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A Friendly Little Reminder

by Tonya

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Storycodes: Sbf; rope; zipties; gag; hood; hogtie; chain; cons; X

Part 1

We all have these smart little phones. The ones that have calendars and clocks and alarms and reminders. Most of them are wonderful and help with everyday thingy things and can be described as useful. It’s the reminders I truly loathe. Because I basically use them for one thing. To remind me that I fucked up. I mean we all fuck up, but I’m one of the worst about it. I have my rules. If I can’t get out of a tie, or get out too easily because I screwed something up, took a shortcut, had to safety, or just plain cocked the whole thing up (and probably had to safety) then, I must do a penance tie. Yeah, yeah, I know. I hear it all the time “BUT you LIKE it.” The catch with doing one of these ties is that I don’t. Or at least by the end I don’t like it. I have to make myself endure an over the top tie that is either too long, or too difficult, or too tight (as long as there’s no permanent damage), or no escape until I think I’ve endured enough to offset my fuck up and my penance is paid. On average I try to do a tie a week. I tally the times I think I screwed something up and at the end of the month I have a reminder (grumble grumble) set up that I need to do a penance tie. The reminder has the notes of how many times I’ve done “stupid shit” and the level of my debt that needs to be paid. This was going to be particularly ominous and probably somewhat brutal because my schedule didn’t permit me to do one last month. Well, that’s my excuse anyway. It’s not as simple as that. Timing was shit, but the planning didn’t happen because I just didn’t make myself do it. For every week I postponed it I added two hours to my ordeal. It was now at three weeks, or six hours, on top of whatever I decided I was going to do. I had to be very thorough and prepare completely for what was going to be a very long day and possibly night at this rate. For a tie this long I was going to need to come up with what would probably be a two or maybe even three step adventure. A gradual step down or maybe up. It’s too early to tell. Step one, as per usual was to make sure that I could count on Sirius to be there for a rescue. Especially since I wasn’t going to leave myself a way out. That’s right. I hate to safety so much that this time around, I don’t have one. Except for her of course.

I got cleaned up a little and headed for Dickson. It was around 3:30pm and Sirius was opening the bar so she’ll be there around 4:00. It would be slow so we could talk about what I was going to do, how bad it was going to be and where and when she needed to show up and save my ass. As bad ideas usually do it started with what to wear. I wasn’t sure so I brainstormed some ideas while on the road and came up with, nothing. Hopefully the talk with her would be productive. I stopped and picked us both up a coffee and she was more than happy to see me.

“Oh. It’s yeewww. What do you want?” thrilled can’t you tell?

“Hey you. I brought you this. Because coffee.” She knew something was up.

“You only bring me coffee for two reasons. Either you fucked up and need my help, OR you’re about to fuck up and need my help.” It’s like we’ve met.

“Exactly. Remember that penance tie last month?” I was bringing her up to speed.

“I…” her head tilted slightly “I actually don’t.” She looked intrigued “Did you do something stupid without me on speed dial?”

“I didn’t. Yet. I haven’t done one yet. And I think this one is going to be,” I swallowed hard and took a drink of coffee “I can’t words for how this one is going to be. I screwed up by putting it off and now it’s up to six hours,” she jumped in.

“Geezus honey. Can you go that long for this level of stupid?” she took a sip.

“That’s ummm… that is just the penalty from postponing the last one. And you can’t let me take a pass and take part of this next time. Cheating and being lazy and just plain stupid is what got me in this mess. I kept making excuses. And just kept telling myself that I can handle it. And now, this is gonna hurt. I mean I kind of want it to, that’s part of the reason this insanity exists, but whatever happens for four ish hours and then a six-hour penalty on top of that? I’m gonna need you in a bad way tonight.” Her tone flashed from frustrated to trembling a little with some glee thrown in for giggles.

“You know you have to do at least part of it outside. It’s supposed to cool off tonight but not in a jack frosty kind of way. Around 10° with a light chance of rain, like only 10%. Cold and possibly wet. Inside? Outside? Storage building? You have options. It just depends where on the spectrum between slightly miserable to cruel and slash or unusual punishment-ish you want this to be?” despite her apparent tone of doom and gloom she was actually trying to help. “What if you started inside with the super tight portion of the show, then slowly made your way outside as it cooled off? The bonds would be less restrictive but more, I dunno, permanent? So, you’re free of the tight stucking, but still stuck AND then stuck out in the elements to endure?”

“I think I see where you’re going with this. Hmmm… What if I start in the bedroom bound with several things that come off in stages. Rigid cuffs and collar stay on for the duration. Wrist loops and ziptie cinch, ankles, knees, thighs, arms, tied with rope. Wrists attached to ankles with a short chain and padlock. Black pillow case hood tied to a tether on the bedroom door. Half way down the hall the hood finally comes off, but I have to go backwards so it takes twice the effort. That will be removal step one.” She thought for a moment, the gears turning “OR same concept. But in the garage. Patio furniture, the chairs anyway, placed in the middle of the floor and I have to do laps around them to take up the slack on the hood, so it pulls off. Then I have to set off the sensor to light up the room enough to see the garage door opener laying on the floor. Not sure where it will be yet. Somewhere on the opposite side of where I end up with the hood coming off. When I get to the garage door opener the key is attached to a tether. I have to lock the tether to my wrist ropes. The key falls and I can unlock the hogtie chain, but the tether is attached to the garage door so when I hit the button to open the garage door I have to stand up as the door goes up and it pulls my wrists up behind me a little bit. Not quite a strappado, but I’m not gonna enjoy it either. Once the key falls for that lock I can unlock the tether and go outside. But not out the back door. Out the overhead door and around the front of the house to the door on the other side of the privacy fence into the back yard. My secret door. I’ll stick to the little path. It will keep me out of the wet grass, until I go through the fence anyway. Once I’m in the backyard I’ll pull the door closed. With my hands still behind me I won’t be able to open the door. I’ll be in the back yard with no way out. Snips will be somewhere, maybe in the shed. Maybe. There are some more details here I’m still working out. I’ll need to put a clock in the shed. If there’s too much time left I’ll have another padlock in there so can lock myself back in hogtie land.” The gears were still turning.

“Okay. You were all over the place and I’m going to talk for a moment while you breathe.” She was waving her finger around in the air “Because I don’t think you did for that whole little thing you just did there. Time spent outside in the rain will count as double time because you don’t need to come down with pneumonia getting your fix.” Tonya nodded her approval. “Also, first things first dingbat, you need to figure out what you’re going to wear and where and how you’re going to get out of step by step things.” She crossed her arms and was now officially in Sirius lecture mode “Having the tools for step three does you no good at step one. You need to plan this better than one of your little adventures. I will be there, eventually, but you’re going to over the top this before I make an appearance. Okay. Let’s start at the beginning. Soooo, whatcha gonna wear?” she tilted her head.

“Well, aside from the obvious, I’m not sure yet.” I stared off in the distance in thought.

“Do you have anything cute, or new, or new AND cute you want to break in?” Tonya thought for a moment and then a lightbulb.

“Oooo.” Her eyes widened “I do, actually. I have a black bodysuit that I want to take for a spin.” She was grinning.

“You’re gonna need more than just a black bodysuit. Over under on hose at 2.5?” Sirius uncrossed her arms. “I’m taking the over.”

“I’ll take the under then. That’s two pair. One on top and one on bottom. With the bodysuit. Yeah.” Tonya crossed her arms and nodded her head. Happy to have made a decision.

“Okay. That’s it? Last call for amending the attire for this penance tie.” Sirius raised her eyebrows.

“No. That’s it. I think. Yeah, I’m good with that. Okay. What’s next?”

“Okay, hose times two and the bodysuit. Done. Next you need to figure out where you’re going to get started. Originally, you began in the bedroom, but the last place you mentioned was the garage. Is that where you want to start?” Sirius almost felt she was spoon feeding Tonya, but if she didn’t there was a good chance this extended shit show would jump start another such penance tie.

“Yes, hogtie in the garage with a chain and padlock. The chain stays attached to my chest harness in case I want to use it again later with another place with another padlock. I’ll probably use the longer one with a ring on one end. That way I can loop it up and over my chest loops and it will just hang down.”

“Okay, and how are you getting out of that, and what’s the very next step after that?” Sirius was taking a few notes on her phone, because she knew Tonya wasn’t.

“Okay, there’s a pillowcase hood that’s attached to the door stop with about ten meters of cord. Patio chairs will be placed one meter apart and in the middle of the room. It will take a few trips around the chairs to remove the hood. Once the hood is off I can find the garage door opener. Oh, after I trigger the sensor. The door will be left up a few inches so the sensors stay active and I can use that as light to find the opener. When I get my hands on the opener I can use it to open the door. Oh. Ummm… With my arms pinned to my body a strappado wouldn’t work very well so I think we’ll skip that.” Sirius stepped in.

“Okay, if you’re skipping the strappado there, then you need to add something elsewhere. It doesn’t have to be over the top crazy, just something else.” Sirius didn’t look up from her phone.

“Hmmm… what do you think? Is there something I haven’t thought of?” Tonya was stumped.

“You haven’t mentioned a gag yet. Are you going to mix it up or go with one of the classics?”

“Oh yeah. I have a new head harness ballgag to use. I almost forgot about it. The ball is silvery.” Tonya was proud of her new shiny.

“That doesn’t sound tough enough. Does it lock?” Sirius tilted her head again.

“Yes. Yes, it does.” Tonya replied still grinning.

“Lock it on, ears plugged/puttied, and wrap it all up nice and tight. THEN the lace up hood with eyes on top of all of it.” She was still taking notes, making sure to not miss anything. “You know what,

She stopped and looked up from her phone. “back up a step. Pantyhose hood. Before the gag. full encasement. Use the panty portion to pull down so you can make sure to pull it down far enough that it won’t come off. Like arms through slits on the sides of the control top with a leg on over your head. I’m sure you have a pair with one leg. Pony tail goes in the leg so you can still pop it out the hole in the top of the hood. Ball goes on the outside of the hood. Then put the other pair on like a shirt. That will make sure everything stays on.”

“Wow. I like it. Very thorough, I can’t hear, but I can still see, but my vision will be impaired. Layers locked in. On, whatever. What else you got?” Tonya liked where Sirius’s head was. She was doing as much to plan her demise as Tonya was.

“Oh, now you’re asking me? Well then, let me think. What is the official time going to be? With the six-hour penalty included?” Tonya took a deep breath and did some quick math.

“In total, with the six extra hours included, it’s ten hours.” Tonya took a deep breath and tried to work out how she was going to make it that long.

“Wow. That’s a long time. Like I don’t think you understand how long. It’s 4:30 now. If you went home and got stuck now, like right now at 4:30, I wouldn’t be able to let you out until 2:30.” Sirius was doing the big eyes thing.

“Holy shit. That’s an entire shift for you huh?” Sirius nodded.

“Longer actually,

Sirius added and Tonya continued.

“So, I’ll text you when I get started. I mean with the actual stucking, not just with the planning part. Which I’m going to pay super close attention to, by the way.” Tonya’s brain was tingling with terrible ideas. “Any last words? I need to get going and let you get to work.” Tonya finished the last of her drink.

“Nothing I can think of, but keep your phone handy until you go dark. I may have some more questions. And stick to this thingy too.” Tonya’s phone dinged. It was the notepad thingy that Sirius had been working on. Tonya didn’t take notes, but she had some now. “Let me know if you decide that you need to change anything or can’t get anything figured out. Okay?”

“Of course. This is going to be so much fun, kinda, and it’s going to be really hard. Thanks for your help. I’ll see you in a little while.” Tonya leaned in and gave Sirius a hug.

“No kiddo.  You won’t see me until morning.” Sirius corrected, and Tonya just grinned and wondered off. Her mind ablaze trying to figure out how she was going to pull this one off.

On her way home she thought more than once about changing everything and making it more difficult and over the top. By definition, penance is voluntary self-punishment inflicted as an outward expression of repentance for having done wrong. The version she and Sirius had just thrown together was lengthy but not overly punishing. Hell, on a shorter timeline it might even be fun. There had to be some changes made in order for it to meet that definition. Not terribly obvious changes, just a few little ones that would ensure at the end of her ordeal she would feel like she had been through a four-hour boss fight with a six-hour bonus boss stage that was equally brutal. Some changes had to be made. The ropes had to be tighter. Super glue the knots maybe? Eventually they would tighten up a little, but the cinches needed to be very secure. If the chain was premeasured and already cut it might be a suitable replacement for rope. Chains locked on for that amount of time would be unforgiving and there would be zero room for error. She had enough padlocks to make it happen, and there was a place on the way home she could stop and purchase a small roll. Or, she could use some of the chain accessories she already had ready to go. That might work too. The harness was already tested and worked wonderfully the last time she used it. And a doubled closed loop of chain could be used in place of the wrist loops. As long as the cinch was strong enough. A stainless steel ziptie will work nicely for that. Through the links instead of around it so the loops tightened as a whole instead of bunching up. It was a huge change, but the shiver it sent down her spine probably meant that it was a change she should make. It would drastically change the overall feeling of the tie. Ropes feel like an extended hug. Chains do too, at first. Then they stay cold and hard and don’t move with you. They don’t settle in and get a little comfortable. They hold strong and have a finality to them that rope doesn’t have. Even tied with miles of rope there is still some hope that you might, MIGHT be able to find a knot or wiggle free, or just eventually cut your way out of everything. Chains, they don’t have that option. That was the determining factor. Chains were the more brutal of the two options, so that change was going to happen. Changes have been made. A text was in order.

Tonya: I made a little change. Chains are now being used in place of rope. Closed loops for the wrists with a stainless steel ziptie cinch. Chest harness with wrists attached in the back. Legs chained and locked where rope would be. So far, everything else is the same. Start in the garage, pull off the fake hood by going around the chairs, then open the door after setting off the sensor. Etc etc. Tied up tight forever.

Sirius: That didn’t take long. I wondered if you were going to get medieval on yourself or not. I approve this change. Subtle, but it changes the feel of things quite a bit. So, does everything stay put all night except the position mods?

Tonya: Yes. Not cutting the ziptie. -gulp- Chained all night.

Sirius: You’re going to remember this one. Just leave me a box of keys so I can get you out in a hurry if I need to.

Tonya: Deal. Box/bag will be hanging above the chair in the garage facing the open garage door. Medium-ish bolt cutters will be there too. Just in case. I don’t want to have access to them, so they’ll be a little bit high up. Wordy padlock. I got clever with the combination. It’s “LOCK.”

Sirius: Ah. Good idea. In place of snips. Makes sense. I like it. A way out you can see, just can’t use. That’s mean. Brilliant! Combo is LOCK. Heard.

Tonya: Will keep you posted.

Sirius: kk.

And no, I wasn’t texting and driving. I was sitting in the driveway when I was texting her. I hit the button on the garage door and made my way inside. I decided to go ahead and get dressed. It was already 5:20 and I needed to get started fast. If I got everything done and ready to go by 7:00 that means if I’m lucky I’m out by 5:00am. But I have to be careful and not get in a hurry. Everything must be done perfectly. More or less anyway. She’s coming to let me out. I’m not going to have a way out. It’s supposed to be a punishment so cutting a few corners is probably going to be okay. But only a few. Sirius still had to be able to get me out when she got here. Just in time for breakfast. Oooo. We should have waffle house. I pulled my sweater dress off and took off my bra and sat down on the bed and took off my ankle boots. I skipped over to the dresser and pulled out the pair of hose that were going over my head. I nicked a slit in either side of the sheer to waist reinforced panel in the front and back and pulled them on over my head. Shit. Then I paused. I skipped a step, sort of. Plugs and putty needed to go in before the pantyhose hood went on. I dug around and found those. I spun the earplugs into little cylinders and poked them into my ears. I held my finger over the end of them so they didn’t walk out on me and the sounds went away. The swimmers putty in my ears around the earplugs took care of any residual noise that might sneak in. I picked the hose back up and I walked them down over my head from front to back to keep the hair out of my face. Coercing my ponytail into the leg was a little trickier but I got it done. Satisfied with that pair, I grabbed another pair of hose sans crotch and pulled them on over my head. The bodysuit was in the drawer next to the hose and still had the tag on it. I popped the tag off and stepped into it. It was cut like a one-piece swimsuit but more like a speedo than just a cute one. It fit very snug and I was immediately thrilled with it. I didn’t have time to twirl around the house and enjoy it though, I needed to get my hardware out and my stuff for my gag, wrap, and hood. The hardware was first. I needed to find a length of chain that I could use on my wrists and find a way to quickly cut it down, or lock it so it was a closed loop. The box of hardware keeps getting heavier, and it’s easily the noisiest thing I own. The harness was easy to find. Right on top where I left it. And my box of padlocks, now box 1 and box 2. I found a piece but it was too long, for my wrists anyway, but it would work perfectly for my ankles. The next piece was even longer, which would work great above my knees. The next one was the longest piece I have, nearly six meters long. I could work backwards and use the super long one on my legs, and the medium one on my ankles. That would leave the shortest of the three for my wrists. If I looped it back on itself three times it was just a little too big. One of the ends was open so I could just attach to the other end where ever I needed to attach it. That way I could make it the size I needed it to be. I grabbed the pliers and went to work. I padlocked it first to see what the excess should be that needed to go away. It worked like a charm and with a doubled over piece of rope I made a fake cinch and snugged it up around my wrists. Just a little more and it would be perfect. Six links later, I know that sounds like a lot, but its only two links per wrap, and it fit snug. I could turn my wrists, barely, but it wouldn’t move. It was going to be there for a long time, so I wanted it to be perfect, and effective/tolerable, because there is a fine line between “just right” and “well, fuck”.

After I finished up with measuring the wrist chain I unlocked the padlock and closed the end where it needed to be. This left me with about ten links on the end of the loops. I’ll use that to attach it to my chest harness. The rigid pieces, the collar and cuffs, needed to go on next. I didn’t really need to use the rigid collar but it gives me a solid attachment point in the front and back for the harness. The cuffs went on after I had the collar secured. I added the ring to the left wrist and ankle. When I’m ready to go later I’ll slip the right cuff open and through the ring, then close them and screw down the Allen key and basically just drop it when I’m done with it. There’s little to no chance I find it and if I did, the chain on my wrists would prevent me from getting to the screws anyway.

Okay, cuffs and collar are on. Chains, stainless ziptie, and padlocks are selected and I know which one is going where. I need to find the piece that is going to serve as my hogtie while I’m in the garage. I think that’s the only piece I still need to find before I start with my gag and hood. Shit. It’s already 6:05pm. I won’t be out before 4:00am. Probably closer to 5:00am by the time I get started. Sirius was right. She won’t see me until morning. Chairs! Shit. I need to get the four chairs from the patio and relocate them in here. I ran into house and grabbed my ballet flats, then through the house, slid open the patio door, and grabbed the first of the four chairs. I was hoping it was just my imagination as the chill from being outside set in on my second trip out back. The difference in temperature was making it seem colder than it really was. It was nearly a 15° swing, like walking inside to 20° feels toasty warm compared to the 5° outside. I hurriedly got the four chairs in position and set up. I ran a piece of string through an eye bolt on the garage door opener and dropped it to the floor. A single piece of ice in a stocking timer and the initial hogtie key was ready. I dug around and found the right key to put in the bag and remembered that I needed to put another padlock in the shed with a key in ice if I wanted to stay in there for a little while. I’d probably have the time since now I was going to be going all night. I quickly picked out one of the shorter chains with rings on the ends and one of the larger padlocks and dropped a key in the bag and took the other key with me. I ran a piece of string through an eye bolt in the ceiling in the shed and dropped five regular sized ice cubes in a stocking timer and dropped the key ring onto the guideline. It would be quite a while before it fell, but I might not even be in there yet when it does. I’ll figure out something else to do if that’s the case.

Okay. Quick checklist. Chains, padlocks, rigid cuffs, rings, chairs, extras in the shed, back door is locked again and the rod in the track, secret fence door is propped open, shed door is propped open, garage door is cracked about ten centimeters. Gag stuff is lined up and is to be put on in the order it is laid out. New harness ballgag, two 10 cm wide rolls of black coban, and a lace up hood with eye holes. Actually, I can lock on my leather posture collar around the bottom of the hood it can’t come off until Sirius gets here. Yeah. I’m gonna do that. I skipped off to get one more piece to my already over the top adventure. Not adventure. Not. An. Adventure. Penance. Dammit. Ten hours of it. Okay. Here we go with every strap ever to adjust on the new shiny. It wasn’t so bad. I’d tried it on when I first arrived but I had other things to do. Life happening while I’m trying things on. I tried it on but I didn’t buckle it down tight. Snug would be good, especially with the layers coming in on top of it. I bit down on the ball and snugged down the last strap under my chin I twisted the first two wraps of coban a half twist when wrapping around the ball to push it in a little farther and went to work wrapping my head. The first roll was gone in a hurry and I popped the plastic on the second roll. It was gone just as quickly. The two rolls covered my whole head except for my eyes and a high pantyhose ponytail sticking out the back. It would be right at the top of the laces on the hood, which was next. I opened it up nearly all the way and walked it down over the coban. I lined up the eye holes, pulled my encased ponytail through, and began tightening the laces. Things got tight in a hurry. The only thing I could hear was my heart racing as I kept walking down the laces. Once I was happy with how tight it was I tied it off, double knotted it, and tucked it back up under the neck of the hood. The collar was next and covered the bottom eyelets, knot, and excess laces. I buckled it, snug, but again, not too tight and picked up a padlock. The first point of no return. I took a deep breath and clicked it closed. Hood, gag, plugs, and hood were locked on. Time to head to the garage, text the last text to Sirius and officially get started.

I picked my phone and headed out the door into the garage.

Tonya: Okay. Gag and hood are on and locked down. Officially starting the stucking process. Chain harness first, then legs, then rigid cuffs, and chain wrist loops. Then on the floor and attaching ankles to chest harness. First key is on ice, extra shed key is on ice, and garage door opener is over there somewhere.  By the door into the house. I think.

Sirius: Sounds good. Thorough. Good job. Quick question, hood is locked? I thought it only had laces.

Tonya: Ah. Leather (posture-ish) collar locked on over the laces and knot. Can’t get to them until collar comes off. Key for that padlock is in the bag hanging in the garage, along with the other keys and cutters.

Sirius: Okay. Official start time, we’ll say 6:30pm, since you’re already gagged and hooded, and locked in apparently. Earliest I can let you out is 4:30am. Are you sure you can do this for ten hours?

Tonya: Yes. I mean, I think so. I kind of have to so I’m going to do it. And I’m going to make you hold me to it. If you have to deal with any of my bullshit when you get here, you can get medieval on my ass.

Sirius: Oh really? You know I’ll be there before it’s time to get out, right? And you know how bad you’re going to want me to let you out?

Tonya: Yeah yeah. I know. You’ll be here nearly two hours before its time for me to get out. And you’ll probably have food you’ll eat in front of me and stand at the patio door inside where it’s nice and warm while I freeze my helpless ass off outside. If I give you any shit, give it back tenfold. This is me trying to correct a fuck up. Please? I’m asking for this.

Sirius: Alright. I have it in writing right here. I’m screenshotting this and sending you a copy. Now hurry up cheater, I know you’re stalling.

Tonya: Whatever. I’m going dark. I’ll see you in about eight hours.

Sirius: Don’t die.

I was working on my chest harness while she was giving me shit. Sort of. I need to put the ring on the back of it, but I’m not sure about where to lock everything else on. I put the strappy parts in the back so I can lock them on front so I started by locking the back to the rigid collar. Then passing it between my legs and back to the front of the collar. Another padlock and it was going to stay put. I grabbed the chain I’m going to use for the hogtie and attached it to the top just below where the top strap comes out. I took a deep breath and got down in the floor and didn’t realize how chilly the floor was in here. I doffed my flats and tossed them into a corner out of the way. Using the Allen key, I opened my right ankle cuff and threaded it through the ring on the left ankle. I closed it and screwed it down. My ankles were halfway done. Never being one to fear overkill, I took the medium length of chain and found the center of it. I laid it across my ankles and wrapped it around until I had enough for a cinch. I twisted the chain on itself and cinched the wraps and pulled the ends in front and grabbed a padlock. It was snug, but it could be tighter. So, I unwrapped it and did it again. This time making sure it was flat and there weren’t any twists in it. I was happier with it so after wrapping the cinch I didn’t pause and clicked the padlock closed. Ankles are done.

I had a really long piece of chain to work with next and I had some options for it. I had enough padlocks I could start at my hips and zig zag wrap it to my knees and then a double wrap and a cinch there, or I could wrap twice at the tops of my thighs and then drop it and a double wrap above my knees and a padlock there. I tried them both and I liked the second one better, and one of the wraps around my thighs I snuck under the harness in the back. That should keep it from slipping down any. I padlocked the top wrap in the back, next to the harness and dropped the end and wrapped it around my legs above my knees and padlocked it in front. Holy shit. My legs are done.

I reached behind me and made sure to grab the top piece of the harness and pulled it around front and put the ends together. Then I walked it two more links tighter on either side, slid a padlock in to hold it there and reached back for the next one. The second piece, I criss crossed into the top one and placed one padlock on the four pieces in the X in between my breasts. The next two get tricky because I get to guess on how tight they’re going to be because I can’t have my hands behind me and lock the ends in front, so I tried to make sure they were going to be snug and not overly so. I’ll know how they turned out soon enough. I picked up the stainless steel ziptie and threaded it through the middle of my chain wrist loops and closed it. Now my heart was really going wild. I reached behind me and padlocked the wrist loops to my harness. I took another deep breath and picked up the Allen key, stuck it in the screw on my right wrist and reached behind me. I found it with no trouble and began unscrewing to place it in the ring. I lined up the open end and slid it into the ring. And then I had a thought. I almost forgot the hood. It was tricky, but I managed to get it on over my head and pulled down. And I had another thought too. I could padlock the ring to the harness too. I meant to take the ring off and drop the harness chain through it when I put the harness on but I forgot. Yeah. Sure. Why not? So, I snuck my right hand back around and picked up another padlock and set it down behind me. I slid my arms under the last two harness chains. One just below my elbows and the other right above my wrist loops. I found the ring again and slid my right cuff in and started screwing it down. Once it was in I just kind of flipped the Allen key in a direction behind me. I had no idea where it landed. It wasn’t going to do me any good anyway. I picked up the padlock and the ring was attached to the harness straps. I slid the rigid cuffs up on my wrists as far as I could and began working my hands into the wrist loops. Once I got them all the way in there, I pulled on the ziptie and the chains got tighter. Odd realization. Stainless steel zipties don’t click. They’re silent. They just close. Silently. Just as before they were snug, but not too tight. Holy shit. My arms are done.

I found the hogtie chain hanging right where I left it and grabbed the end with one hand, the padlock in the other, and slowly rolled over and was laying on my tummy. I reached back as far as I could and threaded the hogtie chain over my ankle cinch and back to the harness. I pulled on the end and my ankles came down and were right on top of my hands. Not exactly sure how long I was going to be on this chilly garage floor, I pulled a little more and then wrapped the slack around the harness chain and clicked the padlock closed. I took a deep breath and was very aware of the chains wrapped around me. They had no give to them. I had no way out. I didn’t want one. This was what I wanted. What I needed. Even after jumping through all the hoops and making sure to get everything planned out exactly the way it needed to be, it still hasn’t clicked that I was going to be helpless for at least nine more hours. My penance had begun.

Part 2

As I was laying there on the chilly garage floor I started going through my checklists to see what, if anything, I had managed to fuck up while I was in a hurry to not fuck anything up. Everything seemed to be tightly applied and there were no missing pieces or obvious loopholes. At least so far anyway. another really tricky part to this tie was going to be gauging the passage of time. Depending on where my head was when I was stuck, time passed like you were clicking on the next chapter button on an audio book, or it didn’t pass at all. And many varying levels in between. Depending on the melting time of one piece of ice (one regular ice cube tray size piece will take about 45 minutes in a 20° room for snips to drop) it was a little cooler than that in the garage, if I had to guess, probably around 15° to 18°. there was a draft coming in from under the door. Shouldn’t have an impact on the ice hanging just above eye level in the middle of the room. Having the time to do so, I started to way overthink the laws of thermodynamics and began to wonder how much influence the temp of the freezer would have. Ice at -5° would melt faster than ice at -20° and I couldn’t remember what the big freezer in the pantry was set on. Closer to -20° than -5°. It might actually be -5°. With the ice colder and the room it was in not quite 20°, it might take as long as two hours for one cube to melt. I would have no idea even after I was able to find the key and get out. I forgot to leave a clock in the shed for later and I’m honestly not sure where I put my phone down. My not so deep thoughts were shaken out of my head by a full body shiver that hit out of nowhere. The wind had picked up and the draft was blowing across the chilly floor right through me. I figured it would be a good idea to get moving, if nothing else it might warm me up a little. So, I started inching my way backwards in the direction of the draft. The floor I was on had warmed up a little but as I began my trek I hit more frigid floor that shot another shiver through me. The chains were already starting to dig in. Perhaps changing them was a mistake. I had plenty of time to regret it if it was. I was still just getting started. I think I had made it almost halfway around the chairs when I my knee bumped into one of them. I tried turning a bit and made a wider path around, but I bumped something again with my knee. I’d placed the hood on before I figured out exactly where I was going to get started. I tried to retrace my steps and remember where I was when I began but I can’t remember. It was near the chairs, but I changed direction when I spun around to attach my harness to my ankles. I faced to the right, I think, but it might have been left with a little extra on the turn. I retraced my actions and I was mostly certain I was headed right for the chairs. I rethought my plan and went the opposite direction and ran into something again. By this time, I was more than completely lost and had to get my hands on something. Whatever I bumped was right by my knee so I started going that way. I made sure to keep it right next to my leg and kept moving. Then my knee hit something again. I moved to the side about half a meter and hit something on the other side too. It took a moment, but I figured it out. Somehow, I had managed to thread the needle and was right in between the chairs. I had one on each side of me and couldn’t decide if it was good luck or dumb luck. It might take up more of the slack on the hood but it could also take longer and I would have to cover more ground. It was a nice distraction from how fucking cold the floor was though.

As I measured the distance in my head I finally stopped worrying about how long it was going to take me to get the hood off. It would come off eventually and I was still going to be stuck until the sun came up in the morning. I think at this point it was finally setting in. I was ready to keep moving and find my way out from under this hood though. Getting a sense back would really help with how I was feeling about being here all night. And being able to see, even if I was still completely fucked, would help. I think. I’m not entirely sure. Just when I thought I was getting about halfway the hood started moving a little. I had traveled across this floor more than I thought. I kept moving and the hood eventually worked its way off. I blinked until my eyes were able to focus again and had to remind myself that it was as good as it was going to get in the dark with a pantyhose hood on and the other layers on top of it. I had to make my way back towards the draft to trip the sensor and give me enough light to find the garage door opener. There was a little bit of light coming from under the door so it was easy to find and head that way. When I hit the sensor, the light was blinding. When my eyes caught back up to the light I started to see some of the flaws in my plan. Standing anywhere in the garage I could see the opener no matter where it was, but that was a problem now. I was on the floor and couldn’t see shit from where I was. And it didn’t help that someone had placed four chairs and a discarded hood and a pair of ballet flats in the way. I had to make my way to the other corner to see if I could see if from there.

Getting over to the other corner was easy. It just took a while. The light had clicked back off and I had to trip it again. When I scanned the garage this time I saw it. But it was in the middle next to the back wall. I had to trip the sensor again just moving along the front of the garage. Going all the way to the back and into the middle from the side was going to take forever. I had to find something to either trip the sensor when I was halfway back there, or a way to light the opener before I got there. I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage either one. I giggled when I felt a little like Mark Whatney when “all I’ve gots is time” crossed my mind. If I could get the hood over here I can trip the sensor and leave it in the way. If it’s there long enough the sensor will go mad and the lights will flash. Which helps because there’s light and the light is what I need, flashy or otherwise. I decided that was my best option and headed for the hood. When I got there, I found the reason it came off so soon. Me winding my way around the chairs got the cord stuck under one of the chair legs and it was only about halfway done. I tipped over to my side a bit and tugged it out from under the chair leg. Once it was free I set my course back to the sensor so I can trick it into staying lit up. Just before I got there it was dark in the garage again. I really need to tweak the timer on it if I do this again. Unless I just turn it off completely. Which I might do. Just to have to figure out another way to light the place up, unless I want it to stay dark, but that’s what I have the shed for. The door seals completely and the vent is slotted upside down so the rain won’t get in, and I added some mesh to it. It’s on the backside by the fence too. Another way I can keep out any light from my dark little hiding place.

I think I got the hood set up so it will keep the sensor tripped and I can make it all the way to the opener. I hope. It’s leaning against the door and should stay put long enough for me to make it to the back wall of the garage. I made it around the chairs and still had light. For now, I was in the clear, I had a moment on the way to the opener and looked up to see if the hogtie key had fallen yet and it was almost ready to fall. When I got to the opener I had to weigh my options. Do I open the overhead door now and risk messing up my key falling or do I wait, patiently, and make sure the key is on the ground first? I honestly didn’t pay attention to how long the guideline was on the string I tied to the eyebolt on the overhead part of the garage door opener. With the door in the way, it might not be in reach. I decided to find out. I waited for the key to fall and it finally did after about another, I honestly have no idea how long. When it hit the ground, I stared at it for a moment and then I hit the button and the door sprung to life. I was right. When the door stopped moving the key was about half a meter off the floor. Not very high but it was very unlikely that I would be able to reach it. But I wanted to try anyway. I made my way over to it and I was right again. I was almost able to touch it with my toes, so my fingers weren’t going to get there no matter how high I tried to reach. I backed up so they could come back down so I could reach them and I hit the button on the opener. Nothing happened. I hit it again and the flashy lights started. I turned around and found the problem. The wind had carried the pillowcase along the front of the garage and it was in front of the sensor. I wasn’t going to go all the way over there and get it so I just went halfway and tugged on the string until came back towards me. I hit the button again and the door started down. It closed all the way and the key was on the floor where it was supposed to be. I got over to it and was able to tip onto my side and get my fingers on it. It took me a few tries but I got it into the padlock and opened it. I slowly straightened out my legs and started inching my way over to the chair so I could try to stand up. Before I got too far away from that spot I grabbed the button so I could make my way outside to step two of my really bad idea non-adventure. I was able to stand, after my legs decided to rejoin the land of the living. I decided to sit back down in the chair and rest a little while. I’d made several trips back and forth across this floor and was already feeling the effects of that much restrained movement.  I did see my phone in the chair next to me as I was thinking about what was next. I could check the time. Or check in with Sirius. I really wanted to know how long I had been in the floor. It could be 10:00pm as easily as it could be 7:30pm. I had to know. I stood up and hopped over to the chair and hit the home button on my phone. It read 9:12pm. I’d spent almost two and a half hours in that hogtie. Depending on when I actually clicked that padlock closed anyway. I guess the next step was to figure out if I was going to leave the garage door open after I went around back or close it and take the opener with me and leave it somewhere in the back yard. Maybe in the mailbox. I’m not sure. Either way I think the garage portion of my penance tie was over with. So far only slightly hurting and in good spirits, but I still had almost eight hours to go.

I finally stopped over thinking the garage time and hit the button and the door again came to life. Another chilly gust of wind came inside to greet me. I still had my phone in the chair next to me and I decided to check the temp. I’m not sure if it helped my situation or not. Sirius had said it wasn’t supposed to get Jack Frost chilly, but I think she was wrong. The temp was already 13° and the low for the night was 6°. She was either wrong or she was fucking with me. She took the over on hose so naturally, I took the under. I trusted her and didn’t bother to check it out. Another lesson learned when planning something this long and this stupid. Oh, and the chance of rain was now 30%, or she was full of shit about that too. I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I could go outside and close the door behind me like I didn’t know what I was in for, or I could hang out in here where it’s not going to be only a handful of degrees above freezing in a few hours. I had options and they were both shit. Staying in here would be cheating. Going out there, knowing what I now know would be torturous. I would freeze. The dewpoint alone would have me soaked before it got below 10°. Between that and the wind that was blowing in the impending front and the rain anything I tried to do would leave me out in the elements for the better part of seven hours. My head would be warm. The layers would see to that. My extremities were covered, at most, by a single pair of pantyhose, and my torso with a bodysuit and hose. I wasn’t sure if the shiver that just went through me was the weather, my impending frigid trip around back, or the fact that this was what a penance tie was supposed to be. Fuck. I had to go outside. My masochist side was screaming for it. I had to do this the way it was intended. I needed to remember this the next time I was going to take a short cut or not do something the right way because it was too hard or took too long. This was a punishment. And they’re not supposed to be pleasant. They’re supposed to hurt. They should be a reminder for next time. And they should leave a mark. I’m going outside and it is going to be one of the toughest things that I’ve ever done. Unless ... What if I text Sirius and ask about the weather? Will she come clean on lying to me about it or was in an honest mistake? Let’s find out.

Tonya: Shit it got coooold (It took twenty minutes but I finally got a reply)

Sirius: It’s not that cold, is it? Oh shit. That changed in a hurry. Damn. I’m sorry. Last I saw it was going to stay above 10°. Well. Shit. Now I feel horrible. Do you still have the gdo? And if so can you stick around in there for a little while longer? I have an idea but you’re going to hate it.

Tonya: I do. I can. Dun wan to tho.

Sirius: What? Why the fuck would you not want to stay in the garage where it’s at least warmer and drier than outside. Wait, you want this to hurt, don’t you?

Tonya: y.

Sirius: Okay. Outside in the cold for that long will be a fucking nightmare.  Cold and wet and no way to fix either one. Completely helpless and even more totally helpless against the elements. Nothing you can do. Except maybe hide in the shed. Dry, but still freezing. And probably hogtied the rest of the night. Are you ready for any of that?

Tonya: n.

Sirius: Jesus Christ honey. I know this is entirely up to you, but I need you to change your mind on this. I don’t want to come find you nearly frozen in the back yard. Stay in the garage.

Tonya: Rain x2 time?

Sirius: That’s a terrible idea. Then you will freeze.

Tonya: X2 for cold.

Tonya: Pls.

Sirius: I can’t do that. You set these rules. You would be breaking them. All I can do is find a way to keep you not dead and not rescued until 4:30.

Tonya: kk.

Sirius: I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to tell you. I mostly agree with you though. It is a punishment. But does THIS punishment fit the crime?

Well, I’m fucked.  She can’t break my rules because I made them. I can’t break my rules because the reason I’m in this garage in only pantyhose and a bodysuit and a shit load of chains and hood(s) and a shiny new ballgag is because I made this plan. I did this to myself. Just like I always do, and I have to see it through to the end. It’s not going to kill me, but god dammit it’s gonna hurt.

Tonya: Going outside.

Tonya: No gdo or phone.

I didn’t wait for a reply. It’s hard to argue when you can barely type with the end of your nose anyway. I put my phone down on the chair and picked up the opener. I stood up and hopped towards the door. Hitting the button with trembling fingers was easy. Watching the door raise all the way up was easy. Hopping so I was just outside the door was easy. I turned back and looked over the relative safety and comparative warmth of the garage. I paused and turned and started hopping down the driveway. At the end of the driveway I hit the button again. Just as easy as before. I watched the door come all the way down and come to a stop at the bottom. I hopped over into the grass to the mailbox. I could just reach the slot and I pushed the opener into it. It cleared the edge and hit the bottom of the mailbox. I guess I should mention that I have a locking mailbox. Letters and such go in, and I come out to the mailbox with a key and open it. Safer that way. But I don’t have the key. And I won’t have it. Not until I get back into the house.  There’s a copy on my car keys and a spare hanging by the door that goes into the garage from the kitchen. I was locked outside now. Until Sirius arrived anyway, unless you count the relative safety of the shed. It will keep me dry, but no shelter from the cold. Which is where I need to go now. My penance continues.

Part 3

I made my way back to the drive way and towards the house.  The grass was already freezing and wet. There was a path from the front porch around the house to the side door in the fence on the left side of the house. I left the door propped open so I could get into the back yard from that side. There was a door on the other side of the back yard but I usually keep it locked with a padlock from the outside. The secret door (I call it that but it’s not really a secret) has a handle on the inside but not the outside. Actually, it has two handles, one normal latch and a high latch on the upper horizontal support of the fence. Because I need both hands to get it open, I can lock myself in the backyard until I can use both hands on it. The only other way out of the backyard is through the house and the sliding door is locked and there’s a bar in the track keeping the door closed. Getting around the path was no problem at all. The opening in the fence was right where I left it and once inside I found the rope I had tied off to an eye bolt on the wall. A quick tug on the end and the door slowly closed and latched. The backyard was now my home until morning. I was satisfied with my efforts setting up the door to close and latch on its own. I didn’t do much, the hinges were angled just a bit so that if the door was left open it would close on its own so it didn’t get left open. The other door on the privacy fence was the same way, and the hinges on the shed door were changed so it would close on its own too. On the inside of the shed door I have a little handle at the bottom I can use to open it from the inside if I need to. I can also double latch it like I have the doors on the fence set up. I guess it just depends on how completely fucked I want to be on that particular adventure. Or in this case, I can close and latch the shed door from the outside because I won’t be able to reach the latch on the outside of the door, it’s too high with my hands behind me. Especially in their currently overly attached to my ass state.  If I wanted to stay in the shed I could, but the option to lock myself out of it, especially after another semi-brutal hogtie was starting to sound like a terrible idea that I needed to try. I’d hate myself for it, but I know I’d be harder on myself if I didn’t do it.

I decided to see what the shed had to offer in the way of shelter and started to make my way over to it. On the way there I noticed another possible flaw in my planning. Any slip or fall in the backyard and I was probably going to stay down. No other shelter from the rain since I closed the umbrella on the table. I moved the chairs into the garage so I didn’t have a way to stand back up. In a tie that was less restrictive I could, but not this one. Even with two chairs in the garage for leverage I had a hard time making it to my feet. I just barely made it into a chair in there. I could sit down in the shed and roll in and make it out the same way. As long as my feet hit the ground first. The door was held open with a bungee cord and all I had to do was unhook it and the door would swing freely. If I was inside I had a way out, but if I was outside and it managed to latch I was fucked and stuck outside. In the stupid cold. And probably wet. Another shiver that I was beginning to believe was more the weather than my predicament. When I look back on things like this the worst part always turns out to be the time spent with little or nothing to do. If I have a goal to reach or something to accomplish when I’m stuck time passes much faster and I don’t really notice many things about the tie. When I have nothing to do but wait it feels like a bondagey time out. It’s fitting that this is the longest tie I’ve done on purpose and it is a penance tie. And in the backyard with nothing to do but wait it’s starting to feel like it’s a punishment. I think I need to lie down in the shed for a little while and try to talk myself out of doing something like this on my next actual adventure. I’ll probably just opt for something simple like tape next time, but just a roll. Or maybe two.

I left the bungee attached for the moment. I wanted to check on the ice left on the padlock key hanging in the shed first. It still looked at least halfway full, so it would be longer than it took the key to fall in the garage if I wanted to hogtie myself in here and wait out the weather. Laying on chains and locks for several more hours didn’t sound like a way I wanted to spend my night so I decided to role play a little in the yard. I needed to find a way out. I knew there wasn’t one, but it would help my tiny mind pass the time until my feet got too cold and I had to duck into the shed for a while. I went around the perimeter of the yard along the fence and made sure it was secure and there was no way out of the yard. I tried the sliding door and found it to be locked too. Another pass around the fence and I’ll take a break for a little while.

It just was after 11pm and Sirius was bored. Much more than she should be on a Saturday night. The weather had run most people off, or made them stay at home. It was the only real downside to having a bar that was half outside. The patio and roof were empty, but the inside was only about halfway full. She was beginning to be worried about her helpless little idiot back at home. If she read her last text right, Tonya was going outside and leaving her phone and garage door opener behind for the relative safety of the backyard. Which meant she was either going to hop around the yard all night or end up hogtied in the shed. Either one meant she was going to be in the cold for at least five more hours. She finally decided to ask if she could leave at midnight and go check on a friend that had become unresponsive. Well check visits to this friend weren’t uncommon. If all was well she could come back and help close up, if they needed her to, but depending on the weather and how busy they were she might not have to come back at all. The weather wasn’t going to get any better and a surprise visit would be completely unexpected. Which could get interesting. And maybe fun. But not for Tonya. If Sirius could sneak in she could cause some problems. And Tonya did say to make her suffer, medievally so. Well, more or less anyway, because there was a 100% chance that Tonya was going to give her some bullshit, and Sirius got to give it back 10 times over.

Another lap around the fence and it was time for a break. It was really starting to get cold and even trying to stay moving wasn’t keeping me warm enough to be comfortable. I know. Shaddup. I’m supposed to be miserable. I got back to the shed and sat down on the edge and picked my frozen feet up and leaned back and to the side so I wasn’t crushing my fingers. Rolling in here was harder than I thought it would be. There was still plenty of ice left hanging so there was a very good chance that I would still be in here when Sirius showed up in a few hours. Several hours? Tuesday? I had no idea how much time I had left and I wasn’t going to spend all of it laying on the really hard steel of chains and locks, but I also wasn’t going to spend it out there in the freezing cold. I rolled back to the door and threw my feet back at the ground. Once outside I made sure I was in between the door and the building and unhooked the bungie and let the door start to close. I repeated the process and sat down inside, making sure to not get whacked with the door as the wind caught it and it flew back open and then tried to close. I managed to get my feet out of the way just in time and it slammed shut. Closing me inside until I was ready to get back out.

Sirius stopped and grabbed a bite to eat as she left town and headed for Tonya’s house to play safety. Eventually play safety anyway. She needed to come up with a few ways to torment Tonya before she was ready to let her out.  There was a zero percent chance Tonya would be free. She had no way out except Sirius, but if she wasn’t miserable and in the worst kind of peril when Sirius found her, she would be shortly thereafter. The trick was to get medieval on her without doing something that would traumatize the poor girl, but be brutal enough that the memory wouldn’t just fade away without a fight. Or maybe some light therapy. There were options. None of them were great but there were a few. Outside in the rain would get her double time served, but if it didn’t rain then she would have to improvise. If she was in the shed already Sirius could turn on the faucet outside and soak the yard. Then just turn on the sprinklers so it was hitting the front door of the building. It was dark outside and Tonya was really good at making sure she was a deaf/mute for her adventures. Between the shooting range grade earplugs and the swimmers putty, not to mention the layers over them, the sound of her banging around the house and yard would go unnoticed. Or, she could hit Tonya with some extremes. Warm her up a little, or a lot, before tossing her back out into the elements. Maybe even some time spent in the hot seat for a little drive. Sirius already stopped for food, but Tonya didn’t know that. She had options. What to do? What to do?

Tonya was almost enjoying her time in the building. It was still pretty chilly but nothing like the cold and wet outside. The wind was cutting her in two. This was much better. It did feel a little bit like cheating, but her options were somewhat limited. Hogtie until Sirius arrives or hop around and be miserable outside. Or sit/lay here until it felt like time was getting close to being up and then figure out what was next. For now, this would be okay. Then in a little while, super hogtie for the last lap.

After backing up her Subaru to the door in the fence Sirius peeked inside as she opened the door. She could see the storage building door was closed and latched. She looked around the yard and didn’t see Tonya hopping around anywhere so she must be in there. Sirius backed out of the fence and closed the door. She went around to the garage door and entered the code and the door sprang to life. Above the chair was the bag with all the keys in it and on the chair next to it Tonya’s phone blinked with a new message. Probably several. All from Sirius after getting her message about how stupid she was going to be. Sirius had a terrible idea pop into her head. Several of then actually. She grinned and dug through the bag and found the key into the house. She went through the house and began to gather a few things as she made a mental list. Sirius was going to give Tonya a choice. And it didn’t matter what her choice was, at first, she would be nice, but that wouldn’t count towards her time. After that, Tonya didn’t have too much time left to spend stuck, but she was going to hate every second of it.

Tonya was sitting semi-comfortably in the shed and had no idea that Sirius had already been there for half an hour and was planning the evilest plan she’d been a part of for quite some time. Sirius had rounded up Tonya’s hoodie, a fuzzy blanket, and two pairs of fuzzy sockies for the ride to the store. The plan was simple. A little hot/cold for the end of Tonya’s night. Tonya had no idea this was the plan and would go along with it, mostly because she was in no condition to do otherwise. Sirius placed the items in the car and reset the clock to show that it was nearly 2:20am instead of 12:20am. Tonya was going to stay tied until 4:30am unless she got cold and wet at the same time. Even though the weather decided not to cooperate, Sirius had found a way to make that happen.

I was making my way to the door to peek outside when it opened up all by itself. Sirius was standing in the doorway with her arms crossed looking very judgmental.

“You, cheating, little, shit. You didn’t hide in the garage because you wanted this to be” she threw up bunny rabbit ears “all ouchie and now I find you hiding out in here. Key’s still up high, which means you didn’t spend any time in here hogtied, which was your plan, bee tee dubs. You still have some time left and I’m starving, so I’m going to get something to eat. And I think I’m going to make you watch.” Sirius couldn’t see the look on Tonya’s face but her eyes said enough. They were defeated and tired. But she wasn’t done yet. “Come on, you’re coming with me. Subaru’s by the door. You know the way. Front seat, door’s open. Cheater.” Sirius closed the door behind them as Tonya made her way slow and hoppy to the passenger side door. The wind was cutting through her as she hopped through the yard and around the house. Sirius noticed the shivers and goosebumps as she walked behind Tonya. Those wouldn’t be the last ones.

Once inside Sirius pulled Tonya’s hoodie down over her head and wrapped the blanket around her legs and tucked it under her ass. She had Tonya lean forward as she slipped fuzzy socks on over her hands and another pair on her feet. This was part of the mindfucky nice portion of the show before it got brutal. “Okay, I can’t have anybody seeing you like this so you get to have the hoodie hood up, after the fake pillowcase hood goes on.” Tonya nodded in approval but she didn’t have a say in the proceedings. Once they were on Sirius turned her side of the dual climate control down to 15° and then she turned Tonya’s up to 29°, then 30°, and another click and all it said was “high”. She also turned Tonya’s heated seat on high. She was going to be nice and toasty by the time they got back. Sirius already ate so instead they headed to get the last of the supplies Sirius would need to finish off Tonya’s penance tie. Just fifteen minutes down the road and Sirius had to crack her window. Tonya should be toasty by now, but the heat was going to stay on until they got back to the house.

Sirius got to her stop and made her quick and easy purchase and placed the four bags in the back. She still had her drink from her stop earlier but she moved it into the cup holder where Tonya could see it this time. It had been in the cup holder in the driver side door. She reset the clock to show that they had been gone much longer than Tonya thought they had. She set it ahead to 3:08am and at 3:17am they pulled into the driveway back at Tonya’s house. Sirius turned both sides of the climate control back to 23° and turned off Tonya’s heated seat. She reached over and uncovered her head. “okay cheater. We’re back home and you have some time left. You have options. Do you want to spend it outside with rain on the way? OR uber hogtied, like I’m going to try and make your toes touch the back of your head uber, AND your collar locked to the floor in the storage building? OR inside with the difficulty increased? One, two, or three? Just nod your head.” And instead Tonya shrugged her shoulders. Perfect. It was exactly what Sirius had planned on her doing. “Okay. I think I can figure out something.” And Sirius hit the button on the garage door opener, unbuckled Tonya’s seatbelt, and got out and walked around to help her get out. Sirius helped Tonya make her way through the garage and into the house. They went down the hall and into the master bedroom and into the master bathroom. Sirius helped Tonya to the floor and put the pillowcase back on over her head. The hoodie was still on too and Sirius pulled the hood back up the way she had it for the trip to the store. Sirius went out and retrieved the bags from the back of the Subaru and brought them into the bathroom and made sure they were out of Tonya’s sight line. It would ruin the surprise. Sirius walked back over to Tonya and helped her to sit up, careful not to sit her on her fingers. Sirius pulled off the hoodie, and the fake hood, and then pulled the fuzzy sockies from Tonya’s hands and feet and unlocked the posture collar which got a shocked reaction from Tonya. “Yes. I know it’s not time yet, but you’ll just have to trust me on this.” and Sirius continued to work on getting the laces out from under the bottom of the lace up leather hood.  Tonya shrugged again and Sirius was able to get the laces loosened so she could remove the hood from Tonya’s pointy little head. There were still two rolls of coban on her head. Sirius got to work on those and eventually they were laying in a pile in the floor. A few buckles loosened and the harness ballgag popped out.

“Ohhhh… Holy shit.” Followed by smacking sounds “why? The fuck do you let me do this to myself?” she was looking around trying to stretch what few muscles could move that couldn’t a moment ago. “And you’re being all nice and shit. I thought I told you if I gave you any shit that, you, were supposed to. Ah fuck. This is a trap, isn’t it?” Tonya was slowly starting to figure out that her night of horrors wasn’t over.

“Yeah. You still have some time left. And when you were given a choice, you shrugged. All part of your grand design and your choice was I dunno. So that basically got you all three. In a manner of speaking anyway. How do you want to do this? The easy way, or the hard way?” Sirius was standing in the doorway with her arms crossed.

“Well. It’s a trap. Sort of. And I’ve managed to fuck this whole thing up. I figure you have a sliding scale on how bad this is going to be so I’ll save you the trouble. This time, I’m picking the shitty ending. And no, I don’t know what it is or how bad it’s going to be but I’m pretty sure I’ve earned it.” That was a surprise. Sirius didn’t know if she should go easy on her or not, but just to be safe she wasn’t going to.

“Okay. I think I can do that.  Since it was the plan anyway. I was going to ask if you if you wanted to be regagged or not, but you kinda made that choice already.” Sirius already had a bandana in the sink that was soaked and ready to go. “The question is, nah. There is no question. You’re on the clock. Time to remember what this tie was supposed to be” Tonya shivered. Sirius grabbed the bandana and headed across the bathroom to gently cram it into its new home. Sirius worked it in pretty deep since the pantyhose hood would keep it from being a choking hazard. She popped the plastic on another roll of coban and began wrapping it around the stuffing. Once that roll was gone she opened another one and kept working on making Tonya disappear. Right before she covered her eyes Tonya winked at Sirius and she just grinned and kept working. Once her head was covered Sirius helped Tonya up and helped her to sit on the edge of the jacuzzi tub. Sirius kicked off her shoes and climbed into the tub and helped Tonya throw her legs over the side and then helped her lay down on her side. Sirius picked up a large inflatable donut pillow, the kind you get when you have a broken tailbone, and walked it down over Tonya’s head so it was around her neck. It was snug, just as she thought it would be. Which was why all the other layers had to come off before she could get it on. Sirius inflated the pillow with the little pump that came with it. When it was fully inflated she took the chain that was hanging down from the back of Tonya’s chest harness and carefully threaded it through her ankle chains and around her wrists and back around all of it making a very snug hogtie. She clicked the padlock closed and Tonya began to squirm. But it was nothing compared to her reaction when Sirius turned on the water to a slow trickle. Tonya was very tightly hogtied in the bottom of a hot tub that was easily a meter deep. She knew that Sirius wasn’t going to do anything that was insanely dangerous, but then again, the whole night was pretty dangerous by design. Tonya began to struggle more when she noticed that she was splashing in addition to just having some water thrown on her. The water was rising. Slowly, but there was more than there was even a few moments ago. And it was sooo cold.

Sirius turned the water on more and it was cascading into the tub at around half max. She grinned an evil grin and went to retrieve the first 5kg bag of ice. “You really should have picked one. Well, not this one of course.” And she started dumping the bag into the tub with Tonya. “You’re gonna hate for a while, but the whole reason you’re here is because you cheated and took shortcuts and shit. And I caught you, literally, doing the same thing again tonight. You talked shit, did something stupid, and then took the easy way out. Hiding in the building thinking I wouldn’t find you. Oh yeah. Didn’t mention this before, but I got off early. Oops.” Tonya, somehow, was struggling side to side enough that she was splashing water over the side of the tub. Sirius turned the water up. Nearly maxed it out, but only the cold side. She hadn’t touched the knob for hot, and she wasn’t going to. “I’ll tell you what. If you promise to be nice to me, I’ll take the wrap off your head, but there will be a penalty. Would you like me to do that?” Tonya’s head bounced in the affirmative and Sirius shut off the water and leaned down into the tub to remove the wrap. It was wet and it made it a little harder to remove, but it came off.

“Are you out of your fucking mind? If I had known this was the plan I would have made you leave me outside.” Tonya was not being nice. “In the rain. This shit? THIS is insane!”

“Okay. I’m going to leave you to think about how nice you’re being right now while I go to get your penalty.” Sirius was grinning. This was not a good sign. As she left the bathroom Tonya tried to use the time to sit up, or at least try to move more onto her back so her head was higher. “Oh, don’t worry about that. As the water rises your head will float. That’s what the floaty collar is for. It’s like a life preserver, but around your neck. So yeah. Penalty. You’re gonna hate these. Sockies. But evil.” She put the same pair of sockies on Tonya’s feet and hands, and snugged a quick ziptie around the tops of them to make sure they stayed on. But these weren’t the same ones. These were freezing. And they had crushed ice in them. Fucking frozen hell.

“Holy fuck these are cold. Were they in the freezer?!?” Tonya was still not being nice.

“Deep freeze actually. The crushed ice is from the kitchen freezer. Oh yeah. I soaked them pretty good and dropped them in there before I came and got you out of the shed.  I had to break them apart a little before I could open them up to put the ice in them. The zipties should keep them on. No cheating. Cheater.” She was grinning again.

“You’re trying to kill me. I knew it.” A little nicer.

“No. Dingbat. You’re trying to kill you. I have a plan. I’m sticking to it. You told me to be an asshole when I got here. Medieval even. And to give you back your bullshit tenfold. You asked for this. Literally. And I’m not done yet.” And Sirius turned the water back on and went to get another bag of ice.

“Geezus keerist, but I didn’t think you’d actually do it. I mean there was always a chance you’d go batshit on me, but not enough of one that I thought you would do it.” Tonya noticed the water was rising at a rate she was less and less comfortable with.

“Of course, I’m going to do it. A, you fucking needed it. B, you told me to do it. C, I kinda wanted to. D, you fucking needed it. Did I say that one already? Well, yeah. You did. And ummm, you little shit, wasn’t one of the conditions of the wrap coming off that you be nice to me?” and there’s that grin again.

“Shit. Yes, it was.  So maybe it needs to go back on?” Didn’t see that coming.

“Or something else. Like this ballgag maybe? But maybe this on first?” Sirius picked up what looked like part of an old t-shirt up off the bathroom counter and carried it over to the tub and helped Tonya up so she was kneeling in the tub. “hold still. I’ve never done this before.” She placed the middle part of the material over Tonya’s face and pulled the ends together behind her head. The ghostly outline of her face was pressed into the cloth as Sirius pulled it tight and tied the four ends together. Then she picked up the ballgag and buckled it on over the top of the cloth. Tonya was confused and had never been gagged over a layer of hose and a layer of cloth. It was quite odd. But the purpose behind it wasn’t known until she playfully dunked Tonya’s head under the water. The fabric held water very well and the quick dunk had a slight water boarding effect on Tonya. And she freaked out. A lot. “Breathe through your mouth. Exhale, then exhale again and you can breathe just fine after that. Try not to breathe through your nose.  If you try to breathe through your nose you’re going to have a bad time.” She was helping Tonya to lay back down but the water was up high enough that the donut wouldn’t allow Tonya’s shoulder to touch the bottom. This added a new level of panic to Tonya. She began shouting, well trying to anyway, but Sirius was already looking for the keys to start unlocking some of the hardware on Tonya. If nothing else it would reduce some of the weight and make her, more floaty.

The wrist loops began the purge. Sirius expertly snipped the stainless steel ziptie and walked the loops off Tonya’s wrists. She had a moment thinking she was getting free. The loops were gone but the very secure rigid cuffs and ring were still in place. She had a similar moment when the loops on her ankles were unlocked but the same issue remained. The rigid cuffs weren’t coming off until 4:30am at the earliest and she still had no idea what the real time was. Sirius continued working until everything but the harness and rigid cuffs remained. The click of a stray padlock went unnoticed to Tonya but it maintained the hogtie chain and gave Sirius a chance to remove the rest of the harness without compromising any of her efforts to leave Tonya in a very helpless state. After the harness was off she decided to continue this portion of the show.

“Okay. Another choice for you to make and you’re not going to like it, but that’s the point. It’s starting to rain outside. For real this time. Locked in the backyard in the rain with the building out of play. OR you can choose to stay in here and I can put the other two bags of ice in the tub with you and maybe even turn on the jets, maybe. If you stay inside in the tub, I’m opening the window and putting in an 8oz box of Epsom salt with you and the ice. Not to get all sciencey on you but you know that will lower the freezing point of the ice and make the water even colder. Outside you’ll be cold and wet. Inside you’ll be cold and wet. Wind in both places. Hogtied in both places. Oh yeah. You can hate me all you want, but I’m officially vetoing the double time in the rain amendment. That was mine I added anyway. I’d say you spent about an hour in the shed hiding anyway. It’s 2:38am, you have just under two full hours remaining. Whatever you choose is final and you’ll spend the rest of your punishment there.  So whatcha think? What’s it going to be?” Sirius asked the question and began unbuckling the gag and untying the knots on the fabric.

“So those are my choices? Die in here of hypothermia or die out there of hypothermia? You might as well just dig a hole in the backyard while it’s good and soft and bury me by the shed.” Sirius got wide eyed, uncrossed her arms, and had an instant look of glee. “No. NO. Nononononono. Fuck you. Do not. DO. NOT. Add that to my list of choices.”

“There will be more penance ties. You know there will. At some point buried in the backyard just needs to be a thing. Obviously not by yourself, but I think I could help with that one. Probably just up to your neck though. Sitting in a hole is a much easier dig than putting you in a box in the ground.” She was still grinning.  Dammit.

“I kind of hate you because now I kinda wanna do it. Asshole.” Tonya was glaring but she was being honest. At least underground she would be out of the elements for the rest of the night.

“And you’re stalling. It’s okay because I stopped the timer. I have nothing planned until you choose and then I can plan and you can stay in there and get all wrinkly.” She had a plan, but it depended on what Tonya picked.

“Ahhh fuck. Outside. This whole thing was supposed to be outside anyway. Both are going to be miserable. Might as well be hopping around outside.” Equal parts defeated and accepting of her fate Tonya was eyeballing the knob the kept the water in the tub rising. “So, does the clock start soon, or just when you get ready to?” Sirius reached over and shut off the water.

“I said you were going to stay out there for the remainder of your time. I didn’t say when it would start or when I would get you out there.” And then she vanished out the door again. Tonya shivered again and knew this time it was both. “Okay. Rolly chair with a trash bag to keep you from soaking it, and a seatbelt of sorts to keep you from falling out of it.” She leaned over and pulled her sleeve up and pulled the plug on the drain. Sirius rolled the chair over to the edge of the tub and reached in with both hands “take a deep breath” before Tonya could ask why Sirius was pulling her legs out from under her and had Tonya’s knees on the side of the tub. Tonya’s head was just under the water, the donut sort of still doing its job, upside down, floating on top of the water. Sirius got Tonya situated so she could turn her and lay her on the countertop next to the tub.

“You fucking nutter. You are trying to kill me.” She was shouting and trying to blow water out through her hood. And trying to be still. She wasn’t perched very safely on the ledge.

“I knew I forgot something. Which gag do you want back in that angry little mouth?” Sirius found them and laid them out in front of Tonya to choose. “Pick one. And if you do it nicely it may not get another layer or two on top of it.”

“Fuck off. You tried to drown me.” Tonya turned and looked out the window at the light rain that was falling.

“Okies. Layers it is. Open up hateful.” Sirius twisted the bandana back in Tonya’s mouth and began wrapping it with coban, tighter this time that it was before. She grabbed another roll and went to work making it more secure. Satisfied with the second roll she reached over and grabbed a roll of electrical tape and wrapped it around the gag half a dozen times to further shove the packing into Tonya’s mouth. Sirius tossed the tape aside and began pulling Tonya towards the chair. She edged Tonya’s knees against the back of the seat and leaned her against the back of the chair. The strap went around her twice and would keep her from falling off the chair. Sirius starting rolling her towards the back door and already had it slid open a few inches so it was easier to grab with one hand and open on her way out. Quickly and easily Tonya was now on the patio and was outside. Still hogtied with the chain and the rigid cuffs on until 4:30am she as trying to figure out what Sirius had in store next. She didn’t have to wait long to find out. Sirius helped her out of the chair and onto the concrete but left the trash bag under her. Then she helped her up into a kneeling position and pulled the trash bag up around her. Tonya’s head darted around trying to figure something out, completely unable to see, but she tried. Sirius ran quickly back inside the house and retrieved a bag of ice and dumped it in the bag with Tonya. Even as gagged as she was Tonya tried to object. Sirius pulled the bag up around Tonya’s shoulders and pulled the drawstring and tied it off. “It’s prolly gonna get a little chilly in there. It’s only a 5 kilo bag though. Shouldn’t last the whole time you’re out here. By the way, every hole you punch in the bag is gonna get you another hour out here, so you should probably NOT do that. Okies? Okies.” She thought Sirius was gone but she felt something being shoved in the opening of the bag with her. When the bag started to fill with water she knew immediately what it was. Sirius had stuffed the end of the water hose in the bag with her and cranked it on. She was in a bag full of ice and water outside in the freezing cold. She didn’t know if it was colder in the bag or just lying in the grass in the rain. She didn’t have to wait long to find out. Just as quickly as the water started it stopped. And Sirius was helping Tonya gently fall over into the grass. As she did she slowly removed the large lawn and leaf bag from around Tonya and left her next to the patio. Tonya was still trying to catch her breath when she noticed the rain had picked up considerably. She squirmed from side to side but her wrist cuffs were touching her ankle cuffs and she had no range of motion whatsoever. The more she tried to move the harder the rain came down. She kept moving as much as she could and was trying to stay warm, but nothing was helping. She was shivering, cartoonishly so.

I am so fucking cold I’m shaking. Not just shivering. Fucking shaking. Convulsing even. Wait. The rain stopped. That’s weird. It just stopped. Now rain again. And stopped. Oh shit. It’s not raining. Duh. That asshole has the water hose and attachment for watering plants. It has like eight settings. One of them is rain shower. I’m an idiot. She probably had it on the table and pointed at the window to make me think it was raining. What the fuck? Now it’s on stream and she’s randomly spraying me with it now. Okay, maybe not randomly. Nope. Not randomly. She has targets. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Wow. Tonya really hates this. First Sirius let her think it was raining. Now just fucking with her with the sprayer. Sirius put the water hose down for a moment and helped Tonya back onto the patio and rolled her onto her side, facing the yard. She picked the hose back up and starting spraying Tonya with a steady stream, making sure to get every inch of her. Once she was sure that she had left no part out she helped roll her over the other way, facing the house, and made sure to get every inch of the backside of Tonya. Sirius peeked at her watch. It was getting close to the real time for this to be over. She rolled Tonya back into the yard and propped the water hose up so it was fake raining on Tonya again. Sirius left her there and went inside to find the Allen key that she had left for her in the bag in the garage.  She found it and went back outside. She turned the water off. It was 8°and she needed to add one last exclamation point to the night. Sirius picked up the trash bag with the leftover ice water in it and slowly poured it over Tonya and left her shivering in the wet grass for the last fifteen minutes of her penance tie.

Sirius unlocked the padlock holding Tonya’s wrists and ankles together and helped her straighten her legs out. Then she started unscrewing the Allen screw on her ankle cuffs. Shortly after that she unscrewed the ones on her wrists. Tonya didn’t move much as first but then started shivering again. Sirius helped her up and walked her blind, deaf/mute, shivering, wobbly friend into the house. The tub was still half full of water but it was a little warmer than room temp this time. She helped her into the tub, slowly so she didn’t reheat too quickly. In the meantime, Sirius began peeling off the layers of tape and coban. Eventually, the bandana fell out.  After about twenty minutes she turned the knob to add some more water, it was the hot knob this time. The little shit had earned it.

“I hate you so hard.” Tonya was still shivering.

“No, you don’t. You love me. Maybe less than you did twelve hours ago, but you love me. You hungry yet?” She was grinning.

“Yeah. You’re right. I can do both, and yes. I’m fucking starving. If my face will work. I think my nose is warped. I have to get this hood off.” Tonya started moving and grunting a bit and peeling off layers of hose. Sirius giggled. The tip of Tonya’s nose was bright red. Probably rubbed raw from the friction of the pantyhose hood for ten hours. “What?” Tonya touched the end of her nose with her finger. “Oh, that’s gonna be tender for a little while. Stop giggling. You were right. That was a long time. I’m gonna be sore for a few days.”

“I almost cut the layers off you and left you out back in the fake rain. That wasn’t really in the guidelines you gave me. Getting off early really came in handy. I didn’t know if I would be able to or not. I figured going the good cop, bad cop route would give you something to think about and not just focus on how miserable you were. There were a few moments I felt kind of sorry for you. But only a few. This was your idea after all.” She had that matter of fact tone.

“Yeah. I know. I really didn’t want to go through with it. The only way I knew I would follow through is if I didn’t have a choice. And you helped me make that happen. Thanks for that. Now that I’ve stopped shivering and can feel my body again, let’s go get some food. My treat.” Tonya was smiling a toothy smile.

“Deal. I already ate, but for free, I can eat again.” Sirius was grinning too.

“So uhhh… What’re you doing next weekend? I might need some help digging a hole” still grinning and getting out of the tub.

“Hahaahha. No. Well maybe, you dig the hole and I’ll help fill it in.” she tossed Tonya a towel.

“I’ll see what I can do. What’s the weather gonna be like?” she had finished drying off and was stepping into a warm comfy pair of sweat pants and a pulling on her hoodie.

“Shitty. Cold and getting colder, with a slight chance of rain. Prolly fake.” Sirius was trying not to smile, and failing.

“Really? Again, with the fake rain. What’s it really gonna be like?” the eyeroll was audible.

“Who knows? Too far out to tell anyway. It changes a couple of times a day. Just check it later in the week as the weekend gets closer.”

“You know I’ll forget to do that.” Tonya was putting her hair up in a messy bun. Sirius wasn’t trying to hide the smile this time. Tonya’s glare was as loud as her eyeroll, Sirius started down the hallway and shouted behind her.

“Oh, I know, you should set a reminder.”


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