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The Chair

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Lois had been working on her bondage chair for months since she had purchased it, fine tuning her needs and desires making additions to it to make it hold and torture her the way she had always dreamed of. Lois had always enjoyed pain during sex and through the years needed more and more and could find no one who would escalate it as she needed, they had all been afraid of hurting her and even when she was able to feel what she wanted it was almost always when someone would make a mistake and the marks left behind made it hard to explain out in the real world.

Lois’s dream had been to be tortured by a heartless being and leave minimal marking and no scars, her solution had been electricity, the first tens unit she had bought seemed like a god send and soon she had multiple units and a computer that could control up to 24 pads and with one burst could render her unconscious if she wasn’t careful. She had been learning about the units and the extremes she could stand and how much the human body could take before it was damaged permanently and found that if the units were programed correctly she could be brought to a huge orgasm and never get too close to dangerous limits.

Her biggest problem now was restraints, she had grown tired of cuffs and hoods that still allowed her to move more than she wanted and the releases were unreliable at best, she wanted total confinement and total inescapability from one unit while her vibrators and electro stimulators forced her to cum while she was being tortured and she would have no control over how long or how hard she would be tortured. She had seen the chair on the web and knew it could be perfect with small modifications that she believed she could make.

While ordering the chair she found the amount of options she had was quite impressive and she spent several days figuring out what she wanted and sending measurements and even a few pictures of different parts of her body until she thought she had the perfect design and sent the initial payment to complete the order. While she waited for the chair she contacted her leather craftsman that had built her many devices and explained what she wanted and gave him the contact info for the chair manufacturer so he could make sure what he built would work with what they were building.

During the two months waiting for the chair Lois set up her equipment in a walk in closet in her main bedroom, after making the room sound proof she installed all the extra outlets and computers she would need to power all her equipment. It was very impressive, the heat lamps and small A/C unit even her air supply could be controlled by the computers and their sensors. The programs she had purchased and then had modified worked perfectly with each other and after testing them for weeks she knew all she needed was the chair and she would be ready to go.

The leather appliances had shown up before the chair, Lois had checked them for fit to her body and made sure all her connections would work with them but without the chair none of them could be used properly. Lois got the notification that the chair had been completed and when it would be delivered and arranged to have one of the people from the company come and help put it in place a few days after it arrived giving her time to inspect it fully and tell them if anything else was needed and make the final payment.

When the chair arrived her pussy had been wet for days waiting on it and she was not disappointed, it was made of solid steel with no covering or padding of any kind, per her request, her plan was to use the entire chair as a conductor for her electro stim units that way she would only have to use half the pads and could apply double pads independently from others. The shape was a work of art and functionality, each part was made to fit her needs, the formed seat was finished so well it looked and felt like it was made from a cast of her own ass and was just big enough to support her weight .

The legs were extra-long in front so her feet would never be able to touch the ground even when she wore her ballet boots, they had small tubes at the bottoms that would hold her high heels making movement of her feet impossible. Off the legs the support for the arms were thin but very strong as she sat down and felt that they fit her perfectly, running along her arms up to her shoulders where they connected seamlessly to the back of the chair. On both sides there were cutouts so when she wanted to have her arms bound behind her back she could slip her shoulders in the cutouts and her arms could be bound all the way up to her elbows tightly and the back of the chair would not interfere but once she was tied the notches alone could hold into the chair.

Lois slipped her arms behind the chair back and loved how comfortable it was and almost couldn’t wait to try out the restraints. Sitting in the chair she could feel the small riser in the seat already begging her to slide her ass down on to it fully, this riser was designed to allow multiple fittings to be attached including the expandable butt plug that once it was opened up would literally lock her by her ass to the seat of the chair, but she knew she had to wait as she continued the inspection of her newest torture device. Leaning back the head rest lined up perfectly with her head and neck as did the back with her chest and body perfectly, she sat in the chair and pushed and twisted and nothing moved no matter how hard she tried, the whole design was minimalistic but built to be extremely strong.

Lois started looking at the strapping mechanisms, she had ordered it with as many straps as possible, as she inspected the back of the chair she could see the four straps that would be used to hold her arms tightly together behind the chairs back and ran her fingers across them imagining them holding her tightly, there were three each for her lower and upper legs, two across her lower body and two across her upper chest above and below her breasts, then she had added the straps that made a X across her chest and could be run in between or on top of her breasts , the straps across her throat and head would guarantee no movement there but it was her arm restraints that really had her excited, four straps each would keep her completely immobile until she was released and the hand restraints made her pussy tingle when she slid her hands into them.

There were five tubes welded onto the end of each arm of the chair, these tubes had small metal frames that went from each and met in a circle right over her wrist, when she slid her hands into them they fit perfectly and would keep each finger incased in its own steel tube and the small frame extending from them would keep her from being able to raise her hands and pull her fingers out of the tubes until her arms were released and she could pull them straight out. Each strap on the chair was an automatic ratchet design sort of like a seat belt but once pressure was put on the straps the release buttons were locked. Each ratchet had a small fitting that when the tool was applied and turned it would tighten the strap as tight as the person turning the tool wanted and keep them there until the release button on the ratchet was pushed to ease the tension.

All the straps could be released at once if the remote setting was used but the arms straps is what Lois was interested in, these straps were permanently attached at both ends and with the buttons pushed could be pulled up and once the button was released they would stay up until the user pushed another small button at their palms and then they would retract trapping the user in place until either the timer released them or the manual release pins were pulled, Lois had ordered the extra strong ratchet springs and was told that when they retracted she would be surprised how strong they were.

She had been told not to test the chair until the tech arrived but Lois couldn’t stand it and pulled the straps for one arm up and after making sure she could reach the pins she slid her arm into them and the glove and tensed up her arm pushing the button and snap! she was suddenly pulled into the chair by the force of the straps yanking her arm backwards and down to the arm of the chair. Stunned by the sudden movement and how firm she was held she pulled and yanked at the straps and trying to move her hand until she was tired and sat daring herself to reset both arms and trying out the whole system. Reaching around she pulled the pins and the pressure on her arms popped off just as quick, she was surprised how easily the pins were removed having not believed the representative that said it took less than two pounds of pressure to remove the pins no matter how hard the straps were pulled, this would work perfectly for her plans of release.

Once she removed her arm from the straps she inspected the timer and found it indeed was only good for twelve hours and if any longer restraint was needed it would be up to the person in charge to pull the pins to the release mechanisms. Pulling all the straps loose of the packing ties Lois soon had the chair ready to hold her captive and even though she had been told not to she had decided to test the chair before the rep arrived. She set the timer for thirty minutes for the first test and went to get dressed waiting to hear the release operate before trying it with her in the chair. Lois would try it naked except for her boots and nipple clamps and of course her largest gag and favorite vibrator.

As Lois was lacing up her thigh high ballet boots she heard the timer snap and knew it had released, finishing up her lacing she went back to the chair and reset the timer for fifteen minutes and returned to her bed, enjoying the forced sway and restricted steps the boots forced her to take. Removing her top and bra she clipped the Chinese clover clamps onto her nipples and gave them a squeeze to make sure they were set properly and taking a deep breath when she tugged at them. Sliding her vibrator under her panties and into her moist pussy she took the remote and set it on the chairs arm so she could turn it on when she was ready, as she stood next to the chair the timer tripped again and she was confident the timer was working so she pushed the large ball behind her teeth and tightened the straps around her head and cinched the chin strap extra tight.

Resetting the timer for two hours she sat down and slipped her heels into the tubes and slowly let the riser enter her ass before bending forward and closing the straps around her legs using the tool to cinch each as tight as she could, once her lower legs were tightly held to the chair she closed the straps around her upper legs and cinched them down as well and sat flexing her legs loving the fact that she could not move them at all and already felt more securely bound than she had ever been. Continuing up her body she closed the straps around her pelvic area and around her waist cranking them until she was gasping from the restriction, the chest straps were next and again she tightened them till she felt them digging into her skin. The cross straps were already positioned to run across her breasts so she left them were they were and began ratcheting them down smashing her clamped nipples under them as they tightened further.

Stopping to decide if she wanted to reset the straps but finding they would only go one direction now that there was tension on them she continued to make them tighter loving the pain it was already causing. The neck strap was next and as she tightened it she found it had a preset limit and no matter how hard she cranked the tool it would not get any tighter, “That’s something he’ll have to fix” she mumbled to herself. She pulled the strap across her nose and fit her nose into the pocket that went below and above it before cranking it down until it was holding her head against the fitted steel head rest firmly. The last strap went across her forehead and it seemed like it could be possible to slip her head out so she opted to run the strap across her eyes and use it as a blind fold and quickly ratcheted it down until it was uncomfortable.

Lois sat testing her bonds and found she was thoroughly bound, unable to move any part of her body, as she sat wiggling and flexing she could feel the riser had entered further into her ass so she reached down and started cranking her waist strap until she had no more strength to make it tighter. Taking a deep breath and feeling her nipples pushed harder against the straps she grunted and slid her arms into the straps as her right hand got near the glove she picked up the remote and turned it on high and dropped it to the floor and quickly shoved her hands into the gloves and flexed her arms making the straps retract with a loud snap and she was trapped inescapably bound by her own hand. Each gasping breath caused more pain from the clamps as the raging vibrator churned inside her making her attempt to twist and pull at her restraints as it drove her nearer to an orgasm.

She used this vibrator regularly and knew that two hours on high it would just be starting to cause her the pain she craved but she wasn’t going for a full blown session anyway but really hoped it would be enough to make her cum as horny as she already was just from sitting in the chair. She sat for the first thirty minutes listening to the straps creak as she pulled on them and being aroused to near desperation from the frustration of the bondage and the vibrator but the pain in her breasts had eased some as her body got used to the straps and the vibrator was still to pleasurable so she knew she would have two hours of waiting before she would even be close to coming.

As the chair warmed so did Lois and now that the first hour had passed she could feel beads of sweat trickling between her body and the chair she had strapped herself to. She had never been so immobilized since her experiments with mummification had gone awry a few years ago, she dreamed of her experience as her body now fought for movement on its own. Lois had been dating Jim for several months and they both had enjoyed her fascination with bondage and especially pain while in bondage. He had pushed her limits more than any other and she still wanted more, he had used her in every possible position he could bend and restrain her in and she had loved every minute of his abuse but now she had begun to play with wrapping herself up and waiting helplessly for him to come over. One time she waited two days wrapped tightly to her bedpost on her knees, her legs were wrapped individually then strapped tightly behind the pole, wearing her toe shoes that were two sizes too small and nipple clamps that she had super glued onto her nipples.

Her upper legs and torso had been wrapped to the post in several layers of thick pallet wrap, she had even wrapped her head over the large pump up gag with a breathing tube. The electro stim pads had been placed on the soles of her feet , her ass cheeks and next to the vibrator held deep in her pussy. Once she had finished her wrapping she took her arms that she had slipped into shoulder length latex gloves and locked the suspension cuffs as high up the chain that was attached to the post as she could reach and locked them to the chain then pulling the stim unit away from the chain it had been taped to and turning it on before tossing it out of reach.

Lois hadn’t called him or had any plans to meet with him she just knew that sooner or later he would come by and sat twisting and screaming in agony for two days before Jim showed up and for another twenty four hours fucked her face every time his dick got hard and teased and tortured her by yanking and leaving weights on her nipple clamps turning the stim unit up and down and covering her face completely until she struggled desperately to breathe and would pass out without ever letting her cum. All she needed was the vibrator turned on and she would have exploded.

After her day with him he wrapped her again covering all the parts of her body he had opened and making sure he wrapped her body even tighter to the post and just before leaving he said have fun and turned everything off leaving her to struggle in her cocoon for another twelve hours with no stimulation at all, the worst type of punishment he could have done to her. Lois fought her bonds desperately but they had both done them to well, Jim had even wrapped her arms to the post so now she could barely move any part of her body.

Late the next evening Jim showed up and turned everything on high and watched as the sweaty female form twisted and moaned inside the foggy wrappings turning the tormentors off and on for several hours before allowing her to cum violently and sag in her cocoon. Lois awoke lying on the bed, her arms had been cuffed behind her back and her whole body tightly wrapped in plastic wrap as she was tortured for another day while she serviced him, and to this day she thinks some of his friends as well, on her knees whenever they wanted her to. After the four days she was spent and was slipping in and out of consciousness before Jim released her and nursed her back to health not realizing she had been wrapped for two days before he got there and soon after she regained her health he told her they were too dangerous together and left.

The pain from the vibrators roused her into her current day situation it was becoming quite painful as she squirmed in the wet metal seat taking mental notes to tighten all the straps to maximum next time, and figuring she would be released anytime now. She was getting close to an orgasm as the pain increased and her body was flexing more and more to try and get away from its tormentors but was held firmly by the thick straps only allowing minimal movements and creaking under the strain of holding a young tormented female still. Finally the moment had arrived and Lois felt her explosion erupt from her pussy and screamed into her gag as she frantically tried to get more air thorough her nose and ground her breasts into the straps covering her nipples and came multiple times before wilting into the chair spent and in heaven.

As she sat she suddenly felt all the straps tighten, and squealed as even the straps holding her head pulled tighter and now she could not wiggle at all as the pain from her nipples and pussy increased she sat and tried to figure out what had happened. Lois began to curse into her gag because she thought the chair had malfunctioned and tightened instead of releasing her and knew the rep would not break in and no one would come looking for her for days. The vibrator slowly started to die and her nipples had gone numb and she sat trying to move any part of her body she could as the sweat continued to run down her body making her even more uncomfortable with her decision to pre-test the chair. Lois was starting to nod off when she heard a pop and suddenly she could move. She pulled her arms out of the straps and began unbuckling the straps holding her to the chair and soon she was able to stand and stagger away from her metal torturer and move to the bed.

After resting for a few minutes she went back to the chair and checked the timer it said it had released her in the two hours she had set it for but when she looked at the clock she knew four hours had passed and couldn’t understand what had happened but was glad she had not set it to 12 hours if the timer was truly doubled as it seemed it was. She sat next to the chair still wearing her clamps, boots and gag studying the manual and found she had left on the feature where the chair would automatically retention the restraints when half the time had elapsed. She chuckled and read if manual release is being used she could still set the chair to retighten the straps at three different intervals and could even adjust their settings of how tight to pull at each one, she was giggling again while she sat and played with the settings before tearing herself away from her new toy and removing her gag and vibrator and walking in her boots and clamps to the kitchen for something to eat and drink.

After cleaning up the chair she decided to try the arm binder and stuffed the gag in and sat back down, hooking her heels in their tubes and just using a few of the straps around her legs and body before strapping her neck and forehead in and sliding her arms into the straps behind the back of the chair. She had set all auto pulls to maximum and the timer for thirty minutes and yanked on the straps around her arms and squealed loudly as they were pulled tightly together and slammed into the back of the chair causing her to arch her back from the sudden added pressure on her shoulders.

She struggled and twisted in her seat as slowly her body relaxed and was resting fully on the metal surface while her arms seemed to be continuously squeezed tighter and pulled further towards the floor. After fifteen minutes Lois could feel all the straps tighten again and pull her down onto the chair firmly as each strap continued to tighten pulling deep into her flesh, her arms were also being squeezed together much tighter and now her shoulders felt like they were going to be ripped off as the chair pulled them closer to the floor stretching her body to the limits before stopping.

Lois was bow string tight, her body stretched and pulled in every direction, she had only used half the straps but now was held tighter than before and wished she had set this up with her vibrator because the pain in her arms and upper body was extreme and almost exceeding her own limits as she sat and gasped through her nose and caught herself whining into her gag for another fifteen minutes before all the restraints loosed again and she was able to wiggle her arms out of the straps behind her and walk weak legged to her bed and collapse into a deep sleep.

The doorbell awoke her as she struggled to stand in her ballet boots and moved to the door and looked out the peep hole and tried to ask who it was but all that came out was mumbling, the large gag was still strapped onto her head and allowed no coherent words to come out. The guy outside heard the noise and said he was here to finish the install, Lois was wrestling with the gag straps as he said it again she looked back out and could see him leaving and quickly opened the door a crack sticking her hand out holding up one finger, he said, “Ma’am I have seen it all if you want me to come in open up if not we will reschedule next month.” Lois open the door as she turned and grabbed a coat hanging nearby and had just got it on as he stepped inside and closed the door.

Lois was mumffing around the gag as she fought the straps and pointed to the room where the chair was, the man turned and smiled as he headed to the room with Lois following him still trying to remove the gag. Entering her bedroom he could see the chair had been used and turned to look at her as she pulled the gag from behind her teeth and said, “Couldn’t wait could you?”

Lois looked down and just shook her head, she was more embarrassed being caught using her chair then standing in front of a total stranger in an open coat showing her pert breasts and her thigh high ballet boots. “Where is it going?” Lois led him into the closet and showed him where she wanted it set up.

“Is it ok if I take a shower?” Lois asked he nodded and set to work.

Lois reluctantly removed her boots and stepped into the shower and quickly cleaned herself and stepped back out drying her body and pulling her hair into a tight pony tail before lacing her boots back up and walking naked out of the bathroom only to find herself alone, the rep was gone as she looked around for him noticing the chair had been moved and figuring he had gone back out for tools or something. She stepped into the other closet and tried to decide what to wear opting to slip her body into a blue leather cat suit and began lacing it up, this suit had openings that could be unlaced over her pussy, ass and chest allowing access to each if it was necessary to open them, hearing him reenter the room as she tugged and pulled on the laces running up the side of the suit until it was tight enough to hold her body firmly. Lois picked her favorite waspie corset and wrapped it around her waist and pulled the laces snugging it before attaching them to the hooks and worked them tighter until she was pulled down to 18 inches and tying them off.

Walking out of the closet he stood up and held out his hand and said, “I’m John, feel better?”

She shook his hand and said, “Lois and yes much thanks” she watched him move the chair into position as she cleaned up the bedroom asking if he wanted something to drink he nodded yes and she walked into the kitchen and brought back some water and a beer and set them down beside him as he hooked up all her controllers. He worked for almost an hour ignoring Lois all the while as she paced back and forth in her tight leather. John finally called for her to come in and began giving her a tutorial on how to use the chair and since she had wanted a longer timer the company had doubled the time on everything above one hour.

Lois smiled and said, “That explains it”

“How long were you stuck?” he asked.

Lois answered “Four hours” they smiled and laughed a little until he said, “We will have to test the entire system do you feel up to it?”

“Whole system?” Lois asked.

“Yes everything you want it to control and all the settings on the chair itself”

“How long is this test?” Lois asked cautiously.

“Ten, fifteen minutes unless you want longer but I’ve only got about two hours then I would have to leave and come back if you wanted a longer test.”

Lois got excited and said, “I’ll go get ready” and went back to her closet and unlaced her corset and suit when he entered and said, “I can help if you want, we do have a time limit.”

She nodded and said, “I’ll call you when I need help thanks.” Once the suit was loose she let it hang from her thighs and began applying her stim pads and inserting her vibrator and snapping her nipple clamps on before pulling the suit up and called him back in.

He quickly laced her suit very tight and asked about her corset, she was feeling very horny and since she had the help she pulled her strict Victorian style corset off the rack and wrapped it around her waist and closed the front busk as he began to pull the laces snug. “How tight?” he asked.

“Close it if you can” she said and soon was gasping as he pulled the laces and in short order had the corset closed leaving her breathless as she leaned against the wall.

She was now covered from head to toe in tight leather standing in her ballet boots wearing a corset over the leather covering her body tighter than she had ever been able to get it without anything under it. He asked if she was okay and she nodded and moved to the chair and sat down. John forced her legs to bend in the two layers of tight leather and slid her heels into the tubes before strapping her legs tightly to the chair, “Tight enough?”

Lois still trying to catch her breath just said, “No, Tighter!”

John shook his head and said, “OK” and cranked her legs until the leather was pinching out over the straps before he stopped.

Taking her hands John pulled her to her feet and reached behind her and unlaced the opening over her ass, the tight leather pulled her cheeks wide open and he asked the stunned Lois to sit back down. Lois obeyed and slowly sat down on the riser and carefully worked it into her ass crack. John took the butt plug and showed it to her and said, “I’m going to insert this and show you how it works ok?”

Lois was nervous but very excited and nodded ok. John lubed the plug liberally and reached under the chair while watching her face as he slowly worked the plug deep into her tight sphincter. Lois gasped as she felt the large plug entering her and tried to relax as he kept pushing it deeper until she heard a click and he said, “There, did you hear that? That means its locked in place and ready to be adjusted.”

While he was watching her he had seen her eyes roll up and her mouth open as he inserted the plug and knew she was really into what he was doing and thought about seeing how far he could push her. Once the plug was latched in place her took her hand and guided it to where the tool went and said, “Turn this until its tight inside.” Lois silently started turning the tool and could feel the plug expanding inside her as she did this he explained, “Like the instructions said this is the ass lock, it will make sure you can’t move while you’re in the chair, it can be used or not but I need to show you how everything works.”

Lois was still cranking the plug as he spoke and wasn’t listening to him as she cranked until it became painful. John watched and knew he had someone who really liked things tight and painful and smiled as she just held her hand on the tool before cranking it another revolution. Lois could already feel she was trapped in the chair just from her legs and the plug, her corset was making her breathing more difficult and pressing hard on her nipple clamps but she did not want to complain because she would have to be released from the chair to adjust or remove the corset.

John continued to show her how things worked while hooking all the cables to her and the chair and said since she was fully dressed that she would need to use all the wires but if she was naked she could use only one cable for the chair as it would be used to close the circuit for her stim unit and only would need the one wire for each pad that she wanted the chair to control. He asked her what levels she wanted and she said 8 and once he had the units set he returned and started strapping her lower body to the chair tightening the straps until she started to grunt and then moving to the next strap.

Once her body was fully strapped into the chair he pulled the cross straps making them cross her breasts and pulled them until she was welded to the chair and could not move any part of her body or legs. He stopped to let her adjust and was amazed when she slid her arms into the straps looking like a dog in heat as she sat testing her bonds before flexing her arms and letting the straps pull her arms into place and making her truly trapped, Lois was so aroused she had not even asked how long she was to be tested as she flexed her fingers in their tubes and loved the way she was pressed into the chair so tight she couldn’t move at all.

He returned to the closet and asked if she had any questions so far, Lois smiled and asked a few about the tensioners and releases before he asked if she was ready for the test and moved behind her to finish strapping her head. She leaned her head forward and meekly asked if he would use the hood she had made for the chair and told him where it was. John returned carrying the formed leather hood and slid the back half behind her head and latched it into the head rest before carefully feeding the gag into her mouth as he slid the front half onto the back part. John attached the straps to each corner of the hood and turned the tool until her head was held firmly against the head rest and asked if it was tight enough.

Lois was lost in her own world as the gag was forced deeper into her throat and moaned when he asked, he said moan once for too tight moan twice if you want it tighter, Lois moaned twice, with a smile he started to crank the hood tighter and said, “Moan again when its tight enough” when the leather started to creak he was still waiting to hear a grunt but continued to tighten the hood until he heard her grunt once, he cranked two more times before stopping and pulled the strap over her neck and tightened it completing her total immobilization. John checked and retensioned all her straps before taking the pump hanging from her mouth piece and started pumping it until her grunts could only be heard from her nose and pumped a few more times listening to her whine and seeing her try and twist in the chair.

Lois panicked as the gag was now almost choking her but could not do anything about it and the sudden realization that she was fully bound by a stranger and had not even set a time for her to be released and started squealing and panting through her nose holes but John had left the room to get another beer and inspect some of her equipment and wished he lived in town so he could abuse this beauty on a regular basis. John had found the breast plate with its double nipple/areola contact springs and suction cups that would stretch her breasts considerably if pumped fully, the plate had been made to connect to the body straps and would act like a corset in the way it would compress her chest and waist.

Returning to Lois he bent and slowly unlaced the leather opening over her pussy, once the leather had been parted he wiped her dripping pussy and could hear her squeal slightly before a deep moan could be heard as he slowly slid the large dildo into her not knowing she already had the egg beating inside her and attaching it to the chairs mechanical arm that ran under her seat. This arm would allow the dildo to move in and out and could be made to move up and down as well. Lois felt the dildo enter her and wiggled and squealed feeling the dildo push the egg deeper, feeling like she had been violated but at the same time the feeling of utter helplessness washed over her making her settle down and enjoy her predicament.

Once John was done he said, “I’m giving you two options, grunt once for 10 minutes or twice for thirty minutes”, quickly he heard two grunts and said, “Ok here you go” he flipped on the timer for one hour and could hear her breathing pick up as the chair came to life. He sat back and drank another beer watching her body begin to wiggle and listening to her whining and squealing as each of her tormentors went through their start up program before fully assaulting her and causing her to tense up, a constant groan could be heard as Lois was suddenly being tortured in both holes and the six pads she had applied and could move no part of her body feeling like she was in heaven.

After thirty minutes of constant stimulation Lois was screaming as the electricity increased in her pussy and ass while the vibrations varied in intensity keeping her in sustained agony without giving her any relief as John manually made the chair increase the tension of her straps making her moan even louder as the straps increased the pain she was feeling and made her think she was half way through her trial.

John had something to eat and drank a few more cans of beer before checking in on his captive and hearing she seemed to be close to an orgasm so he turned the chair off and let it release the straps. She screamed out in frustration as she sat there panting in her hood, the gag would not deflate by itself so the hood was still held tightly to her face. John said, “Well I’ve got to go, so unless you want to stay in the chair till tomorrow I’ll have to let you out.”

Lori had not pulled her arms out of the straps and sat thinking about what she wanted and grunted and leaned back into the chair. “You want to stay in the chair? I mean it when I said it’ll be at least twenty four hours before I’ll be back!” she grunted again that she understood.

John hit the button and her arms were pulled tightly back to the chair and he quickly tightened her head and legs down leaving her torso loose and went to the other closet and got her new chest plate. He unlaced her cat suit and pulled it down and carefully worked her breasts out from under the corset as she sat moaning and fighting the straps holding her as he set the plate onto her chest and hooked it to the chairs straps and pulled it tightly against her and then hooked it to the controller making sure each of the contacts were touching her nipples and areolas before cinching it tightly down till the sides almost touched the chairs back and Lori’s grunts could barely be heard.

Lori was now barely able to breathe and was trying to signal John to her suffering but they had set no signals up and now he was going to leave her slowly suffocating. She could feel he had put her new chest plate on and had no idea of how it would feel once it was activated but she didn’t believe she could handle any more torments. The leather and the straps creaked as she desperately pulled at them but she didn’t know that her body actually wasn’t moving, she even tried to free her hands but they were held still by the tubes and steel frames over them.

John hooked up her breast cups to the vacuum machine and found a program that was named pain/no orgasms on the control computer, he looked at it and read for short term use only and said “That’s perfect”, and programed it to start in twenty minutes and run continuously for twenty four hours, he knew he would be back before then and wanted to be present to torture her the last hour or so before letting her cum and releasing her. Lori didn’t know it but John would make the perfect partner for her because he understood her yearnings and had no qualms pushing her limits and beyond as long as she was willing.

He waited until the program started and could see her breasts be sucked into the clear cups stretching them to almost double their normal size and forcing the contacts even tighter, Lori felt her breasts swell inside the cups and the pain was intense as she tried to scream but only a groan could be heard from her filled mouth. John left the room closing the door literally sealing her fate until he returned, the chair would release her in the time set so no matter if he returned or not she would be free tomorrow night.

Lori spent the next twenty three hours in constant pain and every time she got near an orgasm the stimulators would change and ruin it, her body had adapted to the confines and she had stopped blacking out within the first few hours and now had no idea how long she had been incarcerated but knew she had found the device she needed to control her demanding libido and might never want to get out of it again. During her brief rest periods she made plans on how to modify the program to make it more intense and to hold her on the edge longer, also how to make the chair sense her vitals and control her better.

When John returned the next day Lori was a mess, she had lost control of her bladder during the night when the shocks to her rectum had become so intense that she desperately tried to push the plug out of her body, her sweat covered body was shaking as she continued to be tormented and needed to cum but was denied at every turn, her shrieking had become louder but the sound proofing worked and nothing could be heard outside the small room. Her musk and body odor was strong in the air as he opened the door and looked at the straps that had tightened three times during her trial with the chair making visible lines deep in her leather covered flesh.

He changed the programing to allow her to cum in twenty minutes and be forced to cum for the next four hours before she would be released. He watched her first orgasm and listened to her moans and screams until she sat motionless her stretched breasts heaving while the program restarted and soon had her wailing again, leaving his phone number and a note asking if he could call her next time he was in town on her kitchen table he locked her door and left her fighting her own body to stop the upcoming painful orgasms when she knew she could not.

John had visited her many times over the months that followed each time helping her add another torment to her room and leaving her strapped in the chair when he left to go home to experience the new torture for the first time. Her breasts had been enlarged by the constant suction of the cups and she had ordered larger cups for her chest plate to keep the amount of pain they caused consistent, she was now using the chair almost daily and sometimes let it message her body with the electro stims and vibrators while she slept bound in the chair.

The chair continued to satisfy her urges and even seemed to encourage them, Lois was using it like a an addict uses drugs even causing her to wear more restrictive clothes everyday including ever tighter corsets and large butt plugs twenty four seven. Lois even had her nipples and pussy lips pierced so she could keep them locked up and covered when not in the chair just so she could only be satisfied by it and leaving the keys locked to the chair and only able to unlock her pussy and remove the nipple covers when she was near the chair knowing she could not resist the urge to strap herself to it and let the evil computer torture her.

John had taken the keys several times for extended periods leaving her unable to satisfy herself or make the chair force her to cum but was able to still try succeeding only being tortured but the e-stims and the heat lamps and A/C units to make her stays in the chair more uncomfortable. During the rest periods the chair seemed to help her think of new things to add and John always was good at coming up with new ways to make her suffer, she thought they made a good team and wished she could see him more but didn’t want to change their arrangement for fear that he might stop coming around completely.

Meanwhile John was making arrangements to be in town much more and hoped she would not lose her desires to be controlled and tortured because he had lots of ideas how to make her submit to even more cruelties and really liked her ability to cope with his ideas and even want more but not want the kind of pain that normally meant hospital stays like some of his former lovers had yearned for. Their futures looked bright together and someday they might even have sex together but that was only his dream, for right now he would settle for continuing to make her dreams come true.

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