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Elaine 4

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2003 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

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In Memoriam – Elaine H., 1949-1999

Part 4 – Elaine’s Tutorial in Self-Bondage

“Hi, Bob... this is Elaine. Remember last time we got together... stop laughing, I know you remember that weekend, but I haven’t finished my sentence yet!” 

Elaine, of course, was the kind, nonjudgmental but morbidly obese girlfriend of whom I’ve written before. And I most definitely remembered the weekend- I had set myself up in a self-bondage situation with no means of escape (no timers, ice cubes, spare keys or anything) until Elaine arrived to release me or take advantage of me (or hopefully both). We’d played several sexual games before, but this was going to be her ‘personal best’. (To read more about Elaine, check Gromet’s site for other stories by Bob Salinas.)

But to continue this tale....

“Remember how I told you I was thinking about playing self-bondage games? Well, I’d like to get together with you this weekend if you would loan me your dungeon and maybe ‘show me the ropes’, so to speak. I want to try a self-bondage game or three and I want a good place to play, plus some good advice. I mean, I can’t just call some guy who has an ad under ’handyman’ in the local paper, can I?”

And so at 6:30 P.M. on a Friday evening, Elaine’s little Celica pulled up in front of my townhouse. As I opened the door, Elaine hefted her bulk out of the door into the summer sunlight. As sadly usual, she wore a shapeless shift which hung to the middle of  her calves and failed miserably to disguise her shape- 5'7" and maybe 340 pounds. I didn’t love her shape (I guess there are some hardcore fetishists who would), but rather treasured her in spite of it, and I think I dealt with it better than most. I saw past the fat to the kind, nonjudgmental but morbidly obese slut underneath. Besides, like the old chauvinist line goes, in the dark, who can tell? And in the dark, or when I wasn’t looking, well, I didn’t really want to disguise a colossal pair of tits and an ass which was- well, you’d have to see it to believe it. I had some plans to improve her dress, but that would come later.

I gave her a quick peck on the cheek before I showed her into the house, where we mutually melted into a lusty embrace a.k.a. ‘grope session’. I was nibbling on her neck while my hands caressed her ass cheeks and slowly worked her dress up around her waist. Under the dress, as usual, I found her usual cotton panties. That would change soon, too.

Elaine was greedily refreshing her memory of my body, too- another of her endearing qualities. Her fingers played over the crack of my ass and then strayed to my belly, where she unabashedly grabbed my cock. As she squeezed a different hardness than she was used to, she curiously gazed up into my eyes.

“Yes, my dear, it’s a bit of a surprise. The better to save my urges for your squirming form, I’m wearing a custom-built chastity belt, and the key is locked in my wall safe. A timer also locked in the safe will ensure that it will not open before 4 P.M. tomorrow! So, no matter what you do and no matter how much I want to get into you, it’s not going to happen. Of course, by 4 P.M. tomorrow, I’ll be ready to cum hard enough that you’ll feel it in your liver!” 

“Hmmm... let me see it! I’ve seen pictures of chastity belts for women, but how does a chastity belt work on a man?”

While Elaine watched curiously, I unbuckled my belt and allowed my pants to slide to the floor, revealing (beside me) a handsome high-tech plastic and chrome steel German-made chastity belt, which at first glance looked to her much like a kinky jock strap.

“Well, this is a foolproof waist belt. and the magnetic key to this lock is in the safe. This front panel is a stainless steel plate, curved to fit my belly. On the inside of this plate is a stainless steel tube that holds my cock pointed down and bent back between my legs. In addition to restraining my dork, it holds my dork down and makes it quite impossible for me to have an erection. Go ahead, try it- no way can you touch it or get it out of the sheath.”

Elaine tried and proved to herself that she couldn’t touch any part of my cock. “No erection, huh? Tough situation....Does this mean no nookie for Elaine for such a long time?” 

“Well, sorta... of course, you will note that my tongue is not locked away!” She smiled (since she enjoyed oral sex almost as much as me), wrapped her arms around me, and initiated a tongue-wrestling match which went into overtime. One of the great things about kissing Elaine was that her mammoth tits were always in the way, pressing into my chest, her nipples scraping against me. Even if I wasn’t handling them, they were always touching me somehow.

After that interlude we retired to my bedroom, where I helped her stow her bag and then wrapped myself around her again. This time my kissing and fondling was interrupted by my pulling the dress’ zipper from her neck slowly down to her ass. She didn’t seem at all surprised when her dress fell around her ankles! Only a little bit bashfully (she’s used to my studying her body), she stood before me in only her bra (plain white from Sears, somewhere around a 48DD, or just plain colossal) and panties (white cotton, also from Sears, something like XXXXL, or really huge). I eyed her appreciatively and then “Elaine, I bought you a few things I thought you might like to wear. Would you care to shower and then try them on for me?”

She smiled and responded by reaching back to unhook her bra. When she released it, the back strap sprang around and her two massive globes dropped free of their fabric prison and jiggled for several seconds before resting quietly. Next, she smiled at me as she tossed her bra onto the bed. Holding my eyes, she hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her panties and shoved them down off the ledge of her hips. They dropped below her lightly furred bush and fell to her ankles, and she kicked them up onto the bed to join her bra. “Lead on, Bob!”

I led her to the shower, which was fine for one and a bit snug for two but darned tight for Elaine and anybody else. Fortunately, I loved to be squinched in with Elaine! I got the warm water flowing and then followed Elaine in, after which followed the giggling and fooling around that usually happen when two horny people get into the shower together. I spent a lot of time making sure her tits were squeaky clean, of course, and Elaine made quite sure my ass was equally clean and inspected my chastity belt carefully. She usually cleaned my cock so thoroughly that it came close to being a hand job! By the time we were both throughly scrubbed I really wished I hadn’t thought of the chastity belt- although I was horny as hell, the chastity belt kept my cock bent severely down and limp. No matter what she or I did, I wasn’t going to get an erection before 4 P.M. tomorrow!

After we finished toweling each other dry (and Elaine took a lot of toweling), Elaine stood naked by the window, covered only by sheer blue curtains (the window, not Elaine). She held her hands together behind hr back and flexed her arms, making her tits dance; I encouraged her. “I know you’re not agonizingly body-shy, Elaine, at least not around me, so I hope you’ll enjoy this. I know I’m certainly looking forward to it!” 

First, I handed her a pair of fishnet stockings and a red garter belt. Elaine has always enjoyed it when I bought lingerie for her (usually trampy), and she donned them eagerly. Next, I handed her a pair of red bikini panties, appropriately sized (i.e., they had enough cloth for a wedding dress). When she finished fitting them to her more-than-ample curves, I smiled my approval. They were what the catalogs called a Rio cut, somewhere between a thong and a bikini, and framed her ass nicely. (A few words about Elaine’s ass here: where many fat asses are just wide, flat and saggy, Elaine’s was big, quite wide, and bulged so much that the sag wasn’t obvious. Their shape was really something like twin basketballs, with the emphasis on ‘twin’- her nether cleavage was amazing!) The cloth was so sheer I could almost count her pussy hairs and I definitely could appreciate the way the thin redness was swallowed by her pussy lips. I turned her around and admired the way the back strap covered only the top half of her cheeks before it disappeared between her bulging cheeks. Damn! I pried myself away from her ass.

I handed her a pair of black pumps with 4-inch heels. “This is why I asked you for all your measurements”.

To my surprise, she said “Hey, they fit just fine, but you know I’m not used to heels, especially not towers like these. I’m just an ordinary ‘flats’ sorta girl. But for you, I’ll wear them. I hope you get excited watching me!”

“I’m sure I will, particularly after 4 P.M. tomorrow, when I get out of this chastity belt!”

She smiled at that. “Hmmm... thinking your ‘self-restraint idea was a bit too much?”

“Well. maybe... at this point I ought to have a full-blown hard-on, pardon the pun, and I would probably be using every trick in the book to slip that hard-on into your squirming body before we eat dinner! But we’re going to have to wait for that and savor the anticipation. As it is, I’m feeling the first twinges of a hard-on, but the steel sheath keeps my cock bent down and curved back over my balls. No matter how hot and horny I get, it won’t get hard! But I’m sure the end result will be worth it.” Elaine smiled sympathetically and reached out to stroke my stainless steel hardness, which I couldn’t feel at all. Damn, I hate chastity belts- that must be why I spent so much money to have my own custom-made!

“Now slip into this little man-pleaser!” I handed her the sexiest bra I could find in her size- with filmy, translucent nylon cups and flesh-colored push-up padding. She slipped it on and pulled the cups together to hook its front closure. As she pulled, her already-mammoth breasts heaped up, giving her cleavage that was mind-boggling. A handy touch (the pun’s intended) was that the padding ended just below her nipples, and the fabric over them was so thin they might as well have been uncovered- almost a cutout bra effect. She smiled at me, hoping for approval, and I smiled back. “Lookin’ good, babe!” She smiled happily at this reinforcement of her acceptability.

Next I handed her a sheer, loose white nylon top which in front draped over the cliff of her tits and draped over the projecting mountain of her belly; in back it left her almost completely bare except for a band to cover her bra strap. She just couldn’t go without a bra- she was just too massive. Without a bra she drooped thanks to all that weight, but with support and shaping they were incredible. That’s why I bought her lingerie- she didn’t have the self-confidence to buy things that made her look sexy. Granted, she had major defects, but then again she had so much material to work with!

Finally I held out a little white skirt which- as I handed it to her- looked almost respectable, except that it too was made of thin material which was sure to show panty lines (which I happen to love). However, when she finished pulling it up over her trampy underwear and zipping it over her admittedly-huge hips, it became obvious that it was far too short- just what I had in mind. Her wide butt and hips used up so much material that its bottom edge just barely covered the tops of her stockings, which because of the thickness legs came lower on her thighs than on most girls, and she flashed bare thigh whenever she moved. “Bend over and touch your knees, babe!” (I know Elaine couldn’t touch her toes and didn’t even suggest the idea.)

She blushed and bent over, using the momentum of her boobs to pull her upper body down. From my vantage point behind her, I could see her stocking tops, her garters, her bare thighs, and even her ass cheeks until they disappeared under her panties! The thin material stretched tight over her fat ass, and I could see every detail of her body and underwear through it. She straightened up, red in the face from the exertion. “Damn, Bob, I feel like an incredible slut! But as long as there’s just you and me, I guess it’s okay. I suppose you know I rather enjoy being a slut for you.”

“Thank you, my dear! However, I have a bit of a surprise for you. As part of your entry into kinkdom, we’re going out for dinner. No place fancy, just a joint I happen to know.” She almost cried at that, and then nearly flatly refused, but after I convinced her that (1) nobody she would ever meet ever again would ever go to this place or this neighborhood, and (2) at this joint she wouldn’t arouse too much notice because it was an extreme kind of place in an extreme sort of neighborhood, she agreed.

She sort of forgot the dash she had to make from the front door to my truck, but by the time she remembered she was already halfway out the door, and my hand against her butt decided the issue. She was furious by the time I finished locking up the house, strolled over and unlocked the door to my truck! I held the door for her and marveled at how much of herself she involuntarily put on display as she sat down on the seat, scooted in, and pulled her legs in after herself. By the time she managed to get the door closed, I’d had a chance again to carefully review her lingerie. By sheer luck for her, nobody else was out to see the show.

But some humor and some ribald compliments about how sexy ‘my babe’ looked cooled her anger, and she was back in heat by the time I parked in front of Perry’s Grill, especially since I amused myself at stop lights by playing with her well-exposed thighs. At one exceptionally long light, I wrapped my right arm around her neck and slipped it down between her heaped-up breasts. I caressed the curves of her breasts languidly and had just started to play with her nipples when the light changed and the cars behind us started honking! 

Among other things, Perry’s was a hangout for hookers and therefore was no stranger to wantonly displayed flesh. Well, Elaine drew more than a few glances, but nobody threw popcorn either. To make things worse, of course, I escorted her up to the bar and took a seat on a bar stool. She did me proud- she quickly slid up on the stool, heedless of the fact that she was flashing her fat thighs and pussy at the clientele before she rotated on her ass to face the bar. Of course, her fat ass lifted her up on the stool so she looked like she was sitting on a phone book, and her too-short skirt didn’t even cover the tops of her stockings, but I pointed out to her “Hey, look around, babe- there are at least two other girls here with skirts as short as yours!” 

“Yeah, but I’m sure they’ll all let you up under theirs for three bucks!”

Finally I managed to pour a couple of drinks into her and she relaxed enough to enjoy a little dinner, which wasn’t bad considering I had chosen a dive. Finally I paid for dinner and held out my hand; Elaine managed a smile for everybody as she extended one leg down to almost reach the floor, displaying bare thigh all the way up to her red panties, and slipped off the stool. The edge of her skirt hung up on the stool, and as she slid down it lifted her skirt up behind her, or rather she slid out from under it, completely exposing her stockings, garters, thighs, and her new panties which nicely framed her bulging ass! Lubricated by the drinks, she merely blushed cutely and smiled at the crowd as she pulled the skirt down (a totally hopeless gesture, like Sharon Stone on the Tonight Show trying to tug down her micro-skirt) and walked with me out to the truck

When we arrived home, she did a slightly-less-quick dash to the house. When I unlocked the door, she cursed me out for being deliberately slow, but she was laughing while she cursed. As we entered the bedroom, she said “I’ve never been so humiliated in my life, and also I’ve never been so hot in my life, either! Too bad you’re wearing that damned chastity belt. But since your cock is unavailable, I think you owe me some tongue action!” She reached up under her skirt (mere millimeters) and pulled down her panties. Then she pulled out her blouse and unhooked her bra, once again unleashing a wobbling landslide of tit meat. She lay back in the bed, let her thighs fall apart, and grabbed her nipples. “Please, Bob! Help me! I need to cum so bad!” I didn’t argue at all; I hopped up on the bed beside her and slipped between her nylon-sheathed thighs.

I slipped my face down her thighs and found, just as I reached her eager cunt, that my head was wedged between those towers. There wasn’t much separation between Elaine’s thighs-I mean, each of them was as thick as both of most models’ thighs! This made it easy and natural for her to squeeze my head between the ample flesh of her thighs, another sort of bondage kick. I pushed my face down the thigh-meat wedge until my lips met her pussy lips. I extended my tongue and parted her labia; her thighs pressed in, as if to command “Don’t leave! Get to work pleasuring me!”

Without looking up (I couldn’t, anyway), I reached around her legs and up, ‘way up, to her breasts. finding her hands already busy there. I firmly pushed her hands out of the way- what she did with her hands was her problem- and grabbed a double handful of nipple and tit meat. Putting my hands on autopilot, firmly kneading her meat and severely twisting her nipples, I devoted my attention to delicately stroking her lips and occasionally her clit with my tongue, eventually bringing her to three loud orgasms in succession- each taking longer to reach than the previous. To get her to climax the third time, I let go of her tits and used one hand to spread her lips wide while I used two fingers to probe and spread her asshole; I suppose any penetration was better than none! After that colossal orgasm (the only kind Elaine had), she was too cummed out to continue. After some tender hugging, we drifted off to a good night’s sleep.

Saturday morning

The next morning, Elaine awoke with my face again between her thighs and my tongue spreading her pussy lips. She was halfway to an orgasm before she realized where she was! After she got the rest of the way to her orgasm, I helped her out of the bits of clothing she was still wearing- just the stockings and garter belt. Getting Elaine out of her clothes was never difficult! I showered with her and then told her I had some more clothes for her. “Oh, goodie! If I woulda known, I wouldn’t have brought my overnight case!” “Well, you can use it to take the stuff home with you, I guess. First, a pair of pantyhose.” They slipped up her legs and stretched around her ass... I helped her with that part and with yesterday’s bra, really enjoying the process of pulling the cups together and lifting her breasts (which were surprisingly heavy).

Next I pulled out a pair of Daisy Duke style denim shorts, although these were a bit larger than any Daisy had ever worn. When Elaine finished pulling them up around her ass and buttoned them, I circled her slowly to inspect the results. The shorts were cut so short in the back that they displayed several inches of ass cheek as well as the sexy fold under her cheeks! I ran my fingers across her cheeks and into the crotch, stroking her pussy lips with two fingers; she giggled and squirmed happily. Then I pulled my hand back, licked my fingers (“You dog!”), and passed her yesterday’s blouse, which she slipped on.

“Are you ready for breakfast?”

“Oh shit... you’re not taking me out like this, are you? I feel like a total slut.”

“Yes, Elaine, you’re going out like this! Again, you’re not going to run into anybody you know. And remember you’re doing me a great favor- imagine how good it makes me feel to be seen with a hot slut like you!”

“Yeah, but a fat ugly hot slut!”

“Damn it, Elaine, stop that. Yes, you’re a large lady. Fat is a loaded word- large has fewer emotional overtones associated with it. But you’re not ugly, just down on yourself, and I’m trying to help you with that. If you think you’re ugly you will be ugly, no matter what you look like or what you wear. The same goes for ‘slut’- I know a number of women who are happy to refer to themselves as sluts. And you’re most definitely ‘hot’, nobody can argue with that!” And I wrapped my arms around her and spent several minutes reassuring her of her desirability- and after half of those minutes I truly regretted locking away the key to my chastity belt.

But finally I pulled myself away from her and escorted her out to breakfast. Much to her chagrin, I took her to IHOP, a notoriously ‘family’ place. I chose a table in the farthest corner, which at first glance might have been to save her from being stared at by everybody who walked in. Really, I chose it so everybody already seated (including a young family and what looked like a church mens’ dinner club) would inspect her as we walked to the back. I followed her and enjoyed the way people were either hypnotized or horrified by her jiggling, barely covered ass cheeks. It’s not so much that I enjoy humiliating Elaine (although I admit that’s a tiny part of it), but I love getting people to enjoy the spectacle of a huge, fat, sexy slut.

We ordered and ate a hearty breakfast. I could see that Elaine was already dreading the walk out of the restaurant. I made it worse by waiting until we were half-way out and then delivering a fresh and friendly slap across her butt. Everything jiggled, and I’m sure everybody noticed. On top of it all, I waited to pay the check until we got to the register, which meant that Elaine had to wait and display herself like a fat, sexy slut for the customers, by the waitresses, and everybody who entered. She was mortified but I noticed that she was smiling at anybody who made eye contact with her.

Back at the house, I again took forever to get the door open. Betsy the nurse next door came out with her two teen-aged sons just as I got my keys out, and of course the boys were fascinated by the display of fat flesh. Betsy gave her a twice-over and said ‘Hi!” to both of us, and both of us responded.

When I finally got the door open, I followed Elaine downstairs to my dungeon- she’d been there, of course. The dungeon was half of the townhouse basement, partitioned off from the remainder (a normal laundry room, etc.) by paneling. It normally featured my pet pillory in the center, but for the occasion I had pushed everything aside. “Okay, Elaine my dear, this will be your playground. Let’s work together setting it up, after which I will leave you to your own devices!”

When she called, Elaine and I had discussed at length what she planned and what she wanted to use for her self-bondage game. Basically, she  wanted two parallel ropes hung from the ceiling so she could straddle them, and she was going to use other ropes to spread herself starfish style, the general idea being to leave herself exposed and vulnerable. I had already placed heavy eye-bolts in the ceiling joists and prepared the ropes- ten-foot lengths of ½" rope, large enough to support her without cutting into her too badly. The ceiling- as a matter of fact, the whole dungeon-  was liberally supplied with other eye bolts since I played a lot of similar games myself.

Elaine and I spent an hour or so as I explained several useful devices she could use to put herself in a predicament she couldn’t get herself out of. “I’m glad you asked me to help, Elaine. The hardest part of self-bondage is arranging a way to get loose eventually, and that always takes some of the thrill out of it. You remember, of course, that when you ‘rescued’ me I was in a position I had no escape from- and that made it six times more exciting!”

“Yes, I see that, and I’m very glad you agreed to help!” And after a few hugs and cheap feels, we went back to work. I wanted to ensure that Elaine’s inner workings were set to ‘high’ by the time she got started, not to mention that I enjoyed the cheap feels!

Finally, around 11:00, as we neared completion of the facilities, I decided we needed to eat lunch. “Oh, God, Bob- what are you going to put me through this time?”

“I haven’t decided yet. Get your big round butt out to the truck!” And out we went.

This time I decided on the road that we would just get carry-out Chinese from a fast-food place a few miles away. First I pulled over to the shoulder as we left route 29 for route 40, a major thoroughfare with a lot of truck traffic going into Baltimore from the west. “Okay, Elaine- your shorts, please.” She argued, but only a little bit, since obviously I wouldn’t make her leave the truck without her pants. At least I don’t think I’d do that! “Now your blouse, please, milady.” (She loves it when I call her that, a medieval touch of gallantry.) To this she objected, but I pointed out that if she didn’t cooperate I could just pull it off, so she peeled it off and handed it to me. I dropped both her shorts and her blouse behind the seat, kissed her several times with a lot of groping thrown in, and then restarted the engine and drove off.

As we drove down route 40, I decided to pass an 18-wheeler which was slowly coming up the grade out of Patapsco Valley State Park. I pulled out and also slowed so we were going maybe 2 miles an hour faster than the big rig. Just as we pulled abreast of the cab, I pointed to it. “Hey, look at that!” Instinctively, Elaine turned to look out the window, and seconds later came four cheerful toots from the rig’s air horn. Elaine realized that she had just given the trucker a great fleshy view of what to him must have seemed like an acre of naked tit flesh! As we slowly pulled ahead, Elaine flushed and said “Dammit, Bob! You’re humiliating me!”

“Awww... okay, I won’t do it any more.”

“Bob, I know you’re a damn liar, but you’re such a fun liar!”, as the truck disappeared in the mirrors.

We passed three more trucks on the way, all of whom seemed (coincidentally, I assure you) to be going just a tiny bit slower than we were. As we passed the third, I reached into Elaine’s cleavage and popped loose the front hooks of her bra. A rapid succession of blasts from the truck’s air horn greeted the display of Elaine’s melons tumbling into view followed by her frantic attempts to get her breasts tucked away quickly as I carefully drove right alongside the tractor’s cab. I was laughing hilariously, and eventually Elaine got with it and laughed with me.

We turned off route 40 and pulled into the drive-through lane of the Canton Restaurant, the third car in line. By the time Elaine realized what was going to happen, two cars had pulled in behind us and there was no way out. We moved up to the first window, where I placed our order while Elaine cowered against the door. An inscrutable little Chinese girl took our order and we moved slowly toward window number two. She must have ‘passed the message’ because by the time we got to the window there were four Chinese teenage boys stumbling over each other to help with our order. For some reason they kept forgetting things that made them come back to the window, and it took us at least five minutes to get our order right. But by that time Elaine was sitting straight up in the seat and smiling.

Finally we got back out onto the highway. “I don’t understand it- I’ve been there before and they always had just one girl at the window! They must’ve added new people.”

“You depraved son of a bitch!”, said Elaine, but she smiled as she said it. And she kept smiling (maybe helped by my playing with her nylon-sheathed thighs and twat as I drove) until I turned off into Patapsco Valley State Park, a heavily wooded valley just east of Baltimore.

“How about a picnic lunch?”

“Oh shit... you’re a real bastard, you know it?” But her smile was back, so I considerately drove deep into the park to a totally secluded area, although I admit I parked about a hundred yards from the only picnic table.

I picked up the bag of food and then quickly reached behind the seat to grab Elaine’s shorts and blouse. I carried them around the truck and courteously held the door open for her with my left hand, her clothing in my right.

“Are you really going to make me eat my picnic lunch like this, right here, half naked?”

“Of course I am, Elaine my love. Come on, move it!” She moved. There we were, myself and a half-naked extra-large woman wearing only a pushup bra, pantyhose and high heels, eating a Chinese picnic lunch in Patapsco Valley State Park! We took our time and relaxed once it became clear that we were the only people for miles in any direction. Well, a couple of times I couldn’t resist asking “Hey... is that a school bus I hear?”, which the first time had her trying to hide under the picnic table. The second time she looked, and the third time she just smiled at me- ‘yeah, right!” By the time we had to go I had Elaine flat on her back on the picnic bench, her panty hose pushed down to her feet, her ankles crossed and her knees far apart, having an orgasm for dessert. I just wished 4 P.M. would come quickly and with it the release of the key to this damned mistake of a chastity belt!

Saturday afternoon - her self-bondage experiment

We eventually made it back to the house and to the dungeon and went back to work. Finally, at about 1:00, I figured we were done. “Okay, Elaine! Here’s your playground, ready to go. Have fun, and  be careful. I’ll be back in three hours. That will give you plenty of time to set yourself up, lock yourself in, and then at great length savor your immobility and your helplessness before I come back. Probably great regret over putting yourself in such a ridiculous position, too- that’s normal. Again, I want to thank you for your confidence in me. I will without fail return in three hours to rescue you from whatever evil fantasy you have going!” Then, after a few more kisses and fondles (she was hot as a firecracker!), I left her to her assigned task.

Okay, so I lied. I left, gassed up the truck, and parked three doors down from my front door maybe half an hour later. I made my way quietly to the back of the house, where a heavy tarp covered the window to the basement/dungeon, both to provide privacy and to keep the dungeon dark. I slipped under the tarp, which afforded me a perfect gallery from which I could watch Elaine at work.

Elaine had changed into a sturdy latex corset which she had found in my ‘pleasure chest’; it covered her from low on her hips, just above her bush, to high on her belly, just below the lower edge of her breasts. It failed miserably to give her an hourglass figure, but I was sure the constriction was glorious. She had donned yesterday’s too-tall heels and fishnet stockings, which she had fastened to the corset by its eight garters. She had said that the awkwardness of the heels gave her the feeling of being partly bound already; I knew what she meant. In many of the self-bondage games I’ve played, I’m severely hampered even before I do the last binding or click the last click that makes me totally helpless, and the ‘severely hampered’ stage is incredibly exciting!

Elaine had taken a long length of rope from my pleasure chest and had just finished wrapping it around her chest six or eight times, wrapping it in a figure eight over one breast, then around back and under the first and over the other, again and again. As she bound and compressed her boobs, they became firmer and more sensitive, her nipples erect. Periodically as she worked she reached up to stroke her nipples. She’d told me before that her tits were wired directly to her clit; just stroking them got her started!

That morning, I had hung two ten-foot lengths of heavy rope from heavy eye-bolts set in the ceiling joists. This left the two rope suspended parallel and about three feet apart, hanging a bit over three feet from the floor at the lowest. She tried it out, putting a pair of wooden boxes below the rope. Standing on one and holding the ropes together, she threw her other high-heeled leg over them to straddle what we called the ‘saddle rope’. She rested her weight on the saddle and reached out to check the lengths of two ropes which would attach to her wrists and two which would attach to her ankles. Then she reached down, checking how her thighs were held apart, leaving her pussy exposed and vulnerable. She smiled with anticipation.

Elaine climbed off the saddle rope and made some final adjustments to the ankle and wrist ropes before she went to my pleasure chest to return with a ball gag; she must be getting ready. She strapped the gag deep in her mouth and fastened one rope around an ankle. Then she stepped up on one box, threw her leg over the saddle rope, and then had a hell of a time bending ‘way over to get the other rope secured around her other ankle. Finally, she reached out to slip her wrists into the two remaining ropes. There was still plenty of slack in all the ropes, slack that would be taken away shortly when Elaine set her carefully-designed process in motion.

Elaine stood carefully on the two boxes, the ‘saddle ropes’ passing through her crotch, putting some but not all her weight on the ropes. This kept them snug but not tight against her twat; I could see her rocking back and forth over the rough rope, savoring the friction. Finally she looked around, checking things out, and then pulled firmly on the ropes attached to her wrists. This pull caused a heavy weight to slide off a shelf; this weight was attached to a rope which ran through a ratchet bolted to the wall and ended in a steel ring to which were attached to all four ankle and wrist ropes. The ratchet clacked busily away and the weight simultaneously pulled her arms up and out and pulled her ankles to the side. When her ankles were jerked sideways, they were pulled off the boxes, which fell over and skidded across the floor; no way was she going to free herself by using the boxes. All her weight fell on the two ‘saddle ropes’. She bounced heavily on the ropes for a few seconds before coming to a stop. Her breasts jiggled massively, but bound as they were they bounced solidly. Surprisingly, the little strap in her heels kept her shoes from flying off her feet.

Elaine had bound herself facing the window, probably because of the way my apparatus was laid out- I really hadn’t planned it that way. Only the complete blackness under the tarp kept her from seeing me, and I had a magnificent frontal view! She sat on the saddle ropes, which ran on either side of her pussy. Her thighs were spread wide, her pussy open and vulnerable. Her breasts were made firm and tight by the ropes, and her nipples projected erectly. 

I watched her squirm sensuously on the ropes, trying to get enough contact with something to trigger an orgasm, but no luck- she was helpless even to cum. She drifted into a favorite fantasy: the helpless young maiden was bound to the mast of the pirate ship, her tattered clothes exposing her body. The sneering pirate stepped close to her, his hand unzipping his trousers. I heard her cry for help behind her gag. “Oh, please, no! Don’t touch me! Please put that big hard thing back in your pants!”

I watched for a while longer before I carefully slipped backward out from under the tarp. I looked at my watch- she had been alone for two and a half hours. Close enough! There was no clock in the basement, and I knew that two and a half hours would seem like forever. I walked to the front door and quietly slipped inside. Quietly, I stepped to the safe and found that- yes!- I could open it! I pulled out the key, removed the timer, and relocked the safe.

I carefully and quietly stepped onto the heavy carpet of the guest bathroom. I stripped off my clothes and watched in the mirror as I removed the locked from the front of the chastity belt. With the lock out of the way, I freed my manhood by pulling the belly panel forward and sliding my cock out of the steel sheath. It quickly developed into a photogenic ‘chubby’ which was eager and ready to serve! I removed the chastity belt and quietly set it on the sofa. Then I went to the dungeon stairs and- as quietly as a mouse- padded down the stairs. I’d lived there for years and I knew and avoided every creaking board.

I stepped around the corner into the dungeon, which was lit only by a forty-watt light bulb off to the side. Dungeons aren’t supposed to be well-lit! I stepped slowly into the dungeon and worked my way over to the pleasure chest, from which I removed a black felt bag. Elaine was moaning quietly, apparently tired but still deep in her fantasy.

Quietly, ever so quietly, I stepped behind her and suddenly pulled the bag over her head. She screamed at the top of her lungs! I waited for a few seconds, watching her oversized boobs trembling with the intensity of her reaction. Finally I stepped to her, wrapped my arms around her, and held her while she recovered from the shock. Then I raised my hands to her breasts and gently stroked her nipples, which were still stiff and erect. Her breasts were as firm and stiff as they had looked through the window. The tight rope bra worked wonders, turning huge sagging boobs into huge high globes of pleasure flesh! Her struggles turned to cheerful squirms as she convinced herself that her assailant was good ol’ Bob. I said nothing but lowered my mouth to her thick nipples and teased them with my tongue. She responded vigorously but with a very limited range of motion. 

Then I stopped, and was rewarded with impatient squeals! I waited for maybe a minute (a very long time to my fat horny bound babe) and then leaned in and gently but firmly bit her left nipple. After her scream died away, I soothed it with my tongue until she was again squirming eagerly. Then I stopped again, waited, and repeated the torture two more times.

Finally, while she was squirming with eager lust, I lowered my hands to her bush and then ran my fingers through her wide-open pussy; she was so wet my hand came back soaked! I let go of her and sat down so I could reach up between her bulging thighs. I waited for a bit for her to become aware that she didn’t know where I was and then reached up to stab two fingers straight up into her twat; she jerked spasmodically and then gradually quieted. Then gently I began running my fingers back and forth between her lips. She began to squirm again and the juice almost dripped from her cunt. I kept stirring for maybe thirty seconds and then stopped.

“Nnnggggg! Dnnn stppp!” Elaine squealed out her frustration behind the ball gag she herself had packed into her face; I imagine she had the same mixed emotions about the gag (and the rest of her bonds) as any helpless submissive does when they start getting really hot and the realization comes that “Hey, I want to get loose and get off but I can’t- I’m trapped!” I know I do, and that’s great! I reached up and for ten seconds diddled her clit with one finger. And then I stopped again, this time receiving an even more emphatic response! I repeated her passionate torture three times and then decided both of us needed a change.

 I scooted back and stood between Elaine’s heavy thighs. While with one hand I teased one of her fat, impatient nipples, I took my finally-free cock (which had been achingly hard for about half an hour now) in one hand, pointed it at her pussy, and stepped forward. Since her ankles were held so far by the ropes with which she had willingly bound herself, her pussy lips were wide open. I stroked the head of my cock down the length of her slit; she humped back at me as much as she could, which wasn’t much, trying fruitlessly to impale herself on my hard-on. She squealed out her impatience! I pushed its head halfway into her pussy, just short of penetration, and left it there while I seized both of her nipples in my fingers; she almost went crazy with her attempts to pound herself down upon my cock, but she had done too thorough a job. Her pussy remained unfilled, and she screamed. I backed up and pulled the head of my cock out of her pussy, and she let out an angry scream at her sudden emptiness.

Okay, enough of this... I had had enough, too! I crawled under the saddle ropes and pushed the boxes back under Elaine’s feet. Then I stepped  to the wall and- slowly letting the rope slide out through the ratchet (which I could do easily enough since I could reach the ratchet, which Elaine couldn’t since she had bound herself)- I let her arms and legs return from their outstretched position. That took her weight off the saddle ropes, which I then unhooked from the eye bolts in the ceiling. My next move was to ease her to the floor; I untied her wrist ropes from the ring near the ratchet and then eased her back. That turned out to be rather easy, since (1) she was blindfolded by the felt hood and  rather disoriented and helpless, and (2) she wasn’t really fighting me anyway.

So when her bulky body finally lay on the floor, I quickly took advantage of a selection of eye bolts along the wall to fasten her flat on the floor, again in a wide spread-eagle. This was the first bondage position I had put her in years ago, and I knew she was pretty comfortable with it. After all, she’d chosen a standing spread-eagle for herself, and also having her legs wide apart seemed a natural for her!

I considerately (I’m just that kind of guy) wadded up a pair of my jeans and pushed them under her head as a pillow. I thought for only a second about putting something under her ass, but honestly her ass was so fat that any padding would have been overkill- the small of her back was nowhere near the floor! After checking her bonds and well-being (a willing submissive slave has to be cared for, a real responsibility), I paused to diddle her clit for a few moments; she responded as vigorously as she could given her position.

When I stopped, Elaine screamed emphatically enough  (“Dmmm ywww dnnn stppp!”) to give me yet another idea. I knelt by her head and stroked the side of her head until she calmed’ then I pulled the hood up enough to uncover her mouth and pulled its drawstring to secure it, using it as a blindfold. Then I knelt over her head and released her gag. She opened her mouth and started to say something that might have been ‘thank you please fuck me now!”, but I filled her mouth with my cock. Her mouth immediately closed around my meat and she began to suck so well and so hard (Elaine was a consummate cocksucker) I could feel it all the way back to my ass!

With this exquisite treatment, my long-denied cock soon sent me ‘the message’. I slipped Mister Happy from between her lips; I think she knew what I was planning because she didn’t complain at all. I quickly crawled the distance to her legs, hopped over, and slammed him head first deep into her  cunt. She squealed like a little girl at the penetration and then began mumbling obscenities in time with my thrusts. Then, all too soon. I felt my explosion start, and the first contact of my juices with her pussy set off Elaine’s orgasm.

After what seemed like half an hour but which was probably really only 30 minutes, I fell exhausted on top of her and then pulled my knees up so I could take some of my weight off her- after all, she was my willing and helpless prisoner and she deserved some consideration, right? I leaned over her mostly-motionless body (she managed to keep some bits of it moving somehow), wrapped my arms around her, and held her gently.

Finally, when I sensed that the afterglow was now ‘after’, I got up, released the ropes which held her spread-eagled, and lay down next to her to let her make the decision as to when to get up off her back. When she started up, I helped her to her feet and then walked upstairs to my bedroom, where we slept together. Just slept, this time!

A couple of hours later, we woke and cleaned up the mess, and then decided to go out and do ‘normal’ stuff. In this case, I required Elaine to slip back into her ‘hot pants’ outfit, warning her that she would not be allowed to escape my clutches properly dressed, and took her on a short tour of the Baltimore Zoo, where we had a good old time showing off for everybody. Finally back home, I asked Elaine to ‘return the favor’ by helping me sleep bound; she agreed, although being a Dom wasn’t her ‘cup of tea’. But she took over and took off splendidly after I explained what I wanted- basically a night in a sleep sack I bought a few months ago but hadn’t had a chance to try out properly yet.

Elaine disappeared into the bathroom and returned wearing a black lace teddy, the fishnet stockings, and a garter belt. “I didn’t come equipped to be a Dom, but if you’ll accept a fat slut in trampy lingerie, well, what you see is what you get.”

“Mistress Elaine, I happily accept a fat slut as my Dominatrix!”

“Good...pick up the sack and follow me to the dungeon.”

“Yes, Mistress!”

I grabbed the sleep sack, which rolled up looked pretty much like a sleeping bag, and followed her down the stairs, gazing at the way the back of the teddy disappeared between the jiggling, ham-like cheeks of her protruding ass. Upon entering the dungeon, she instructed me to lay out the sleep sack on the floor, which of course I did; in addition to the fact that I had little choice in the matter, I wanted to! 

“Okay, Bob, get naked for me.” That happened quickly, and I stood naked before her until she told me to put on a pair of pantyhose. I went to my pleasure chest, found a pair of queen-size Wal-Mart specials (yes, I have all sorts of stuff in there for all sorts of occasions), and slipped them on. 

“Okay... gee, you look really pretty!”

“Thank you, Mistress Elaine!”

“You’re welcome. Now move the sack over a bit... yes, right there”, she said after I had it positioned under a compound hoist (which is an essential toy in any dungeon). “Good; now into the sack, slave.”

“Yes, Mistress Elaine.” I unzipped the sack, which had a zipper right down the middle of the top side and a series of straps on the back, and slipped into it. The bottom of the sack had two heavy sleeves into which I slipped my legs. The sleeves were of some sort of PVC, let my feet slide through fairly easily, and fit reasonably snugly around my thighs considering they were padded on the inside and quite comfortable except that I couldn’t bend my legs.

Mistress Elaine knelt to check things out and then adjusted Mister Happy inside the panty hose, adding several strips of Duct Tape to ensure that he stayed pointed down, over my balls, and back between my legs... shit, another do-it-yourself chastity device! Trying it out, she pulled one breast out of her teddy. “Pleasure me, slave!”

“Yes, Mistress Elaine!”

She leaned over and lowered her boob to my mouth, where I worked on it with my tongue until both her nipple and her face showed definite signs of arousal. Then she pulled herself away, tucking her breast back into the teddy, and slipped her hand over my crotch. She had done her work well; my cock was still pinned down and limp, even though I wanted an erection in the worst way. With a final pat on my helpless cock, she got up and went to my pleasure chest, returning with a pair of tweezer-type nipple champs, which she carefully locked on my tits.

“Ohhh... thank you, Mistress Elaine!”

“You’re welcome, slave!”

“Now slip your arms into the sleeves, slave Bob!”

“Yes, Mistress Elaine!” I worked my arms down into the sleeves, mates to the ones that held my legs; they held my arms straight and against my side.

“Good, my slave.”

“Thank you, Mistress Elaine!” She zipped up the sack; my knees, my cock, my belly, and my chest disappeared from view as she pulled the zipper up to my chin.

Mistress Elaine set about tightening the straps, eight of which were riveted to the back of the sleep sack. She buckled one around my ankles, one just below my knees, one just above my knees, one around my thighs, one across my belly, one just below my tits, one just above my tits, and finally secured the sleep sack with a collar around my neck. When she finished, I was securely bound, locked into the sack, and utterly immobile!

Mistress Elaine considerately slipped a pillow under my head, stood up, and looked down at me between the jutting cliff of her boobs and the projecting bulge of her belly. “You know, slave Bob, I suppose you expect me to turn off the lights and wish you a good night. However, I’m not ready to go to sleep yet, and in light of all the work I’ve invested that I require you to pleasure me some more so I can sleep well.”

“Yes, Mistress Elaine, that sounds quite appropriate.”

“Shut up, slave.” I shut up. Mistress Elaine pulled her teddy down from her boobs and slipped it down over her hips, tossing it into the corner, and knelt over my head; I looked up at her cunt as she came down, looking up across her massive belly and projecting boobs to her eager face. Then darkness enveloped me as her thighs blocked out the light from the side. I smelled the heady scent of her lust as her lips neared my lips, and I steeled myself to perform the distasteful deed I loved so much.

I struggled and squirmed against the constriction of the sleep sack, not so much because I wanted to escape the horrible task ahead of me, but because I enjoy the struggle. Mistress Elaine’s meaty cunt descended, but my bondage was inescapable, which made me struggle the more frantically. Sadly, my panty hose and Duct Tape chastity belt was too effective, and my erection remained in my imagination.

Elaine’s excitement, on the other hand, was both physical and obvious; the wetness between her labia wasn’t all from my tongue! I looked up over the bulge of her belly to the massive, jiggling protrusions of her breasts. Elaine’s stiff nipples were wedged between her fingers and her face was a rigid mask of passion.

Unobstructed by an erection or even the remote possibility of an orgasm, I applied myself diligently to the distasteful task which I was compelled to love. In a couple of long minutes, I was rewarded by a feminine squeal as Mistress Elaine went ‘over the top’, and I looked up to see her mangling two handfuls of tit meat as her fluids coated my face. Her heavy thighs slapped the sides of my head, and I could almost hear the thunder of her jiggling ass cheeks as she shuddered with the intensity of her orgasm. She almost broke my neck as she threw her weight on me, going for all the sensation she could get!

Finally she lifted herself a bit and wiped her damp pussy on my defenseless face. But she wasn’t done yet; on an impulse, she reached back, spread the meaty cheeks of her ass with her hands, and shifted her weight forward. In a most un-Elaine-like gesture, she commanded “Worship my ass, slave!” Oh, damn... the thing I dreaded most was at hand! She lowered her fleshy ass and released her cheeks, which closed in on my head from both sides. “Get to work, slave!” I forced my face deep into the valley of musky flesh, wiggling desperately, until I finally I found her little asshole with the tip of my tongue. Her wriggles assured me that I was right on target, and for a full 5 minutes I worked at licking it clean.

Finally Elaine had enough and pulled herself to her feet. “Your service was your usual excellent, and I’m about ready to go upstairs and go to bed. But first...” She pulled down the hook of the compound hoist and fastened it to a heavy D-ring on the front of the sleep sack. Then she hauled away on the hoist’s rope, lifting me until I was completely off the floor. As she hoisted me, my weight fell on the series of straps she had tightened about me, which effectively tightened the straps even more. She tied off the rope at the wall, returned to inspected me, and decided I was safe. Then she had an idea and went to the pleasure chest, returning with a scarf.

Draping the scarf over my shoulder for safekeeping, she told me “I want to leave you alone for the night with something to think about!”. She turned her back so I could watch her reach between her massive ass cheeks and slip two fingers into the asshole I had just cleaned. She sank those two fingers deep inside her ass and reamed herself out thoroughly before she pulled her fingers free and turned to face me.

“Here’s your memory for tonight... you didn’t clean me carefully enough!” She held up her hand for me... sure enough, it was smeared with shit. “I see I’m going to have to wipe my hand. I have two possibilities. Here’s number one!” Holding her two slimy fingers out, she worked first one and then the other finger into my nose, wiggling them deep and twisting them. Oh, god...

She removed her hand and inspected her fingers. I took a deep breath and inhaled a cloud of her shit scent... oh, shit! “Well, I didn’t get them completely clean, which brings me to possibility number two. Open wide!”  She shoved the two fingers into my mouth and waited patiently while I carefully licked off the shit I had carelessly failed to remove; it had a greasy, bitter taste. Finally she removed her fingers, wiped them on the side of my face, and reached for the scarf.

“I think I’m ready to sleep now. I’ve decided that I’ll use this to hold your head upright so you won’t have to worry about it hanging down while you sleep.” She wrapped the scarf around my head and the hoist rope, blindfolding me at the same time as she bound my head upright.

“Okay, slave Bob! Have a good night and sleep tight.”

“Good night, Mistress Elaine, and thank you so much for everything!” I heard her footsteps crossing the dungeon floor, the click of the light switch, and then more footsteps as she ascended the stairs.

After about ten minutes, I heard the toilet flush and then silence for another five, after which I heard a final feminine squeal; I guess Elaine had decided one more orgasm would help her sleep even better. Then nothing. I swayed gently from the rope in the tight compression of the sleep sack, sniffing the shit she had considerately left me, and finally fell asleep.

Sunday morning

I woke several times during the night, having weird dreams that dealt with strange ideas like being buried up to my neck in a sand pit and then shit upon by the L.A. Lakers cheerleaders. When I finally woke up in the morning, it was to the sight of Elaine leaning back in a beanbag chair, naked, smiling, and masturbating (‘jilling off’, she says). The beanbag chair wasn’t very tall, which meant that her knees were relatively high, and she has scooted forward so her twat was right at the edge of the chair. She had dug through my pleasure chest to uncover a dildo, which at that moment was sliding smoothly between her meaty pussy lips and in and out of her cunt. Her fat thighs were spread so wide I thought her legs were out of joint. She wasn’t wracked with passion, just idly pleasuring herself. She saw that I was awake and smiled. “Good morning, Bob!” I noticed that I was no longer ‘Slave Bob’. She gave herself a few more strokes, eased the dildo out of herself, and heaved herself to her feet. “Have a good night?”

“Pretty good, considering. I had some weird dreams, but that’s to be expected. Having a nose full of your shit might have had something to do with that.” We both smiled.

“I’ll have to keep that in mind for the next time I tuck you in!” I was wondering if or how I should ask Elaine to let me down when she went to the wall and carefully lowered me to my feet and then to my back. She unbuckled the straps and unzipped the sleep sack, which relieved the compression I’d lived with through the night. She laid back the sack flaps and gently removed the nipple clamps, which really stung after being on all night! Then she used a pair of scissors to cut the Duct Tape and panty hose holding my cock down and bent; it quickly fattened and lengthened, so she slid the scissors across the floor to the pleasure chest and took it in her hand. 

“Let’s skip church this morning... we both need this!” (She and I usually went to church together whenever she visited; we didn’t see a conflict between being Christian and having a full and kinky sex life, although Pastor and some of the grandmother contingent might have disagreed.) I suggested “Sounds marvelous to me, but let’s do it on the bed this time.”

“Most excellent thought, Bob: let’s go!” She watched as I wormed up to get my arms free of the sleeves and then dragged myself out of the sleep sack. She took my hand, helped me to my feet, and preceded me up the stairs (knowing I was inspecting her jiggling ass all the way) to the bedroom. I watched from behind as she pulled back the sheets, her naked, bulging ass spreading itself before me.

“We’ve done the deed several times this weekend, but never in bed! Waiting to get the sheets turned down is a luxury with us.” She turned and saw me eyeing her butt. “Bob, you do this fat girl’s heart good, letting me believe that you find this wreck of a body attractive.”

“Elaine, stop that! Just get your large sexy slut ass in the damn bed and open your arms for me.” Giggling, she crawled into the bed and held out her arms, her heavy breasts waiting. I crawled in with her, pulled the sheets over us- even though I knew they’d go flying in minutes- and slid into her arms; we embraced each other and I sank into her bosom. This time, we made love calmly, squirming together until my erection grew to an alarming length and stiffness. I slipped it gently into her; her eyes closed and she moaned as I penetrated deep into her. After a few strokes demonstrated how ready both of us were, I slipped my arms under her knees and pulled her legs up. She strained and crossed her ankles across my back, which was an effort for her because of her size, but it also allowed my erection to slide so deep into her that she felt it at the back of her throat.

I thought about turning her over and doing her doggy style, but after a weekend of kinkiness I was in the mood for just plain ordinary lovemaking; I think Elaine was too. She pushed on my back with her crossed feet, pulling me far into her. I’d been drained several times this weekend and I had enough staying power to just stroke gently and deeply until I saw that Elaine was about to surrender to her orgasm. I stroked faster and added a rotary action to it, which makes my cock feel like it’s whipping around inside even though it’s tightly squeezed inside a tight pussy. “Oh, damn, Elaine, you’re making me cum!”

She humped up at me, trying to make her orgasm coincide with mine. “Oh, that feels good... you’re doing it to me...”

Both of us felt the head of my cock flare out, dragging on the walls of her slippery vagina, a sign that the time for my cum had come . Then my balls let go and the first jet of cum squirted out; I slammed my cock deep inside her, and Elaine’s legs pulled tight to keep me there. “Agghhhhh!!”

No words, just sounds. Elaine squealed “”Eeeeeeeee..... oh fuck shit damn..........” as my squirts triggered her own orgasm. I pumped myself desert-dry in about ten minutes and collapsed on top of her, keeping my collapsing cock buried inside her. When her convulsive grip on me relaxed, I slowly slid my sticky cock out of her sticky pussy. Then I slowly rolled off her body to let her roll to face me so she could wrap her arms around me and hold me some more before we both dozed off.

When we woke, it was mid-afternoon, and I fixed lunch for us. Elaine had to be on her way soon, and I watched as she selected her clothes for the drive: the micro-skirt, bra, and breakaway blouse again! I carried her stuff out to the car for her and kissed her goodbye before and after she got in, ignoring the way several teenagers were watching her from nearby windows. After she wiggled out of her blouse and tucked her skirt up around her waist (“It’s too damn short to make any difference anyway!”) I kissed her again several times before she finally started the little car and drove off down the hill.

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