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Eileen’s Woodland Story

by Eileen Bound

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© Copyright 2012 - Eileen Bound - Used by permission

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I've had a lot of memorable adventures. I'm an avid crossdresser, so being bound while wearing at least hosiery and leotards is natural for me, affording me the most eroticism and intense sensations. One time, I dressed up wearing black Lycra tights and a black short-sleeved Lycra leotard. Underneath the leotards, I had on a pair of old tights, with the crotch-lining cut out for my head to pass through. This way my arms were covered, and my hands were covered like thumbless mittens, making finger dexterity difficult. To complete the ensemble, I wore black 4 inch heeled shoes. This made walking interesting, especially on a surface I planned to be on.

I went out in the late evening one weekday to a park I had been checking out for some time. During the daytime, the park was quite busy, with all sorts of sports activities happening but after it got dark, it was quite deserted, but relatively well lit. In one area just off the main access road, there was a training circuit with various sports equipment secured to the ground. I found parallel bars along this circuit, and they happen to be close enough to the road to provide the element of discovery, but not so close that one would automatically be seen. Medium height shrubs partially obscured a clear view of the bars from the road. The bars also happened to be between two light poles, providing more shadow than light.

This seemed perfect for a little suspension play I'd been experimenting with. There was parking about a quarter mile away along the circuit, and this whole area was separated from the access road by a ditch filled with water. The whole park was really a densely treed forest, with wide trails carved out of the densely spaced trees and shrubbery. My plan was to take all the necessary chains and padlocks with me, but leave the keys at the car, save for the one key I would need to release myself from the parallel bars. This key I held in place against my right wrist with padlocked wrist cuffs after putting on the old tights. They would be secure but accessible, the tights would make sure I didn't drop them, but I would really have to work at getting the key down to my fingers and through the small hole in the tights to open the one lock I needed opened.

I gathered up my chains, all measured to length, and the padlocks, and made my way to the bars. At the parallel bars, I found a chunk of wood, about a foot long and about 5 inches round. This would provide me with the boost I would need. I first started by padlocking a chain around my waist. To this padlock, I attached 2 lengths of chain that went down the crack of my butt, between my legs and around my crotch to be padlocked to the waist chain along my front, on either side of my hipbones.

Just underneath my scrotum, I padlocked a length of chain that almost reached my ankles. To the end of this chain, I padlocked the rings of my ankle cuffs, making the hanging chain between my legs taunt. My feet would only have an inch of wiggle room, forcing me to hobble at a snail's pace and yank the crotch chains with every step I took. The chain attached to the crotch chain would tighten and squeeze the chains deeper between my butt cheeks and tighten under the scrotum, lifting and separating, thrusting my penis head upwards. Just above the knees, I cinched a strap and padlocked it to the hanging chain from my scrotum. This too would facilitate the tightening and thrusting every time I took a step. I then slid a stocking over my head. I secured a large ball gag in my mouth, then another stocking over it all. This would cover my face, make seeing difficult and insure that the ball gag couldn't be pushed from my mouth.

Around my neck went a thick leather posture collar that made looking in any direction but straight ahead difficult. It also made sure the stockings couldn't be pulled off easily. To the back of the collar, I secured a chain that dropped down to my waist chain at the back and secured it to the padlock that also held the crotch chains tightly. To the ring on the front of the collar, I attached 2 lengths of chain that hung down to the waist chain in front where the 2 crotch chains were padlocked near my hips and secured with those same padlocks creating a chain harness that hugged me tightly.

I positioned the chunk of wood under the bars and stood onto it, making sure I was positioned directly under the bar. I attached a long length of chain to the link at the back of the collar, threw it over the bar above my head and padlocked the loose end to the waist chain where the crotch chains were attached. I was now secured in place, unable to go anywhere until I got the key to my fingers, got it through the hole in the hose and opened the padlock that kept me prisoner, all the while working blind and in the dark and balancing on a round log. I attached cuffs to my arms just above the elbows, and pulled each elbow tight to my body with the length of chain attached to the rings, then secured the other end of these chains to the waist chain, the left elbow chain padlocked near my right hip, my right elbow to near my left hip.

I was so hard at the thought of my complete and total immobility, it was almost painful. I thought I was going to burst, and not in a good way either. The last padlock secured my wrist cuffs to each other behind my back and to the crotch chains in such a way that to reach the padlock on the release chain, I would have to yank on the crotch chains.

I was so tightly wrapped, that no matter which limb I moved, chains tightened around my body. Standing on the log on my tiptoes was no easy feat either, and I felt I was always on the verge of losing my footing. Since the log provided 5 inches of lift, slipping off would probably suspend me off the ground to some extent. For me, being bound dressed as a woman, and struggling made me very hard, the tights and leotards also pressed my dick to my body, providing a rubbing sensation that allowed ejaculation, but I would have to work at it. It was not uncommon for me to cum 5 or 6 times an hour, because after each ejaculation, I would just get hard again.

I had worked up a bit of a sweat, and the sensation of damp, skin tight clothing cooling in the wind against my body was out of this world. I tested my restraints and found them to be unyielding, and I relished the idea of being bound like this, with no possible escape until I worked at it very hard. The tests and experiments at home had all been successful, and I was confident that I would have all night to struggle until I could get myself free. Testing every conceivable movement of my limbs, I came almost immediately, an explosion that was so satisfying, that I closed my eyes and swayed back and forth, using the suspension chain for balance.

After what seemed like hours of ecstasy, I opened my eyes to survey my situation. I was horrified to see a car stopped on the road almost directly in front of me. Thoughts raced through my mind; how long had the car been there? Was I visible? Had they seen me? My heart began to pound, and I started to breathe rapidly as I panicked. The ball gag was effective at preventing me from hyperventilating, but I found I still couldn't catch my breath. I tried to be as silent and as still as possible, lest they hear me or see any movement in the woods. Because of two layers of stockings over my head, I couldn't tell how many occupants were in the car, nor which way they might be looking.

I tried to look more directly at the car, but with the collar preventing me from turning my head, and the suspension chain and log I was standing on angled to the road, I would have to shift my whole body to get a better view. At the moment, I was absolutely petrified. I began to notice that the chains were digging into me in various places. Because the suspension chain had been pulled tight as I stood on my tiptoes, every time I used it for balance just made everything else tighten on me.

The car stayed stopped for what seemed like an eternity. When no one got out of the car, my breathing started to return to somewhat normal and my heart no longer pounded. Now my thoughts were focused on getting free, lest I be found like this. While there were people who would understand this, maybe even enjoy a little play, I was more worried about the people who wouldn't understand and see me as a piñata. I waited and waited for the car to leave, as still as I could be, not wanting to give them a reason to explore some movement caught out of the corner of their eye.

Unfortunately, I was getting hard again. And the natural thrusting and cumming was inevitable. I tried to move as little as possible, but still found myself swaying back and forth, using the suspension chain for balance. My mouth was extremely dry, and I wondered if I was panting and rasping, and if the car occupants could hear it. I couldn't help myself, and I exploded again in ecstasy. Just at that very moment, the car slowly moved away. That action alone stopped my ejaculation, and now I worried where the car might be going. While it wasn't likely the occupants would jump over the wide ditch to explore, they could very easily go to the parking lot, see my car there and come exploring along the trail. I would have to work fast now, as discovery seemed much more eminent.

I tried to twist and wriggle my hands to dislodge the key stuck to my wrist, I began to become alarmingly aware that the elbow cuffs and the wrist cuffs were padlocked too close to each other, and made the necessary struggling not vigorous enough to dislodge the key so it could fall into the toe of the tights for my fingers to grasp. The sweatiness of struggling for what seemed like hours also didn't help, because the key was stuck to my sweaty wrist, and wouldn’t slip down with vigorous struggling. All my struggling did was tighten all the chains confining me, making me hard. Because my wrists were so close to each other, I couldn't even use my left hand to dig the key out with my finger.

Standing on my toes for so long made them tired, and I started to shuffle from foot to foot to relieve some of the discomfort. I was in quite a predicament, I thought to myself. Best-case scenario, I would have to stay here like this till the morning when some jogger might happen by and help me. I didn’t want to think of worst-case.

I wondered how long it might be that some jogger would happen by, because I had lost all track of time. I started all this about 10 in the evening, so I estimated it could be about midnight. Another five or six hours, maybe even eight. While I was thinking this over in my mind, another car drove by slowly in the same direction as the first. It didn't appear to be the same car.

As I instinctively tried to turn to look at the car as it drove by, I felt my right foot slip of the log. As my foot swung away, it pulled the other foot off the log as well. Because the suspension chain did not suspend me completely perpendicular to the ground, and it was attached away from my center of gravity, I found myself hanging in my chain harness at an awkward angle to the ground. My legs naturally angled away from the log, and because all the chains were now very tight on my body, I found it difficult to stretch my toes towards the log. Quite the predicament!

To be continued...

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