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The Bunker

by The Technician

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Susan Donovan, now slave suzie q, continues her story.

Susan Donovan was discovered by Master Bruce and Mistress June and their slave, slut, while doing self-bondage at the beach. She and slut spend a night in bondage at the bunker and then go on a short cruise with their Master and Mistress. She is offered a chance to travel with them. Her decision could change her life forever.

This story is in two parts. This second part doesn’t make sense unless you have read part one.

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Part Two

Slave slut continued to thrash and scream every time a crab ran across her body. If she had not been self-gagging by holding her mouth tightly closed, the beach patrol, anyone on the beach, and probably the Coast Guard would already be here.

I called out to her, “slut! Get control of yourself.”

“But there are bugs running all over me,” she whined back.

“They aren’t bugs,” I replied. “They’re crabs. And the only danger is if they get near your mouth or nose, which they won’t do to you because you can hold your head up.”

“They’re like the roaches that used to run over me in bed when I was a little kid,” she sobbed. “I can’t stand it.”

She was starting to get hysterical and her sobs of “I can’t stand it. I can’t stand it. I can’t stand it!” were getting louder and louder.

“slut!” I shouted, “Master Bruce and Mistress June would never have left you here like this if they thought you couldn’t handle it. You can handle all sorts of pain. How is this different than going into your pain? Just go into the sensations of them crawling across your body.”

“I can’t,” she whined. “If Master or Mistress plays rough with me, it excites me. And then everything is different.”

“So you need to get turned on before you can go into your pain?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” slut answered.

“I can fix that,” I replied and lifted up my head slightly so I could lap at her slit. After a few licks, I said in my best submissive voice, “I’ll even let you fuck my mouth with your big, little clitty.”

Slave slut shuddered. I knew her weakness. She had lost control when I had sucked on her long clit and then let her ram it in and out of my mouth as I held my lips tight around it. I reached up and gave her another lick, this time pushing my tongue as deeply as I could into her cunt. On the second lick, her pink clit began pushing itself out of its sheath like a miniature dog dick. I did what I promised I would do and pulled it into my mouth. It only took a couple of slurps and sucks for it to come to its full inch or so in length. Then I sucked slightly to hold my lips tight around that little shaft and moved my head back down just enough to pull it almost out from between my lips. Then I rammed my head up as hard as I could, smashing my nose into her cunt hard enough to force it between her soaking pussy lips.

Slave slut screamed again, but this time it wasn’t a scream of fear. It was a groan of passion that she somehow managed to hold captive behind her closed mouth. I pulled my mouth back again ready to continue, but this time it was slut who did the ramming. She slammed her cunt down hard on my face, driving the back of my head into the sand. Then she started pumping really fast.

I had to time my breaths so that my nose wasn’t buried in her twat when I tried to breathe. That wasn’t easy because she was going so fast. If it was a man going at that speed, he wouldn’t last very long, but slut wasn’t a man. She was a woman with a long clit that she could use like a miniature prick to fuck my mouth. She kept slamming herself into me for a long time.

There was no way to time it, but it had to be over ten minutes... maybe fifteen. Then she started shaking and shuddering and my face was getting drenched with her pussy juices. It was a good thing that she was tied on top of me with rope rather than something like my retractors or her bouncing would have triggered them and she would have ended up almost pulled apart. Finally her moving and shaking stopped and she began to rub her crotch slowly against my face.

“They actually feel kind of nice,” she said softly. “They sort of tickle as they run across my back.”

Several of the little guys were gathering at the base of her back and starting to walk out onto her asscheeks. I knew what they were looking for. 

“slut,” I said softly, “the little crabs like pussy juice. They can probably smell it. They are probably going to walk down your ass crack to see if they can find the source of that wonderful aroma.”

“Do you think my cunt juice smells nice?” slut asked softly. I could hear in her voice that she hoped I would say yes.

“Me and a thousand sand crabs can’t be wrong,” I said.

She stiffened and stifled a shrill yelp. “Are there that many of them?” she asked, sounding terrified.

“It doesn’t make any difference how many there are,” I replied. “Only a couple at a time are going to be exploring your body... or mine.”

The three crabs on her ass started down her crack single file. They just got past her asshole when suddenly they fell off onto my face. I had my mouth tightly closed and shook my head slightly when they hit, so they slid off onto the sand. After the third one fell, I started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” slave slut said. She sounded upset.

“You are definitely slippery when wet,” I replied. “They couldn’t hold on and slid right past your asshole onto my face.”

“I’m sorry,” slut said.

“Don’t worry,” I replied. “I’ve got plenty of practice with them. You just have to shake your head a little and they fall off.”

I could feel two of them coming back up onto my chest. I knew that some of slut’s fluids had dripped there. Another one started up slut’s leg.

“He tickles,” slut squealed. It was a happy squeal, not a scared squeal.

I watched as the crab moved carefully up the inside of her thigh. It got close enough to her crotch that it could reach out with its front claws and wipe them across the edge of her cunt. Then it held the claw up to where I guess its mouth is and several small things moved.

“It’s wiping up your cum and then licking it off its claws,” I said. In response, slut laughed.

“I don’t think they have tongues,” she said. Then she said, “But I do,” and bent down and started licking my labia.

“Your juices taste pretty good, too,” slut said. “But you taste different than me.”

“You’ve tasted yourself?” I asked in surprise.

“Haven’t you?” she asked, equally surprised.

“I guess not,” I answered, “but it’s now on my bucket list.”

“And taking you high is on my fuckit list,” slut replied as she attacked my cunt with her tongue.

It didn’t take me fifteen minutes to cum, but slut didn’t stop when I did. Instead she moved her mouth to my clit and began suckling on it. I didn’t ram my clit into her mouth. There wasn’t enough there to do anything with even if I wanted to... or was able to. Slave slut took care of that all on her own. She bounced her face on my clit as she suckled and licked. Pretty soon a second orgasm hit. I didn’t think it was possible to totally lose control and yet still keep your mouth closed, but I did. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t want to be discovered or because Mistress June had ordered us to self gag, but I screamed into the back of my teeth as the world exploded around me.

When I came down, slut said softly, “Now let’s see if they like your cunt juices.”

“Did you take me high just so you could watch crabs walk all over my pussy?” I asked in mocked anger.

“No,” slut answered, “but since I did, I might as well see what the little fellows do.”

What they did was gather between my legs and start walking all over my cunt. I was pretty sure they couldn’t get in, but I wasn’t real comfortable with them being there when I didn’t have my big dildo blocking the entrance.

“They aren’t using their claws,” slut said almost excitedly. “They have little things right next to their mouths that they are using to pull your stuff directly into their mouths.”

“I wonder if they are male or female,” I said. slut just laughed.

“Do you think they are going to leave us out here all night?” I asked.

“That’s up to them,” slut answered. “Don’t you want to be with me all night?”

“We can’t have sex all night,” I answered. “We have to sleep sometime and I don’t want one of them trying to get in my mouth or up my nose while I’m asleep.”

Slave slut shuddered and said, “Now you’ve got me creeped out again.” Then she lifted her head up high and said, “I know what to do!”

She shifted herself down– up on me– as much as her ropes would allow and then settled her cunt down onto my face. 

“I’ll protect your face with my legs and cunt,” she said, “and if they walk over my ass, it will wake me up.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I can’t bring my legs in to protect you.”

“You don’t have to,” she replied, “I’m on top. I will put my head on your thigh and hope that you will wake up if something crawls over you.”

So we cuddled up in that strange way and went to sleep. Once or twice slut jumped enough to wake me up and sure enough there was one of those guys walking down her ass crack. I waited for it to get too far down and fall off and then shook it off my face into the sand. Once it was me who jumped when I felt little claws prying at my pussy lips. I don’t think it wanted to get in. It was just trying for more of my fluids.

When the moon came out, most of the crabs went back into their holes. They are pretty close to the bottom of the food chain and there are a lot of birds and other things– even at night– that love to catch them out on the sand away from their little homes.

The sun woke me shortly after it rose. A pillar was shading slut from the rising sun so she didn’t awaken until almost an hour later. At least I think it was about an hour. It’s not like I could look at my watch. 

We both lay there for about another hour, occasionally muttering, “Damned mosquitos!” Then Master Bruce and Mistress Jane came walking up.

“Did you two have a wonderful night?” he asked cheerily.

“Did you know that slut is terrified of bugs– or crabs– crawling over her?” I asked. I tried to make it sound like just a question, but my anger must have shown in my voice.

Master Bruce’s face suddenly contorted in surprise... and shame? “We didn’t know,” he said firmly.

“We knew about the bugs,” said Mistress June, “but we never thought about the crabs being like... roaches.”

She reached down and stroked slut’s hair, almost like she was petting a dog, “We’re sorry, slut, we didn’t realize it would be like that for you. We didn’t hear you shout your safeword, and it didn’t look like you were in trouble. We didn’t know.”

“You were watching?” I asked incredulously.

“We weren’t the only ones watching,” Master Bruce said. He walked over and picked up a light-weight tripod with a cellphone mounted on the top of it. “Low light capability,” he said, “and a high performance microphone. You were live-streaming.” He patted the cellphone and said, “Your face wasn’t visible, only your cunt.”

“And we were actually just a little bit off shore,” Mistress June added.

“We took turns keeping watch on you,” Master Bruce said. “And Master Mickey and slave minnie were anchored at the cut,” he added.

 “One of us could have been here in just a few minutes if things got too intense.” Mistress June said, petting slut’s hair again and then asking softly, “Are you OK?”

Slave slut looked up at them and said, “slave suzie q helped me see that the crabs are just like horny little men.”

When Master Bruce sputtered, “What?”, slut laughed and said, “They are just after a hot pussy.”

Both she and Master Bruce laughed. Then her voice got harsh and surprisingly firm, “But don’t ever do this to me when there are roaches around. And NEVER AGAIN make me think you have abandoned me!”

“We had some other things planned for this morning,” Master Bruce said softly, “but why don’t we take you both out on the ocean to make it up to you.”

“Thank you, Master,” slut and I said in unison.

“If we are going to do that,” Mistress June said as she bent down to untie slut, “we have to get you two released and then you have to stow all of suzie q’s gear.”

It only took a couple moments for Mistress June to release both of us, but it took almost a half-hour for slut and me to gather up all of my stuff and take it into the bunker. It would have been a little faster, but Mistress June asked me how the auto-retractors worked. I showed her the little arm that unfolded out of the back so you could wind up the spring.

“I have to do this about every other time I use them,” I said. “That, or I have to pull the webbing out against the power of the spring. And I can’t do that.”

Master Bruce insisted on helping me reset all four of the retractors. I don’t know if he was trying to be helpful or he knew that he could wind the spring way tighter than I could. The next time I used the retractors, I was really going to get stretched.

After all of my stuff was put away, I helped slut gather up the ropes and restraints that had come out of the big backpack. As she stuffed everything down inside the backpack, she took something out of a side pocket and set it behind the bag. Then she hefted the backpack up and swung it over her shoulders. As small as she was and as big as the backpack was, she ended up looking like some soldier or mountain climber.

She bounced her shoulders once or twice to settle the pack and then walked over and handed something to Mistress June. Slave slut stood there with her chin lifted up as Mistress June wrapped the leather collar around her throat and clipped a long leather leash to the front of it.

“Don’t I get one, too?” I asked. “I am your slave for the weekend.”

“I didn’t know if you were willing to be led around in public,” slut said, holding out another collar and leash. “Walking naked with a Master and Mistress isn’t quite the same as being led through a crowd on a leash.”

“She would know,” I thought to myself as I stepped up to Mistress June and tilted my chin up. The collar felt slightly cold as Mistress wrapped it around my neck, but then it suddenly felt very hot when she clipped the leash to the front of it and handed the other end of the leash to Master Bruce. Had the collar actually heated up? Or did I suddenly realize that I was going to be led naked past anyone who might be on the island near the cut?

Mistress June pulled slightly on slut’s leash and they started off. Master Bruce pulled on my leash and said, “The proper form is for you to walk so that the leash is hanging just slightly slack. Too slack, and it looks like you are just walking with us. Too tight and it looks like you don’t accept the leash and are resisting. When it’s just right, you look like a willing slave walking behind her Master or Mistress.”

“I didn’t realize being a slave could be so complicated,” I said as I fell into step behind him.

As we walked, he said over his shoulder, “Notice the distance you are behind me. The leash should always be there, even when it isn’t. A well-trained slave always walks at proper leash length behind her Master.”

“Thank you, Master Bruce,” I said as I adjusted my step slightly so the leather leash tightened just a little. It was now hanging in a bow like one of those big power lines.

I had hoped that there wouldn’t be many people down by the cut, but Sundays must be naturist day behind the dunes. In the last mile there must have been a hundred or more people lying on the sand sunning themselves. I tried to just look straight ahead and ignore them. I wanted to crawl under the sand in shame, but then I heard one of them say as I walked past, “And that, my dear minnie, is how a proper slave walks behind her Master.”

After that, I threw back my shoulders and smiled as I looked down at Master Bruce’s feet walking in front of me. I was following behind him properly... like a well-trained slave.

The boat was anchored differently when we got there. It was much closer to the beach and the mast was folded down and lashed in place sticking out over the stern.

“There was no wind this morning, so we had to diesel her in,” Master Bruce said. Then he added, “With the mast down, I could raise the centerboard and get much closer to the beach.”

We only had to walk through ankle-deep water to reach the ladder. As we were climbing aboard, Master Bruce said, “Of course, pulling her in this close as the tide is flooding I could end up with her stuck on the sand as the tide goes out.”

“What do you do then?” I asked.

“If I haven’t waited too long,” he said looking around, “and if only the tip of the bow is grounded, I might be able to power her back off. Otherwise we would just have to wait. Even Masters can’t control everything.”

Mistress June led us up to the bow and said, “Kneel here,” pointing to the small deck area there. She took our leashes and looped them over a bright chrome cleat just ahead of the little flag pole with their season pass on it.

“That’s just for show,” she said. “If something happens the leashes should just slip off, but if they don’t you have my permission to remove the leash and, if necessary, the collar.”

I didn’t know what might happen, but I realized that as Mistress, she had to think of all such things and look out for the safety of her slaves. Slave slut and I were kneeling there naked and leashed to the bow as Master Bruce slowly pulled the boat out into the inland waterway channel and then slowly maneuvered it through the cut and out onto the ocean. I looked over at slut and she was kneeling with her ass on her ankles, but her back was straight and her head was held high. She was displaying herself for anyone who wanted to see. I took a deep breath and copied her posture. I almost broke and lowered myself when we approached one of the local island cruise ships coming into port, but slut said firmly, “Posture!” and I straightened myself back up. By the time we passed the cruise ship, a puddle of my juices was starting to form between my feet.

As slut and I were staring out at the ocean, we were both startled by a loud cranking sound. She didn’t break posture, but said quietly, “Master is putting down the centerboard. He’ll come up here to put up the mast.”

A few minutes later, Master Bruce stepped up right behind us. There was a thick white rope in his hands. He looked down at me and chuckled. “The mast is motorized, but it sometimes gets a little cranky and I have to give it a yank to keep the motor from stalling out.”

He called out, “Ready,” and I could hear the whine of an electric motor. The boat also began rocking in a strange sort of way. Once or twice, Master pulled hard on the rope and then finally there was a loud “Clunk,” as the mast locked into place.

“This is 90% decoration,” he said as he flipped our leashes off the cleat and secured the line there. “But it gives you something to grab hold of if you lose your balance.” He gave me a strange smile and said, “Don’t want you accidentally keel-hauling yourself, do we?”

Then I heard Mistress June’s voice, “slut! suzie q! time to come back to the cockpit.”

I followed slut back to the open area at the back. When we got there, Mistress June said, “You may remove your collars and stow them in the go bag.”

I took off my collar with the leash still attached and followed slut’s example of putting it in a side pocket of the backpack. Then I returned and stood with slut facing Mistress June. It felt really funny to have the wind whipping my hair out in front of my face.

Mistress June watched us for a moment and then said, “I think it would be nice to let you and slave suzie q get a better view of the ocean, don’t you, slut?”

Slave slut’s eyes got very wide and she began shaking slightly. “If you wish, Mistress June,” she said haltingly. Then her voice got almost frantic as she said, “But please don’t string us both up at the same time. We would bounce into each other and one of us might get hurt.”

“What if I made sure that any bouncing wouldn’t hurt you?” Mistress June said with a smile. Then she called out to Master Bruce, “Will the sail topspar hold both of our slaves?”

“As long as they weigh less than eight hundred pounds,” he replied. Then he added, “... and you aren’t planning on bouncing them around very much.”

Mistress June looked at me and said, “The mast is a little shorter than it could be so it doesn’t stick so far off the stern when it is folded down. So to allow for a bigger sail, there is a small top spar that holds the sail out from the mast.” 

She pressed a button on the panel in front of the big wheel used to steer the boat and I could hear an electric motor whining. A small spar about three feet long began rising up the mast. When it was about a fourth of the way up, Mistress June released the button and it stopped.

“I think this is going to take both of us,” she called out to Master Bruce and he stepped down into the cockpit and stood next to her.

“What are you planning?” he asked and she said, “I’ve always wanted to try a scissors suspension. I’ve seen it done once at the club, but this would be so much more exciting.”

I looked over at slave slut. She was whimpering in fear and begging, “Please Mistress don’t do this to us,” but I could tell that she was excited. Her juices were dripping out of her cunt and running down the inside of her thigh. Since I had no idea what they had planned, I didn’t know whether to be excited or afraid. I guess I was a little bit of both.

“I think we need to lay them out on the top deck,” Master Bruce said and then pointed to the flat area on top of the cabins and said, “Up there, both of you.”

He disappeared for a moment and then reappeared with a thick blanket in his hand. “You might get pulled over the deck a little as we hoist you,” he said in a matter of fact tone. He laid it out on the deck surface and said, “Don’t want to end up with road rash on your legs or backside.”

Slave slut slowly lowered herself to the blanket. She was still whimpering, but her slit was glistening. She lay on her side and put her arms above her head. Mistress June came up from the cabin carrying several restraint cuffs. One was a double cuff that fitted over slut’s forearms and bound them together so that her hands were palm to palm. Mistress June very carefully pulled all of the straps tight while checking that slut’s circulation wasn’t cut off. 

After slut’s arms were restrained, Mistress June said to me, “Lie down in a scissors formation with slut.”

I looked up at her and said, “I don’t know what that means.”

Mistress June laughed and said, “Slide your cunt up against hers with your legs on either side of her body and her legs on either side of you.”

“Wait a minute,” Master Bruce said suddenly. “I need to get some straps in place.”

He walked over to slut, lifted her upper body, and slid two wide straps under her. One strap was just below her breasts and the other was across her abdomen. He then laid another strap under her legs just above her knee and one more just below her knee.

“Now,” he said, “you slide your ass up her leg until you are cunt to cunt.”

I did so, trying to keep my weight off her leg as much as possible. I felt like a crab walking across the deck on my back on my hands and feet. I was going to say something about that, but decided that the image of me as a giant crab might freak slut out. Once I was almost up against her cunt, I spread my legs out and then pushed with my hands until I could feel her cunt pressing against mine.

“Let me get her suspension boots on before you tighten those straps,” Mistress June said. Then she knelt down and began putting a strange boot on my right foot. It was more or less like a regular boot except that it had five or six Velcro straps holding it tight. There was also a strange metal bracket that sort of wrapped around it and a huge D-ring on the bottom. She moved over and strapped the other boot on my left foot before saying, “Ready.”

Master Bruce started wrapping the four straps around me and slut. The first strap held my calves tight to her breast and back. The next held my thighs tight against her abdomen. The next one held her thighs against my abdomen. And the last one held her calves tight against my breasts and back.

“One more thing and then we are ready to hoist,” Master Bruce said as he began threading a thick strap through the D-rings on my boots. He pulled on it slightly to find the middle point and then fed it through a similar D-ring on slut’s arm restraint. He made a big loop in the strap and brought it back down through the D-ring and tied it off with several flat knots of some sort. Then he got above us and tugged sharply on the strap. I could feel myself being pulled more tightly into slut’s cunt.

“Now we bring down the top spar,” he said more or less to himself as Mistress June pressed some buttons in the cockpit. He connected a thick white rope to the straps and gave a signal to Mistress June. Suddenly slut and I were being dragged across the deck toward the mast. Master Bruce was standing alongside us making sure we were moving smoothly. Then, just as we reached the mast, slut started going up into the air and I was following her... UPSIDE DOWN! We kept going until the short spar was at the very top of the mast and the webbing was against the end of the spar.

“Enjoy the view,” Master Bruce called up to us.

I wasn’t all that far off the deck. I think that if there was a chair or something like that sitting on the top deck, I might have been able to brush it with my fingers. Then the boat started rolling slightly with the waves. When the mast leaned to one side, slut and I would swing out over the water on that side. And then when it leaned the other way, we would swing out that way. I looked upside down over at Master Bruce. He was behind the wheel and moving it slowly from side to side. He was the one causing the boat to heel and roll.

I could hear myself calling out in a very frightened-sounding “aaaaahhhh,” but slut was screaming her head off. She was also bouncing and thrashing, which meant that she was pounding her cunt against mine.

Pretty soon my “aaaaahhhh” got a little lower-pitched and no longer sounded afraid. I started wiggling my body to rub myself against slut. 

“Don’t do that! Don’t do that! We’ll fall!” she started screaming, but I yelled back, “No we won’t. Go into it. Just think about what I’m doing to your cunt!”

I don’t know if she even heard me, but pretty soon slut was calling out, “No, no, no, no, no,” and starting to bounce around even more. Then she started saying, “Don’t let me fall. Don’t let me fall. Don’t let me fall.”

I called up to her, “You can’t fall unless you go through my cunt.” That brought all sorts of really weird images into my mind and I felt myself starting to go into an orgasm. It must have done something for slut also, because she stopped yelling and threw back her head and gave a really loud groan.

Now she was chanting, “Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God,” over and over as she ground her cunt against mine. Then she started chanting, “No, no, no, I’ll fall, I’ll fall, I’ll fall.” She kept chanting that until suddenly she screamed really loud and began thrashing against me in a powerful orgasm. Having her cunt pounding, bouncing, and rubbing against mine took me over the top for the second... or was it the third time. After that, slut didn’t say anything, but she ground her cunt furiously against mine, taking us both over the top at least twice more.

I sort of lost track of everything after that, but then I could feel something against my fingertips. Mistress June had lowered us and Master Bruce was holding both of us at the hips.

“I’m going to have to take you down one at a time,” he said firmly, “but you have to behave yourselves. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes, Master,” slut and I said in unison.

Master Bruce first removed the four straps that held slut’s and my legs tightly together. Then he used one of those straps to tie something in place at the top of slut’s arm restraint. After that he released one of my legs from the restraint boot and slowly lowered it down to the deck. That left me sort of lying on the deck with my other leg still held several feet in the air. After Master Bruce released my other leg, I rolled over and raised up onto my knees. That put me just a few inches below slut’s very dripping snatch.

“Master Bruce,” I said, looking up at him, “could you lower slut just a little bit? I would like to give her a gift.”

He looked at me a little strangely, but signaled Mistress June to lower the top spar a few inches. I walked on my knees over to slut, who was still hanging a foot or so above the deck, and lifted her legs over my shoulders.

“Now you don’t have to worry about falling,” I said loudly and attacked her cunt with my mouth.

It was almost as if I had hit her with a cattle prod. She went stiff, practically knocking me backwards to the deck, but I was holding on hard to her ass and just pulled her pussy more tightly against my face. I used my nose to massage her clit while I speared and sucked her cunt. In only a few moments, she gave another very shrill screech and flooded my mouth with her juices as her cunt spasmed and contracted, forcing everything out of it and into my mouth.

I let her swing back away from me and stood up. “The crabs aren’t the only ones who like a hot pussy,” I said to Master Bruce. He just shook his head slightly and laughed.

He signaled Mistress June and she lowered slut the rest of the way to the deck. After Master Bruce finished releasing her from her restraints, he said, “Why don’t the two of you rinse off and then join us on the foredeck for some lunch?”

I started to ask, “Where?” but slut crooked her finger and said, “Follow me.” She went to the very back of the boat and stepped over onto a small platform. She opened a little panel and pulled out a hand shower on a long hose. Then she reached back into the opening and turned it on. She quickly rinsed herself off and then pressed a little button on the side of the shower head. Everything shut off.

She handed it to me and said, “Don’t use too much water,” and then reached into a small basket and pulled out a towel. I followed her example and then shut off the water with the knobs inside the panel. 

She handed me her towel and said, “It’s not very wet, and you have to make things last on a boat.” I dried myself with it and gave it back to slut and then followed her back to the little deck at the bow. Master Bruce had the thick blanket spread out and there was like a picnic lunch spread out.

Mistress June greeted us with a smile and motioned for us to sit opposite her and Master Bruce on the blanket. “I thought I’d show you some of the exciting things a submissive can experience on one of our cruises,” he said, also smiling at them.”

“Of course,” Mistress June said looking back and forth between me and slut, “normally it is the slave... or slaves... which prepare all the meals. But we decided to give slut some time off to help show you around.”

“Thank you, Mistress June,” I automatically replied.

Then Master Bruce said, “After we eat, I am going to drop anchor at a little sandbar island that is perfect for skinny dipping.”

He must have seen the look of surprise on my face because he laughed slightly and said, “Masters and Mistresses like to get naked under the sun sometimes too, little suzie, but only when we want to.”

“And no one leads us through crowds naked on a leash,” Mistress June said. “That’s one of the big differences between a Mistress and a sub. I get off leading you. You get off being led.”

I just looked down at the blanket. She was right. I had gotten excited when they led me through the crowd naked on a leash. I mean, everyone there was sunbathing naked, so it wasn’t being naked that did it. It was being on a leash.

“Anyway,” Master Bruce said, “we will have a couple of hours at the sandbar and then we will have to scoot back to get you in place in time for your friends to find you.”

“What?” I gasped.

“If you got off being led through a crowd of strangers,” Mistress June said, “just think of how you will feel having to be rescued by your friends.”

“I never intended for them to ever have to rescue me,” I said, trying not to shout.

“But you dreamed about it, didn’t you?” Mistress June continued. “You went higher and higher as you pressed your luck and set the timers closer and closer to the time your automatic messages for help would go out.”

I silently looked down at the blanket once again.

It was very quiet for a long time. I could hear the waves swooshing against the side of the boat. Then Master Bruce said, “Mistress June and I have some business up the coast next weekend, so we can’t come and play, but the weekend after that, I expect to find you at the bunker.” He stopped to take a drink and then added, “Then we can talk about when you will be joining us for a trip to Bermuda.”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” I said softly.

“We’ve already established that you CAN do it,” he said brightly. “The question is, do you want to do it? Maybe we’ve established that to, so the question more accurately is, are you WILLING to do it?”

Mistress June said, “Let’s give little suzie q time to think about that. She can give us her answer if– when– we find her at the bunker in two weeks.” Then she looked over at Master Bruce and said, “You’d better get us moving if we are going to have a chance to swim before heading back to the park.”

We actually swam for almost three hours before we headed back. Master Bruce had to run the diesels at almost maximum to get us back by two. There weren’t as many people sunbathing then, but Master Bruce and Mistress June still led slut and me naked all the way from the boat to the bunker. It was almost three by the time we got there.

I immediately slid into the bunker and handed all my gear out to slut. It only took us about ten minutes to get everything set up. I put in my vibrator and ass plug while Master Bruce locked my restraint cuffs to the retractors. Then I lay down on the sand and he wrapped the cuffs around my wrists and ankles.

“Oh,” I said, “I forgot my goggles and mask.”

Slave slut came running over and slipped the goggles over my eyes. Then she held the ball gag in front of my mouth. I opened up and lifted my head to pull it into my mouth, then she tightened the strap to hold it in place. The mask was the last thing to go into place.

I jerked my arms down hard and the retractors snapped me into place. I barely had time to bring my legs together before I was nearly stretched in two. When the leg retractors activated, I screeched into the gag. I was right about what Master Bruce did when he wound up the springs. This was the tightest I had ever been pulled.

Mistress June stood above me and said, “I set the vibrator program so it will keep you on the edge until your friends arrive.”

Master Bruce pointed to the locks and said, “I very carefully set all of them for six hours. If your friends don’t arrive for some reason, you will have to go home in the dark, but there is a full moon tonight, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting up the beach.”

Before they left, he reached into his pocket and took out a thin-tipped permanent marker of some sort. He stood between my legs and bent over so that he could write something on my mons, right above my cunt. I tried to ask him what he wrote, but with the mask and gag it was just mumbles.

“See you in a couple weeks,” he said cheerfully and the three of them walked away. Mistress June was leading slut by her leash. As they walked away, slut gave an exaggerated shake of her ass to tell me goodbye.

I lay there watching the sun get lower in the sky. Pretty soon my little crab friends came skittering out to explore me. I must have been gushing pretty heavy around the vibrator because they seemed to be really interested in my cunt. One of them walked right across my clit and I groaned into my gag. His super light touch as he walked over me just emphasized how little I would need to put me over the edge, but he was not enough.

By the time Sammy and Linda finally arrived, I was bouncing and thrashing on the sand, trying to fuck myself with the dildo, but even my hardest bounces weren’t sufficient to give me enough sensations to take me over the top. Mistress June had set the program very carefully to give me just enough to get me almost there, but never enough to finish me.

I was just about to go totally nuts when I heard Sammy’s voice say, “Well, well, well, it looks like I’d-never-make-that-mistake Susan set all of her locks wrong.”

Then I heard Linda laugh and say, “I’ve never seen her when she’s got herself all tied up. This looks like a really professional setup.” She reached down and tapped my vibrator and said, “And that looks like an industrial strength vibrator.”

Then Sammy muttered, “I wonder why it hasn’t taken her over the top?”

Linda took my mask and goggles off and then took the gag out of my mouth and I immediately blurted out, “Mistress June set it to keep me just on the edge.”

“What?” yelped Linda while Sammy said, “Who?”

“I’ll tell you later,” I said frantically. “Just let me cum.”

Linda was now kneeling between my legs looking at my aching cunt. “Did you know she had a tattoo on her twat?” she asked Sammy. She leaned down closer and said, “It says ‘slave suzie q.’”

“My, my, my, my, my, my, my,” Sammy said, “you are full of surprises today.”

“Just let me cum,” I pleaded frantically. “Please let me cum.”

Sammy walked down to the little wooden box and came back with the override key. “Linda and I will release you and then you can take care of yourself,” she said, smirking at me. “But I think you should then take care of Linda and me as payment for our trouble in coming all the way out here to rescue you.”

“No, Sammy, no,” I said, shaking my head back and forth.

“OK then,” she replied, “Linda and I will just leave you here. Your time locks will release in another four hours. You can take care of yourself then... if you haven’t gone nuts first.”

“All right, all right,” I said frantically. At that point I would have promised anything to anybody just to be able to cum.

“Let’s take these out first,” Linda said as she started unlocking the chain that held my vibrator and ass plug in place. She pulled the vibrator out and shut it off. Then she said, “You’ll have to take care of the back door yourself.”

The sudden emptiness in my cunt caused me to groan loudly and beg even more, “Let me cum! Let me cum! Let me cum!”

“In good time,” Sammy said as she opened the locks on my legs and removed the ankle restraints. Then she opened the locks on my arms.

I didn’t give her a chance to remove my wrist restraints, but instead attacked my cunt with my hands. It only took a few hard rubs to cause me to arch my back in one of the strongest orgasms of the weekend. Was it that strong because of all of the edging? Or was it because I knew that two of my best friends were watching me jill myself off and the humiliation was overwhelming?

As I came down from my orgasmic high, Sammy said, “Don’t forget you promised us a tit-for-tat payment.”

“Or should that be a cum-for-cum payment?” Linda said snarkily.

“I remember,” I said testily. “Just let me get my stuff pulled out and put away.”

They sat on the sand watching me as I gathered up all my stuff and took it back into the bunker. Then I got my carry bags from my bicycle and put away my locks and my vibrator and– after I had pulled it out– my ass plug. Normally I would have wiped them down very carefully before putting them back, but I just wrapped them up in the towel and stuffed them into the bag. I didn’t bother to bring my clothes out of the fallen bunker but just left them there with my bike.

“How do you want to do this?” I asked Sammy.

It was Linda who answered. She said, “I think slave suzie q should have to work on both of us at the same time and make sure that she takes both of us over the top at the same time or she gets a spanking.”

“Promises, promises,” I said as I spread out my beach towel in the sand. Then I said, “Lie next to each other and take off your shorts.”

Linda had to also take off her panties, but Sammy, as I expected, was commando under her shorts. They lay as far apart as they could on the towel and brought their knees up and spread them so I could get to their pussies. I bent down and took a tentative lap at each of them. Sammy was already wet and had that pungent odor of turned-on female. Linda was still dry, but began flowing almost as soon as my tongue touched her slit.

I worked diligently on both girls’ cunts, spending a lot more time on Linda than on Sammy. Linda had, after all, started far behind Sammy. I think Sammy had gotten herself all worked up over the idea of finding me stuck in my self-bondage, while Linda had been thinking just of the fact that I needed rescuing.

I didn’t realize that I was such an expert cunt lapper, but I managed to bring them both off within seconds of each other. Linda is a screamer, but when she started to wail, I barked out, “Self gag,” and she slapped her hand over her mouth.

After Sammy came down, she looked over at me and said, “Self gag?”

“It was a long weekend,” I answered.

“At least I didn’t have to spank you,” Sammy said.

“You can if you want to,” I answered. I could feel my skin getting a hundred degrees hotter as I burned in shame, but I still added, “I mean it. If you want to, I will lie across your lap and let you spank me. You did come all the way out here to rescue me and I owe you.”

She sat up on the beach towel with her legs straight out in front of her and I crawled over and settled myself over her legs. Linda in the meantime had gotten up and was standing over us.

“You two are just weird,” she said, but when I looked up at her, her hand was between her legs softly stroking her slit.

“How many?” Sammy asked, and I answered, “You decide.”

“I never got to give you a birthday spanking,” she said firmly, “so let’s say twenty-three.”

Sammy started spanking, but stopped immediately when I counted, “One, thank you, Mistress.”

She stayed stopped with her hand above my ass until I said, “Go on. Haven’t you ever given a proper spanking before?”

Sammy resumed, but she was spanking harder... and then harder... and then harder still. I think it was really pulling her string for her to spank me... or for me to call her Mistress... or maybe both.

I didn’t lose count, but I sort of lost track of what was going on until suddenly I found myself saying “Twenty-threeeeeeee, Mistresssss,” and I popped off for the umpteenth time for the weekend. I could feel Sammy squirming under me as she also went over the top.

Linda said once again, “You two are just weird!” But she was very out of breath, her hand was still between her legs, and there was a ton of pussy juice running down her legs.

I looked up at her and said, “You seemed to enjoy it, too, Linda, but I’ve always known that you were a peeping-tommi pervert at heart.”

She looked all embarrassed and suddenly picked up her panties and pulled them up her legs.

“You’d better use the towel to wipe yourself off or you will stain your shorts,” I said as I got up off of Sammy. Sammy stood up, wiped herself off, and then tossed the towel to Linda.

“We’ll talk tomorrow,” I said to both of them, but you two still have to walk back up to the parking lot, and I have to ride my bicycle back home.

“E-bikes,” Linda said, and I shook my head and said, “What?”

“We both have electric bikes,” Sammy said. “But since they have pedals and a chain, they are allowed on the beach, and since they have bigger tires even than yours, they don’t sink into the sand. We aren’t walking back up to the parking lot, we’re riding home.”

“Whatever,” I said, “in any case, I will see you in the morning.”

“Sure you can get home by yourself?” Linda asked.

“I’m sure,” I answered and they both walked over to where they had leaned their bikes against one of the concrete pillars. In a few moments they hummed away down the sand.

I gathered everything up and took it back to my bike and stowed it in the baskets. When I went to get dressed, my panties were missing. The only one who had been in the fallen bunker besides me had been slut. “You devious bitch,” I said, looking out at the sand. “You saw that I would be wearing a short skirt and you took my panties.”

I laughed as I wheeled my bike out of the narrow slit in the concrete. “Oh well,” I said, “I guess I will just have to ride sitting up very straight on my way home.”

I did ride sitting up very straight, but I also waited an hour or so until the sun had dipped a little lower and you couldn’t really tell that I was naked beneath the skirt. When there wasn’t anyone around to see my bare ass flashing beneath the short skirt, I leaned forward and pedaled as hard as I could, but if there were cars or people around, I slowed down and straightened up. I finally got home around eight at night.

Sammy and Linda and I had a long talk the next day and I told them everything. I also told Sammy that it had been fun calling her Mistress, but I needed her as a friend, not a Master, so there would be no repeats on that.

It’s been two weeks now. I’m back at the bunker on a Saturday morning staked out in a big naked ‘X’ in the sand. Master Bruce and Mistress June and slut should be arriving soon. I think Master Bruce will know what my answer is when he sees me. I’ve got a brand new tattoo. Just above my slit, in a perfect replica of what Master Bruce wrote, it says, “slave suzie q”


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