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The Door

by sin_dy

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© Copyright 2003 - sin_dy - Used by permission

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Its cold.  The soft glow of light coming from under the door has long disappeared.  I seem to have lost all track of time.  It could be eight, ten or three in the morning for all I know.  It seems like a long time ago that I clicked the last lock shut and sealed my fate.  Condemning me to this closet, to this cell, for who knows hows long.

I feel so helpless.  Naked and chained.  Of course it is what I wanted.  It is what I have planned for.  But now the excitement has worn off.  No more adrenalin rush to keep me warm and wet.  Only cold air and cold floor.  I am sitting on an old rug, which I now realize is too thin.  I suppose if  I could reach it, I might try covering myself to keep warm.  Now that's a stupid idea.  Then I would be sitting on the concrete floor.

I tug on my cuffed wrists for the ump-teenth time, as if magically I could get free.  Ain't gonna happen.  I'm stuck till the ice melts.  The great big bucket of ice, filled to the top and drip by drip getting lighter and lighter.  Hours to melt? Days?  This is one part of the selfbondage scene that wasn't tested out.  With that thought, I started getting a little turned on.

I thought back to the chat room conversation  I had with another gal.  She was also into this selfbondage thing.  Between the two of us we worked out all the technical details about the door.  Not just any door.  A big heavy door of solid wood and swinging on three hinges.

So here I am behind that door, in the dark, in a small closet under the basement stairs.  Alone in the house and out in the country.  No need for a gag.  I could scream my head off and no one would hear me.

After figuring out a good way to release and open the door automatically, I was so excited about the plan that there was no turning back.  I had to try it.  The timing had to be just right.  No, not the way the door opened, but when it opened.  If it opened right after dark then I would have to wait all night for the sun to come up and shine in enough light to see the combination lock dials. I maybe could be chained here way more than 24 hours.

Thinking about that turned me on even more.  Well anyway I'm stuck now and have to wait it out. A true damsel in distress. Two days ago I worked on the door.  First drilling a hole right through the middle of the door and then I stuck a long bolt into the hole from inside the closet.  I figured I could always putty up the hole later.  Next I drilled the same size hole in a length of 2X4 board.  The board was just a little longer than the door frame is wide.  Now I stuck the 2X4 on the bolt and experimented with washers to set it out to clear the door frame when it swings from vertical to a horizontal position.

Back in the old barn shop, I used the bench vise and a hammer to bend two flat pieces of metal into a big U-shape.  Then I drilled a couple of holes in one side of the U.  I attached the pieces of metal to the door frame with big long screws.  One was positioned so the U turned up on the left side of the door frame and the other U was turned down on the right side of the frame.

I know this sounds confusing but basically this is what happens to hold the door closed.  The 2X4 swings from it's vertical position to it's horizontal position and wedges into the U-brackets.  Now all I have to do is rig up the way to pull the 2X4 up out of the brackets.

I used a weight and a nylon cord fastened to the 2X4 to pull it up and away from the brackets.  A couple of old horse shoes made a good weight.  I placed a yard stick on a little table with half of it sticking out over the edge.  The horse shoes would be hung over the part sticking out in the air.  A large bucket of ice would sit on the other end of the yard stick.

The ice bucket is special. I used an old bait or minnow bucket that fishermen have.  It is full of small holes to let water flow through but keeps the live bait inside.  The ice will melt and seep through the holes.  The bucket gets lighter than the horse shoes so the board tips and the weight falls and the cord is pulled and the 2X4 moves.

I unscrewed the existing door latch thing so it wouldn't prevent the door from opening automatically.  Inside the closet, I drilled small holes into the stairway support posts and screwed in large eye-bolts.  My ankles will be far apart and locked to either side of the closet.  My wrists will also be fastened to the side walls.  Total Helplessness!

After laying a rug on the closet floor, I started to test everything out.  A string tied to the 2X4 board and ran it under the door so I can grab it from inside the closet.  It will swing the board in place.  Seems like that works ok.  Then I dropped the weight and the board flipped away from the brackets and the door opened just as planned.  Now the time has come to freeze lots of ice!

It was just a few hours ago that I stripped naked and slowly came down the stairs to be chained in my dungeon closet cell.  But first I took the ice from the chest freezer in the basement and filled the bucket full.  I hung the horse shoes over the yard stick and turned off the basement lights.  Inside the closet, with the door still open, I examined the four combination locks and went over the numbers in my head.  The basement has two small windows on each side and two large windows and a door with a window on the back.  Not a lot of light, but enough to read the dials.

I wrapped a heavy leather cuff around each wrist and ankle.  These are regulation hospital restraints that adjust by sticking the D-ring through the appropriate slot.  Spreading my legs far apart,  I locked each ankle cuff  D-ring to an eye-bolt.  Next I threaded a short chain through my wrist cuff D-rings.  I realize that I'm at the point of no return.  Leaning forward I reached for the door and gently closed it shut.  Then I pulled on the string.  The 2X4 fell with a thud!  I pushed against the door.  It was held solidly shut.  Only a faint glimmer of light came from under the bottom of the door.  I felt around and found the remaining locks and proceeded to fasten my wrist cuff chains to the eye-bolts.  As I snapped the last lock closed, I almost had my first orgasm.

The time went by slowly.  I jumped when I heard the phone ring upstairs.  Sometime later it rang again.  Then maybe an hour later I heard noises upstairs.  I knew it was my brother, who lives in town, coming out to check on me.  He called my name and opened the basement door and called for me again.  It was dark in the basement so he didn't come down the steps.  He finally left and I figured I would just tell him I was out riding my horse.  That will satisfy him.

I dozed off and when I woke up, I struggled in my cuffs, making myself excited and wet.  I was so helpless.  Now in total darkness.  I laughed to myself.  Yeah, hungry and horny.  But soon the cold begin to creep in.  Really creep in!  The melting ice water was running under the door and soaking the rug.  This was something I sure hadn't thought about.  I got the shakes for awhile and had to pee.  I told myself, its what prisoners have to do and I was truely a helpless prisoner.

I fell asleep again only to wake up still cold and wishing for a hot bath and to be able to rub myself down there.  Maybe that would warm me up.  Its fun waking up and finding ones self still a captive, but at the same time begging for some kind of release.  The rug now was completely saturated.

I guess I dozed off again because I woke up with a jump from a loud bang outside the door.  Now I was completely alert and realized it was the bucket that tipped over and rolled off the table.  Did the door open?  It is still very dark.  But wait, there is that faint glow at the bottom of the door.  My heart sank as I realized the door failed to release.  Now what?

Easy girl.  Calm down and think.  My feet were only inches from the door.  I wiggled down and was able to push on the door with my toes.  It suddenly popped open letting in light and fresh air.  The thing must have stuck a little in the frame.  What ever the reason, I was glad to be able to work the combination locks.  I only set one hand free.  I had unfinished business to attend to and I did it twice before getting out of the closet.  Now for a long hot bath.  Laying back and relaxing in the tub, I wondered how long it would take for two buckets of ice to melt?


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