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The Chain

by DataSado

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© Copyright 2002 - DataSado - Used by permission

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My tale is about self-bondage.  Like most others you read about here, I have been into self-bondage for a while.  My problem has always been that I seem to always manage to get free before I originally planned on.  With that in mind I decided to do a little better planning for my next adventure.  I decided that this new adventure would have the elements of bondage, humiliation, endurance, risk of exposure and most importantly no easy way out.

I planned my adventure around the use of a chain and several locks.  There would not be a timer used per se.  I live just on the outskirts of a smaller city.  Close enough to get to work without a commute far enough away to have a house with the nearest neighbors not looking in your windows.  Even still I have a 6’ fence around my back yard, mostly to keep the dog in.  Today he would be inside.  I began the preparations by taking a 100’ chain and wrapping one end around the oak tree in the center back of the yard.  It’s just about that far from the house.  Next I marked out a spot with a flag kind of towards the corner of the yard.  The distance was just past the end of the chain.  You’ll see why in a minute.  Next I went back to the base of the tree and pulled in about 15 feet of chain and put a lock in place.  Again I went out to the end of the chain but in a slightly different direction and placed another flag.  In the end I placed a total of five flags in the yard and had five locks on the chain so far.  Each lock was numbered so I would know which one was which. 

I was now ready to place the keys.  I suppose I could have been easy on myself and simply put each key by each flag and gone on but as I said before I wanted humiliation in this challenge.  I chose five substances that I would really not like to have in my mouth.  Dog food, cat food, dirt, liquid soap and piss were my choices.  I used five plastic bowls for this.  To make sure I could not cheat I put a hole in each and then used that to anchor it in place at each flag.  The first bowl I filled with dog food.  I put the key in and mixed the contents.  I then took the bowl out to the first flag.  By the way, so you understand, the key at the first flag (the flag closest to the tree) opened the last lock in the chain.  I would have to go from the tree to the first key and then back to unlock it so that the chain would be long enough to get to the next key that unlocked the next lock and so on, Until I managed to unlock all the lock and gain freedom from the tree.  I also left the key to the handcuffs in the house inside the back porch.  The only key to the house I left on the front door step under the mat.  One final key remained on the porch in a locked milk box.  The key to this lock was also in the house with the handcuff key.

Now came the point of no return.  First I double-checked everything the stripped my clothes off and left them in the front room.  Naked I walked out to the tree.  I used a set of leather cuffs on my ankles.  Next I locked the ankle cuffs together and put a lock on the leg cuffs and attached that to the chain.  I left three feet of chain.  The very end of the chain was then locked to the middle of the wrist cuffs.  I had measured this very carefully so that I could only reach the bowls holding the keys if I was lying prone.  Of course reaching them only with my face.  I would have to extract each key with my mouth, clean each key enough to work in the lock and of course get the key to the lock.  I placed the cuffs on my wrists and got that rush you get when you realize you are helpless. 

My plan was to take very small baby steps or hop to each key and the return the same way.  I planned on an hour of bondage.  Well my planning for being helpless worked better than my plan for escape for once.  I really couldn’t get free until I retrieved each key.  The first problem I found was after I hopped to the first key I had to get on to the ground.  Dropping to my knees wasn’t so bad but then I had to fall flat on my face to get the rest of the way down.  Did I mention that it had been raining the last few days?  The ground was a little cold and very wet and soon to be very muddy.  I ended up doing a worm crawl to the bowl.  The smell of dog food assaulted my nostrils immediately.  I considered different ways to get the key out but the chain was now my master and the master’s grip was quite unforgiving. 

I finally shoved my face into the food and dug around until I came up with the key.  With the key in my mouth I tried to stand back up.  I tried for a very long time before I decided that it was for the most part useless.  The chain again held me helpless.  I finally did the worm crawl back to the tree.  I dropped the key from my mouth near the lock and then repositioned myself so that I could unlock the lock with my hands.  This sounds easier than it turned out to be.  Once the key was on the ground and in the grass it became very hard to find by feel.  I wasn’t blind folded but grabbing something while your hands are cuffed behind your back is well, damn hard.  I managed to get the lock open and then did the crawl back to the next flag. 

For those of you who always wanted to know but were afraid to ask, cat food is worse than dog food.  By the time I got to the bowl holding the piss, two whole hours had gone by.  Worse I was a lot more tired than I expected and I still had a long ways to go.  I had just got the key out of the bowl of piss when the very unexpected happened.  It started raining again.  Now I did check the weather report before I started this and the cute little weather girl said the rain was gone.  She lied and I began cursing her with a vengeance.  This was not a light rain.  As I did the worm crawl back again to the tree, I laughed to myself.  If the rain had started a few minutes sooner I wouldn’t have to have had the taste of piss in my mouth.  I still had the dirt bowl to go though and now it would be mud.  It took the best part of another hour to get to the last bowl.  The rain made everything even more slippery than before and getting traction while lying on your stomach was hard in the first place.  I finally unlocked the chain from the tree.  Yeah!

My worm crawl to the front of the house had another major problem.  I had to get through the gate.  It took what seemed like a lifetime to get standing.  In reality it was probably four-five minutes of struggling and falling until I finally managed to use the fence and corner of the house to help me get up.  I got the gate open after several tries and lots of standing on my tiptoes.  I began hopping toward the front porch and the key that would open the back door.  I was doing fine until the chain caught on the fence and I went down face first.  I had no way to protect myself.  My feet had been pulled out from under me and my hands were locked behind my back.  I landed pretty hard and had the wind knocked out of me.  Damn that hurt! 

I laid there for a while thinking I would rest when I heard a car coming down the street.  I was still on the side of the house and somewhat near it so I rolled to it and held very still.  The car went on past and then turned down the next street.  I worked the chain free but realized that that wasn’t enough.  I had 100 feet of chain following me. It was bound to get caught again.  So spent another agonizing ten minutes gathering the chain up a few links at a time until I could worm crawl to the porch.  The stairs to the porch turned out to be easier than the rest. I was able to sit up and then scoot up the stairs backwards.  

I retrieved the key and made my way back to the back of the house.  Here I encountered yet another unforeseen problem.  The lock on the door was about an inch higher than I could get to even standing on tiptoes and stretching for all I was worth.  At this point I wanted to just sit down and give up.  Then I noticed a block of wood laying out in the yard.  I lucked out and was able to hop out to it with out any more problems.  I then very carefully squatted over the wood and managed to get it without falling over.  I hopped back to the door and got in the back patio of the house.  I still had to get back to the front again to get the chain off my ankles.  The lock holding my chain to the leather cuffs also held the leather cuffs locked.  With hands free it was much easier to hop back out to the front and get the last key and gain total freedom.  After a long hot shower to wash off the mud, I headed to bed for a bit of self gratification and a long nights sleep.


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