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Elaine 2

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2002 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; mum; wrap; susp; F/m; cons; X

In Memoriam – Elaine H., 1949-1999

Part 2 – She Rescues Me Again

My girlfriend Elaine, as mentioned previously, is a morbidly obese slut, but she’s a kind, non-judgmental morbidly obese slut who tolerates my self-bondage fetish. She doesn’t really enjoy bondage or self-bondage herself, but she appreciates that I do and plays my games just because she’s my friend and she enjoys playing games with me - and if they happen to be sexual games, so much the better, because she’s a slut. Because of the way she plays along with my kinks, I use her as an ‘escape mechanism’ for inescapable self-bondage; I don’t have to worry about complex timers and the like to eventually free myself. I don’t ‘use her’ in a degrading sense- we always end up having a lot of fun and great sex. Elaine also packs a huge pair of tits (somewhere in the four-foot range, big even for a fat girl), a colossal ass, and has a delightful way of completely losing her inhibitions about her body not being ‘model perfect’. 

So, when I got the urge to try out some really escape-proof mummification fantasies, I called her. “Elaine, I have another bondage fantasy to play out. Will you help me out again?”

“What, again?” She giggled. “You know how much I hated what happened last time you wanted to play games. I only came three times!”

“Well, okay, I’ll try to do better…”

“Silly boy, you’ll do just fine. Just tell me where you’ll be and I’ll rescue you!” And I told filled her in on my plan

So next Saturday I drove out to Elaine’s farm in Spotsylvania. Actually, she only rented the farmhouse, but since the barn and a couple of outbuildings were unused, she in effect had the whole farm. I drove quietly by the house and parked behind the barn. I spent a few minutes carrying in supplies and then got ready.

The first thing, of course, was to get naked. Although I was going to wind up totally covered (which a mummy is, by definition), I at least wanted to be naked under it all. Mummification just wouldn’t be the same in a 3-piece suit! As part of my ‘prep work’, I screwed a sturdy eye-bolt to a rafter, hung a pulley so a sturdy rope hung a couple of feet away from the loft floor and securely attached a sturdy hook to the rope. Step two was to wrap an equally sturdy 3” wide nylon strap around my chest just below my armpits; in a bit, I would be suspended by this strap and the aforementioned rope and hook, so it had to be both sturdy and wide enough not to cut into me too bad. Preparation step three was to take one of my rolls of pallet wrap (an industrial product that works much like Saran Wrap but is much stronger) and put it over a vertical dowel screwed to a beam; in a bit I was going to use this to unreel the plastic film from the roll and onto me.

Now the serious fun stuff began, the whole point of this weekend: I started to mummify myself. I started by taking another roll of pallet wrap, wrapped it around my waist, and worked my way down. The delicate part here was creating a ‘chastity belt wrap’: I held my semi-hard cock up out of the way and pulled the pallet wrap between my legs so as to pin my balls back and up against my crotch, being careful to cover the cheeks of my ass. (For proper mummification, everything has to be covered.) A couple of layers later, I held my cock down and likewise pinned it down and against my crotch. In true chastity belt fashion, my cock was now pinned in such a way as to make an erection impossible. (Chastity belts aren’t supposed to be fun, they’re serious implements of discipline- except in fantasies.)

Next, I stood with my legs firmly together and looped the pallet wrap around and around both legs, working my way down to my ankles. This bound both legs together into a single limb which couldn’t flex much and, as an aside, contained and concealed my cock and my balls. That done, I used a roll of Duct Tape, snugly reinforcing the pallet wrap at my waist, above and below my knees, and at my ankles. By the time I was done, I was effectively immobilized (and incidentally quite chaste).

My lower half mummified, I popped a ball gag in my mouth, buckled it securely in my face, and then set about mummifying my upper half. I pulled out some of the pallet wrap mounted in the wall and held it against my waist while holding my arms firmly against my sides. I slowly turned, wrapping the pallet wrap around my waist and my wrists, and continued, slowly wrapping my arms and chest in layer after layer of springy plastic. I kept the wrap tight, and as I added layers, my upper body was compressed and rendered as rigid and immobile as my lower body. 

Finally, the last of the pallet wrap pulled off the reel, and I managed to press it against myself. I was now completely sealed off, thoroughly immobile and totally unable to free myself. I hopped over to the rope and hook and, with considerable squirming, managed to get the hook under the nylon strap. Then I hopped sideways to the edge of the loft, pulling the rope taut. The strap pushed my tits down from above, as a fringe benefit giving me some cleavage, but at the moment I couldn’t take advantage of that. Taking a deep breath (at least as deep as my mummification would let me take), I stepped off the edge of the loft. I swung wildly for a moment, bouncing off the wall a couple of times, and eventually came to rest about two feet away from the wall. I was helplessly bound, naked under many feet of plastic wrap, and suspended about ten feet off the hard dirt floor.

I hung there for what seemed like hours, motionless and uncomfortable and incredibly horny. I savored my helplessness and squirmed against my bonds, fantasizing and wishing I had an incredible hard-on. I finally heard a door open behind me. “Oh, my goodness, Bob!” I heard a girlish giggle and a snicker from Elaine. I waited helplessly until I she walked up behind me and briefly felt up my ass (which she always enjoys and takes advantage of during my self-bound predicaments). She moved into my field of view. I grunted a greeting through my gag and nodded at her. Elaine had done her best to look delectable for me, not easy for a girl who’s 5’7” and weights 275 pounds! She took off her overcoat to stand before me in black elbow-length gloves, black 3” heels and a lacy black corset with six long garters supporting black fishnet stockings.

“Do you like what I chose?” She turned once, posturing her butt (it wasn’t a bad butt unless you objected to sheer size) and displaying her bust for me. I nodded and grunted my approval.

“Well, Bob, you’ve done an incredible number on yourself- you’ve completely mummified yourself. You’re obviously quite helpless, which I know you enjoy. Well, I’ll help you out by making a few minor changes.” She stepped to the wall anchor to which I had anchored the rope and lowered me until my feet were about three feet from the floor. (Elaine is actually pretty strong- she has to be to carry her weight around.) There, she did something which made me realize she had researched mummification: she ordered me to point my feet down and then used Duct Tape to bind then in a ‘ballet pointe’- a pose where my feet were pointed straight down and my toes were curled under. After she was done, there was no way I could stand up, and that added to my feeling of helplessness.

Elaine smiled and lowered my mummified body until my feet just brushed the ground (my useless feet emphasized my abject helplessness) and set about tidying my mummification. I hadn’t been able to be too tidy while doing my upper body, and she finished me off with some deliberately-placed Duct Tape. She also added several strips of tape through my crotch, sternly pinning my cock and balls down.

Finally, she removed my ball gag. “Thank you, Elaine!”

“Shut up, Bob; I didn’t give you permission to speak.” She packed my mouth with a damp sponge and pushed a short piece of garden hose into my mouth before picking up more pallet wrap and wrapping it around my neck, over my mouth and nose, and then over and around my head, binding it securely. It felt like my head was being squeezed in a giant fist! I could see, but only foggily, through the wrap.

Elaine stepped over to the wall  and pulled me back up onto the air, finally stopping when my securely-bound crotch was even with her face. She let me dangle there while she played with my mummified lower body. She tickled my feet through the plastic wrap and watched me squirm. She played with my ass (she enjoys that a lot), running her fingers up the plastic-sheathed crack of my ass. And especially she played with my imprisoned cock and balls, giggling as I groaned over my inability to become erect.

“Gee, Bob, I think you’re getting hot. I’ll give you a chance to cool down!” Elaine gave me a few final strokes and then sat down on the floor a few feet in front of me. As I stared, she pulled down the cups of her top and gently fingered her nipples until they became erect. “You do remember how sensitive my nipples are, Bob?” I did- she once told me that her nipples were wired directly to her clit! “It’s a shame you can’t get to them right now- I’d love to have you sucking on them!” She let go of her nipples and reached down to undo the snap crotch of her corset and tuck it up and away. “And you can’t get to my pussy either; a shame, it’s wet and ready for you. Wouldn’t you love to slip your cock into my pussy, Bob? It’s a shame you’re a mummy and can’t do anything to me; I would enjoy it so much…” I groaned loudly. Elaine smiled and masturbated enthusiastically for my frustration and her enjoyment. I felt incredibly useless when she made herself cum loudly in front of me.

After a few moments to pull herself together, Elaine got to her feet and stood in front of me with her legs spread while she snapped her corset’s crotch back into position and tucked her boobs back in their lacy packaging. Then she walked over to the far wall of the barn and dragged over an ancient picnic table. She lowered me until I tried to stand on my toes on its top; that was a miserable and helpless feeling, as toes aren’t supposed to support body weight in that position. She had mercy on me and pushed me aside until my feet hung off the edge of the table, and then lowered me until I lay atop the table. I was so thoroughly bound that I don’t think I could have even rolled off the table. Fortunately, that wasn’t on the agenda.

Elaine pushed me around until my head stuck out over the end of the table. She stepped away and returned with a hardware knife, which she used to slice away the wrap and tape over my mouth. She removed the hose and the sponge; I started to say something, buy she quieted me with her fingers over my mouth. “Quiet, mummy! Now I’m going to do what I want with you- well, one of the things, anyway. Now you’re totally at my mercy and I’m going to use you for my pleasure.”

She pulled out her tits again and bent over so I could suck on one of them for a bit; her nipple responded eagerly and grew thick in my mouth. I chewed eagerly away until she pulled it away. “Ahhh… you always were good with tits! But now for the main event.” She undid her snap crotch again, displaying her sparsely-furred pussy.  “That’s right, mummy Bob, you’re going to eat my pussy and make me cum! You’re just a tool for my pleasure, just like a vibrator. Get to work!” She moved toward me, spread her fat lips with her fingers, and lowered her twat on my face. I’d been there before, many times, and I knew what she liked. She removed her fingers and I replaced them with my tongue. I lightly stroked her lips with my tongue and zeroed in on her clit. She was already moist, and I quickly had her dripping. Squirming helplessly in my cocoon, I worked earnestly to bring her pleasure, and in a few minutes was rewarded by her squeals and a gush of her orgasmic juices on my face.

Elaine slid off my face and took another couple of moments to recover her mind. “Thanks for the face ride, mummy boy! I bet by now you really need a change of pace, but the pleasure today is all mine. If you get any pleasure today, it will be purely incidental to my pleasure.” She stepped down to my crotch and worked delicately with the knife to expose my cock, leaving my balls bound under the wrap. She bent down over my half-erect cock and sucked on it (this wasn’t a favor to me, she enjoyed sucking cock) until it became thick and stiff. Then she produced three foil-wrapped condoms, unwrapped them, and held them over the hose so I could sniff them. (I always find the smell of condoms a turn-on; I think that tells my brain a fuck is coming!) “But I’m going to mummify your cock, too! I think two of them ought to deaden the sensations enough to not let you cum.” She carefully rolled first one, then the other, and finally a third until my cock too was mummified. 

The table quivered as Elaine hopped up with me. She played with my cock for a bit- “Ohhh, I love the way you squirm when I play with your cock! Aren’t you glad it’s not strapped down any more? Don’t you wish you could cum? Sadly, mummy boy, I’m going to do what you want. I’m not going to let you cum!” She threw one heavy thigh over my body and sat astride me. She reached back, steered my iron-hard and aching cock into her meaty twat, and began to cheerfully fuck herself on it. I watched helplessly as her massive breasts swung back and forth over me, but I of course was helpless to do anything to or for them. I squirmed desperately, trying to cum, as Elaine’s hips slammed back and forth on my cock, shaking the table. She was right about the condoms- three of them let me feel only a little, and she managed a roaring, squealing cum before I did.

“Damn, that was good, mummy toy boy! But I want more.” Elaine dug around for a long wide piece of board, leaned it up against the table, and scooted me down it until I lay head-down on the board, my head nearly on the ground. She knelt over my face again so I could lick off her juices and then pointed me toward her asshole. “I’m going to use you to fuck my asshole, mummy boy!”

She slipped her fingers in and out of her pussy, coating them with her juices, and then spread her butt open with three wet fingers. “Get my asshole good and wet, mummy boy!” I worked hard at her ass, penetrating it with my tongue, tasting the bitter taste of her poop chute. Eventually Elaine pulled off my face and moved up so she could grab my aching-hard cock in her hand. She leaned forward, giving me a grand view of her broad, economy-sized cheeks, and poked my cock up at her asshole. I was so aching hard by then I probably could’ve driven rivets with it, and it pushed right into her belly.

“Oh damn, you’re good and hard for Elaine… it’s a shame you can’t move to fuck my ass, but I’ll take care of that.” She proceeded to slam her heavy hips around on my cock, bouncing the board up and down enough to cause my cock to bounce up and down in her. She fucked herself for what seemed like half an hour, her hands alternating between her clit and her nipples. Finally, just as I felt the first urges of my own cum, she squealed out her own orgasm and held still. Then the possibility of my own orgasm faded as she pulled herself off my throbbing cock. I was so frustrated I almost cried.

Elaine pulled me back up onto the table and looked into my eyes through the plastic wrap. ”Awww- has mummy boy had enough?” I nodded my head. “Well, okay- I’ve had several orgasms and I feel mellow enough to free you.”  She smiled gently and started slicing the pallet wrap from me. “Provided, of course, that you promise to spend the night with me, cuddle me gently, and fuck my brains out! I promise I’ll let you cum this time.”

So I stayed and fucked and came. Elaine did too.

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