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Early Bird

by Pegusas

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© Copyright 2015 - Pegusas - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; outdoors; nylon; bodystocking; hood; rope; gag; caught; susp; stuck; discovered; M/f; cons/reluct; X

Jane had gradually pushed the risk/thrill level up more and more over the past couple of years as she had grown into her various fetishes, that’s how she found herself driving out into the forest park alone at one in the morning. She parked her car in the empty car park, turned the engine off and sat there for around twenty minutes. She went through the plan in her head again, watching and listening for anyone else around, building up the courage for her fantasy to become reality.

Once she was satisfied no-one else was around she set her plan into motion, she got out of her car and took off her long raincoat, tossed it into the boot and closed it. She stood there in her gorgeous new bodystocking, it was a very figure-hugging sheer black number which zipped all the way up her back and onto which she had fitted a stocking which she would pull over her head, zipping this round her neck completed her nylon zentai second skin.

She stood there for several minutes reveling in the moment; her body almost totally naked but completely covered in nylon, the feeling of the nylon, the total exposure. Out of the back of the car she took her bondage kit for this evening and got to work.

She tied her ankles together with soft cotton rope, she loved the softness of cotton better than rough nylon rope and also she didn’t want to ruin her new bodystocking. She then tied her legs together above and below her knees, fitted a soft black foam ball gag into her mouth, tying it securely behind her head so it wouldn’t come out. Then she got the handcuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back, although not her sternest of self-bondage tests she didn’t want to over-complicate things since she was out in the wide open and very exposed!

Now all tied and cuffed came the next part, with the car keys in her hand she double pressed the button for the cars central locking, tossed the keys in and slammed the car door shut with her nylon clad butt. The car was now totally secure and locked up, not too unlike herself!

The only way to get into the car now was to get her spare keys, which were hidden in the woods under a tree she had selected along a long winding trail. Her only option now was to go and get those keys before daylight and before anyone discovered her.

She started hopping away from the car, it was strange but she felt even more at risk, more exposed, away from the imagined safety of being next to her car even though she had no way of getting into it. She jumped on, her bare breasts bouncing wildly under her sheer bodystocking; she could feel her nipples rubbing against the nylon, becoming erect and so sensitive. Her breast had always drawn admiring stares and envy, natural 34Es she always had trouble convincing people they were real, although maybe that was people just wanting a better look and feel, both men and women!

Jane hopped along the trail, further and further away from the car, further into park. She had select the hiding spot with care, it was just off from the trail itself and quite distinctive. The tree was one of those “Monkey Puzzle” trees, quite tall and easily seen from a distance even in just the moonlight, she had buried the car keys and the keys to her cuffs in a small box below it. She bounced up towards the tree when she suddenly felt something brushing against her ankles; she was at little puzzled but just thought it must been a small fallen twig, some weeds or something and hopped on forward.

Instantly she knew that was a mistake; her feet were whipped away from underneath her, followed by her legs and then by her whole body!! She was rushed up through the air and was almost instantly trapped upside down! She tried to squirm free, to call out; she bounced and swayed at the end of the rope… now ten feet up in the air! What the hell was going on she thought, who the hell put this damn trap here, how was she going to get down, how long until it was daylight and would she be caught, or even worse... never be found??

Those thoughts screamed through her head again and again in the first few minutes, she was still swaying back and forth when she finally calmed down a bit, catching her breath. She could feel her pussy was still hot and wet; she wanted to cum so bad, cursing herself for cuffing her hands behind her back. She tried to rub her inner thighs together and get enough sensations going to start something but all she could manage was to get a bit out of breathe and swinging around some more.

She tried to think of a way to get down but quickly realised it was hopeless, even if her hands were at the front she wouldn’t be able to release herself. She felt the rain come down, the pitter patter of the raindrops through her bodystocking, running down her near naked body. Soon the bodystocking was completely soaked and clinging even more to her body, “Well, if I’m gonna get found at least I’ll give them one hell of an eyeful!” she ruefully thought to herself!

Several hours went by and she had passed out a couple of times due to fatigue and being upside down. She gradually woke up and felt the cramp in her legs, the blood was draining from them and they were starting to go numb. She looked around, it was quite bright now, she wasn’t sure what time it was but she thought it was still early-ish judging by the sun still being quite low. She tried to look up at her legs to the rope but all could see was her breasts! Curse them she thought, with a smile on her face, always getting in the way!


The jogger always came out to the park at that time of the morning; he loved the fresh morning air and the sounds of wildlife starting their day. He had been along that particular trail many times but had never met anyone out that early, so was away in his own thoughts as he pushed on.

But then he saw something that stunned him to a stop...

He saw something large hanging from a tree further ahead just off the trail; he had read a few stories in the newspaper of other joggers or people walking their dogs early in the morning in trails like this one that had found someone but thought it was thankfully too rare and hoped never to find someone himself. His immediate reaction was to run to help, maybe it wasn’t too late yet and he sped up and sprinted towards the tree.

It was then, closer to the person, the first thing clicked in his head, the person wasn’t hanging but dangling by their feet. Then secondly he/she was naked, well, not totally. The person seemed to him to be covered in some cloth or a see-thru bag or something... getting closer he also noticed it was a woman, and a very attractive looking woman!

He tried to call to her but got no reply, only a groan. She must be in pain he figured, not knowing she couldn’t talk at all because of her ball gag. He figured he needed to get her down ASAP; he climbed up the tree towards the rope. Using his body weight to weigh down the branch he lowered her back down onto the ground and then managed to get the rope untied from the branch. He carefully clambered back down the tree and went to the woman; she had lain on her front when he had put her down.

He looked over her body, seeing her up-close for the first time he noticed the ropes and cuffs. He wondered who had done this to her and who would leave her like that. He looked down her body; she looked like she was wearing tights, except they covered her entire body. He knelled down and ran his hands over her body, down her back and over her buttocks, clasping them in his hands.

Jane let out a small groan, she realised she had been cut down but was so out of it by this stage, and she had no energy to do anything.

The jogger turned her over slowly and checked her pulse, slow but strong. She seemed okay but very groggy. He untied the ropes from her body and took out the ball gag. She tried to work her mouth and stretch it; the jogger got his water bottle and propped her up on his knees then poured some into her mouth. She choked at first, then took some more, he watched the water that had spilled drip down onto her chest. It was the first time he looked at her breasts properly, he was entranced by them, the way they looked through the nylon, and how the nylon had stuck to her breasts when it got wet.

Jane started to recover, the water rehydrating her and the blood flowed back around her body. She looked at her rescuer, noticing how fit and handsome he was. She smiled to herself at how absorbed he seemed in her chest and saw by his package he was admiring the show!

She leaned forward and started to kiss him; he seemed wooden at first but then responded in kind. He soon had his hands all over her, stroking and caressing her nylon clad body…

As they say, the early bird catches the worm!


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