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The Cage

by Mikel

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Joy sat listening to the TV as she thought about what she had read and the more she thought about it the wetter her pussy became. She knew she had the necessary equipment to reproduce the story she had read but wondered if she had the nerve.

Joy had been married for 8 years, her parents had bought the young couple a small home and Ken had made the far end of the basement their hidden dungeon. What Joy hadn’t known was when she had spent days locked inside the small room in some wonderfully uncomfortable position Ken had been seeing other women.

When Joy did find out the two quickly separated then divorced and she was left with a half empty house, no real career skills, and a well-stocked basement of bondage gear. Her monthly alimony was substantial as was her monthly trust fund so financially she was set but she lacked companionship and a master to control her.

Joy still wore her corsets and high heels and maintained her fit body even keeping it tanned so when she did go out showing off her tiny waist with perfect legs and ass showing from under her short skirts she still turned heads and got multiple phone numbers given to her.

Ken had indulged her kinky side since they first met and had always been a good master, listening to her fantasies, paying close attention to her moans and breathing. He had become very adept in keeping her on the edge of an orgasm for as long as he wanted before letting her feel the powerful waves crash over her.

Joy had noticed that she was spending more and more time locked in her chastity belt. She also noticed the extreme high heels with the bonds or clothes he forced her to wear would never allow her to be able to leave the house. She was also spending more time tied completely immobile in their dungeon but had been enjoying it so much she never thought about what he was doing while she was bound.

Now she was alone, she had begun shortly after the locks had been changed to practice self-bondage and was getting very good at it. Her online key holder who was now in procession of the keys to the chastity belt that was locked tightly over her vinyl corset with the tight thigh bands Joy had chained almost directly together keeping her legs closed from the knees up.

The key was also to the thick leather straps keeping her 7 inch heels locked on her feet and Joy had been told she should not be expecting the keys for at least a month possibly longer as punishment for her indiscretions during her previous lock down. Her key holder had watched on the computer as she inserted the steel balls into her pussy before locking the crotch strap to the steel belt and had also suggested the shorter chain between her thighs.

The locked on heels, ankle cuffs and collar had been Joy’s idea and now she was regretting it. The heels were her tallest except for her ballet shoes and made walking very difficult and the thick steel around her wrists had begun to chafe as she fought them constantly.

It was the heavy collar that made it difficult to look down from its width and continuously forced her to watch how far she leaned in any direction. Its heft would pull her head down making her small body have to fight to remain upright that was quickly becoming the biggest problem for her.

Being unable to leave the house in her current situation she was getting bored and decided to try long term self-bondage like a story she had read. Joy spent a week getting the dungeon ready and equipped for at least 10 days up to twenty, she wouldn’t have a choice in the time once she was inside the strongly built cage.

Ken had bolted it to the floor in the far corner of their dungeon making sure it was inescapable. Her belt made the catheter bag and enema set up easier since she would be unable to turn or change her position much once she was inside the cage. In her sexually overheated state Joy decided she was going to back into the cage, her high heels would be pressing on the wall behind her meaning the cage would force her to remain on her hands and knees for the duration.

With her urine tube set into the small drain next to the cage and her enema system that Ken had designed would flush her every two days also running into the drain her bodily functions would be seen to. The cage had two locking points on the door and would be closed with the two electronic magnetic locks.

Ken had installed more mag locks on the bottom of the cage’s cross bars in the front and back that were all controlled by a small timing unit set just out of reach. The mag locks would hold her ankles and wrists cuffs to the cross bars making her incapable of doing anything but stand on all fours and except the punishment from the electro stim pads attached to her body.

The last thing she would have no control over was her feeding times, Ken had designed a system that would randomly release her feeding fluids that would flow quickly into the gag under the leather hood he would lace tightly over her pretty face. The hood made it impossible for her to do anything but drink the fluid since the tight leather would not let any of the liquid escape her mouth.

This had always been her least favorite part of the sessions she had in the cage, always feeling like she was going to drown and never knowing when they would start. Normally she would be able to lie down but due to the heavy collar she was planning on chaining it to the top of the cage supporting the weight of it but also not allowing her to change her position much.

As a precaution she would also chain the sides of her belt to the top to keep her from collapsing and choking herself. Finally ready she set the timer for random with a minimum of ten days and maximum of twenty. Joy had that nagging feeling that she was over extending herself but her arousal drove her on.

She applied her Chinese nipple clamps on her erect nipples knowing they would slowly slide off and backed into the cage. Making sure her ankles were in the correct positions and chaining her waist to the top of the cage, she moved quickly to her collar and locked it in place.

The keys to these chains were on the floor directly outside the cage so she could release them when the timer let her wrists go. Checking her hoses and hooking up the wires for the stim units she was sure the pads she had glued to her body would keep her entertained for the duration.

Joy was a little worried that she had not set parameters for them but instead opting for random and leaving the strength and duration of each event up to the controller. Now settled in, Joy pulled the thick hood over her head and laced it tightly, tucking the short collar of the hood under the steel that encircled her neck.

After attaching her feeding tube she felt she was ready, she knew she could change her mind any time before closing the heavy door and stood on all fours panting into her gag and through her nose trying to force her hand to reach up and close the door. Joy was anxious, the longest she had ever stayed in the cage had been eleven days and that was without her extra bonds and with Ken checking on her daily.

She had never been under complete control of the computers only before and was now scared what she might be getting herself into. She knew that once the door closed she had ten seconds to get her hands and ankles where she wanted them before the powerful magnets grabbed them and held them wherever they touched the steel bars.

She tested her chains holding her up and felt almost comfortable hanging from them, opting to take the extra laces from the hood and force them back under the laces until she had reached the top of the hood. Joy then tied them to the bar above her head forcing her head to pull back, keeping her face held towards the door.

Joy rechecked her chains by going completely limp, making sure she could still hang comfortably from them while her head was only forced backwards slightly more. This got her excited and without thinking anymore she slammed the cage door and put her wrists near the bar. Hearing the mag locks hum she felt her wrists and ankles clamp tightly to the cross bars and she knew she was stuck.

Her first realization was Ken had always used chains attached to stainless steel cuffs, this gave her much more movement then she had realized. Now that the thick steel cuffs were being held directly to the bars she had absolutely no movement within them.

Her ankles were pulled tightly down forcing her toes to be pushed back and her wrists were held immovable from the tight steel around them allowing no change in direction and holding them rigidly straight up. She could not even adjust her elbows up or down and began thrashing as the panic attack gripped her and soon realized she was truly trapped for the duration.

Joy tested her bonds knowing there was no way out and hoped that the timer picked ten days and regretted giving it the option for twenty but now knew she had no choice as she twisted her hips and felt the chains holding her firmly. She had never worn a corset in the cage before and tried to flex against its tightness only to be held firmly by it and the steel belt around her waist.

If she had been able to, she would have inserted vibrators in both holes and would have been able to enjoy herself much more. Joy hoped that the strips across her ass would give her the sensation of being whipped and the pads she attached to her upper and lower breasts and as close to her pussy as she could would stimulate her to an orgasm.

For the next twenty-four hours she stood on her hands and knees waiting for something to happen, her nipple clamps showed no signs of slipping off. With her limited movement she couldn’t get them to shake loose and now each breath sent pain through her chest from the tight clamps.

Joy’s neck was beginning to cramp and her calves had been cramping for hours from the en-point position they had been forced into. She hung inside the cage suddenly feeling a stinging on her ass that quickly turned into feeling like someone powerful was whipping her with a cane.

Joy gasped as the sensations increased and she started screaming behind her gag as her body jerked causing her clamped nipples to hurt worse as she jumped in her restraints and pulled on her cuffs desperately trying to dislodge them. When the whipping stopped, she was gasping through her nose and shaking all over as she slumped in her chains almost in tears.

Joy knew this could happen again and continue for the next twenty days and was unsure if she could take it and tried to think of a way out of the cage. After a few more hours had passed she began to feel a tingle near her covered pussy and braced herself for the torture to come.

Biting hard on the gag and clenching her fingers the feeling continued to increase slowly as the stimulators on her breasts joined in and both became very pleasurable and soon, she was purring and thrusting her hips against the chains as the pleasure grew. When she felt the first stinging on her ass she stopped thrusting her hips and waited for the pain to return as the sensations increased she was getting scared that they would ruin her building orgasm.

She twisted and pulled at her restraints whining into her gag praying she would climax first. The tingling in her pussy and tits with the whipping on her ass held her on the edge of an orgasm for hours as Joy screamed and bucked against the chains. The swinging of the chain from the clamps had helped keep her on the edge and she began begging her mechanical master to please let her cum.

The whipping had stayed consistent and didn’t increase to painful levels during the whole session as Joy wished for something to change just to ease her frustration one way or the other. During her rocking it felt as if something was tugging on her nipple chain and instinctively, she tried to look down and pulled hard on the laces keeping her head pulled back and giggled to herself thinking even if I could move my head I still couldn’t see.

It seemed like days to Joy before all the stims slowly died and left her unsatisfied and sweating while she panted against the tight corset. She tried to relax and calm her breathing when suddenly her mouth was full of her feeding fluid, she gasped and gagged as she fought to swallow the liquid before she had to take a breath.

As she was being fed, she had pulled her body back as far as her chains allowed trying instinctively to slow the flow and when she finally relaxed her body swung forward and the chain from her clamps touched the bar that had her cuffs held firmly to it and stuck to it. When Joy leveled herself out her nipples were being pulled hard and she screamed again into her gag from the pain and thrust her body forward again.

Now trying to hold her body forward to keep the chain from pulling her tortured nipples Joy struggled, trying to figure out what or who was pulling on her clamps. Every time she relaxed the chain tugged on the clamps and forced her to move forward again. Deciding that the chain was stuck to the magnetized bar, Joy pushed back hard trying to either dislodge the chain or pull the clamps off her nipples.

Building up her courage she tensed up her body and flung it as far back as the chains would allow, screaming into her gag as the chain pulled tight, stretching her nipples. She slumped in her bonds swinging slightly and hoped when the pain faded she could tell if she was free of the clamps or not.

Moaning while the pain continued to shoot through her nipples, she twisted her chest and found that the clamps had not released from either the bar or her nipples as she could feel them pull as she continued to rock back and forth trying to get enough movement to work them off.

As she fought the clamps she received another serious ass whipping from the tens unit, making her jerk and thrash as her ass was electrified across the thin strips. Joy was running out of energy just as her breast and pussy pads came to life shocking her along with her whipping and soon, she was moaning as her body involuntarily twisted and shook trying to get some relief from the pulsing electricity.

Joy was gasping for air as the pain and frustration of her bonds made her orgasm begin to build again and hoped that maybe this time, she could make herself cum. A frustrated Joy panted through her nose and pushed her body backwards tugging on her clamps urgently wanting to over stimulate herself and force a climax.

For the next several hours Joy panted and pulled against the steel holding her, never achieving what she most dearly wanted before blacking out and hanging limply in the cage, her unconscious body twitching from the continuing shocks it was receiving.

Awaking just as the feed cycle started she sucked down all the liquid gasping when it was finished for air and thought that could have been bad if I had been asleep when that started. Joy decided to not over extend her air supply again for fear she might drown. Joy’s body was sore all over, she didn’t know but she had already spent three days in the cage and had no idea of how much longer till she was freed from it.

Joy tried to pass the quiet times by napping and the punishment times by controlling her breathing. When two more days had passed, Joy was a wreck, she had not been able to climax and her body now hurt badly all over. She felt like she had been hit by a bus and knew she would have bruises all over her body. Her nipples were still being held firmly in the jaws of the tight clamps and she cursed them because any other time they would have popped off in the first hour.

During one of the quiet times Joy swore she heard something upstairs but was interrupted by a feeding cycle and once it was over she listened carefully until she heard someone talking and they were coming into the basement! Joy was glad she had shut the door to the dungeon knowing that unless you looked very hard you would miss it completely.

Joy breathed slowly desperately trying to hear what was being said but the leather hood only allowed muffled tones to be heard as she hung lifeless making sure none of her chains rattled while someone was so close. As Joy hung straining to hear the stim pads near her pussy started to tingle.

Joy had noticed during her last bout with them as they reached higher pulses that it seemed to be transmitting directly into her pussy. She had not figured out why but now even at this low setting she was already feeling the tingles deep inside her. Joy hung helplessly and hoped the intruders would leave quickly because her climax was already building and she knew if it continued, she would not be able to or want to hold it back if she was allowed to cum.

The stimulation did increase, after a few minutes her breasts were being stung pleasurably and Joy began to moan and thrust her hips as her fingers stretched and flexed as she pulled at the thick steel holding her body on its hands and knees inside the metal cage. The pulses increased again as Joy began to feel real pain in her pussy and moaned into the hood as she felt her orgasm slipping away and her pussy lips flinching tightly as the electricity pulsed through them.

Four hours later an exhausted and sweat-soaked Joy hung limply from the chains as the sensations died off leaving her frustrated and sore, forgetting about the intruders and where they might be. Panting through her nose she sat thinking about the new sensations and figured out that the steel balls in her pussy must have moved closer to the stim pads and are now conducting the electricity directly to the insides of her damp pussy.

She struggled and pulled her chastity belt against the chains trying to move the balls while she flexed the muscles in her pussy hoping to move them away from the pads. Exhausted from her struggles she settled down and could just barely hear someone talking again before she felt the cage being kicked and someone yelled “How is it going in there?”

“I didn’t think you were home but I should have known you would be down here, you’ve got yourself in a real fix this time.” It was her ex, Ken! She mumphed into her gag trying to figure out what to do as Ken continued “I wanted to show my new wife our dungeon so she could get some ideas and maybe pick up a few things I didn’t think you would miss but now I think I would rather show her what to expect in the future and maybe let her play with you awhile.” Joy screamed and thrashed as she understood how helpless she was to stop them from torturing her.

After exhausting herself out again she felt the laces from her hood being untied from the bar holding it back. She tried to pull her head forward but it was suddenly yanked back farther putting a real strain on her neck and pulling her hood even tighter across her face making her nose holes stretch slightly up onto her nose making it more difficult to breathe.

As she struggled her waist chains were also tightened up, they pulled all the slack she had out of them making it impossible for her to move her compressed waist or hips an inch in any direction. While Joy continued to struggle, she felt her collar being pulled from the sides and soon could no longer move her head or neck at all other than the slight movement allowed inside the collar.

“There now doesn’t that feel better?” came from a female voice, “I never got to play down here when I was dating Ken because of you so now I think I’ll make up for it,” she continued as she fondled Joy’s sore tits. Ken had been busy looking at her program trying to figure out a way to see how long she had been trapped and how much longer she had but the program automatically locks out any access when it starts and all he could see was the parameters she had input.

“Minimum ten days, Wow, you must have been horny to pick that, maybe I can add some difficulty to your situation,” he said as he looked around for the keys to her belt and only found the ones that opened the chains holding her on all fours. “I guess asking where the keys to your belt and cuffs are is out of the question.” Ken said knowing she couldn’t answer.

Joy began squealing as the whipping started and soon the pulsing in her pussy followed and she was struggling again as she twisted and thrashed around in the cage. Ken had decided to show his new bride some other implements they had and soon had her tied naked to the large rack and whipped her as she screamed into the large gag Ken had stuffed into her mouth.

While she hung limply Ken went to the cage and began tying ropes to Joy's already bound body, pulling them tightly around the cage bars making Joy even more unable to move. When he had finished, he had wound rope around both of her upper and lower arms. The ropes were forcing her arms to extend out to the sides of the cage and making her body pull down harder of the laces that held her head up and her neck to pull on the bottom of the steel collar.

He had also tied a wide band around her chest over and below her breasts and secured them to the bars on the top, bottom and sides of the cage and followed those with the same around her waist. Joy was now incapable of any movement and screamed as he pinched her breasts roughly and slipped the clamps further up her nipples and attached the chain to her collar, making it almost impossible for her to get them to come off without any weight pulling down on them at all now.

Joy was now not only chained inside the cage but had a web work of rope holding her firmly in place with no hope of ever being able to release herself. Ken returned his attention to his now blushing bride whipping her for another hour before letting her kneel and give him a blow job.

Ken and his bride spent two days in the house, each day tormenting Joy by tickling or pinching her exposed skin while Ken bound his wife in all Joy’s bondage gear. His new bride showed a lot of interest in the arm sleeve and spent the majority of the time there with it strapped tight.

Ken had even laced her into one of Joy’s corsets and locked Joy’s ballet boots while she wore a large gag and the arm sleeve and left them both in the dungeon gag talking to one another for the last evening he stayed at the house. The next day he packed up what he wanted and left a pair of scissors and the keys where Joy could reach them once her wrists were free.

The pair left quietly leaving her to wonder if they still there or not and desperately wanted to be freed due to the last two days she had been tortured almost continuously by them and the computer but still had been unable to climax. By the eleventh day Joy no longer cared about anything she just hung motionless in her bonds.

Her body was twitching as it was shocked mercilessly, she had given up all hope of ever being released or ever being able to climax again. Her feeding times were now her only link to the outside world and the only time her mind cleared up enough for her to concentrate on her breathing and drinking.

On the 16th day Joy felt her cuffs loosen and gently pulled on them and found she could raise her hands slightly before they were stopped by the ropes. Joy stood for a few minutes testing her ability to move before thrashing wildly as the rope web held her tightly in place.

She slumped again before remembering she could now remove her hood only to find the ropes held her too firmly to let her reach the laces. As the whipping started again, she tried to reach the door to open it and turn the system off but again the ropes were too short and the door was just out of reach.

When she let her hand drop, she felt something under it and felt around finding the scissors and the keys and quickly began cutting the ropes holding her arms. Joy struggled into the next day with the stimulations and the ropes having to find the right combination of ropes to cut before she could reach the next ones but finally had enough cut to remove her hood.

As she was untying the hood from the bar the whipping started and soon the pulses were tingling her pussy and tits in the way she liked but making it difficult to concentrate on the hood. Finally she could lower her head and with the pulses and relief from moving her head Joy grabbed the bars of the cage as the orgasm that had been so elusive over the last two weeks exploded.

Joy was now finished; she had no energy left to fight her bonds or unlock herself and just hung in the cage, her head sagging in her collar as her body twitched from the aftershocks of her massive orgasm. When the shocks returned, she reached up one hand and pushed the door open, stopping them immediately.

Joy hung there for another hour before cutting the remaining ropes and unlocking her chains and slowly dragging her body out of the cage. Blindly Joy disconnected the tubes running to the drains and from her mouth piece, letting the electrical wires pull free as she moved away from the cage.

Joy could not manipulate the laces of the hood feeling they had been retied with many new knots, so after removing the torturous nipple clamps sending tears flowing from her eyes from the pain of blood returning to her nipples. Joy continued to drag her tired and cramped body out of the dungeon until she got to the soft carpet of the adjoining room and stretched out and fell asleep.

Waking twenty-four hours later Joy still could barely move her arms and legs but was able to unlace the hood and pull it from her sweat soaked head and pry the mouth filling gag from behind her teeth. She could only moan as she rubbed her cramped jaw muscles. Her eyes were slowly adjusting to the light and she could see her body for the first time, it was dirty with her knees bruised deeply.

Even though she couldn’t see under the cuffs around her ankles and wrists she knew they two were bruised badly. Her breasts were sore but looked their normal color but where Ken had bound them, they still had deep rope lines in them as did her arms and legs where the ropes had held her.

With the chains from her collar and belt dangling from them she forced herself up to her feet, the high heels still holding them and managed to walk wobbly into her kitchen and sit down. Sagging in a chair she grabbed what food was closest and began munching on it before getting a bottle of water and some more food from the fridge and sitting back down and eating as much as she could in her tight corset before resting again.

Moving to her bedroom she hadn’t noticed the things missing from her house as she walked though it but instead went straight to bed and slept soundly for another day waking feeling much better. She went back downstairs and unlocked the chains at her sides and from her neck, deciding she would clean up the dungeon later and went upstairs to eat and shower.

Noticing a note on the coffee table she sat down and read it, “Hi Joy, you must have gotten free if you are reading this so I’m glad you made it through your self-imposed ordeal, I have taken some things that I should have gotten when we split and some other things I wanted.”

Ken continued “While we were there, we took some pictures of you and if you want to make a big deal out of what we took then I will not only show them in court but they will be posted on the web along with the videos we took of you while you fought the cage.” Joy read the note and smiled knowing that Ken did not know about the camera system she had set up in the dungeon to record her play times and knew she had videos of them while they played.

She hadn’t seen what all they did but knew from the sounds that they had played while she was being held captive. Joy hoped that they had not covered their faces. She also knew his company would not be unable to keep him employed if videos of him surfaced so she would get back what they took. Joy smiled as she thought that hopefully she would be able to get revenge on them for treating her like they had since she didn’t rely on a job for her livelihood.

But for now, all she cared about was a bath as she opened her computer and found her key master had sent her keys to her and they should already be in her mailbox waiting for her. She had been incarcerated in the cage for 17 days and had taken 2 more to be able to move again and was ready to remove the items that she had been wearing for over a month. Joy was still fighting with the desire to send the keys back without releasing herself making her torture last another month or two.

Maybe I’ll take off just the shoes and collar, she thought as she walked to her mailbox.

The End…


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