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Elaine 3

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2002 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

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In Memoriam – Elaine H., 1949-1999

Part 3 – Elaine Tries Selfbondage

Elaine (a girlfriend of years I’ve written about in two previous chapters) is a morbidly obese slut- I mean we’re talking seriously fat, like 5’7” and 275 pounds! But she has a couple of things going for her: first, she’s a self-admitted slut, which from my point of view is just fine and means she gets a lot of aerobic exercise; second, it’s not a bad body if you don’t mind fat, with a huge bust and a colossal ass; and third (and most important), she’s a kind, caring, non-judgmental morbidly obese slut. She’s played a number of my games (mostly bondage and self-bondage with a bit of mummification thrown in for good measure as if to demonstrate that I’m truly out in left field) with me, tolerating my kinks less than really ‘getting into’ them, but she doesn’t condemn me for my ‘perversion’. She enjoys my company and the activity, perverted or not, but mostly enjoys the cuddling and ‘ordinary’ sex that comes ‘after’. The last time we played, she took pictures of me self-bound with her new digital camera, and we fucked each other’s brains out after reviewing our photographs on my computer. A week or so later, she called again to talk. (Since we live a couple of hours’ drive apart, we spend a lot of time on the phone.) She sounded a little bit down.

“Bob, our last weekend together was great fun! I enjoyed the picture-taking aspect of it, sorta. I really wish I could be a model for you, but with a body like mine that’s obviously a ridiculous fantasy. I mean, really, how many guys want to look at fat old ladies?”

“Elaine, you’re much too hard on yourself. I like to look at you, don’t I? Don’t we have a great time in bed and don’t I love it when you display yourself for me? For openers, you’re not old; you’ll find a number of Voyeurweb babes out there just as old as you are. I grant that you’re a Large in a world whose fantasy is Petite Miss, but that’s because people equate being poster-perfect with being a good person or being good in bed. You have a good body, just in the family size! You have a great ass- you know how I love to sink my fingers into it!- and I can’t say too many good things about your tits. And just look out on the web- there are plenty of guys out there who go for big women. Use your search engine with the keywords ‘BBW’ or thunderthighs’- you’ll be surprised!”

She was online as we spoke, and after a pause, she said, “Wow… some of these women look really hot! Then again, some of them are pretty bad, too. But I’m not alone! ”

“Anyway, Bob – I was really calling about a slightly ‘nother topic. I’m curious about the self-bondage stuff you’re into. I’ve been out on the web researching that and mummification- that’s where I found out about the foot-pointing trick!- and whoever writes about it says they have a lot of fun and they get a great kick out of it. Would you coach me through some attempts? Nothing devastating or super-heavyweight, just beginner stuff. Would you?”

My heart (not to mention my cock) leaped. “Elaine, of course I would- I would love to walk you through some situations. Just having you visit me is worth it.” And we made a date.

When Elaine arrived the next Saturday morning, she as before found a note taped to the front door.

Elaine – I’m in the upstairs bedroom but can’t come to the door. I’m waiting for you!


I heard her come in the front door and enter the ‘powder room’ just inside. She spent about ten minutes doing mysterious ‘lady stuff’ and then I heard her slowly coming up the stairs. (It takes work to propel that ass up the stairs!) The bedroom door swung open, and Elaine once again had a grand view of me: naked, kneeling facing away from her on the carpet, straps around my ankles and legs and around my ankles, legs and chest to hold me folded up with my legs against my belly, and my hands cuffed behind me. In front of me on a small stand sat a color print of one of the pictures I had taken of her on her last visit- naked and bound in my basement. In her honor, I was sporting a rigid erection. I had been for about twenty minutes, and my balls were hurting!

Elaine giggled. “Hello, Bob… I see you’ve managed to captivate yourself again!” She stepped up behind me and treated herself to a few ‘cheap feels’ of my ass. (Yes, for some reason she enjoys my ass!) She sat down beside my bound, immobile form and noticed the picture. “Ewww… I don’t think much of that pose. I don’t take very good pictures; with a body like this, it’s almost impossible.”

“Give yourself a break, Elaine! It’s just you and me, remember?” She played with me for a while before she uncuffed me and I went into Teacher mode.

“I’d like to try spread-eagled first.”

“Okay. For that I bet you want to be naked, right?”

“No, for a change I want to be wearing a suit of armor! Seriously, I love being naked, especially with you, but for today I think lingerie would be nice.” She unzipped the front of her (large, shapeless, and knee-length) dress and tossed it to the corner to stand before me in her Saturday Night Best – a black bra, black garter belt and stockings, and red Rio-cut bikini panties. She did a slow pivot for me and I whistled my approval.

“Don’t make fun of me, Bob!”

“Elaine, I’m not making fun of you- remember that I love it when you show off for me. Bend for me.” She bent and I re-familiarized myself with the curves of her generous ass, taking extra time to let my fingers flutter over her asshole.

“Well, okay, Bob. So tell me how I should tie myself up to enjoy myself like you do.”

“Okay, Elaine- remember that in self-bondage you always leave yourself an ‘out’. Here we’ll use ropes, and your ‘out’ would probably be a knife. But today I’m your escape mechanism. We’ll save time by substituting me for all sorts of devices.”

“Okay… it’s nice too have you to rely on, Bob.”

“Okay. You said the first thing you wanted to try was a classic spread-eagle on the bed. You can’t go wrong with that if you have a partner (I mean, that’s a real offer, right?) and if you’re alone, well, you can always fantasize about anybody of your choice happening on you supremely defenseless like that. But anyway, there are two main things here- your ankles and your wrists, and we have to immobilize both of them. First, tie a couple of ropes to your ankles.” I handed her some short ropes; she sat on the bed and tied them. “Remember to use about three loops around each leg; you don’t want them to cut into your skin.”

After she finished, “On your back on the bed and spread your legs, girl!”

It never took too long to get Elaine on her back: “Hey, why don’t you hop up here with me and we’ll save time?”

“Now, Elaine, you know that waiting is an important part of bondage and self-bondage. Now spread your legs.” She spread her legs.

“Farther, girl.” I reached out and helped her, spreading her (very fat but also smooth) thighs far enough to leave them completely separated but not far enough to hurt. I took a felt-tip pen and made marks on the two ropes and cut off some of the excess. “Okay, you can sit up again.” She sat up, her boobs wiggling heavily on the shelf of her bra. She noticed my attention and smiled. I reached out and stroked their upper surface for a moment; she closed her eyes and smiled.

“Now you do your hands. The general idea here is that you’ll tie this rope to your wrists and then toss the rope over the headboard.” She tied one end of the rope to her left wrist, using her teeth to pull the knot snug. “After you toss the rope over the headboard, you won’t be able to get it back; I mean, you can’t push a rope!” She giggled and I helped her size up how much tope she would need to immobilize her arms. “Now tie the second end of the rope to your other wrist… that’s it!

“Okay, you’re almost ready. Scoot your pretty little ass down to the end of the bed so you can tie your ankle ropes to the bed.” She scooted down , on the way happily noticing how I (sincerely) appreciated the way the crotch of her panties wedged itself into her twat. She ended up sitting on the end of the bed to tie the knots; while she did that I reached out to pinch her nipples through her bra. “Ohhh… thank you!”

“No, thank you for the loan of your body!” Elaine finished tying her ankle ropes; even sitting at the end of the bed, her knees couldn’t touch.

“Good, now scoot back on the bed.” She scooted, almost losing her panties as she did.  I waited until she had heaved herself up to the limit of her ropes, which now pulled her heavy legs far apart. I leaned over to urge her farther up on the bed until the ankle ropes reached their limit, and then helpfully pulled her panties the rest of the way up, wedging them into her. “Hey, that’s neat- I can pull your pants up and they almost disappear into your pussy!”

“How ‘bout you make something else disappear into my pussy?”

“Sorry, my dear Elaine, remember denial… you can’t have yours now, maybe later!

“Okay, you’re almost done! All you have to do now is to take the rope you’ve tied to your wrists and flip it over the headboard.”

It took her a couple of tries, but she finally got the rope all the way behind the headboard. She pulled on the rope with one hand and demonstrated to herself that it only pulled on her other hand; she was stuck and wasn’t going to get free without help!

“Well, I think you can see you’re thoroughly immobilized, Elaine. Go ahead, try to get up off the bed.”

She tried several times, each time finding that she was securely tied to the bed; some limb or other always pulled her onto her back again. I noted the look of dawning comprehension on her chubby face: “Yes, Elaine, I see that it’s coming to you- you’re helpless. Just think- I can reach out and do this to you…” I reached out to pull one of her heavy tits free from its prison and gently twisted a nipple- “or this…” I reached into her pussy, slipped one finger under the hem of her panties, diddled her clit, and dipped my finger too briefly into her pussy- “and you couldn’t do a thing to resist!”

She was already wet- my finger slipped into her easily and came out moist. “Like I’d want to resist! I want you to do me! Please!”

“Awww- but you asked me to make you wait! Sorry, Elaine, but I have your best interests at heart. You’ll just have to wait- at least for most of it.” I pulled out my cock and slipped it into her eager mouth; she sucked passionately until I, with my usual superhuman will power, pulled it away from her. There was much better to come.

“Please, Bob!”

“Not just yet, Elaine!” I put my cock back in my pants and zipped up before I left the room to return with my camera.

“Bob, you wouldn’t! Please, I don’t look good like this!” I leaned over to kiss her, quickly shutting her up. Then I knelt between her bound ankles and took a picture straight up between her legs, focusing on her panty crotch wedged up in her twat. I took three more, the last being over her rounded belly, her exposed and poised tits, and her indignant face! Then I put the camera away (I didn’t think she’d get so pissed that she would wreck the camera, but I wanted to be sure) and came back to play with her body for a while as she squirmed delightfully.

After a while, I asked her “Okay, Elaine- ready to try something different?”

“You mean this isn’t different enough? Sure, let’s try something even more different!” I reached behind the headboard and pulled the rope up for her.

“In practice, if you were doing this by yourself, you’d probably have a knife to cut one rope with. You’ve seen some of the techniques I use to keep a tool away from myself.” She bit at the ropes and eventually got her ankles untied. In the interest of efficiency, I untied her ankles; once both of them were untied, I pushed her back on the bed and dove into her still-wedged crotch for a moment. Then I got up and helped her off the bed in spite of her efforts to keep me there.

“Okay, Bob, my second idea- I would like to tie myself up so that when I walk down the stairs the ropes pull tight. I won’t be able to go back up the stairs because I’m wearing your ankle cuffs or something like that.”

“Good idea! For this, you’ll need to lose the bra.”

“I thought you’d never ask!” She unhooked her bra and pulled it off; two huge breasts tumbled out, jiggling heavily.

“Damn… just how big are this things, anyway?”

She grinned. “Forty-eight inches worth of passion- a fringe benefit of being fat! And very sensitive, too, as you know. Very sensitive.”

“Yes, I know! But they will have to wait.”

I shook out a long coil of rope. And found the center. “You’ve seen this before- now you’re going to make yourself a bra.” I held the center under her breasts. “Now pull the ends behind yourself and out front again.” She did that, and I helped her pull the rope over one of her tits, down, and under the other one. The other end of the rope did the same the other way, crossing the other one in the middle. “Now do it again.” She repeated the process, weaving a snug rope bra for herself. When she ran out of rope, I had her cinch the center of the bra and tie it off. “Tight, isn’t it?”

“Yes, and it’s hard to breathe deep.” She ran her hands over her breasts, which were bulged out, tight, and rubbed pink from the friction with the ropes.

“Hmmm… and even more sensitive than before!” I leaned down to tickle her sensitive nipples with my tongue. 


“Okay, moving right along now….” I steered her to the head of the stairs by rubbing my hand across the generous contours of her backside. “Now here’s what I propose-  we’ll tie this long rope to the banister. The other end will go under your bra in the back, loop around your hands at your back, and end in a slip knot at your ankles. When you go down the stairs, if we’ve planned right, the whole affair will pull tight and hold you immobile. Okay?”

“That sounds like a plan- let’s do it.” I had her tie the rope to the banister (over a T-shirt so it wouldn’t mar the wood finish) and pull the rest under her bra in back. I tied a loop in the back and pulled the rope back through the loop, making a bigger loop which would hold her wrists.

Lastly, I had her tie the end of the rope around her ankles. She sat at the top of the stairs, pulled the rope out from under her butt, wrapped it around her ankles, tied it off, and pulled it snug before she stood up. “Okay, am I ready?” I checked everything and told her to go for it. Her arms weren’t trapped in back yet; holding onto the railing for stability, Elaine hopped carefully down to the next step, taking up a bit of the slack.

“Wait a minute for your boobs to stop bouncing! Wow….” I laughed happily.

“Hey, it’s not easy supporting these things- I wish you could try it for a day or so!”

“Elaine, I’d love to, but they’re securely fastened to your delightful body. You know I’d love to borrow your big boobs for a while, but it ain’t gonna happen. Just keep moving, my dear.” She hopped down the rest of the stairs, her bound breasts bouncing within the strands of rope with each step, until most of the slack was taken up.

“Oops- Bob- I made a mistake by tying the rope at the top of the stairs. It should be right above the bottom of the stairs.” I agreed, and rather than have her reverse the process to move all the ropes, I retied the rope for her and then helped her get her wrists into the loop of rope at her back. She hopped down several more stairs until the rope pulled snug. “Almost there… one more step should do it.” She hoped down that one step; the rope at her ankles pulled tight and at the same time her weight on the rope at her back pulled her wrists together high on her back.

“Owww… that’s not too comfortable.”

“Yes, it would take a few tries to get everything just right. Look at it this way- you’ve been bound by an apprentice Dominatrix just learning her craft!”

Elaine squirmed, getting accustomed to the feeling of being rigidly tied in this new position. I stepped down next to her, smiling cheerfully.

“Maybe next time you’ll think to use a rope from above down through your crotch and back up again.” I picked up a convenient two-foot length of rope and pushed it between her legs; her thick thighs were pressed together snugly because her ankles were tied. “It should go through just like this-“ I lifted it up “like it’s lifting you up.” I pulled on the rope and wiggled it back and forth until it sank between her pussy lips. “That would give you something to do while you’re waiting for your knife to arrive. Just think about being helpless like this, just you and the rope on your clit…”

Elaine rocked back and forth on the rope, squirming into it and leaning into me. “Ohhh- I like that idea! Do it some more….” I massaged her twat with the rope for a while and then massaged her twat with my hand, which she seemed to prefer. “Ohhh. I think I prefer the hand!”

“Yeah, but you do what you can with what you have. Thinking of what you have…” I went back for the camera. When she saw me with it, she squirmed unhappily as before! “Now Elaine… think of it as my fees for teaching you the ropes! Besides, we can share the pictures with each other and relive the experience- you know, like football coaches do a post-game review.” She relented (as if she had much choice). My first picture was of her breasts projecting from the rope bra, a second of her nipples jutting out thickly. And I couldn’t resist a third, a close-up of the rope disappearing between her pussy lips, and a fourth, taken as I lay on my back at her feet looking up to her face, emphasizing the crotch rope wedged into her pussy and the way her bound breasts jutted out like a cliff. She wasn’t yet enthusiastic about showing her face in admittedly kinky porno pictures!

“Okay, Elaine, now how are you going to get loose?”

“Well, I’ll just hop up… whoops. With my feet tied together like this, I can’t hop too well.” Maybe she could have if she were desperate, but it would’ve been tough. I could’ve done it (and have), but she’s considerably heavier than me and less agile. She thought of another approach: “Okay, I’ll sit down and scoot up the stairs. Shit….” She found that the rope at her back wouldn’t let her sit down! “Bob, I think I’m trapped.”

“Yes, I think you are; a good thing I’m here to care for you. This is a good example of the necessity for tests. It’s also a reason for a ‘chicken exit’ like a knife or something. But for today, I’ll have to do.”

“Bob, you’ll always do!”

“Thank you, dear.” I stepped to her and grabbed her in my arms, holding her firmly against me, reaching down to grab the cheeks of her ass in my hands; they overflowed, but that’s a small problem with abundance. I grabbed her butt firmly, put my back into it, and bodily lifted her two steps up. “That ought to do it… see I you can get loose now.” She managed, but slowly- especially since I kept fucking with her tied-and-sensitive tits while she worked!

When she eventually freed herself, at least from the rope which ran from her ankles to the banister, we decided that ‘one more time’ would do it, and that I would supply the idea this time. I led her down to the basement, still wearing her rope bra, panties and stockings. On the way down, I decided I was going to have her straddle a crotch rope, her knees and ankles tied together, with her hands cuffed behind her. I already had eyebolts in the ceiling beams and I fastened a two-foot bungee cord to it for stretchiness; then I tied a long piece of 3/8” sisal rope to the bungee cord while she sat on a chair and tied her knees and ankles together.

“Over here, girl!” I watched her squirm her way over, encouraging her on with assorted lewd comments about how I loved the way she jiggled. When she eventually got to her place under the eyebolt and her boobs stopped jiggling, I handed her the rope. “Pull it between your legs from back to front… that’s it. If you were doing this yourself, you would have to do this first, but I’ll do it for you to save time.” I pulled the rope up firmly and tied it to the eyebolt.

“Ohhh…. It’s digging into my pussy!”

“Good… you’ll need that later! Now to take your hands out of action…” I locked a pair of chrome steel handcuffs on her wrists, and she was helpless. “The usual escape mechanism is to have the keys hanging nearby but held away from you by a timer of some sort. Oh yes- one detail….” I popped a convenient ball gag in her mouth and pulled a pair of my shorts over her head. “Mmpphhhh!”

“Yes, a gag and a blindfold help you to feel extra helpless, don’t they? Don’t worry, I won’t be gone long- enjoy yourself!” I left the basement and went upstairs for a beer.

After a while, I crept quietly down the stairs, the camera in my hand. Elaine was still squirming within her ropes; most obviously, her hips were sawing back and forth on the crotch rope. Her panties were soaked, a clue that she had managed at least one orgasm. Good thing digital cameras are quiet; I took half a dozen more pictures of her, knowing she would later fantasize about the rope stretched up in her cunt. I got several more of her long-bound boobs, catching a good one of the red welts in her flesh and the way her thick nipples projected out. Finally I set the camera down, crept up behind her, and spanked her firmly on her ass, which her panties weren’t covering at all well. Her butt jiggled (and she has a hell of a lot of butt to jiggle!); she jumped halfway to the roof and squealed behind her gag! I grabbed her, held her to me tightly, and then quickly untied the crotch rope, removed her handcuffs, and eased her to her knees. The next step? I pulled her panties down around her ankles, dropped my pants, and slipped my long-ready erection onto her. She has pretty colossal ass cheeks, if I haven’t mentioned that yet, and with her legs pinned together it was tough getting myself buried all the way into her horny pussy, but I found that if I pounded hard enough against her economy-sized ass cheeks I could shove a surprising amount of my cock into her. And I kept on slamming until we both came!

A decent amount of time passed while we both recovered our wits; she slipped forward onto her still-bound breasts, pulling my cock out as she went, and lay there quietly, still cuffed. I sat behind her for a moment, watching her abundant curves, and then got up. I quickly released her legs and ankles, uncuffed her, and then lay down alongside her and held her for a while. 

Eventually both of us got up and went to the bathroom off bedroom, where we showered together, deintensified, and then lay down for a bit of talk and a nap. An hour or so later, we both got up and went to my computer, where we offloaded the pictures from the camera and relived the experience. “Damn, Elaine, you may get to be a model yet! You could be the next Betty Page! Your tits are incredible in a picture- look how they stand out!”

“Well, they had help. But thank you much for doing such a good job, both as teacher and as photographer!”

With that, I pulled her over to sit on my lap (she didn’t like to do that, she thought she was too heavy, but I’m a pretty sturdy guy), and since both of us were still naked and her sensitive tits were right in my face, we wound up making love (not just fucking) right there in the study. After that and another shower, we finally went to bed to really sleep for the night.

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