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The Coating

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; chast; wrap; nipple; clamps; toys; insert; gag; epoxy; coating; encase; suit; goggles; cuffs; stuck; bond; denial; oral; climax; cons; X

Janet woke grunting as she turned off the alarm clock, she had not slept well again and didn’t want to get up and go to work. Sitting on the side of the bed she tapped on the steel plate covering her pussy and grunted again. She had hoped Tim would have released her last night, after all it had been six weeks since he had locked the steel belt around her waist sealing her pussy and ass off from all physical contact. Even though she had begged him to help her control her lust she had hoped he would not have been able to resist her dressed in his favorite latex outfit even adding her tallest spiked heeled shoes she knows he loves seeing her in. Not only did Tim resist the urge to unseal his ladies pussy but after dinner he tied her in a kneeling position and forced her to satisfy his needs with her talented mouth.

Tim and Janet had enjoyed a loving bondage relationship for three years neither wanting to lose their independence and since both had been married briefly previously neither wanted to get married. Janet always loved being under someone else’s control but also liked being able to do whatever she wanted whenever she was alone. Tim traveled a lot for his job leaving her ample time to “play” with herself, having gotten very good at self bondage over the years enjoying being controlled by an inanimate object that wouldn’t release her no matter what she did or how pathetically she begged. Tim had gotten much better at making Janet wait until the agreed upon time, or longer, for release. He had also improved greatly at being able to tease her relentlessly, resisting his urges to gratify himself by releasing her early as well. Janet and Tim had other interests they shared with one of them being their love of latex, Tim took great pleasure in seeing her encased in it and she was delighted by the compression and restriction when she wore it.

Janet wore latex daily, she always had something on under her work clothes and when she wasn’t at work covered herself in as much of the rubbery material as she could for as long as she was able to. Tim would often find Janet encased in layers of latex chained to her bed or the post in the main room of her home waiting for him to come over and “save” her. Janet would place the keys just out of reach forcing herself to remain encased and teased in the rubber prison she had put herself in while knowing her freedom was just inches out of reach. On one occasion Janet had misunderstood when Tim would return from a business trip and was forced to stand in her six inch spiked shoes with six layers of rubber covering her entire body for two days. Janet was glad she had used her head harness gag with the large phallus shoved deep into her mouth or she might have actually been heard screaming by her neighbor during the second day.

Tim arrived to find her standing spread eagle between the heavy bedposts wrapped tightly in rubber, her legs shaking from the strain and tears running out from under the blindfold. After Tim had released her he found she was crying out of frustration, she had not used any vibrators, thinking she would just be bound over night, and the lack of stimulation while being bound had been a very intense torture for her. The duo spent the remaining day and night having sex with Janet still encased in as much latex as possible and bound to the bed most of the time. Tim had always thought she was slightly insane when it came to her sexual convictions but had learned to enjoy and even encourage them.

What Tim didn’t know was Janet had thoroughly enjoyed being helpless while encased for so long, only the longing for stimulation had been too much for her as well as the closest she had ever come to feeling really tortured. Janet had studied chastity for a long time hoping it would not only bring them closer but also help with her deep desire to orgasm whenever she could. Her need to orgasm had increased to the point of having to go to the bathroom at work and masturbate at least once a day sometimes more. Janet had not figured out yet that it was not having someone controlling her that had been driving her to crave climaxes constantly but she knew it had to change. Tim kept the key to the belt she had purchased and locked on herself and now was forced to wear it twenty four seven. Tim only removing it when he was ready and for the last six weeks he had enjoyed listening to her beg and do whatever he asked of her hoping for release that he had no plans of giving her for at least two more weeks per the agreed upon time.

Janet ate her small breakfast still not fully awake with one hand rubbing the steel plate thinking of ways to beat the belt. The belt she had ordered was the best she could find, it was custom made for her body and designed to be absolutely impenetrable. The fit was perfect making it impossible to get anything between it and her skin and with its double layer design dampening any vibrations applied to it leaving Janet a panting mess when she got aroused. Slowly Janet had gotten used to the belt and not being able to stimulate herself anytime she wanted to and had accepted this was for her own good but at the same time cursed Tim and silently vowed the next time it came off it would never go back on again.

Two weeks later Janet was still locked up tight and no longer thought about removing the belt and seldom fought with it anymore. She hoped she had beaten the uncontrollable desires that she had been dealing with for so long. Arriving home she found a note from Tim saying he would be by tomorrow and don’t have too much fun without me along with the key to her belt. She knew this was a test to see if she could resist playing with herself so she turned her attention to the two large pails sitting on the far end of the table. Both looked like they had been banged up badly and she laughed because she and Tim had often played with materials he got from his company that had been “damaged” allowing him to get them free since some of the materials they produced were very expensive.

The two had tried liquid latex several times to make her the perfect catsuit finding that no matter how hard they tried it never turned out very well. Then he brought home a large can of plastic coating that was used for lining industrial equipment and its hardener and coated Janet’s firm body with it. It had been wonderful, the liquid set firmly on her leaving them with an almost perfect cat suit of black plastic. After a few hours of Janet being encased Tim had carefully cut it so she could slip out of it and left it to set up completely only to find that after twenty four hours it hardened to an almost inflexible mass totally useless for their purposes. Janet would still ask Tim to lace her up in it from time to time and would lie around helplessly trying to move inside its firm grip but it wasn’t the catsuit they had hoped for.

After several more failures, some set to fast making the suit lumpy or unfit to wear others were so thin that the material ran off her before it could set up ruining it again so they had kind of given up on making the perfect cat suit. Now Janet sat staring at the cans trying to read the torn labels and piecing together what they were by the info on the remaining labels. Opening the first can Janet found it to be an almost clear fluid slightly thick but very transparent. The thought of having a perfect transparent suit excited her greatly and she knew Tim loved to be able to see her body and the pockets of sweat moving around when she wore her transparent latex suits. Janet mixed a small amount in a bowl and dipped her finger in and let it set for a few minutes squealing when she saw that once it dried it became almost perfectly clear.

Janet experimented with the liquids for an hour or so getting more excited and aroused as she learned that it flowed nicely, even when she poured an uneven amount on her arm and let it run in different directions it seemed to even itself out and dry flat giving her a perfect coating of what felt like clear rubber on her skin. After experimenting she was able to pull the rubber from her skin relatively easily finding it felt thick and strong enough to possibly hold up to being removed. This gave her hope that he had finally found the ideal material to make her the perfect cat suit. Janet sat panting from her arousal looking at the cans and decided she would make her suit herself as a surprise for Tim. Thinking as she undressed she would wear it until he arrives tomorrow and he could enjoy it for awhile before cutting her out of it.

Janet quickly undressed and stood staring at the steel around her waist debating to herself if she could resist bringing herself to a much needed orgasm or not. Feeling the excitement of covering her body in thick rubber she unlocked the belt and dashed to the bathroom. After relieving herself she slipped on a pair of clear six inch heels that had only one clear strap across her toes immediately putting a plan together of what she would wear under the coating. Janet picked up the shortened dumb bells Tim had ordered for her and fed the stout bars through her nipples before screwing on the loose balls. The reason for the shorter bars was that when the balls were tightened they pinched her nipples deliciously and could be tightened until they became quite painful if desired and unlike the other clamps she used frequently they wouldn’t loosen or pop off.

After making the piercings snug she pulled out Tim’s favorite gag, this gag was essentially a ring gag that had a thick latex liner with three wide straps to hold it on. The liner had a pocket for her tongue that allowed slight movements to help the bumps formed in it to stimulate his cock. Once the tongue was fully inserted it formed a vacuum seal restraining the tongue and making it necessary to remove the ring and liner and peel the latex from her tongue. The liner filled her mouth covering the inside completely, Janet had learned that if she covered the small hole in the back and sucked all the air out between the liner and her mouth it smoothed it out and made it even more difficult for her to make noise. Tim loved the gag because Janet was always being bound when it was used, and the warm latex with the bumps and its stretching abilities allowing him to deep throat her always making him cum very hard very quickly.

Janet strapped the gag into her mouth and using her fingers she forced her tongue into its pocket and smoothed the latex out before covering the hole and sucking hard sealing the latex to the inside her mouth. As she opened another drawer she tightened the dumb bells a little more making a quiet hum as the pressure increased at the base of each nipple. Janet took out the plugs she planned to use and their remotes and spotted the newest item Tim had purchased for her, the bondage goggles.

The goggles had been found on-line and interested Tim greatly because the wearer’s eyes could be seen through the lenses but the wearer’s vision was reduced to extremely blurry images and that was only in bright light. Tim loved watching her eyes search for anything to aid her as she grew more desperate. Janet had learned that after wearing them awhile she would forget her eyes could be seen and after watching a video and seeing her eyes searching for anything to help her she understood why he liked them so much. Another perk of the goggles was that they sealed tightly on to her face meaning she wouldn’t have to worry about any of the liquid getting into her eyes if she decided to coat her head as well. Janet saw the small box the collar, ankle and wrist cuffs he had bought her had come in and had another idea and grabbed it as well taking everything to her bed to get ready.

The stainless steel collar was already locked around her thin neck, Tim kept the key to it and had not removed it since he had given the set to her for her birthday last year. Janet loved the permanence of it and normally wore it with the d-ring turned towards the back so her hair covered it. “My hair!” Janet mumbled into the gag and shuffled into the bathroom pulling her long auburn hair up into a tall pony tail. Janet was tying the pony tail in place as she inspected the shaven sides of her head and thought “Almost time for another shave”. Janet had always liked having her head shaven clean so she had grown her hair very long on the top so it would cover the bald sides and back of her head when it was down. Janet doubled the pony tail making sure none of it would get mixed into the liquid rubber and rubbed petroleum jelly onto the circle of hair at the top of her head.

As Janet was washing her hands she looked at her thin waist, she had recently started wearing corsets because she always felt her waist was too thick. Not wanting to possibly ruin one of the few corsets she had she darted back to their closet and returned with two rolls of clear packing tape, Tim’s favorite restraining medium and began wrapping her waist. Janet started wrapping across the tops of her hips and pulled each layer tighter until she was gasping and had reached the bottoms of her full breasts. Staring at her reflection again she was admiring how her breasts heaved now when she inhaled and the small gold balls on either side of her nipples glistened when the light hit them and decided to give her breasts some support as well.

Janet carefully wrapped the tape under her breasts then up one side lifting them slightly wrapping over and around her neck down the other side. With a little struggling she soon had her breasts lifted and supported by several layers of the clear tape, her bare pierced nipples sticking out proudly. Janet stood smiling under the gag at how much larger they looked and how wonderful the clear rubber would look over them. Moving back to the bed she raised each ankle to her knee as she locked the steel cuffs around them then locked the cuffs around her wrists as well. Now the part the aroused woman was dreading, could she insert the vibrator and plug and keep herself from masturbating? Janet took a deep breath and slowly worked the lubed plug into her firm ass whining softly as it slipped into place. The vibrator felt like it jumped into her damp pussy and she sat moaning for several minutes running her fingers around the base of the vibrator that was shaped like a woman’s vagina.

The vibrator not only vibrated the long thick shaft, its base was covering her lips and clit having separate controls and could stimulate her to a quick orgasm by itself. Janet loved the vibrators and when used correctly could bring her almost to an instant climax or keep her on the edge of one for hours on end. Tim had mastered both methods and often used them together to get her so aroused she would agree to anything hence being locked up in the belt for two months. Janet was losing her battle with her body and had to force her hands away from the vibrator. Standing she took the keys to the cuffs along with the remotes for the vibrators and dropped them in the small metal box Tim had bolted to a low shelf. Once she closed it she had no access to the keys or whatever she had put inside since Tim carried the key to it as well. Staring at the box her hands trembling as she placed the remotes and keys inside it then remembered the chastity belt and slowly walked to where she had removed it and took the key from the lock.

On her way back to the box she felt an urge to remove the gag dropping the key into the box Janet went to their lock drawer and pulled out three small locks and slipped one through each strap of the gag adjusting the strap under her chin much tighter before locking it and placing these keys in the box and slamming the lid. Janet was now locked into the gag and cuffs with her nipples pinched by the dumbbells and two large vibrators filling her. Her feet and legs were already complaining about the steep angle they were in and her jaw was throbbing but Janet knew these feelings would dull over time having worn them for many hours at a time and she had figured she would only be wearing them until Tim come over tomorrow, eight to ten hours from now. Janet inspected herself one more time before sliding the goggles onto her forehead then gathered up what she needed and went to the garage.

This was not the first time she had covered herself, having used liquid latex before she was quite adept at covering her body even having special brushes to use to apply it. Janet had the buckets of liquid, a chair and two fans all sitting on a large drop cloth and mixed about a third of the two containers together in another pail stirring it gently before she started applying it to her feet and lower legs. Janet covered one foot and shin then held it up in front of the fan to get it to set quicker thinking how cool it was going to be having a perfect catsuit with built in high heels, wrist and ankle cuffs. Her arousal was driving her to hurry up and she quickly had the other foot coated and sat holding it up in the wind.

Janet wanted to apply another coat when an idea struck her and she lifted both feet and plunged them into the bucket submerging them and her lower legs in the thick liquid. Leaning back she raised her coated feet up in to the fans path again and marveled at how the liquid leveled itself out as it started to set. Putting her feet on the floor Janet could feel them slip slightly, giggling as the liquid oozed in between her toes tickling her. Janet started coating her legs working steadily up until she had the first coat up to her waist then started again from her ankles until she had used all the liquid she had mixed leaving her with three thick coats starting to set. Janet moved the fans and watched amazed at how the liquid got clearer as it began to set wondering why she hadn’t noticed it doing that before.

The liquid had set enough so it wasn’t sticky to the touch, skinned over is what Tim had called it and poured another third of the liquids into her pail and stirred it. Setting the pail on the table Janet brushed her back first using a mirror to make sure she covered it completely before moving to the front. In a few minutes Janet had covered herself up to her neck applying heavy coats over the collar particularly enjoying the feeling of the liquid tickling her nipples as it flowed around them and the clamps. Janet stopped brushing and twisted the balls tighter again making her wince then applied another thicker coat to her back using the long handled brush making sure there would be plenty of material to install the zipper later. Not stopping after the second coat she brushed her arms with the liquid making sure to cover every part of them and stood flexing and twisting in front of the fans.

The liquid had skinned over so Janet applied another coat to her arms then used the remaining liquid to add another layer over her breasts and torso. Janet could feel the material tightening around her legs and ass while it gave her a wonderful warming sensation and stood in front of the fans bending slowly while it set. Checking to make sure it was setting properly Janet began running her bare hands all over her body loving the tightness and the smooth feeling of the liquid noticing how thick it felt and thought she had been right during her experiments it had gotten thicker while it set. Touching her pussy she couldn’t feel anything under the thick rubber and whined as it finally hit her that she had sealed her pussy and ass and would now have to ruin the suit if she couldn’t resist the temptation. As Janet stood gasping she came up with a plan to guarantee she would have to wait for Tim.

Once the rubber had set enough Janet stuck both her hands in the remaining liquid coating both completely four times up to her elbows stopping only long enough to let them set before deciding she had to cover her head. She was being driven by her own lust and hadn’t noticed how numb her hands felt or the fact that when she touched any coated part of her body she could no longer feel where she had touched. Janet mixed up half of the remaining liquid then pulled the goggles down over her eyes, from here on out I’ll be doing this from touch, she thought. Carefully she started brushing the liquid around her face not covering the lenses of the goggles at first but as her arousal increased she stopped using the brush dipping her hands in the pail and scooping the liquid over her head and face.

Janet continued pouring the liquid over her head giggling again when she was tickled by the liquid slowly filling her ears not stopping to think about how she was going to get it out as her hearing slowly disappeared. Janet applied four coats of the liquid using her hands covering her entire head and face letting each one set until she counted to one hundred before applying the next one leaving her hands and forearms heavily coated as well. While Janet had been working on her head the coating on the rest of her body had set firmly and now Janet noticed she was getting extremely hot inside the rubber suit. With her overheated need to climax still driving her she could feel there was still liquid left in the pail so she picked it up thinking there couldn’t be that much left and leaned back in the chair and poured it down her face letting the thickening liquid run down her face and neck while she rubbed it all over herself adding another thick layer to her head, breasts all the way down to her pussy.

Janet stood up hoping she was in front of the fans and stood turning and twisting trying to get the liquid to set enough so she could implement her plan to immobilize herself and the wait for Tim. Janet was getting dizzy from the blurred images caused by the goggles and wished she had turned on more lights and sat down closing her eyes to let her head stop spinning. As she sat there in the dark she noticed she couldn’t feel the chair under her ass, she knew she was sitting down but she felt no pressure from the hard seat.

She began rubbing her hands all over her coated body finding she not only couldn’t feel with her hands she couldn’t feel her hands on her body. Finding her breasts she pushed hard on them squealing as her pinched nipples twisted under the stiff coating and then giggled into the gag from the strange sensation of her breasts feeling like someone else was pressing on them. Janet’s head cleared and she stood on her high heels and slowly made her way towards the only large black objet she could distinguish and hoped it was the door to the house. Each step was a surprise, she could no longer “feel” the floor with her feet and walked very carefully on her numbed feet. Janet’s hands were flailing in front of her as she moved desperately trying to find something to help guide her.

Janet pushed herself through the opening into total darkness having not turned on any lights in the kitchen or living room before going into the garage. She stood waving her hands in front of her bumping something then slowly ran her hand and arm along it until she could just see another opening but this was made of light. She knew she had left the lights on in the bedroom so she slowly made her way towards it getting more excited with each step from her enforced helplessness. Reaching the door she stumbled through it and found the bed and her chastity belt right where she had left it. Janet’s arousal was peaking, she couldn’t keep her hands from groping herself so she quickly wrapped the steel belt around her waist and snapped the crotch plate onto it and closed the lock.

Janet’s eyes were wide open, flipping back and forth as her numb hands pulled and tugged on the steel around her waist desperately trying to find a way under it. Janet felt the orgasm build while she struggled blindly for relief for several minutes, the frustration growing as she realized she was now stuck not only in the catsuit but unable to satisfy herself and threw herself back on the bed and rolled around moaning loudly as she wondered why she had done this to herself. Janet was lying on her back gasping for air through the small hole in the gag’s liner and the two smaller holes under her nose and decided to go through with her plans of securing herself even though the tighter than normal belt now made it impossible for her to stimulate herself enough to climax.

Janet groped around the bed finding the tails of the straps attached to the bed posts and carefully snapped the rings to each of her cuffs and began pulling the slack out of the tethers. Pulling her legs apart until she felt comfortable she slowly pulled the long tails connecting her wrists to the posts until her arms were stretched tight. Janet stood gasping as another near miss of an orgasm passed then pulled her wrist tethers a little more feeling her ankles get pulled apart a little bit more and stopped. Janet was now restrained between two large posts by thick nylon straps with one way buckles well out of reach keeping her arms and legs spread wide. She was coated in thick rubber that was still curing around her body making her feel growing waves of heat. The large gag keeping her mouth spread wide and sealing off her entire mouth and forcing her tongue to be pulled back down each time she tried to speak. The strange goggles allowing her eyes to be seen but blocked all most all her vision showing her eyes darting back and forth as she struggled silently against the bonds she had applied now cursing herself for doing it.

Janet stood struggling for several hours before she began to feel the effects of being forced to stand with her legs spread in the extreme heels. Her inner thighs were burning from the strain begging to be relaxed. Her jaw was protesting from the hours of forced stretching and her wrists and shoulders were beginning to ache as well. Janet knew from experience the aches and pains would get considerably worse but would ease after enough time had passed so she switched from hanging from her wrists to her feet supporting her as much as she could while she waited. The coating was still making it very warm inside its shell and in her stretched position Janet noticed that the coating was pulling on her pinched nipples and as it set more it seemed to pull on them harder. Also the tension around her waist was much greater than normal as was the pressure being applied to her pussy and ass as the belt tried to work its way higher up her torso and the thickening plastic made the belt tighter.

After only six hours Janet was struggling hard to try and break free of the tethers that were stretching her, the heat had become almost unbearable making her pussy and nipples feel like they were on fire. Her shoulders were screaming in pain and her legs and feet throbbed as she continued to shift her weight from foot to foot and wrists to feet desperately trying to ease the pain she was in. If she had not been hurting so badly the frustration caused by her struggles would have probably pushed her over the edge into a massive climax but Janet was doomed to struggle unstimulated until Tim arrived and then hopefully he would give her some release.

The silence Janet was trapped in let her sleep longer than she would have wanted if she had a choice, the heat and struggles finally got the better of her and she feel into an exhausted sleep sometime during the night. The goggles made everything look the same when she opened her eyes and the hardened liquid in her ears made it completely quiet. Janet’s body felt much better and she stretched her arms and legs before pulling on the straps still holding her erect. Janet was testing her limits when she noticed her body felt..different.

Janet could feel much more pressure on her chest each time she inhaled and also noticed that her hips took more effort to move than when she started. Janet kept wiggling and grunting already starting to arouse herself again as she wondered what time it was and how much longer she would have to hang helplessly. Janet kept pulling and trying to flex her body for the next four hours working herself up until her frustration was making her desperate again. Tim stood watching his girl friend’s clear coated body twisting and struggling.

He was stunned at the perfect coating covering her body and was wondering how she had managed it. He quietly moved closer and studied her straining body noticing that the goggles were under the coating as was the gag. The more he looked the more he realized it was not a suit but looked like she had been dipped in perfectly clear plastic. He ran his hands down her sides to the belt smiling at her locking it back on. Janet didn’t react to his touch even as he continued to stroke her covered pussy working down her legs, when he felt the cuffs he stopped and looked closely at them and could tell that they were not under the coating but in it. Inspecting her feet he found that her shoes were also in the plastic not just under it. Standing quickly he began rubbing her head and neck finding that the gag, collar and goggles had also be absorbed into the plastic and stepped back stunned.

Janet still had no idea Tim was there, the thick coating hadn’t allowed any sensations to reach her skin and continued to pull and moan while Tim stood trying to figure out what she had done. “Shit!” Tim yelled as he turned and ran to the table where he had left the two cans. Not finding them he ran to the garage yanking up one the cans and felt it was mostly empty. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” he yelled turning in a circle. Dropping the can he ran back to the bedroom and grabbed Janet around the waist and started telling her she had really screwed up this time but again Janet did not react. He grabbed her head and looked closely into an ear and could see that it was filled and cussed again as he pushed her head back.

This time Janet felt her head being pushed and started gag talking and moaning while trying to get him to understand she wanted free. Tim looked at the chastity belt closely noticing it was over the plastic and quickly unlocked the box finding the remotes and keys. He unlocked the belt hoping she hadn’t coated herself before putting it on. Opening the belt he found not only had she coated herself completely but that the belt had helped trap the plastic and it was almost rock hard over her pussy. Janet didn’t understand why Tim hadn’t released or even touched her yet and started struggling harder and grunting and moaning louder. Tim sat down and watched his deaf and mute girlfriend struggling in front of him trying to figure out what to do.

After twenty minutes Tim left Janet as he had found her and went to his computer and looked up the products trying to determine a solution before he told her what she had done. Janet was getting scared, it felt like hours since she had felt someone touch her head and she desperately wanted out of the whole set up. Tim researched and called several people about “What if’s?” and a few hours later he had returned from the store with a new set of head phones and a mister micro phone. Setting everything up he placed the head phones on the still bound and struggling woman and began talking slowly turning up the volume until Janet stopped struggling.

Tim continued talking while he turned up the volume a little more and began asking her questions having her answer yes or no with one and two grunts. Tim established she was ok and that she had started around nine o’clock last night meaning she had been encased for over fourteen hours. Tim hung his head pacing around the room until Janet’s struggles and moans made him begin to tell her what she had done. Janet listened carefully as he explained he had not brought home the containers to use for a cat suit and that the mixture was actually an industrial strength epoxy used to coat and seal containers. Janet didn’t understand and began pulling on the restraints again mumbling desperately.

Tim continued to explain while he tried to calm her telling her she would be untied in a few minutes. Janet calmed and listened to him wishing he would hold her desperately wanting to feel his touch not knowing he had been holding and stroking her the entire time. Tim watched her eyes as he told her that there was no way to release her from the super strong epoxy. Janet stopped moving even holding her breath while she thought about what he had said. Janet began shaking her head desperately but it looked like she was shaking her head slowly no. Tim had found her pile of experiments and explained it takes twelve hours for the epoxy to fully cure and bond with whatever it was put on that’s why she had been able to peel it off during her tests. Janet started flailing and screaming into the gag yanking and pulling on the tethers.

Tim reached up and pulled the long tails stretching her further and limiting her movements even more and calmly talked to her until she calmed again. “I have talked to the engineers and they had suggested that once the body sheds it outer epidermal layer the epoxy should be released from your skin and then it could be cut off”. Janet moaned “OOO ON?” Tim knew she wanted to know how long and reluctantly said “I called a doctor friend and he said it takes about….three months to completely shed the out layer of skin”.

Janet stood motionless, still held spread eagle letting the idea of being trapped inside the stiff cocoon for three months while blind, mute and with her whole body isolated from any sense of touch and all she could think about was “Damn I’m glad I used both of the vibrators”. After a few minutes Tim told her he was going to drill through the vibrators to open up some passages to allow her to relieve herself before untying her adding at least with the o-ring gag you can still take in fluids and liquid foods. Janet moaned trying to get him to let her cum first but he had already left the room and tried to fight her bonds but he had tightened them too much and now she couldn’t move at all.

Tim returned with his equipment and began drilling slowly into the firm coating. Janet couldn’t feel he was there until he had hit the plastic vibrator buried inside her. He was moving the drill very slowly not knowing exactly how long the toy was and not wanting to penetrate her skin. Janet now felt the vibrations the drilling was causing and started moaning making Tim stop and yell into the microphone “You ok?” Janet moaned wanting him to continue and nodded her head yes, Tim was standing and could see her eyes and shook his head knowing that look and knowing she was actually enjoying herself. It took Jim over an hour to finally reach the end partly due to having to stop several times as Janet orgasmed wildly. After her breathing calmed he told her he needed to reposition her so he could repeat the process in the plug.

Janet didn’t care, she was in heaven relishing the tight restraints and her helplessness and nodded ok. Tim smiled and lowered her hands then retied the anchors to the lower foot board and carefully bent her forward until he had a good angle on the plug. Tim had no idea about the tape corset or nipple clamps or the pain that he was causing when he pushed her forward. Janet moaned but was enjoying just moving at all and the new stimulation and let him tie her off. Janet stood bent over for several minutes before her restricted air flow made her start struggling again making Tim tell her if she didn’t hold still he would restrain her more. Janet controlled her breathing and concentrated on the lingering afterglow and hoped more drilling would give her another orgasm.

Tim and Janet repeated the procedure again this time taking much longer due to her struggling but finally after a few more orgasms Janet was straightened up and her wrists and ankles were released. Tim pulled a pair of rubber panties up her legs covering the thick hard plastic and sealing the holes he had drilled and lead Janet on shaky legs to the kitchen and pushed her into a chair. Janet had to really strain to move in the suit but at least she could move and felt much better as soon as she sat down. While Janet blindly ran her hands over her body still amazed she couldn’t feel anything and began thinking about three months encased, living as a plastic doll. The thought made her pussy tingle until she thought what if Tim leaves me?

Tim had been watching her eyes and noticed them tearing up behind the lenses, he took the microphone and asked her questions until he understood why she was weeping. Smiling again he told her he loved her and would be with her until he had freed her so he could make love to her again. Janet laughed into the gag and he told her to suck on the large straw he had put into the hole in the latex liner. It took Janet a few tries to learn how to draw the liquid into her throat but finally she emptied the glass. Tim asked her to forgive him but he had to tell her how wonderful she looked and tried to explain it to her. Janet held her hands up like she was taking a picture and could hear Tim laughing as he said “Ok, wait here I’ll be right back”.

Janet sat flexing her legs and trying to bend her torso but the epoxy had bonded with the tape making the “corset” very stiff, she kept moving her arms and flexing her neck until she heard Tim tell her to stand and follow him. He led her in front of a plain wall they used for pictures and began telling her how to pose and where to turn, Janet tried to reach up to untie her pony tail but her fingers were too stiff and numb to untie it. Tim realized what she wanted and untied her hair letting her beautiful auburn locks fall around her shoulders. Tim took pictures of his crystal clear encased girlfriend for an hour even tying her hands behind her and linking her ankles together. Janet’s frustrations and her helplessness quickly had her aroused again and while her hands and feet were bound she dropped to her knees and hummed into the gag flexing her tongue as far as the thick latex encasing it allowed.

Tim understood and asked if she was sure, Janet moaned loudly nodding she was and for the first time felt him touch her as he slid his swollen cock into her mouth. Janet struggled in her bonds while she sucked and stroked his cock relishing being able to feel him inside her mouth never realizing how much she liked feeling him and him touching her. Suddenly she started feeling sad knowing she would not be able to feel him touching for a long time. Janet kept sucking and pushing herself deeper onto his cock forcing it down her throat until she felt him explode shooting his load. Tim groaned as he rubbed her smooth head and thought he could get used to this treatment.

Tim spent the next week with Janet helping learn to walk around the house and moving things to make it easier for her. Janet tried to act like she was ok but whenever she knew she was alone she would pull and yank desperately on the coating stuck firmly to her skin until she screamed with pain. Tim had told her work she had to take a leave of absence but didn’t tell her they wouldn’t hold her position so she might not have a job when she was able to return. Janet spent many hours begging to be bound and servicing Tim’s cock that never seemed to get soft. Staying bound as much as possible was her way of coping with her growing desperation of being trapped in the thick coating, blind, deaf and unable to speak. Wanting to satisfy Tim was the only way she could feel any human contact and felt like if she didn’t he might leave her before she was free.

The first week was the worst for her as her body adapted to the tight rigid corset, steep high heels, the large gag in her mouth and the tight clamps on her nipples. The glue from the tape she had wrapped around her waist made her itch terribly and not being able to take a deep breath had made her feel like she was suffocating many times. By the end of the first week Janet had made Tim feel she could handle being alone so he went back to work even though unbeknownst to him she was still having panic attacks regularly. Janet shuffled around the house all day dreaming about being able to see and close her mouth but wishing more for being able to feel the things she touched and that touched her. When Tim arrived he found her sitting in a corner crying and the two sat with Tim trying to understand what Janet was saying finally figuring out she what she was feeling and trying to help her control her desperation.

By the end of the first month Janet was much more comfortable in her new skin and moved around the house like she could see perfectly. Her body had adapted to its confines and she no longer felt as desperate to be released. Tim had begun to bind her during the day after she begged him long enough, at first it was just linking her hands together in front, then her ankles also. Janet needed the distractions now, the boredom of being completely incapable of doing, hearing or seeing anything was starting to affect her and after a few days she begged for more. Tim had tied her on several occasions to the bed and held the strongest vibrator he could find against her filled pussy getting little to no reaction from her but Tim had not given up trying to give her some stimulation. Arriving one night with a heavy cane whip he swatted her across the ass, the thick plastic making a loud crack followed by a loud squeal from her gagged mouth.

Janet started jumping up and down on her high heels loving the sensation in her ass and mumbled and hummed as she moved towards where she knew the couch was. Tim watched in amazement as she found the couch and flung herself over the back of it and began wiggling her ass in front of him. Janet gasped as she forced herself to lay over the back of the couch, her tightly wrapped abdomen squeezed the air out of her making it difficult to breathe. Tim walked up behind her and began whipping her with the cane listening to her reactions each time he increased the power of his swing. Janet continued wiggling her plastic covered ass while her bound hands flailed behind her not being able to control her body as it wanted more feeling. Tim hit Janet harder and harder and was getting nervous he might damage her so he stopped to inspect the gasping and whining figure draped over the couch. Tim held her hips making sure she couldn’t raise herself as he watched her bare ass under the thick coating for any welts or swelling.

After a few minutes Tim could barely see any reaction from her skin under the coating so he began whipping her again starting with an even harder swing. Janet was in haven she could feel something touching her body for the first times in weeks, she was bound, gagged and sealed inside a plastic cocoon. Tim continued to whip Janet moving the whipping down her legs and back up to her ass and watched her continue to wiggle and whine until she screamed into the rubber gag and started shaking all over. Janet’s orgasm slammed into her making her scream and moan as she kicked her bound feet in the air and rolled forward onto the couch. Tim was laughing as he watched her roll off the couch onto the floor humming and moaning, finally laying gasping on her back. Tim let Janet lay and pant while he changed his clothes checking the cane and finding he had split the bamboo chuckling to himself about how much she could take and knew she wanted more.

Entering the living room expecting to find Janet still lying on the floor he was shocked to find the gasping woman on her knees and even though she was still panting she was humming her signal to him for wanting his cock in her mouth. He pulled his cock out and stuffed it quickly and deeply into her latex lined mouth. Tim was feeling particularly dominate grabbing her pony tail and pulling it hard forcing her to take his entire cock down her throat listening to her whine slightly as she tried to pull away. Tim held her tightly against his crotch enjoying watching her hands flail behind her and her feet kick violently until she got control of herself and started sucking hard on his swollen cock. Janet struggled to accept Tim’s cock but was enjoying him yanking on her hair and forcing her to work harder to breathe and suck on his cock. Janet felt him explode and his shaft pulsing in her mouth and throat humming until he pulled his shrinking cock out of her throat topping off a perfect orgasm for both.

Three months later Janet is now encased completely in the thick liquid, her skin had shed enough to be released but after her gag had been removed she begged Tim to use the remaining liquid to encased her completely before removing the suit. Tim had agreed easily, he had come to really like Janet being helpless and ready to service him whenever he wanted. Janet crossed her arms in front of her like she was in a straight jacket and Tim coated them in several coats of the liquid sealing them to her abdomen. Janet stood waiting for the coating to set then smiled as he filled her mouth with a large pump gag then coated her head making it a large mass of clear plastic. Janet was still sealed in plastic but was now unable to use her hands at all and with her mouth full she was unable to make any sounds except grunts.

Tim removed the plugs in Janet replacing them with vibrating pump plugs and sealing them in place with more of the liquid, since the suit had released itself he could add more on top of it and still be able to remove it when he decided he wanted to. Janet was now more cut off from the world then before and after a few days of being teased but not allowed to climax she decided she wanted to be released. Tim had other plans arriving home he cut the tall shoes from her feet and wrestled a pair of thigh high ballet boots up her legs lacing each incredibly tight before pouring more of the thick coating over them. Janet was getting worried, she was helpless to stop him from making her do as he wanted and unable to even separate her hands from her body.

When the coating dried Tim stood Janet on her pointed toes attaching a leash to the steel collar embedded deep in plastic around her throat and tying it off to the bed post and told her through the head phones, “You will remain sealed in plastic until you learn how to walk correctly in your new foot wear”. Janet whined and struggled in the coating even as aroused as she was she was starting to get scared wondering if she had made a mistake letting Tim control her. Tim already knew he could only keep her sealed for a few days before he would have to release her but wanted her desire to remain helpless to increase and glanced over his shoulder at two new cans of the clear epoxy. Janet’s submissiveness made her learn to walk in the ballet boots, quickly mastering them and deciding she didn’t care if she was ever released and had started to wish she could stay encased all the time.

A month later Janet is cleaning the house encased in thick layers of the clear plastic, the toe boots no longer a challenge to walk in. The extremely tight corset Tim had laced on before he covered her in the epoxy kept her gasping through the small holes in the clear plastic while she cleaned the house. Tim’s favorite gag was sealed into her mouth again but her eyes were covered by swimmers goggles before she was sealed by the clear liquid allowing her to see. Neither of them had talked about when she would be released from the plastic, she hadn’t cared when they started. But now this time Tim had locked the chastity belt around her narrow waist before coating her lower body guaranteeing she would not be able to feel anything while encased and making so this time she would absolutely not be able to be forced to climax.

Janet had learned about the steel belt after he had coated her upper body including her hands that she had decided she wanted sealed into mittens and with the thick plastic over them she could never get a good enough grip to remove it or hold anything firm enough to cut herself out. Janet was free to move around most days but every night she was bound into ever stricter positions that Tim decided on never asking her what she wanted anymore. Janet had hardly heard his voice this time but felt very comfortable trusting Tim with her helplessness. Tim knew the boredom would soon make her want to be bound during the day and he had many plans to keep her “occupied” during the day.

The blackened goggles now kept Janet in the dark twenty four seven, she hadn’t seen, heard or spoken to Tim in what felt like months, the last time she felt something besides his cock in her mouth she was being forced into a small wooden box. Tim had purchased a new home, cleaning out her house and moving her and her things there. Making sure she would be carried as just another moving box by the large men he hired to move the contents of her home. He had decided that when he released his willing captive he would ask her to marry him knowing she was now completely compliable to whatever he wanted. The two would spend many happy years together, Janet happily bound as much as he wanted and him gladly controlling her entire life. Sitting on a shelf in the large garage were several cases of the thick coating waiting to be used to keep her sealed forever.

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