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by Dana

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© Copyright 2007 - Dana - Used by permission

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Hi.. Firstly thanks for this excellent website, it has not only been enjoyable to read but it given us great ideas too.It is nice to know that there are other people with the same likes. Here is a true story of how I discovered my husband in self bondage. It is a little tame compared to some of your other stories,but i hope it is good enough for you to use. 


He often had days when I thought he was on another planet and today was one of those days, but it still came as surprise when I got home from work to find him tied up on the bed. His legs bound together at the ankles and just above the knees, his arms secured by leather cuffs padlocked together. A ball gag was firmly attached, I could see he had left the key in the padlock of his gag, and had weighted nipple clamps attached which were obviously quite sore.

Okay, not so strange, many people enjoy self bondage, even the fact he was wearing a pair of my pantyhose but it was the 8 or so eggs he had in his see through thong that surprised me. 'Why eggs?' I thought. He later explained that besides the nice feeling of them every time he moved, it was also knowing that at anytime they may break. This can be painful as the egg shell scratches and pricks and also gets very messy, (something else he likes as I found out).

He lay there on the bed, his face bright red. I laughed and asked him if he was enjoying himself. With a nod to say yes. Dave started, with a lot of effort, to slide across the bed and get his legs to the floor and stand up. He hopped towards me and as he did the eggs and nipples weights jiggled up and down quite clearly causing some excitement as well as some pain.

I removed the ball gag and asked were the key to the cuffs was, this he explained he had dropped out of the window so that he had to go outside dressed in nothing but my panty hose and his bondage restraints. This he had done many times before, but today someone had put the top bolt on the door which made it impossible to open. So he had spent 3 hours imprisoned knowing that he was going to be caught.

I went and got the key, but as I went back towards our bedroom, maybe it was 6th sense. I looked in our spare room and there was an old suitcase which we had not used for years. I opened it up to find cuffs, padlocks, canes, plastic pants, an assortment of women's clothes and latex catsuit.

Dave had bounced along the corridor and was standing in the doorway, he started to say something, I said, "Shh, let me think."

I went and put his gag back on. He had realised that it was best not to antagonise me. I had not said a lot since finding him and he was still unsure what I actually thought of the situation.

I went into the kitchen thinking of ways to make this fun for both of us. I picked up another pack of eggs and a large plastic dust sheet. I inserted another 6 eggs into his thong, this was surprisingly supportive and also stretchable, so as we made our way to the bedroom the eggs were doing their job on his groin.

"I hope that's egg white running down your leg!" I said, he nodded yes, his back hunched trying to stop the weights on his nipples bouncing too much.

I sat on the bed with my back against the headboard in the middle of the bed and told him to position himself on the plastic sheet with his eggs hovering over my knees. This took him a while, most ungainly, but eventually was across me with his bottom pointing up in the air.

Under my pillow I had put his cane, at first though I decided to spank him but this seemed to be hurting my hand more than his bottom.

I let him see the cane and toyed with it across target area. Dave still had his bottom in the air with the eggs suspended just above my knees.

Whack. I heard him go mmmph into the gag but his bottom stayed in the air.



He still remained unmoved, this was becoming a matter of principal now. I was determined to make him land on his eggs and start breaking them and he seemed more determined to prevent the eggs from the inevitable.



The second hit made him crash the eggs down on to my knees, but immediately up came his bottom again. It must be hurting, I had left 3 red welt marks across his rear, but still he left the target in perfect position.




After each of the last 3 swipes his full weight dropped on his eggs and it took longer for him to raise his bottom. Many of the eggs had broken and the gooey slime was running from his thong leaving sharp egg shells to irritate his crotch.





These last few he was writhing around on my knees, squelching in the slime and occasionally jerking back as a piece of egg shell jabbed him. I threw the plastic sheet over him and rolled him off my legs and wrapped him in the sheet and left him to slosh around in his own mess.

He was breathing heavily into his gag and was moving around trying to get some sexual excitement, he was right on the edge of an orgasm, but I decided to leave him stewing in his own mess and torment.

After about half an hour I went back to him, he had Caterpillar like made his way along to the bathroom. I helped in and started to remove his binds and messy clothes.

We spoke long and hard about his other fantasies, some of which he will carry out on his own, I would be his emergency release. Dave had enjoyed this initial session so much and was eager to try it again. I don't mind, I am not the most sexually active of women so it is a great way to pleasure him without me having to fake orgasms.

All this happened some 6 years ago and it has made us closer than ever. I have helped carry out many of his fantisies and have come up with a few ideas myself. If this first story gets put on to your site I will write again with other situations we have.



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