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The Decision

by Rupes

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© Copyright 2019 - Rupes - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; bond; chain; accident; permanent; cons; X

Lana awoke from her sleep, slowly rubbed her eyes and checked the clock, 12:30pm. Since winning £1 Million on a scratch card she found herself with little to do. Since she no longer had to work she started every day the same, wake up late, lounge around, not doing anything. Everything was delivered all the cleaning was done for her by her staff. She had bought the company where she worked and since her bank balance had risen each month for doing exactly nothing. She now had enough money to spend what she wanted without worry and still be able to live her entire life.

She spent a lot of time on the internet shopping each day more and more packages would turn up to her large country house, today was no exception. She literally had everything she ever wanted. A few weeks prior her slave chains had arrived. Made from stainless steel the manufacture boasted that they could be work for years without degrading, they could withstand washing without rusting, and would hold someone captive for as long as needed. The only downside was that Lana herself held the keys. They were high security locks but even so, she knew that she could let herself out anytime she wanted. She had worn them for a day here and there but after the initial thrill the novelty had worn off. Today she would change that. She had no need to leave the house as everything was delivered. She had spent the last two weeks looking into key-holding services which would deliver the keys back to her after a predetermined time, however this she did not like as she would always know the exact date they would be returned, she wanted something much more random.

After a lot of googling, she found a small company based out in the sticks of the UK. They produced a substance which was designed to degrade over time, depending on the exact composition would determine the amount of time the substance would take to degrade. All the times were approximate, so days, weeks, months or years. They were designed to degrade when exposed to air and water. Very much like an ice release mechanism but over a far longer timespan. The thing that intrigued her was that they offered a “lucky dip” version of the product, which was a tube of the stuff that was not marked, and was randomly selected from their range, so it could degrade in a day or it could take ten years. She ordered one of these lucky dips. It had arrived today in the post and she was looking at the tube sat on her coffee table.

Excited by the prospect of being her own prisoner for who knows how long, she got her slave chains and stripped off her clothes. She carefully locked them on, starting with the thick 4 inch collar. It clicked shut and was made specifically for her so it was tight around her neck. Moving on swiftly, she closed the thick stainless steel belt around her waist attached to this were two manacles for her wrists which she left dangling by her sides. She then locked her feet in the ankle cuffs. Lastly she locked the wrist cuffs around her wrists. She tugged experimentally in her new confinement. She could do everything she needed to as the chains were long enough for her to reach up (all be it with a chair) to her cupboards, but she could not wear clothing. She could wear shoes and gloves but that was about it!

She picked up the tube, and set it down again on the table. As a last minute thought she ran to the bedroom and retrieved her chastity belt. Made by the same company, although she had not tried it on with the chains, the thought of being locked in chastity turned her on so much. She stepped into it, the single plug slid in easily as she was so turned on by what she was doing. She pulled the ends together and heard the satisfying click as the lock engaged and she knew she was locked in.

Again, she picked up the tube, removing the cap carefully. It smelt sweet like candyfloss, she knew if she waited any longer she would back out, so starting with her chastity belt she placed the end of the long spout of the tube into the lock and squeezed out the black liquid. It seeped down into the lock. She repeated this on the collar, her waist belt and cuffs. Going back and using a mirror to ensure each lock was full so she could see the black substance right to the top of the keyhole.

No sooner than she had finished, she regretted what she had just done. She thought if she was quick she could get the key into the lock and remove everything before the substance dried. She grabbed the key a went for the lock on the chastity belt. The substance was rock hard. The key no longer fitted in even a micron into the lock. Panicking, she went to the computer and called the number on the website. A man answered the phone, she asked him if there was anyway, that suppose someone had used this in a lock, was there any way at all they had some other substance that would clean it out? The man said that this was possible for the quick release stuff but anything over their one week product would simply be impervious to it. He then asked her how long it took to go hard as the slower to cure the quicker it would be to open.

“Seconds,” she replied, “less than 15 seconds.”

“Oh,” he said, “sorry that is our ten-year substance.”

Shit, shit, shit. Her mind was racing. “Is there any way to speed it up at all?”

“It’s in a lock you say? What sort of lock? Is it like a door lock or something more along the lines of a tumbler lock?”

“A tumbler lock.”

“Oh,” he said, “that could be an issue, as the substance degrades in air. When in an enclosed space which is sealed from air and water it takes much longer. See the surface will degrade in ten years, but the next layer won’t even cure until the top layer is gone.”

In shock, she put the phone down. What had she done? How could she explain this to someone? She knew the chains could be cut, but she was naked. Who could she call? Would she simply be chaste and chained the rest of her life? She cried in frustration, she was incredibly turned on, but scared but even she would have to admit she finally had all the uncertainty she wanted.


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