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The Cave Challenge

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Kris had been planning and looking forward to her next challenge for weeks, she had found the cave on a hike she had taken with friends. The cave was relatively straight going back into the side of the small mountain a few hundred yards.

As the idea formed, she visited the cave a few times deciding exactly what she wanted to do for an outdoor bondage challenge. During her drives out and back she figured out how much fuel it took for the drive adding that idea in her planning.

The night to do her challenge had come and she laid out her equipment removing the chastity belt she had been wearing to add to her desire to complete her challenge. Kris flushed herself before taking a long bath.

Kris fought her need to give herself a quick orgasm picking up the much heavier chastity belt using it to not only keep her from stimulating herself but to hold the large plug in her ass and the vibrator inside her.

Kris loved wearing plugs and used her various vibrating panties to tease herself in public regularly. The vibrating phallus would remain inert until she returned home.

She locked the stainless-steel shoes onto her feet, she had always wanted to wear them in normal public, not just the clubs. The shoes had one-inch platforms with six- and half-inch heels that looked like thin nails. The shoes were kept incredibly shiny including the locks that dangled from the straps.

Smiling, she connected the wide steel ankle straps with an eight-inch piece of chain. She had originally planned to put on the chain at the cave but thought it would be more fun to do it now. With her shoes locked on she licks her lips in anticipation taking her favorite collar and locks the thick steel around her throat.

The collar had been called the giraffe collar by the manufacturer because it was so tall and snug. She had eagerly ordered it, loving the idea of having her thin neck squeezed and stretched. The collar always took some time for her to adjust to it but she loved wearing it as much as possible.

With her collar locked Kris sat stretching her neck and back before getting up and going to her kitchen learning the limit of her ankle chain. In the freezer was a large black plastic bin she had put in before starting her prepping. Kris opened the lid tossing her keys into the cold water blindly listening to the multiple splashes.

The bin would be where her keys would be waiting for her when she returned. She used the three and half gallon bin because she couldn’t see the keys in the ice and spreading them out made it impossible for her to melt the keys out faster.

The bin was too large to fit on her sink so if she wanted to melt it, she would have to carry the heavy block of ice into her bathtub. Kris had thought about putting a keyed lock on her bathroom and dropping the keys into the tub but changed her mind.

With her keys scattered in the bottom of the bin she walked back to her bedroom loving how the high heels were feeling with the short chain limiting her stride. The plug and vibrator shifted inside her, making her smile broadly as she strutted to her room.

Kris already had a duffel bag with her needed equipment and locks sitting by the door, she had checked it a hundred times adding things as she thought of them. Going back to her room Kris was getting excited at the thought of what she was about to do quickly taking her thigh cuffs and locking them on.

The thigh cuffs weren’t used very often because Kris preferred to wear leggings, but her excitement made her lock them to her belt leaving the two-inch chain between them. Kris picked up the long light jacket dropping it around her shoulders tying the belt snugly in front.

Checking the room then heading to her door. The coat covered her body and belt, mostly, but the shining steel of her shoes and tall collar were clearly visible. Kris snatched the duffle swinging it around her shoulder hearing it jingle and clank as she locked the door.

Turning she started walking down the long hallway to the elevator listening to her high heels clacking loudly with the chains making even more noise as she walked. Reaching the elevator, she leaned forwards to see the button smiling again feeling the limitation of the tall collar.

The door opened and Kris took a deep breath of relief. No one was in it, she prayed she wouldn’t see any of her neighbors. The elevator dropped one floor and stopped making Kris gasp as she stepped back against the wall waiting to see who got in with her.

Luckily, she didn’t know the two girls who entered the car, almost ignoring her as they giggled and whispered to each other. Reaching the parking garage, the girls quickly walked away from Kris who stood motionless for a long moment before hurrying out as the doors closed.

Kris walked confidently to her car, thinking about how she had cleaned it out making sure there was nothing she could cover herself with left inside it. Climbing in Kris banged her head on the top of the door frame before settling down and buckling her seat belt.

Getting in Kris had left her coat hanging out of the door opening the door and jerking it inside leaving her steel covered crotch and her chained together legs exposed. Kris drove carefully watching her fuel gauge and thinking how much fun it will be driving home tonight.

Reaching the cave entrance, she pulled her car around behind the group of trees and bushes locking it with her coat inside the trunk. She was now locked in a tight chastity belt, steel high heels locked together and a tall steel collar that was starting to get uncomfortable.

Kris stood naked looking around the area being tempted to take a walk around just to have more time in the open. Kris knew she had limited time to get to the cave and back to her car because once the sun went down, she would not be able to see where she had dropped her keys.

As Kris walked deeper into the cave, she would toss a key against the wall looking forwards so as she worked her way back through the cave she could stop and pick up the keys or if it proved too much, she could leave them and come back later once she freed her hands.

Kris had laid her larger key ring on the floor at the front of the cave, this ring would have the keys to the restraints on her arms and wrists. Walking in the spiked heels proved more difficult than she had thought it would be.

In her hiking boots the ground had seemed much firmer but now her heels were digging into the loosely packed dirt getting worse the deeper she went in. Reaching the end of the cave Kris started to immediately get ready, the light was very dim in the back of the cave so she had to feel her way around at first.

Kris found the rock she had dragged to the back of the cave, she had tested several she found outside picking this one and almost changing her mind for a larger one because this one seemed too easy to drag.

She had used a rope to drag the large rock with her hiking boots and shorts, deciding if it was too small, she would get a bigger one next time. Now she started wrapping the rock in the chain she had bought.

Everything was dimly lit so she wrapped the entire section of chain she had purchased around it, locking it in multiple places to make sure the chain didn’t slip off. When she was finished, she laid out a length of chain about six feet long from the chain around the rock and was ready to finish getting dressed.

Before she thought much about it, Kris locked the tail of the chain to her chastity belt, smiling, “Now I have to finish.” She thought. The head harness was next, it was the only leather she was going to use but it did have a steel element to it.

The gag was a steel O-ring type that would spread her mouth wide, she had added a large bung that could be forced inside the ring filling her mouth muffling her grunts and whines adding the wide panel that covered her lower face sealing her mouth limiting her noises to a whisper.

Kris had wrapped the harness around her head buckling it very tight and when she was happy with the tension and how hard it pressed over her mouth and chin, she locked the buckles. Kris was getting very excited, the keys to the harness were in her car so she was stuck in it until she was out of the cave.

The excited woman picked up her last item, she hadn’t been sure if she would use it or not but being so excited and horny, she made up her mind. Kris took the two steel bands sliding them over her breasts. Her breasts had to be pulled through them leaving her breasts bulging out of the rings.

Kris pulled the leather strap from the sides of the rings around her back buckling them until the straps dug into her skin. The tension forced the rings tighter into her chest making her breasts bulge further out of them.

Kris locked the wide steel cuff around her arm above her elbow leaving the chain and other cuff hanging as she snapped one of her cuffs around her wrist. The wrist cuffs she had chosen were rigid hinged police style cuffs.

Kris had been careful to make sure where the locking pin was and where the key holes faced before closing it. Kris was ready, nude, chained to a rock wearing steel high heels, neck stretching collar, metal band bra, both orifices filled and sealed under a heavy steel chastity belt with a mouth stretching gag locked around her head sealing her mouth completely.

“What could possibly go wrong?” she chuckled to herself as her shaking hands opened one of the clamps she had brought with her. Up to this point she hadn’t been sure if she would actually use them but now it just seemed right, knowing that the bra would make her breasts hurt soon.

Kris held her breast with one hand taking the clamp and forcing it to bite as far back as she could. After hissing through her gag Kris quickly repeated the operation on the other nipple before pulling the connecting chain to set each firmly.

Kris loved the swing of the chain on her nipples but hated what her nipples felt like while they were clamped. As soon as she was sure her nipples were clamped correctly Kris reached behind her taking a deep breath and locked the swinging cuff around her upper arm.

Kris had carefully measured the chain between the elbow cuffs to be just long enough for her to be able to reach the cuff to open it. The chain still limited Kris’s arms considerably, keeping them close to her sides.

Kris was holding her breath as she pushed her wrist into the open cuff, waiting a moment as she slowly pushed on the steel until it snapped closed. Kris stood gasping knowing she could still pull her hand from the cuff, then with a squeal she ratcheted the cuff until it just touched her wrist.

She had done it! She was fully bound and gagged alone in a cave in the middle of nowhere! Kris’s excitement flooded out of her as she struggled momentarily with the cuffs humming with satisfaction of what she had done.

Kris checked her cuffs, closing each one notch tighter before slipping the paper clip into the locking tab and pushing it so she didn’t have to worry about her cuffs closing any further. With her cuffs safety locked Kris dropped the paperclip and slowly stood up off the rock she had been sitting on.

As Kris reveled in her accomplishment her mind went into what if mode. Suddenly she was afraid, what if the cuffs won’t open, what if my keys get lost, OH shit what if this is a bear cave and I run into it coming home?!

Suddenly Kris was enthusiastically struggling against her bonds, twisting and turning as she started to shuffle towards the entrance as fast as she could. It took Kris’s bound feet a few seconds to take up the slack in the chain, pulling the chain tight, stopping her instantly, almost yanking her to the ground.

Kris fought back her panic attack, calming herself, standing at the end of the chain. When she recovered, she giggled and started to lean into the chain. Kris expected the rock to move easily so she was surprised when she really had to strain to get it to move.

The chain between her ankles pulled tight very quickly, forcing her to concentrate on her next step to keep the chain taunt and the rock moving. Kris fought the steel holding her, for what seems like a long time only to stop and look back seeing she had actually only moved a few feet.

Kris twisted her neck as far as she could, trying to ease the cramping, and started to pull again, each step was now digging the spiked heels deep into the dirt. After an hour of pulling Kris was covered with sweat, her nipples and breasts screaming since every short step keeps them and the chain bouncing.

This time when she turned around and saw she hadn’t gone much further she felt the panic attack creeping back. Kris walked whimpering back to the rock hoping she had gone further than it looked.

Behind her back her bound hands are flailing and each step her feet seem to be complaining more. When she reaches the rock, she can clearly see she had only moved the rock about ten or twelve feet.

Kris can see the deep groove the chained-up rock is making as she drags it and knows something is wrong. Convincing herself it was an illusion Kris keeps her panic down and turns back to continue her task.

“No matter how long it takes, I’ve got no choice.” The scared woman mumbles to herself as she strains to pull the rock again. Kris stopped looking back, she tried to concentrate on finding her keys as she went.

By the time Kris found her first key she was already exhausted and hurting from everywhere. She spotted the key a way in front of her since she couldn’t look down, she had to watch further out to see the floor of the cave. Kris shuffled to it then turned her back and tried to squat to pick it up.

Kris screamed behind the gag several times as she realized she couldn’t squat far enough to reach it and would have to lie down for each key. “Fuck IT!” she screamed and stood up and walked away from the rock. Kris was leaning into the tension of the chain and began pulling for all she was worth.

Even as Kris’s enthusiasm drained from her like her energy, she could already see the light getting dimmer in the cave. In the darkening cave she could see the curve and knew once around it the light would get brighter and started pulling harder.

During one of her rest stops her hands tried to reach the taunt chain and she learned that with them cuffed under the chain she couldn’t twist her wrists enough to grab the chain. Kris backed up a little, grabbing the chain with her hands hoping to make it easier to drag the anchor she had chained herself to.

As soon as the tension built up the chain snapped from her hands making her grunt in frustration and start fighting her bonds again, whimpering and whining as her nipples screamed out in pain.

When Kris stopped her struggles and stood waiting for the chain to stop swinging, she swore she heard voices. Kris was elated thinking someone was coming to rescue her, calming herself since she knew no one knew she was even here or in trouble and that this wasn’t a movie.

Kris heard more voices, then a loud radio and realized a group had come to the cave to party while Kris was bound and gagged less than a few hundred feet away. Kris slowly eased to the side of the cave leaning on it as she listened to the radio and the people laughing.

Kris stood wincing with each breath smelling fire and knew they planned on staying awhile and thought about her plan to get back tonight. After a few hours Kris had found an outcropping big enough to sit down on easing some of her pain.

When the music stopped Kris could hear voices that sounded like a boy and a girl, and they were getting closer. Kris’s heart was beating fast but she knew trying to elude them was useless so she sat motionless and waited.

Kris couldn’t see them but they sounded really close, when the girl said she didn’t want to go in any further. Kris sat bound and gagged, listening to them kissing, getting hornier by the second as they started making love, the girl's noises driving Kris into her own building orgasm.

When the couple stopped Kris could just make out them saying it was past twelve o’clock and she needed to get home. Kris’s nearing orgasm left immediately when she heard it was that late. “But I can still see light?” Kris questioned herself.

She listened to them playfully run off hearing an engine start then suddenly everything went totally black as the engine sound faded. Kris was left bound and gagged alone in a pitch-black cave!

Kris eased to her aching feet and slowly pushed one foot out as far as she could, Kris’s heart was beating hard as her mind raced about how late it was. Kris could only think about things she needed and didn’t have, a flashlight, lighter anything to make enough light to be able to see her keys and her hands free enough to use them.

For hours Kris slowly walked forwards, her pinioned hands flailing behind her back straining to try and follow the cave wall. Kris scraped her shoulder against the wall several times, wincing and whining each time.

In the darkness she couldn’t tell how far she had gone or still had to go and with her nipples screaming in pain. The slow pace was making pulling the rock behind her harder since she couldn’t lean into it or use her rocking body weight to help pull it.

Kris kept pulling and stepping letting her mind drift and dream about her bondage trying to make her think this was an adventure. Kris was shuffling slower in a trance of sorts when she looked out further in front and could see stars!

It took her mind a minute to realize what it meant and another to accept it forcing her to step faster walking towards the center of the cave. It took the bound woman another hour to reach the mouth of the cave, Kris stood looking out at the night sky gasping in relief.

Kris turned around looking into the blackness of the cave and knew there was no way she would be able to find her keys. Kris turned back and forth several times looking carefully, desperately trying to see something that might help her.

Now that she wasn’t going to die deep in the cave all the effort of being bound and dragging the heavy rock hit her. Kris realized she was exhausted, and very thirsty and she could do nothing else but wait for daylight.

Since the night air was already cold, she retreated into the cave going in until the chill eased slightly. In the darkness she carefully lowered herself down to her knees, whining as her body complained but her feet felt better.

Sitting back on her bound legs she wished she hadn’t used the rigid cuffs or shackled her elbows because she had no way to help herself lay down. Kris became frightened of not being able to get back to her feet if she lay down, forcing herself to stand whining loudly as the nipple chain swung wildly from the effort.

On her feet again Kris walked to the end of the anchor chain working around the rock using it as a centering point. When she found a wall, she turned sideways next to it and lowered herself onto her folded legs again.

Kris had barely settled against the rock wall hearing the chain swinging gently in front of her before dropping off to a deep sleep. Kris’s dreams were filled with erotic imagery of her being forced to drag the rock back to town as multiple masters and mistresses whipped and tormented her.

When Kris woke, she was screaming from her dream kneeling bound and gagged in the dark cave. When she remembered what had happened and where she was, she peered into the darkness.

Something was different about the darkness in front of her, it looked smoke or like fog had rolled in. The more Kris looked the more confused she became until she twisted her aching body so she could see behind her.

Kris squealed loudly desperately trying to force her aching and stiff body to stand seeing the light of the mouth of the cave. She had forgotten she was facing inwards not realizing the strange fog was the morning sunlight coming into the cave.

Kris whined and grunted as she forced her body to waken and slowly struggled to her steel encased feet. She took two short steps before being stopped by the belt around her waist yanking her back.

Kris grunted around the gag as she leaned forwards dragging the rock that felt like it had gained a hundred pounds since last night. With the light getting brighter Kris pulled harder and walked faster quickly reaching the mouth of the cave.

Even with everything hurting her she couldn’t help and stop to watch the rising sun and enjoy the crisp morning air. The sunlight seemed to her to mean she was safe and everything was alright.

After her brief reflection Kris turned back around seeing the burned-out fire realizing it was exactly where she had left her keys! Kris couldn’t believe it, could they survive being in the bottom of a fire?

She stood on the edge of the campfire slowly stepping forwards gently kicking the remnants out of her way as she was forced to bend forwards just to see what was on the ground. The more she searched the more frantic she became and the more her breasts and nipples hurt.

Kris’s hands were fighting the steel around her wrists again and Kris’s mind was screaming if you only could free your hands this would be so much easier! Kris was mumbling as she kicked at the ashes making a large cloud of ash around her.

Kris had given up finding the keys, figuring they had melted to nothing and she was trapped, bound and gagged, chained to a rock miles from anyone. Even getting to her car was useless, she couldn’t open a door and even if she broke a window her only key was now burned to ashes.

Kris circled her anchor several times as she wondered who would find her and what everyone would think happened. She stopped leaning against the weight of the rock behind her stretching her cramping neck.

Kris stopped moving, holding her breath, straining her neck to keep what she thought she was seeing in her view. The longer she stared at it the more she came to realize it wasn’t a hallucination but it really was her keys hanging from a root in the mouth of the cave.

Kris started pulling on the rock, never taking her eyes off the keys until she got right below them and knew they were real. Kris tried to reach for the keys but of course the cuffs and chains stopped her.

She stepped back looking at them realizing they might as well be on the moon since they were hanging about a foot over her head. She could not only reach up she couldn’t even climb up if there was something to climb chained and cuffed the way she was.

Kris stood staring at the keys until she started sweating from the hot sun moving deeper into the cave as far as her anchor would allow. Kris was about to lay down and give up when a sudden idea hit her and she walked to the mouth of the cave.

There was a lip along the bottom of the cave about two feet high and she stood looking over it. Her idea was to see if there was something out there that she could use to reach her keys. Kris pulled the rock to the edge of the cave climbing slowly over the lip pulling hard on the chain.

Kris swung back and forth like a dog on a leash looking for anything, on her second time across she thought there might be something further out pulling harder on the chain. Kris was becoming panicked and started yanking and thrusting herself forwards.

After a few attempts she felt her anchor slip some and increased her efforts until the rock slid over the top of the wide lip. Kris had stopped pulling and was turning around when she saw the rock beginning to roll over the lip.

At first, she was relieved but as the rock continued to roll it picked up speed while twisting the chain between it and her. Kris was too shocked to brace herself as the shortened chain snapped tight, spinning her around and yanking her backwards violently.

Kris screamed as she felt herself being pulled backwards, shuffling her feet uselessly as her body was pulled to the ground. Kris rolled in a backwards somersault coming to a stop sitting on her filled butt.

Kris was still confused at where she was and what had happened, unable to look around and sat trying to spit the dirt out of her mouth while her hands, still bound behind her, tried to wipe the dirt from her face.

When she could see again, she fought to get to her knees and looked around, seeing the rock a few feet from her just sitting there like it had done nothing. Kris cussed the rock telling it that this was all its fault.

Being gagged the way she was all that was heard by the small animals she had scared was loud mumbling and grunts. When she was done, she struggled to get to her aching feet whimpering from the pain from the clamps still swinging from her nipples, refusing to let her go or slip off.

Kris got to her feet and started looking around seeing the thing that had lured her out of her hiding spot getting immediately depressed when she saw it wasn’t a stick but a full dead tree. Kris turned back towards the cave fighting to drag the rock behind her.

About half way back she noticed something to her right and eased through the small bushes to get closer. When she got near enough, she could see it was exactly the sort of stick she needed; she squealed loudly, feeling reinvigorated.

It took her a few minutes to manage to pick up the stick with her bound hands but soon enough she was heading back to the cave dragging her anchor behind her. The lip was a challenge but she managed to get the rock to slide over it and prepared herself for when it rolled.

Kris went to where her keys hung, guessing the kids had found them and hung them there in case the owner came back for them. Unable to bend her head back she had to position herself under where they were and back up to the wall.

She flailed the stick several times feeling she had hit the root but never hearing the rattle of the keys. Kris bent forwards screaming in frustration fighting the pain in her nipples and the steel holding her helpless.

Suddenly Kris’s body betrayed her and exploded in a massive orgasm leaving her panting and standing on weak knees. For the moment Kris didn’t care if she was freed or not, leaning against the wall gasping and whimpering.

When she recovered, she found she had held onto the stick and pushed herself away from the wall. The stick didn’t move with her, only taking a second for her to realize it was caught on something.

Kris started screaming under the gag as she frantically pulled on the stick while she twisted her body. When the stick popped, loose Kris walked forwards turning to get her bearings for another try and froze when she saw her keys were gone!

Kris almost started crying before forcing herself to look down seeing the keys lying on the ground near the base of the wall. Squealing in excitement she shuffled to them squatting on her folded legs struggling to pick them up.

It seemed like an hour before Kris was able to unlock her wrists and elbows reaching around rubbing each before slowly squeezing the clamps and removing them. The pain radiated through her aching body but the relief of having her hands free was overwhelming.

Kris felt the orgasm building so she quickly cuffed her hands in front of her and dropped to her knees fighting her restraints. Kris was rubbing her bound breasts gasping for air when the orgasm hit, she screamed and thrashed relishing the feelings of being bound and orgasming.

It took a few minutes for her to regain control of her shaking body, unlocking her wrists and closing one of the cuffs through a ring on her belt. Kris was weak but energized by her experience standing in her high heels and started pulling the stone anchor behind her.

Kris knew she had to find her keys before the light faded and hopefully make it back to her car before it got dark again. With her hands-free Kris found it was much easier to tow the rock quickly finding her first few keys clipping them onto the cuffs.

When she found the last one, she was three quarters into the cave again quickly kneeling next to the rock. She had decided to release herself from the stone and head back to her car still wearing everything left just to be sure she made it back in time.

It took forever for her to get the multitude of locks open so the chain could be unwrapped but she picked up the wad of chain and headed towards the opening. On her way she laughed thinking how stupid she was because she could have just unlocked the chain from her belt and headed back.

Kris reached the opening as the sun was setting, walking as quickly as she could to her car holding on to the ignition key. When she saw it, she was heartbroken, the driver’s window had been smashed and lay scattered on the ground.

She shuffled to it hopeful when she saw the hood was closed but noticed the trunk standing open. Before she looked around, she sat down in it saying a little prayer before turning the ignition key.

Squealing again when the car started, she jumped out and checked her trunk, she had put her coat, drinks and extra keys in a small bag in the trunk and it looked like other than her CD’s they were the only things missing. Kris looked around hoping she’d find her coat and keys to remove the head harness and bra, shuffling in a circle she spotted her bag.

Kris dug through the bag finding the rest of her restraints she hadn’t used smiling as she wondered what they thought when they looked in the bag whining when she didn’t find the keys. Kris continued searching for something to cover herself with knowing she had to stop and get fuel.

Standing at the trunk again Kris unlocked the chain from the back of her belt dropping it into the open trunk. She tried to pull up the trunk lining finding it glued to a board and stood whimpering as the heat of the day made her start sweating.

With her adrenalin waning she was starting to feel her ordeal and knew she had to get home to be able to eat or drink. “Fuck it!” she mumbled around the gag climbing into the idling car praying again she flipped the visor down grateful when her license and credit card fell in her lap.

Kris leaned her seat back, squeezing the cards, turning the A/C on, relieved by the cool air blowing across her sweat covered body. Immediately she giggled as her nipples hardened causing her to reach up and message her throbbing breasts.

After a few minutes Kris stopped her massaging her sore breasts and fighting the tight steel covering her pussy and ass. Kris smiled under the gag, putting her car into gear and carefully drove off.

Kris struggled to drive being bound and gagged the way she was being distracted by her bouncing breasts making her wince with each bump in the road. Reaching the main road Kris watched the fuel gauge hoping it would get dark before she ran too low on fuel.

Kris drove slowly trying to stay away from other cars slowing when one would pass unable to watch them as they went by only hearing one car yell something and wave as they passed her. Kris could only wonder what they were thinking at her gagged, collar and bare breasts driving down the road.

Kris was getting close to the gas station she had planned to stop at knowing if she went much further, she might run out of fuel. Kris looked up at the slowly darkening sky realizing she was going to have to stop in daylight.

Kris’s exhaustion was making her nod off scaring her as she approached the gas station, she had a quick thought pulling over in the back of the station and parked her car. Kris leaned her seat back falling asleep immediately.

Kris was awakened by a semi driving by startling her. When she sat up, she was looking into the darkness thinking she was still in the cave. It only took a moment for her to remember what was happening and she was in her car.

Kris started her car and eased around the side of the station seeing only a couple of cars at the pumps. She crept around the building pulling up to the pump farthest from the building stopping near it.

She was originally going to climb over the console to get out but with her ankles and thighs cuffed she knew she couldn’t. Kris took a deep breath and climbed out of her car walking as quickly as the short chain allowed to the back.

Kris fed her card into the pump and started filling her car desperately trying to hurry it up as she tried to stay out of the direct light. Kris couldn’t turn her head so she just faced the pump even when she heard someone talking about the strange woman over there.

Kris looked at the gallons already in the car quickly figuring how many she needed to fill up not wanting to shut off the pump too early. Kris knew if she didn’t get enough gag she would have to stop again and didn’t want to do that.

She could hear the voices getting closer watching the pump that seemed to be getting slower pump her fuel. When she hit the number she wanted, she stuffed the nozzle back into the pump, having to turn completely around and bend over to fit the gas cap on.

Kris shuffled to her door, dropping herself into the seat without looking for the men starting the car and driving off. In her mirror she saw two men standing at the truck looking her way but no one was chasing or even coming towards where she had been.

Giggling again Kris was on the verge of another orgasm from the experience and loving how her adventure was going. It was dark and she could drive comfortably knowing no one could see her clearly inside her car.

The long drive was uneventful and as she got closer to home her exhaustion started affecting her again. Kris nodded off twice before she found her street parking her car walking slowly with her bulging breasts swaying as she staggered and fought the chains between her ankles and thighs.

Kris had left her handcuff key chain swinging the whole time adding to the noise she made as she walked through the hallways. Riding the elevator and walking to her apartment in a haze no longer caring if anyone saw her.

Once inside her apartment she could only think of sleep and eating remembering she was still locked in her remaining restraints including her head harness. Kris automatically took the heavy plastic bin from her freezer, setting it on the cabinet.

Kris looked at the bin and sighed knowing she couldn’t free herself until it melted. She decided to go get some sleep while it melts. Kris was covered in fire ash and dirt with trails of sweat and other fluids running down her body.

Kris collapsed on her bed fighting the covers to get under them and fell asleep dreaming of never being able to free herself. During her dreams Kris dreamt of adding to her restraints and leaving the keys for everything at home. Kris slept until the next evening, waking sore and desperately hungry and thirsty, whining as she sat up still bound and gagged.

Slowly she forced her aching body towards the kitchen suddenly remembering the extra key for her head harness is in her closet. She turned walking as fast as she could, grabbing the keys and unlocking the locks hanging around her head. Kris whined as she pried the gag from her mouth, almost crying when she tried to close it.

Kris hurried to the kitchen taking a large bottle of water and sucking it down grabbing everything she could eat fast and stood eating it in front of the fridge. Stopping to moan in satisfaction she shook the bin on the counter hearing the remaining ice floating.

Kris tilted the bin emptying it into the sink before removing the lid completely and letting the block of ice tip out onto the now plugged sink. Moaning again when the keys fell from the bin, she grabbed all of them and started removing the steel from her body.

Kris stopped at the belt, having carefully removed the tight bands around her breasts whimpering as they slid from her throbbing orbs. With her last keys in hand, she walked on her toes to the bathroom running the hot water.

While the tub filled, she grabbed her remotes and another gag and stepped into the filling tub. Kris strapped the gag on playing with the remotes until she found the settings, she wanted to force herself to orgasm a couple of times before turning them off.

Kris removed the belt and vibrator leaving the plug for now laughing at her need to climax as she dropped the gag onto the floor. Enjoying the hot water and thinking when she would do her adventure again and if she would do as she did in her dreams.


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