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The Electric Gauntlet

by ElectricCD

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© Copyright 2001 - ElectricCD - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; stocks; electro; hood; gag; outdoors; cbt; caught; bdsm; spank; hum: con/reluct; X

The impetus for this story was to document my activities while trying to push the envelope relating to duration of myself self-bondage and risk of exposure. Since I build most of my toys used in my adventures, I took suggestions from a lot of stories that I have been reading lately to create the combination of restraints depicted in the story.

With it having been a fairly long winter I decided to take advantage of the arrival of spring and the privacy associated with our property in the woods. We have a house on a wooded five-acre piece of land in Colorado. The front and one side of the house could be seen from the road. Most of the rest of the property had fairly dense trees and with few exceptions was not visible to my neighbors or the road. About 500 feet behind a house on the hill was an overgrown dirt road that was part of the planned future development. On the other side of the road was an undeveloped wooded 100-acre parcel. I planned to include this area in my activities.


To prepare for my full day outside bondage venture I installed over a period of several weeks an invisible fence. I laid out several different patterns that all terminated at my garage. The patterns created by these three different zones covered a major portion of the wooded five acres providing a perimeter, as well as areas with high concentrations of signals that would make it difficult to cross. In the garage I set up the transmitter for the invisible fence. I also provided a start timer and a selection mechanism that consisted of a knob attached to a rotary switch that allowed the selection of the patterns covering the property.

There were no markings on the knob and it had continuous rotation so by turning it and then just stopping somewhere there was no clue as to which of the 3 patterns were selected. By doing it this way even I didn't know which particular wires on the property to avoid. The only common features of the 3 patterns were their starting and the ending points. The starting point of all three of the patterns converged providing a hot zone and the ending point provided a perimeter around the location of all the keys to my restraints.

The device that the invisible fence would trigger consisted of a TENS-like device that can be mounted on the belt of my restraints and had the capability of being set for various levels of power. This device would then trigger and deliver shocks when in proximity to any of the active invisible fence antenna wires. The contacts that I had chosen to use with the shocking device were a brass ring that fits snugly behind the head of my cock and a conductive ring that was part of the base of an inflatable medium-size butt plug.

After extensive testing I determined how each of the three power levels on the device would affect me. The lowest power level was enough to get my attention but not induce significant amount of discomfort. The medium level produced a significant amount of discomfort but could be tolerated for a period of about 5 to 10 seconds before it got seriously uncomfortable. The high level was strong enough to almost bringing to my knees within five seconds. It was decided after this test that I would utilize the medium level for my day in the woods.

My release system consisted of a small metal toolbox that I had modified with 6 small hasps and locks with different keys for each lock. This box was bolted to the side of my shed in the yard at about waist high. All my keys for the restraints would go into this box and the six padlocks would be applied. The keys for each of the six locks would then be distributed around six different points on the property usually located near or behind one of the invisible fence patterns and on the ground in some brush or trees to make access more difficult. Each of the keys is in a small plastic box with a pink tape flag to improve my chances of finding it. One of the six keys I placed up on the hill on the other side of the road outside of the perimeter of all of the fence patterns.

The purpose of this key placement was to force me to leave our property and go into the woods on the other side of the road increasing my chance of exposure to retrieve the key. The lock box would not open and I would not be able to access any of my release keys without all six keys. Access to the house is though a keypad mounted on the side of the garage door. This keypad is about shoulder high and is unreachable when my hands are cuffed. My safety mechanism is a duplicate set of keys to all my restraints that have been placed in the house. The house will be locked and the only way I will be able to retrieve those keys will be to wait for a friend to return that evening after 8pm.

The outfit I've chosen to wear consists mostly of leather restraints. Beginning with a leather strap harness that has a four-inch wide waist belt, 1-1/2 inch wide straps that go around the chest and over the shoulders and a strap that goes down between the legs. The crotch strap consists of a wide panel, with a hole for my cock & balls, that tapers to the back and it’s locking buckle. This effectively provides a mechanism to retain the inflatable butt plug with the second electrical contact. This harness also consists of a studded leather pouch that snaps onto the front covering the genital area. The inside of this pouch has pointed studs that when an erection occurs creates a significant amount of discomfort. Also any movement also will introduce a significant amount of friction and then discomfort into the pouch area. This entire harness locks on and requires of one of the keys in the box.

The rest of the outfit consists of small wooden foot stock that keeps my legs approximately 18 inches apart and requires a waddling motion to walk. The holes in the stock are sanded very smooth to prevent chaffing when I walk. Attached to the foot stocks are chains that run-up the sides to rings on the waist belt and attach to single handcuffs. These handcuffs were a set of regulation police cuffs where the connecting chain was severed. By using the regulation police cuffs I can double lock them for security. By adjusting the length of the chains on the sides, my hands would be pulled tight against the side of the belt when I am almost fully standing. The only way I can utilize my hands would be to bend my knees and create more slack in the chain.

Additionally I'm planning on wearing a full leather hood that laces in the back and has a locking collar that covers the laces. This prevents the removal of the hood without the key. This hood comes complete with a snap in leather pear gag. In an emergency I can utilize a tree or a branch or something like that to remove the gag if required. The final part of the outfit will be a set of clover style nipple clamps with a chain in between. This chain has an extension that will be used to anchor me to a tree at the starting point.

The day has arrived…

After waiting and preparing for this for over a month, the anticipation and excitement was very high. With my wife traveling on business and my daughter staying at college for the weekend, the day had arrived. It was Friday at 8 am and I started my final preparations for a day in the woods. My plan was to be ready and in place by 10 am. I expected my activities would 4 to 6 hours and this would allow me to be completed and cleaned up long before my safety arrived.

I gave myself an enema and showered. This will help make the whole day with a butt plug more bearable. I also covered my whole body with SPF30 sunscreen to avoid having a weird tan / burn in the pattern of the harness I was going to wear. Next was the leather strap harness. Prior to connecting the crotch strap, I inserted a well-lubricated inflatable butt plug. I completed the harness by routing the pump hose and contact wire up my back and fastening the final strap and lock. I connected the wire to the shock box attached to the rear of the harness. I held off on pumping up the plug until I was in place. I then install the brass ring on my cock, plugged it in and snapped on the studded pouch.

With my planned use of the hood, I decided to leave my glasses in the house. With my nearsightedness this would introduce an additional restriction on my getting around. I also decided to increase the consequences if I were caught. I did this by adding a small 4x6 card on a string around my neck. This card said I was very bad and needed to be spanked until I can’t sit down. I felt this would be an incentive to be done before my safety arrived, as she would surely follow the instructions on the card. Picking up my other toys and all the keys to the restraints I headed out to the garage. Here I spun the selector knob for the pattern and set the start timer for 45 minutes and proceeded to the shed closing and locking the garage. At the shed I placed all the keys for the restraints into the lock box and locked all six locks.

Before I changed my mind I went to the starting point about 300 feet from the house in the woods. Here I completed my bondage. First was the foot stock, followed by routing the chains to the cuffs and locking them to the stock. Next were the hood laced on snugly with the snap-in gag and the locking collar. I completed this part with a 3-foot red leather leash clipped to the collar. The red provided good contrast to the black of all the other leather. I then placed the clips on my nipples with some initial pain and difficulty. The chain was already locked to a nearby tree. I knew the most difficult part would be when I had to pull them off to leave the tree. Finally I quickly pumped the plug 3 times and I placed my wrists in the cuffs at my sides, double locking them with a small nail.

Now I was stuck and had to complete my self imposed gauntlet if I was to get out. I figured I had about 10 – 15 minutes before the timer turned on the fence and I was standing in an area the I would get shocked in unless I move about 25 feet away. I just couldn’t bring myself to pull the clips off, but my concern for the up-coming shock was growing. Then it hit, the fence was active and I was getting a continuous shock. It only took about 5 seconds for me to decide to pull the clips off and another 5 to do it. With my nipples, cock and ass all hurting I waddled out of the shock zone and onto the path. I sat on a fallen tree to recover from the start of my ordeal. My nipples were on fire and rubbing didn’t help much. They eventually turned to a dull ache. I still had many hours and a long way to go to retrieve the keys and get released.

I started down the path toward the closest key. I discovered that the stock was making my trek a lot slower that I had planned and the waddling caused considerable activity and discomfort in the pouch and with the plug. After what seemed like an eternity I reached the first key. I had to cross 3 fence lines in the process. I learned quickly how to waddle fast over these spots. With a little trial and error I was able to pickup the key box and open it. I clipped the key to the ring on the front of my belt. This is where I would collect the keys so I couldn’t lose them. The next 3 keys were retrieved with little problem, but the shocks were increasing in frequency and duration. Also, the difficulty of navigating through the trees and bushes without the use of my hands caused considerable distress on my body. Several times I caught a branch in the pouch causing the studs to have a painful, but exciting affect on my cock and balls.

It was now early afternoon and I still had 2 keys to go. I felt I was ahead of schedule… then things took a turn while getting the fifth key. I discovered that this key was in the center of a hot zone. This meant I would get continuous shocks while picking-up the key. The distraction of the shocks and the placement of the key caused me to get shocked for close to 30 seconds. I finally got the box and left the hot zone.

Again I rested a while in anticipation of the long walk to the last key. This time I would have to climb a small hill, cross the road and follow a trail a little over a quarter mile to the last key. This key was hidden just past a small clearing at the end of the trail. I started toward the road, but the hill on this side made the effort very slow and the final perimeter fence line gave me a solid 15-second shock. As I got there, I looked and listened for any signs of anyone approaching. After a few minutes I felt comfortable the road was clear and quickly crossed and headed down the trail. Things were going well as I didn’t have to deal with shocks or bushes. I had just reached the far side of the clearing when I thought I heard something. I quickly went into the trees and crouched down behind one.

What I saw was a small SUV coming down the trail to the clearing. It stopped and I heard the voices of two girls talking. They didn’t give any indication they had seen me. Here I was, so close I could see the last key but I couldn’t get it because of my visitors. I tried to keep still while waiting for them to leave, but with all these restraints I was forced to move several times. They still didn’t acknowledge I was there and continued to talk. After what seemed like an hour they started the SUV and drove away down the path. I waited for about 5 minutes after I couldn’t hear them any more and then moved to get the key.

I now had all six keys clipped to my ring and felt I was on the home stretch to getting released. I was very ready to get out of my restraints. I was past the clearing and about 100 feet down the path around a curve when I hear a voice. It was one of the girls. When I tried to get away, she quickly caught up and grabbed the leash. She then called someone on her cell phone and pulled on the leash leading me back to the clearing. A few minutes later her friend returned in the SUV.

Now that I could see them up close, they appeared in their late teens or early 20’s. The one that was called Steph, I believe was short for Stephanie was wearing tight cutoff jeans and a red halter-top. The other one with the SUV was wearing shorts & a short tee shirt. Both girls were fairly nice looking. Steph pointed out my sign to the other girl and commented, “it is nice to be on top for a change”. She went on to explain to her friend that her boyfriend ties her up and spanks her when they have sex. She unsnapped the gag on my hood and asked why was I like this. I told them that my friend restrained me this way and I had to retrieve the six keys to get out before she returned. If I didn’t she was going to discipline me. After replacing my gag, she started squeezing my pouch. The noise I made was more of pain than pleasure and this caused her to wonder why. She unsnapped the pouch saw the points on the inside. They both giggled over my predicament while she reattached the pouch. They said I was too good to pass up and indicated they were going to follow the instructions and spank me until I couldn’t sit down.

Steph pulled the leash and me over to a large fallen tree, bending me over and tying the leash to a branch. I try to get up, but the leash held fast. She than noticed the bulb for the butt plug. After flowing the hose, she realized what it was and pumped it 3 times. The plug was now very uncomfortable. The other girl had broken some small branches that they could use like switches. They started to whip me, one girl on each side and alternating strokes. The gag worked very well – all my screaming was muffled to almost nothing. After what seemed like hours, they finally stopped. They went and sat on the SUV while I remained over the log and in significant pain. After talking for a while, they let me up and said they had enjoyed playing with me but they had to leave now. As a final challenge for me they took the ring of keys and tossed them into a group of thorn bushes about 50 feet from me. They drove off saying that maybe they would see me here again later.

It was getting late and I now had to get the keys out of the bushes before going home or I couldn’t get out. With no hands and a very sore butt, retrieving the keys proved very difficult. After about 10 minute, I succeed in getting the keys and getting out of the bushes. I headed for the lockbox hoping to beat my safety home. With my sore body, the walk (waddle) back was very slow.

After passing through numerous fence lines, I arrived at the shed. I had to hurry, it was getting dark and my safety will be over soon. Getting the keys took a while, as I had to find the correct key for each lock. Given that I was getting shocked continuously while opening the locks, I had to take breaks between each lock. Just as I retrieved the keys and left the hot zone my safety pulled up the drive. She quickly took the keys for my escape and told me to follow her into the house.

My day wasn’t over yet, but that’s another story. I’m already wondering if I will run into the girls again.

The end…


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