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The Castle

by Glaxofi

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© Copyright 2020 - Glaxofi - Used by permission

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"This must be it, at long last, I finally found it!"

Natalie uttered to herself with excitement as she marveled around the ruins where the once magnificent castle stood proudly.

"After all the frustrations, and sleepless nights, this better be worth it," she thought to herself.

Natalie had a passion for exploring the beauty of history and a spirit of adventure which led her interest in finding the lost treasures of the forgotten castle. She was a known bandit in the capital, though she preferred not to steal from others, but the unforgiving poverty gave her no choice, and thus she ended up being chased out by the imperial soldiers.

Venturing different places across borders, Natalie learned the legend of the Great Sorcerer's Castle. It was told that the castle held treasures that grant overwhelming power and wealth. This resulted in the issuance of high bounty exploration quests from guilds all over the empire, but the search was never enlightened with success which resulted in the quest to be concluded without any adventurer succeeding, and the story of the castle being forgotten. After countless research and travels around the empire, she managed to stitch every piece of information from the towns she passed by and came up with a map pinpointing a certain area within the enchanted forest, located outside the borders of the empire.

"This is a bit different from what I imagined," she murmured while wandering around the remains of the castle.

The castle was known for being owned by a powerful lone wizard that mysteriously vanished. It was eventually destroyed due to the holy war involving human, celestial and demon civilizations. The treasures within the castle were said to be destroyed along with it.

The once legendary castle now looked like a normal historical ruin with the piles of rocks being the only surviving evidence of its existence.

Natalie grabbed something from her pocket and chanted an ancient language used for magic. It was a small glass orb she stole from a magic shop that illuminated a special ray of light that detects objects hidden to the naked eye. Her efforts were not wasted as she saw the small trail of light which proposed the presence of magic from the castle ruins that led to the outside field. At first look, the field looked normal. The ground greened by various plantations which made it a paradise for exotic insects and wild animals without leaving traces of the ancient warfare. Aided with the magical light, the grassland became a marvelous sight as in the middle of it resided a magic circle.

Natalie was fascinated by how advanced the magic circle looked as it was built differently from what she had previously seen from the elite mages of the kingdom. As she touched it, the magic circle glowed into life and a flash of light blinded her.

It doesn't even need a chant in order to activate it, she thought while recovering her sight, and what she saw afterward filled her with excitement.

It was the hidden chamber that she assumed was made by the wizard. Its size was grand for having the capacity of housing hundreds of bookshelves and plenty of corridors open for exploration. At the bottom center of the spiral stacks of valuable materialized knowledge was the main hallway, leading to branches of rooms awaiting discovery.

"Each of these books would cost a fortune! Should I sell these or keep it for myself?" she asked herself while exploring some books on the shelves.

Filled with excitement, she proceeded to the unexplored mysteries ahead and marveled at each room the place could show. The rooms she discovered so far were nothing much, but nothing less either. She first discovered the kitchen room with magic imbued appliances that outclassed those of the highest tier in the capital. She also noticed that the food cabinet was enchanted with a spell that made it impossible to run out of supplies or for consumables to perish. The other rooms she passed by were something similar to what could be found in noble mansions. There was a bathroom that led to a shockingly large hot spring and an empty storage room that can expand to accommodate a vast amount of objects. At the end of the hallway portrayed an eccentric style of architecture. The end of the hallway no longer had walls; the view was something you might see if you were transported to a different dimension. What remained the same was the floor. The walls and ceilings were replaced by dark empty spaces, floating furniture could be found around. The floor path ended in a big circle.

"What is this place?" she asked as she observed the furniture floating, and got distracted by something glowing at the center. It was some sort of portal.

Natalie attempted to proceed toward the portal but a translucent barrier emerged and encased the portal. Then at the side of it ascended what seemed to be a spellbook on a stand.

She opened the book and saw some unfamiliar characters written in it.

"Maybe the spell unlocking the portal is in this book," she thought to herself as she was exploring the contents of the book.

The book contained complex activation symbols that didn’t need a verbal chant.

On the first pages she saw some sort of body modification spells. She saw a spell with a female silhouette and flower which she guessed to be a spell related to beauty or age. Once Natalie's finger made contact with the spell in the book, the book suddenly glowed and a bright light flashed in an instant, making her blind and disoriented for a moment.

"What happened?" Natalie grunted as she massaged her head after experiencing some

dizziness from what happened. Then she saw herself in the mirror floating around the area. Her face got more beautifully detailed. Dark spots and blemishes removed from existence, and her physical features amplified. She tried to fondle her enlarged bust, smacked her improved bossom, and just simply caressed her new soft and vibrant skin. Her image in the mirror reflected beauty that surpassed what the best human genetics could offer.

Excitement filled her which led Natalie to explore the deeper content of the book. Most spells written in the book depicts alteration of natural phenomenon which didn't really pique Natalie's interest. After flipping some pages, she stumbled upon a spell with a drawing of a clock at the center of a tree.

"If I am not mistaken, this might be a spell that halts aging and simply become immortal!" she exclaimed as she swiftly touched the spell.

Another bright flash was emitted again from the book, leading Natalie to the same fate she experienced from the previous casted spell.

She woke up noticing nothing unusual, and to test the effectiveness of the spell, she picked up her dagger and pierced her hand. At first, she saw her hand bleed, but then she witnessed how the pain subsided as well as how the wound healed so fast.

"I am now immortal!" she confirmed herself after witnessing such a miraculous view.

She went back to continue scanning the book, hoping to find another interesting spell. After some time, she learned to summon a mythical golem to guard the library and to only recognize her as its master. She also learned magic concealment and reinforced all the magic circles that she went through, allowing no one to discover it except for her greedy self.

After scanning the majority of the pages, Natalie finally found the spell with a drawn image of some kind of warp, similar to the portal beside the book. She touched it, and not a second had passed, the barrier around the portal dissipated. Without second thought, she entered the portal.

Inside the portal was what seemed to be the master's bedroom. The room only had a large size bed, a grand wardrobe, and another enchanted book beside the bed. She laid down on the bed for a brief moment to celebrate her fruitful exploration. She then grabbed the enchanted book with hopes of another surprise.

Similar to the spellbook near the portal, the book she read also used the same unfamiliar language. The only difference was the drawn image mostly defined clothing and accessories.

Natalie saw some clothing that she never saw before. Being a slave of curiosity, she activated a bunch of them resulting in a bright flash. She woke up feeling something different on her body. She now wore lingerie made from material she never heard and felt before. From the gloves that extended beyond her elbows, the stockings that reached around her thighs, to the panties she wore were all made of a rubbery substance.

The feeling of the foreign clothing caused Natalie's nether region to dampen. The creaking and stickiness of the rubber garments aroused her. She proceeded in exploring the accessories. She saw a bunch of unfamiliar accessories drawn from the book and each of the spell activation were written three times in different colored ink: white, purple, and red.

She decided to try them all while choosing the red colored activation spell as she assumed the color reflected the quality of the design of the accessories. Little did she know that the real indication of the color emphasized the duration of the accessories to be worn: white meaning shortest duration and red meaning permanent. And every accessory will be worn within a fixed duration when activated and failed to put on.

This time, activating the spells was not accompanied by a bright flash but the accessories simply materialized near Natalie.

She examined each accessory while being oblivious of their main purpose.

She first grabbed what looked like small metal clips without a clue of what it was for. The magical device then came to life and escaped Natalie's hand and dashed toward her nipples. Natalie suddenly felt a painful and stimulating sensation on both of her nipples. She tried to take the clamps off but every time her hands lay contact with them, a bolt of shock both stimulated and electrocuted her nipples, sending Natalie into a bliss of painful pleasure. She tried to ignore the clamps for a while and they became inactive.

She then continued to the next accessory which looked like a pair of boots made in a stiff material. Nothing seemed unusual to the footwear except for its towering heels. Natalie estimated the height of the heels to be a minimum of seven inches. Wondering what the footwear would feel like, she untied the laces and managed to put her feet inside. Each boot made it impossible to walk normally as it would need the wearer to walk with pointed toes. She could barely stay balanced and fell on the bed.

She then proceeded to the neck accessory. At first, the accessory looked a bit much of a choker, but it morphed into a devious wide posture collar after Natalie wore it. She could barely move her neck and could only look straight. Each addition caused Natalie to become more and more aroused. The next thing she grabbed was the corset. She didn’t even intend to wear it yet, but the magical corset automatically attached to her and tightened to its maximum, squeezing her waist into an hourglass figure, making her have a hard time breathing. Suddenly, two large intrusions invaded her womanhood and her ass. The two invaders sprung to life and started to shake her insides which sent her to a cycle of euphoria and exhaustion and eventually passed out. She woke up after countless orgasms and finally decided to remove the accessories. She noticed that the seams and entrance of the accessories vanished making it impossible to remove. She struggled to reach the book only to see blank pages.

What!? Why is this blank!? This is where the accessories were written, Natalie thought to herself in confusion.

She decided to try to go back to the library to find solutions. But before she managed to cast the portal spell, a spherical object went inside her mouth enlarging big enough to keep her jaw open wide.

"Mmmmfffpppp!?" Natalie tried to remove the foreign object in her mouth but it wouldn’t budge. Multiple straps wrapped around her head. Two straps connected above her nose bridge, continued above her head and attached to the rear buckle and another strap below her chin to avoid any chance of removal from her mouth. The magic accessory then melded together removing the buckle and making it into an unremovable connection of straps.

She tried to force the straps around her head but it wouldn't budge. She then felt her legs spreading unable to close together, and realizing that a spreader bar was attached to the ballet boots she wore. She fell down to the bed desperately struggling to remove any accessory she wore but none of it gave any sign of wearing off. The invaders started to vibrate with a high intensity followed by nipple shocks making Natalie tremor in both pain and pleasure. A magical strap forced Natalie's arms behind her back, elbows touched and welded by a single sleeve pouch rendering her arms useless. She tried to break free but achieved no significant progress. The straps of the monoglove intersected above her breast and melded together leaving no sign of slack nor escape. Natalie could barely move from the exhaustion caused by both the invaders and her restrictive outfit. She couldn’t do anything to stop the devious devices' sexual assault to her sex and nipples.

With legs spread, arms bound, and body being exhausted, Natalie had no choice but to endure the endless torment.

Her eyes widened as she saw the last two accessories floating. A pair of small chrome rubber fled to her ears making her deprived of hearing. The last accessory resembled a hood mask with exclusion of holes for the eyes and mouth. Before the last accessory reached her, Natalie passed out from exhaustion.

Natalie regained her consciousness, she felt something unusual. She opened her eyes to see the same view of closing it. She tried to reach her face but her arms were somehow stuck behind her. She tried to stand but something forced her legs apart. Her pointed feet felt uncomfortable as she couldn’t bend them back to normal. She tried to listen but couldn't hear anything. She shouted for help but made nothing more but muffled moans. She felt a series of tremors inside her. This time, the stimulation only kept her on the edge and didn’t intend to provide an orgasm. She thrashed in her binds pleading for freedom. She wished to die but she was immortal, and her fate now rested eternal torment and pleasure.


"I finally found it! The ruins of the forgotten castle!" Shouted by a young adventurer in excitement.

He tried to look around to find any clues of the lost treasure.

"There should be something in here." The young man opened his pocket and retrieved a glass orb and chanted an ancient language. The glass orb was a magical tool that emits light that detects hidden magic

Sadly, the adventurer found no trace of magic, concluded his search, and packed to return to the kingdom, but before leaving, he glanced one more time to the green fields outside the castle ruins, appreciating its beauty for one last time.


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