 

The next day we met up with Sarah and Jenny and told them all about it.  They were rather upset that we didn’t include them but we promised to do it again and invite them.  What would a 4 person self bondage game be like?  We couldn’t wait to find out.


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