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The Easter Bunny’s Bondage Surprise

by Wishful Husband

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© Copyright 2009 - Wishful Husband - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; costume; lingerie; gift; M/f; bond; cuffs; gag; rope; hogtie; tease; oral; sex; toys; cons; X

My husband was always very generous at Easter time, always making me feel like a little girl again. He would hide fine chocolates and jewelry through out the house, my very own little Easter egg hunt. My husband wasn’t much of a candy lover and I could never figure out what to get him. The only thing he ever wanted was to take complete advantage of my body. I am a very attractive 5’5” blonde with a shapely body (36D-24-35). So I figured I would dress up for him and hide bondage items through out the house and allow him to use them on me.

After he went to bed I went out and hid the bondage gear and laid out my Easter outfit. When I woke up I quickly took a shower, fixed my make up and did my hair. I then put on a pink colored silk garter belt with a very expensive pair of nude color stockings. I also bought a pair of pink bunny ears and a big furry white bunny tail which I attached to the back of the waist strap on my garter belt. I checked myself in the mirror and I had to admit it was an adorable outfit perfect for my husband’s enjoyment. Putting on my bath robe I went out to the living room to surprise my husband. My husband woke up and entered the room and immediately had a huge smile on his face when he saw me in my bunny ears.

“What’s this dear,” I stood up and dropped my robe and spun around. “This is what I always wanted a bunny on Easter”.

My husband quickly ran his hands all over my body causing a large bulge in his pants.

“Not so quick dear the Easter bunny has hid some presents for you why don’t you try looking for them.”

He quickly spotted the fur covered handcuffs on the fireplace mantle. He grabbed them and spun me around and tightly locked my wrists behind my back. He looked around and in the corner he found a pile of various lengths of rope. Taking a piece he tightly tied my elbows together causing my 36Ds to stick out.

Running his hands over my stocking covered thighs he worked his way up to my very wet pussy. “What a naughty bunny, we are going to have to do something about this.” Then a huge smile came across his face when he noticed a large pink ball gag hanging from the dinning room chandelier, he quickly went over and unhooked it. “Honey this is the best Easter ever’” and before I had a chance to answer him he shoved the big pink ball gag deep into my mouth past my teeth. I tried to push it out but it was there to stay, I wonder why they even need a strap on a large ball gag. Not taking any chances my husband quickly and tightly buckled the white strap underneath my blond hair, “mmmprhprh, mmmprhprh.”

He then pushed me down on the couch and tightly tied my ankles together and then added another piece above my knees locking my thighs together. He helped me up, “let’s see the Bunny hop around.”

I was feeling pretty helpless now but I started to hop up and down while trying to shake my furry tail for my husband’s enjoyment. “What a cute little Bunny,” turning around to expose my shapely ass my husband said, “What a cute little tail”. I decided I would try to hop to the bedroom and jump onto our comfortable bed, so I started to hop away. My husband quickly got up, “Where are you going,” grabbing me he forced me to floor. “Not so fast Bunny,” taking another piece of rope he cinched it around my ankle tie and then cinched the other end around my elbow tie, putting me into a very strict hogtie. I could almost touch my ankles with my hands.

Why did he have to tie me so tight and why did I buy such a large ball gag, couldn’t I have bought a smaller one. I was totally helpless and under my husbands complete control. All I could do was pull on my hogtie, rolling from side to side, moaning into the ball gag, getting wetter and hornier by the minute. All my husband did was stand there with a huge smile on his face truly enjoying my predicament.

My husband helped me up on my knees and I had a feeling what was going to happen next. He unbuckled my ball gag and had some difficultly pulling the ball out of my mouth. It felt good to have it out but before I had a chance he shoved his cock deep into my mouth. My husband dream is having his cock sucked with my hands tried behind my back. I guess he was going to get his dream now. I guess I was being too cautious and not sucking deep enough because he put his hand behind my head and forced his cock deep into my mouth. Holding my head all I could do was suck his cock and before I knew it he shot his full load deep down my throat. He then made me suck him clean. I was angry now and started to complain but before I knew it he stuffed and buckled the ball gag back into my mouth. All I could do was glare at him.

He quickly untied my hog tie, my ankles and thighs and helped me to my feet. Leading me over to the dinning room table he made me press my waist against the edge of table. Making me spread my feet and legs wide apart he tied each of my ankles to the legs of the table. Forcing me to lean forward and resting my upper body on the table, he took another piece of rope cinching it around my elbows then tightly pulling the rope and tying it off at the other end of table preventing me from standing up. I was completely spread open and totally available getting hornier by the minute.

My husband was moving around me from behind and I could not see what he was doing because of the way he had tied me. Suddenly I felt something wet being rubbed in my ass and before I knew it he jammed my anal vibrator into my ass. It was painful at first but before I knew it was humming away. Finally my husband rammed his dick into my very wet pussy and began to pound away. I have never been fucked so hard and in a very short time, I was experiencing multiple orgasms, good thing I had that large ball stuck in my mouth because I am sure the neighbors would have heard me. My husband then exploded in me making me orgasm again.

He stood up and slapped me on the ass and told me he was going to change my batteries, “mmmrphrph mmmrphrph”.

“Bunny that was an excellent appetizer, I can’t wait, for the entrée and the dessert.”

“Mmmrphrph mmmrphrph ”

“Bunny I have a strong feeling you are going to be one tired Bunny, you know what they say Bunnies like to do?


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