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The Decision

by Cameron

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© Copyright 2002 - Cameron - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; corset; gag; cuffs; hotel; F/f; bond; toys; cons; X

As she lay tightly bound, gagged, blindfolded and helpless on the floor of a hotel room, while waiting for someone she had never met to finish preparing something meant for her, and unsure of what would happen next, Kerry wondered whether she should have agreed to the requests the letter demanded. There was no denying a very definite strong, irresistible excitement had welled inside of her.  She thought back to how this all came about.….

It had all began when she started writing to a total stranger via e-mail who seemed to share the same unusual interests as herself. All she knew was her first name. 


Things seemed to be going well and some interesting ideas were exchanged with a lot of common ground found.

Then she received the special letter. 

A letter which was both very exciting and very dangerous at the same time. A letter which, if she agreed, took all control from her and put it in the hands of this person she had never met. It demanded certain amazing details that would have to be agreed to and organized.

Firstly, her appearance.

Make-up to be medium/heavy but neat. Blood red lips a must. Hair down and flowing. Clothing. Underneath, a black corset pulled tight with a push-up bra top with shoulder straps. Matching lace panties. Suspenders connected to sheer, skin colored stockings.  Over this a sheer silk, white blouse with a tight, knee length black silk skirt, with a belt between the two. Finally, very high, black, strappy spiked heeled stiletto shoes. 

Secondly, the time and place.

6hrs was to be put aside for this experience, and it would take place in a hotel room nominated and organized as per the letter. 

Thirdly, and lastly, certain actions to be performed by her to prove her worth and desire to participate in the experience.

Kerry had read, considered, and weighed up the options. The requested actions while exciting were a concern, and some clothing would have to be purchased, but after a lot of thought and soul searching, she had decided to take the chance, agree to all details and accept all that the letter demanded.

After sending an acceptance note, she had waited impatiently for the day specified in the letter to arrive, after making sure she had organized all aspects of requested clothing and extra's. When it did, she took great care in following every detailed step contained in the letter regarding her appearance. After dressing and carefully applying her make-up, she paraded in front of her bedroom mirror for several minutes admiring herself. She thought it was amazing how an outfit like this one could make such a difference and already she had began to feel an expectancy stirring inside of her, and a sudden strong desire, maybe even a need, to get to the hotel room. 

She had arrived promptly at the time specified, and with her heels clicking as she walked across the lobby, entered the hotel and requested the pre-organized key for the room under the name specified in the letter, under the gaze of everyone in the foyer. She remembered wondering if any of those eyes belonged to her email stranger.

Kerry had entered the empty hotel room with some trepidation, almost turning around and leaving to return to the safety of her car, then home. It was one thing to read and agree to all of this in a letter, but another thing altogether to actually go through with it! But something had made her continue on. She locked the door behind her and turned and saw the large, black leather bag on the bed as the letter had said, and remembered the demanded actions.

This is where her resolve had really been put to the test. 

But again Kerry continued and a warmth began to glow within her. As requested, she had emptied the contents of the bag onto the bed. Ropes, gags, blindfolds and handcuffs spilt out, more than she had ever seen, and again she couldn't really believe she was still going through with this, though all of these things were things she secretly loved. She had decided to act quickly and not give herself a chance to rethink and back out. The actions the letter demanded had now became her priority. 

Kerry had selected what pieces the letter requested from the top of the bed and positioned a chair in front of and facing a wardrobe mirror. She had left a small key which would unlock the handcuffs she would use on herself on the further most point of the bed out of reach. 

She had sat on the chair and began, as the letter had demanded, firstly tying her own ankles and knees tightly together with rope, then to the chair. Her sheer stockings offered little resistance to the ropes she was applying to herself, which only made her tighten them even more. Kerry had done quite a bit of self bondage and so was no novice with the ropes.

Again, she had felt the excitement of the unknown and danger growing as she began tightly tying rope around her waist and the back of the chair. As the note demanded, she then connected a piece of rope to her bound ankles, passed it under the chair and up behind her to pull through her waist rope. She then pulled the rope tight and securely tied it off forcing her ankles backwards a long way. Next, she inserted a ball gag into her mouth and firmly secured it at the base of her neck, closely followed by a blindfold. 

Then the penultimate act. 

Kerry cuffed her left wrist, very slowly to gain the full effect, then put her hands behind her back and passed the cuffs through the back of the chair and through the rope holding her to the chair. She had then positioned her right wrist in the cuff but did not lock it. Again as per the letters instructions, she was to wait for a special knock on the door before she locked the last cuff around her wrist. This was a safe guard incase the stranger was unavoidably unable to keep the appointment.

Kerry remembered thinking about her vulnerable situation and position while she waited. Although Kerry had dreamed of this moment since she could remember, she knew this definitely wasn't the smartest thing in the world to be doing, making herself totally helpless for someone who's true intentions she could not be sure of. The feel of her sexy clothing against herself and rope kept her in her waiting position.

After around 10 minutes of waiting and thinking, she was just about to have a change of heart and begin freeing herself when the special knock had echoed through the room. Before she could think, something inside of her triggered a reflex action, and had she slammed shut the last cuff tight, ending all chances of turning back. The realization that things were no longer in her control had been incredible.

That was it. 

The reality of her situation was startling to her. She had dressed herself as requested, and made herself totally helpless for someone she had never met. Her feelings bordered on the edge of fear due to the concern of the danger, with the unmistakable build up of excitement to new found levels. Tightly self-bound, blindfolded and gagged for someone whose intentions she was unsure of. Well she thought, she would find out when that someone entered the room.

But whoever it was didn't enter.

All Kerry had heard was silence. 

But the special knock? 

It had to be the stranger.

Why hadn't she come in?

She tried all of her bonds for some sign of looseness or release, but realized that she had been far too efficient. Even the gag stopped her from crying out for help, and the blindfold robbing her of her sight made it even worse. 15 minutes of pointless struggling later Kerry had decided to settle down and await her fate, even though it could be a cleaning lady finding her like this hours later. 

After what seemed like an eternity with panic rising in her by the minute, a key was turned in the lock, the door had opened and someone entered. Then the door was shut and re-locked. After that someone made a couple of slow circles around the chair she was bound to. After what seemed like a helpless eternity to Kerry, a soft voice broke the silence.

Kerry remembered hearing her voice for the first time and what she said.

"I didn't mean to concern you, but I wanted you to experience being totally helpless, unsure of what would happen next, and dependent on me and my arrival."

"My Name is Donna and I want you to know that you are very brave and have done very well indeed, from what I can see, your outfit and make-up are perfect, and so is your handy-work. Firstly I want to thank you for putting your trust into me, and assure you that absolutely no harm will come to you. Nothing will be done to you that you do not want to happen. Secondly I want you to know how great you look."

And at that Kerry’s blindfold had been removed.

Her first sight was the wardrobe mirror, which contained a totally helpless, self-bound and gagged woman in an extremely tight, silky, sexy outfit. Again, she felt the familiar sensations of excitement and desire build again.

Her second sight was her email stranger standing behind her and she was relived to see that she did not seem to have the look of someone who would be uncaring or violently inclined. She had even turned out to be rather attractive and was wearing similar clothing including sheer seamed stockings and very high heels coupled with a tightly fitting knee length leather skirt and silk blouse. 

She continued to speak. "Now that you have seen how attractive you look, and before I explain a few more things, it's time to change your position to something I prefer."

At that, she pushed Kerry as far forward as she could go on the chair she was bound to and tightly tied Kerry’s elbows behind her back. After that, Donna picked up the key from the bed where Kerry had left it out of her own reach and released the handcuffs holding Ally’s wrist behind her, along with the ropes holding her to the chair, and the rope connected to Kerry’s ankles.

Whilst never being totally freed, in no time she had been hog-tied on the floor, still ball gagged and again blindfolded, with her ankles, knees, elbows and wrists all bound very tightly with rope. The hog-tie was so tight, that her fingers were actually touching the heels of her shoes, and Donna didn’t miss the opportunity to tighten Kerry’s ballgag another notch. And again, in no time, Kerry was again totally helpless but this time by someone else’s hand.  After a little pointless struggling, Kerry discovered Donna really knew her stuff and escape was simply impossible.

"I hope you are not too uncomfortable, because you will be there for some time while I admire you a little more. Also you should know that in the next 2hrs you will not be released, and will be tightly bound and gagged in different positions at my discretion. After 2hrs I will consider untying you and maybe give you the opportunity to have your revenge by tying and gagging me. We will see how I feel”.

As she continued she had began to gently caress different parts of her body. Kerry, while not into other women, was in one mind wanting Donna to stop caressing, but in the other was getting hotter by the second being totally helpless and being made to endure what ever Donna decided. She had realized with some embarrassment, that a distinct wet patch was forming under her and she slowly started to move her more sensitive regions harder into the carpet.

"I can see you're starting to enjoy this, and that’s good because there will be plenty more before we're through. Who knows what will happen in the next 6 hours?"

"One important point though. If you're at all unhappy about what's happening or about to happen, we need a sign for us to let each other know. A safe word isn't really appropriate as you will be gagged a good portion of your time, and when my time comes for your revenge, I assume so will I, so just blink your eyes quickly or shake your head violently and I'll know to stop straight away and you can take the same signs from me. Remember, that this is for both our enjoyment, so lets relax and let go for the next few hours." 

At that Donna had moved off to the bed, where she proceeded to do something Kerry could not make out.

And so here Kerry was, on the floor, still tightly hog-tied and waiting for Donna’s next move. She was now more relaxed knowing that this sexily dressed stranger was here for the benefit of both of them, to hopefully fulfill a strong duel fantasy, Kerry’s and Donna’s, and the fact that she would not harm her in any way. One thing was for certain. The wet patch was growing and her excitement and desire had reached a fever pitch, and she wished that Donna would do something, anything, as long as it involved touching her.

Then, on the other side of the room, Kerry heard a switch being turned on and a loud buzzing noise start up……… and came instantly.



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