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Earning Trust

by GCane

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© Copyright 2013 - GCane - Used by permission

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He watched through the sheer curtain as she removed her clothes, revealing her tanned body. Her physique was athletic and he could tell she must have devoted many hours to a local gym. She was a sight of beauty and he caught himself licking his lower lip at the sight of her. He had waited patiently for this night. He knew she was like him, that she had an insatiable hunger for this; more over she loved being watched as much as he loved watching. They both wanted, no, both needed more.

They'd been communicating online for months, and eventually he convinced her to setup a web cam so he could watch her perform her self bondage sessions. He had even been kind enough to setup an account on an Internet sex shop to buy toys and have the bill charged to him.

By now he had seen her perform several times, always following his instructions perfectly. But it wasn't enough anymore. He had proposed a real life meeting but she'd been nervous, too nervous. A previous attempt to meet with another online friend had gone horribly wrong and she didn't want to make the same mistake. She told him she just wasn't ready and asked for more time. He had lied and said he understood.

Tonight, she had done the same as previous performances. She setup her web cam, printed out his email full of instructions and began to follow her cyber-masters wishes. The difference tonight however was that he was not at home enjoying the show. He was outside her house, waiting for her to finish with the locks and then they would meet, ready or not.

As usual, she made sure to setup a release mechanism to eventually free herself. It took her over 30 minutes to follow all his instructions, but she finally finished, snapping the last lock closed - sealing her fate without knowing it. Watching throw the window, he felt his excitement in his pants. Watching her follow his directions made him fell in control. He whispered under his breath as he stood up and headed for the back door, "Control".

He had practiced and mastered the art of lock picking at an early age from his locksmith father. He had always had a fascination with cracking them and it proved useful more than once. To avoid her being able to hear his entry, he had made sure to include in is email to her an audio recording, which she was to listen to through head phones under her leather hood. That way she wouldn't hear him break in.

5 minutes later he stood in her back porch. Finally, she was to be his.


Removing her clothes, she felt excited and nervous at the same time. She always got nervous turning on the web cam for the unknown eyes watching her. As she let the house coat fall to the floor and faced the camera, her masters eye, she felt the knowing feeling of his gaze stronger - closer somehow. She wanted him, wanted to be his but the fright of trying to meet her last online master still frightened her.

She took a deep breath to forget about all that, and to prepare for tonight. She reached to the printer and took the instructions sent to her. Whatever it was he wanted, she would do and she knew it.

Having read, prepared for and followed his instructions she now lay on the bed, spread eagle and bound, gagged and blindfolded, listening to the audio and enjoying the vibrations of her intruders. She followed all orders to the letter, and now relaxed to enjoy her position. She knew he was still watching her, she could feel it. She wanted to be his.... if only she could....


Stepping into the bedroom, he laid his kit bag on the floor next to the bed, unzipped it and setup the tripod. Next he placed the video recorder on it so that it pointed towards the bed and hit 'Record'. The red light came on - showtime.

Going to her computer, he sat down and quickly retrieved a new audio recording he had saved in his own Internet email account. He downloaded it and played it both through her head phones and the external speakers so he could hear what she did. He could tell by her movements she noticed the change. He watched as she listened, her chest rising and falling with her breathing.

Bound and spread as she was, she was completely naked and spread for him except for the hood and crotch rope, which kept both intruders buried inside her. He had instructed her to turn both on at the low vibe setting to keep her aroused but not enough to get off.

"Feel my hands as they rub your body, squeezing and caressing you all over... you need my hands on your slutty body don't you. Beg for me to touch you... let me hear you bed for my touch..."

Listening to the recording playing in her head she begs unintelligibly through the gag. She was loosing herself in her own bound world, falling deeper as his recorded voice went on.

"You are a dirty whore who needs to be dominated aren't you? You love being such a whore don't you?"

Reaching to the bedside table, he takes the remotes for the vibrating toys inside her and slowly increases the power, ever so slowly as the minutes pass, watching her desire for release escalate with the intensity of the vibrations. Going painfully slow, it takes him almost 6 minutes to reach max vibrations. Her body is flush now, her hips going from a slow rhythmic hump to an air grind, desperate for traction to get some friction on her swelling clit but she can't manage it bound as she is. Her frustration only adding to her need. Her mind can't understand how the vibrations got to be so high, nor does it care. The heat growing from inside her pussy is taking over her mind.

"You want to cum so bad but hold it. Don't let it out or I'll have to punish you. Don't you dare cum without asking for it. Let me hear you beg to allow you to cum...."

Masters voice is all she hears, her pleading cries makes his cock begin to grow, but he knows he mustn't do anything with that just now... he needs to stay his course with her, to have her commit to him.

The timing of his recorded voice is working perfectly on her, melting her mind in her state of pure sexual need.

"Tell me I own you, give yourself to me and then you can cum... tell me.... louder...."

As she cries out through the gag, trying to give herself to him so she can finally stop fighting the burning need to release, he gets takes a third vibrator out of his kit bag, turns it on high and quickly slides it under the crotch rope, directly on her clit. Releasing the rope, the vibrator is pushed down on, glued tight to the sensitive bud and she loses the battle as her flood gates open.

Her concentration of holding it back is broken by the new sensation, briefly trying to determine how it got there only to have the thought washed away by the explosion of ecstasy. It begins inside her pussy and spreads to her entire body as she shakes and rocks for several minutes through multiple orgasms.

He stands and watches her while she struggles to breath through the nose holes as she cums repeatedly, the vibrations never giving her any time to catch her breath between orgasms.

After more than several times, he can see her struggling against her bonds, looking for release from the torment of imposed sexual stimulation but he doesn't remove any of the vibrating toys. Again, he sits at her computer and switches the audio back to the original and deletes the one with his voice.

He turns off the camera, packs it away again, all the while listening to her struggle through another build up and release. Ensuring everything is back in its place, he moves towards her hood covered head and gently places two fingers over her breathing holds. Her sweat glazed body immediately realizes somethings wrong, as her oxygen is cutoff and she frantically jerks, tugging at her ropes but they don't give in. Her fight lasts less than a minute, and her body loses its struggle as she passes out. Quickly, he slips the third vibrator out from under the rope, and turns the other two intruders back to their original setting of low.

He steal a caressing squeeze of her slippery breast then cracks a smelling salt packet under her nose holes. He hears her begin to come to as he makes his to patio door, locking it shut and disappears into the night.


Waking up still bound, it takes her several seconds before she realizes she is still secured to the bed. Her memory is racing of a super intense orgasm session but she's not sure how it would have happened. Reaching up she finds the key has fell from its ice trap and she releases her stiff and sore body from the bonds, slowly stretching each limb to get the blood flowing again. Checking the vibrators, she sees the dials are all on low still and she's alone yet she knows something isn't right.

Moving to her computer, she wraps herself with a blanket and sits to see what her single person audience has to say, if he can explain the mystery. Before she can type anything, she notices her email blinking "New Message" and that the sender is Him.

She quickly opens the video attachment. On her computer screen she sees her own room, just like with her web cam, but at a different angle. She sees herself tied to the bed convulsing in a massive orgasm, and there's a man standing over her on the screen - staring at the camera. His intense eyes looking out at her as she sits and watches, shocked.....



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