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It’s a Slippery Slope

by Lckdnrbbr

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© Copyright 2007 - Lckdnrbbr - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; boxed; machine; timer; cons; X

You've been preparing for this for a long time, but hadn't had a chance to try it out yet. Well, maybe tonight will be the night.

You'd already put all your keys into a locking box - except the key for the box itself.

Once the box was locked shut, you inserted the key into the mechanism of another box - but we'll get to that box later. Suffice to say, the key is not coming out on it's own.

You've got some stuff to do tonight, so you forget about the keys for a while until you come home and see your thumbcuffs on the desk. You know you don't have the keys for them, but you're feeling like playing, and have some time on your hands.

Before you can change your mind, you snap them on.

So now you've got thumbcuffs on...

No big deal...

Except that you can't take them off.

After about an hour or so, it gets really annoying to work the mouse like that.

By now, you're kinda wanting to take them off, but you know there's a lot more to it then that.

The keys to those thumbcuffs are in the lockbox, and the key to the lockbox is in the mechanism of another box, one that you go in.

And that box will only spit the key (and you) back out once you've been in it a while.

There's another catch.

The big box won't lock and start it's countdown until all of it's switches are pressed.

There's one under where your neck goes, one on each internal wrist cuff. and two at your ankles.

You put on the collar - it'll only stay closed with a lock, so you put one through it, knowing that key... all your keys... are in the box.

There's a metal post off the back of the collar that will push the switch inside the box, and lock the collar in place once they're all triggered.

You do the same for your wrists and and ankles, putting cuffs with posts on them on and locking them shut.

You lay down inside the comfortably padded long box

The door is propped open by the mechanism, and as you lay down, you fit the back of the collar into it's post, your ankles' posts go into the holes for them.

And you pull on the special belt and cinch it tight.

Finally, you insert the two wrist posts into the center bar that attaches to your collar and the belt...

Nothing happens...

No click, no top swinging down, you can still move.

Shit.. You forgot the gag.

You reach up above your head and pull down the inflatable gag mounted on the u-shaped metal.

You insert it into your mouth and the two posts find their holes below your head this time as you insert your wrists posts into the sockets.

They immediately snick into place...

That was fast - you weren't sure if you really wanted to do it, but it was almost like something had grabbed them and made this very final.

You try your neck and head, but both the gag and collar are now very securely stuck there.

The gag slowly starts to inflate, and you feel the third strap of the special belt spring to life as the lid slowly swings and ratchets shut.

Above you, the airbags on the lid begin to inflate, pressing down on your body and holding you in a firm embrace, leaving only your head uncrushed by their pressure breathing is labored, but not unenjoyable, and you can breathe the filtered air from the outside okay.

Outside, a small LED readout blinks 5:27... 5:27... 5:27

Then finally 5:26.

Just about smack dab in the middle of the 12 hour random cycle you'd programmed in earlier.

You settle in, drifting out to a beautifully comfortable, but completely immobile subspace.

You don't know how long you're in for, but once you put on those thumbcuffs, it was inevitable.

You accept your fate and wait, drifting in and out of dreams.


You wake up, startled at your desk

You must've dozed off there...

But there's your thumbcuffs...

Was it a dream? You quickly snap them on before you can remember.



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