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by Mikel

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Storycodes: Solo-F; computer; program; latex; suits; fetishwear; heels; cuffs; chain; hoods; gag; corsets; chest; tape; electro; shock; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

Sitting behind her large work station Janet dreamed of her new project, it was almost ready and soon she would be perpetually tormented and teased in her own creation, only the computer and the people using their keyboards at work would be determining how much she would enjoy her predicament, the duration and how much she would be tortured and none of them would even know they were secretly controlling her life of pleasure and pain.

Janet had always enjoyed bondage and a little pain but since she had found her first Tens unit she had been playing with the shocking toy regularly during her solo bondage games, even locking her corset on with pads on her nipples and around her stomach and forcing herself to be continuously shocked for days, the training in electronics and engineering making it easy for her to solve charging problems and making new control units that would be sealed only being able to be unplugged from their power source to be turned off and having fluctuating programs making her unsure what was going to happen and when.

As Janet had built her program she also built her fetish gear and clothing options really enjoying dressing “slutty” when she would go out teasing every guy who spoke to her as she stood in her towering heels that looked like she had just gotten off work at a stripper bar, but knowing the locked on chastity belt and bra would keep her from letting them talk her into fucking them and allowing her to be in control of herself never wanting to lose control but at the same time deep down always wanting to give it to someone.

Janet liked the idea of having someone else controlling her body but could never bring herself to actually look for someone instead developing her own master, that way it still made it possible for her to control it with her programming skills, experiencing brief moments of being out of control before the program would release her. Janet had mastered using mag-locks to hold everything from her doors and the small metal box she would hide her keys in to her cuffs closed and had her computer wired to every mag lock in her apartment and could restrain herself almost anywhere in many different positions but when she modified her leather cuffs using small mag locks that would keep the straps pulled tightly over the small posts she was really excited, the micro chip and battery needed were easy to locate and could hold her for days if it wasn’t told to turn off.

Janet had added charging stations in every place she frequented, currently only her office and home, having also made it where the units could charge from anywhere there was Wi-Fi adding to the places she couldn’t hide and let the batteries die so no matter where she went the batteries stayed charged. The time she spent locked up was also controlled by her computer not releasing the keys for the locks holding the corset on until the program said it was time, she had worked for months on the program fine tuning every point until it knew when it could and couldn’t punish or pleasure her, not letting it embarrass her at work or distract her while she was driving was the only down time but even then she could be continuously stimulated just not harshly.

Finding the steel plugs for her pussy and ass that could be hooked to the tens unit excited her more and soon she had modified them and made them vibrators as well as allowing her to evacuate herself when needed. Janet had worn the plugs and pads under her steel chastity belt and bra for months letting the computer control her life but now she wanted more and was almost finished with the construction of her new grope suit that once she was sealed inside it she hoped she might never want to be allowed to take it off again.

The idea had come to her when she lay inside a large trunk at the foot of her bed, she had been trapped inside it for almost twenty four hours, her hands were chained behind her back with her ankles and knees roped tightly together and her head wrapped in miles of black duct tape making it impossible for her to heard outside the large box much less by her neighbors and also making her incapable of seeing or hearing anything, making her completely lost to how long she had been inside the box. Her breasts had been wrapped in thin wire tightly around their bases before she had taped the tens pads over her nipples, two on each ass cheek and on the soles of her feet then strapped on some high heels making sure the pads would stay on. Slipping the probes into her pussy and ass she attached all the wires to the computer and hit enter on the program and closed the lid, the computer energized the mag lock locking the lid closed until the power was turned off to it.

In the box Janet could move around a little but with her hands chained behind her and her head feeling like it weighed twenty pounds heavier she found a spot and lay still while the computer energized the tens pads and probes keeping her struggling and weeping for several hours by shocking the wires around her breasts almost making her pass out and swear she would never bind her breasts with wire again before reducing her punishments and allowing her to lay purring as she was stimulated steadily for the next twenty hours only being severely punished every other hour.

While she lay during a rest period she dreamed of being able to have these same feelings but not be trapped inside the small box and started planning her newest creation. Janet had been forced to cum during the second day of being trapped in the box only to be punished each time she came and she began to think making the computer able to sense her body impulses was a mistake but could blame no one but herself since she had done all the programming.

When Janet was finally able to sit up she had been encased for thirty eight hours and barely had the strength to climb out of the box and then collapsed on the floor and slept still bound for another twelve hours before waking and releasing her hands and fighting the thick layers of duct tape she wrapped so eagerly around her head, climaxing twice before she was able to get it away from her face and head and finally able to release her legs and dreaming of the next time she would have time to do it again.

Lying in the tub she came up with several ideas that had her aroused and wanting to bind herself again. Part of her idea was that during the work day she would only be stimulated either pain or pleasure to certain levels, increasing as time passed or course, the computer keeping track of how many punishment/pleasure cycles she had missed and once she was not at work or out somewhere she would get “caught up” on the punishments and only then would she have a chance to be rewarded and allowed to cum.

The tease program had been hard to program needing a lot of data and had made her wear sensors all over her body for days while she did different things to herself and let the computer log her bio functions for each situation. Slowly it had learned and could now keep her on edge for hours varying the pleasure and pain it doled out until it decided if she gets rewarded or punished, there was very little reasoning to it making the decision to pleasure her but plenty of reasons to punish and tease so she spent the vast majority of her time being teased or punished and was finally happy with the results and started working on her suit. Her first challenge would be to find a fabric that would be supple enough to wear daily but strong enough to not be cut off easily, then it would need to be able to transmit electrical signals and be able to be cleaned while still being worn.

During Janet’s research she had started wearing her slutty clothes and higher heels mixing a lot of leggings and tight tops into work so people would get used to seeing her wearing them so when she did complete her project it wouldn’t be a sudden transformation and since the computer would be controlling her it would be picking out her clothes as well so she wanted to spice it up just to make it more interesting, entering each piece of clothing in as she purchased them and soon had a large wardrobe of sexy clothes along with her normal work clothes logged into the computer. Finding a program that could recognize clothing she began programming it into her system so the computer could tell it was telling her to dress slutty or not and could use that against her.

During her experiments with the clothes she had noticed how the men she worked with started paying more attention to her, having always been a nerdy girl and never dressed much for attraction and now found she liked the attention, also liking when she wore tight clothes over a corset that it pushed her breasts up making them sit up proudly giving her a more dramatic figure so she purchased more corsets and along with the tight skirts and leather dresses she had really started getting the guys attention so she was spending more time at clothing stores and at a fetish store finding latex and leather and quickly adding it to her “closet” in the computer and began letting it pick her clothes for her daily.

During one of the first weeks of complete control by the computer it forced her to wear her “electrified chastity belt and bra” over her corset with all her probes inserted but the bad part was it forced her to wear nothing but slutty clothes all week choosing each item by the tags she had inserted in each piece of clothing that made her scan each piece as she took it from the closet and allowed the computer to make sure that was what went through the door of her apartment when she left, the computer even made her wear latex leggings while in one of her shortest skirts and a tight knit top that hid nothing under it and the shoes it picked out was the worst of all, clear platform shoes that the four inch platforms flashed when she walked in the ten inch heels and had straps that were held closed by small padlocks.

She had styled her hair and makeup to match the look and told everyone she was going out to a theme party and as soon as the program ended she changed some of the classifications to night only. The strangest thing she had learned was while she was kept locked in the corset, belt and bra for the entire month of the next test and she was not allowed to climax but had been kept on the edge for hours every day and had looked for the reason the computer choose that but could not find any reason. Enjoying the randomness of it and wanting to add the random factor back in that’s when she came up with the idea of being controlled by people who had no idea of what their actions were doing  hence adding the unknown factor back into her games.

During the next year she spent more time under the control of the computer than without it and continuously fine tuned it as she worked on her suit, finding the material she had been looking for she had to save up for it because it was exceedingly expensive but being that it was made out of material that was extremely tough she shouldn’t have to replace it for years. Janet had already made a prototype to get the size correct so once she had gotten the material it was easy to imbed the sensors and pads she needed and to build the suit.

The hard part was she could not cut it, finally giving up and sending her designs and requirements to the company she had ordered it from and let them construct the suit which turned out to be less expensive than the material itself. Janet waited weeks for the suit to return and was so excited when she got it she ran to the bathroom to try it on, standing in the stall she opened the box and was disappointed when she pulled out a suit that looked like it was made for a toddler.

“Shit!” was all she could say and sat down dejected, as she sat looking at it she pulled on it and found it was very stretchy, puzzled she lifted her foot and slid it into the leg and forced it down to the sock and pulled the material up her body, when the leg stretched easily up to her crotch she squealed again and quickly undressed and pulled the suit up finally getting it stretched over her shoulders and stood up straight giggling as she ran her hands all over the material feeling how smooth it was and how well it formed to her firm body and pulled her in at all the right places.

Janet inspected the small straps that ran across her palm and under her thumb keeping the sleeves pulled taunt and smiled as she thought it could be covered with some bracelets. Sitting again she read the enclosed paper work and laughed when she read that the other two suits would be sent as they were finished since she had so much material and explained how the closures worked and warned that if someone is enclosed in the suit unwillingly that cutting it off would be very difficult and dangerous for the wearer. Janet was in heaven as she sat in the stall and rubbed her encased body, the idea of being locked into such a suit really turning her on.

Janet wanted to wear the suit and started closing the back pulling up the zipper and feeling the suit pull itself together as it got close to being closed, she had installed the charging pads and the small magnets throughout the material that would be strengthened by the batteries once they were charged and was surprised that they already had the strength to hold the material tightly on her body but smiled when it was fully closed and could see how tightly it was stretched all over her body.

The outside of the suit looked like a normal shiny black cat suit but in between the layers she had added all the sensors and stimulator pads along with the charging system and connections for the probes so once she was ready it could pleasure her or torment her whenever she wore it. As she stared at herself in the mirror forgetting she was at work she could see the smoothness of the steel bra covering her breasts and the small chains connecting it to the belt and got wet as she wanted it to stimulate her now and desperately tried to rub her steel covered pussy only frustrating herself more before hearing a noise outside and dashing back to the stall and pulling her clothes over the suit and returning to her desk.

During the remaining hours she was at work Janet could swear the suit tightened but just smiled as she continued to work and then drove home, entering the house she stripped off her clothes and reached back to unlatch the new suit and found it was held firmly closed. Struggling with it she finally went to her computer and could see the tag had been picked up by it and now she was being punished for wearing non approved clothes and couldn’t take it off or remove anything under it.

As the computer started the program for the suit it automatically loaded all the sensor readings and flashed “suit only 60% charged” that’s when Janet knew she had inadvertently charged it sitting at her desk and that was why it was getting tighter the magnets imbedded in it where pulling it tighter as they tried to get closer to one another and now it was part of her computerized wardrobe. Janet spent two weeks in the suit with the steel underwear on under it and loved every minute of it even sending new pads and sensors with two tags to the company so they could imbed them for her in the two new suits.

Now she was ready to start her trials and turn full control over to the computer, the programs had been working perfectly and she had been monitoring the computer usage for the random part and was happy with the results, she was allowed into the system, after a brutal punishment session while she was gagged and chained to her bed, and was able to remove the corset, chastity belt and bra then started the program setting it to last for one month before she could access the program again, her only out was an emergency but she had to be near an emergency vehicle so the signal they sent out could be picked up by the suit and the computer would allow removal of it then.

Janet was nervous as she sat in front of the computer, throughout all her tests she had always had a back door she could use if it got too intense or it messed up but now once she started she could not stop and sat looking at the computer asking if she was ready or not then quickly jabbed the enter button and watched the screen change to a blue screen and the program start running and she knew she was locked out of the system for the next month minimum, she could still have time added if she messed up and didn’t do what she was told or let the computer have the time it needed to punish her fully for each infraction, like if she stayed at work too long or in the car too long she could have time added.

Janet sat waiting for the computer to tell her something then got tired of waiting and went to eat when she heard it beep and her first command was sent, install probes and don suit number 0001. Janet squealed and jumped to her feet and ran to her closet and slipped into the suit, the probes had been installed weeks ago and she had became so used to them she never took them out and within minutes of feeling the suit tighten around her she could feel her whole body tingle as the computer went through its self test, then the screen in her room said put on shoes 00098 and hood 889. Janet was surprised it was asking for the ballet boots and full face leather hood with an extremely large gag and locking straps but she collected the items and once she had the boots laced up she heard the computer beep and carefully walked to it carrying her hood and read apply restraint 0900 and wait for tone.

Janet smiled knowing that this was her hogtie restraint and went to her closet and got it and locked the cuffs around her ankles smiling as she looked at her ankles tethered together by the short chain with the wrist cuffs hanging from it and pulled the hood over her head and laced and buckled it tightly while she adjusted the large gag. Janet was now locked into her new suit, ballet boots and leather hood and if she followed the computers orders she would lock the leather cuffs around her wrists trapping her in a strict hogtie for however long the computer forced her to stay that way only releasing the mag locks once she had satisfied its desire to punish her.

Janet suckled the leather cock filling her mouth then rolled onto her stomach pulling her pointed toes up to her firm ass and carefully slipped each wrist into the cuffs and squeezed the strap through its keeper deciding to trust the computer and her programming and see what happens and tightened it until it would move no further. Janet relaxed and slumped in her bonds and waited for her punishment to begin, the excitement and anxiety was making her body shake and her mind race as she sucked the cock in her mouth furiously and felt her body slowly begin to tingle then her pussy and ass explode as the computer electrocuted her making her scream and her whole body tense and pull against the restraints holding her in a tight arch.

Janet was hanging in her restraints panting trying to figure out what had happened, never having the computer shock her that hard before and started struggling in her bonds desperately trying to free herself as her body continued to tingle from the mild shocks she was receiving, when the pulses changed and became waves starting at her toes and moving quickly up to her neck then back making her relax and enjoy the smooth rolling sensations. Janet was still lying on her stomach when she felt her nipples and breasts being pulsed very pleasantly then as the intensity increased on her body wave her breasts started be pulsed stronger and the power steadily increased as the waves got faster and her nipples started hurting and Janet was now struggling again as her body was being shocked stronger.

The waves were moving back and forth as her breasts were being shocked harder when her ass and pussy started pulsing making her muscles contract around the probes faster and faster, the computer leveled off the impulses and for the next two hours Janet was kept on the edge of feeling pleasure and pain, every few minutes she would feel a jolt sent to her pussy or ass then her nipples would be shocked making it feel like they were being squeezed then pinched hard making her body tense as Janet lay moaning unable to make her body relax.

After two hours of this torture Janet felt the suit and probes go to a slight tingling and could hear the computer beeping and pulled at the straps and found them released and struggled to pull her hands out of the cuffs, letting her arms flop to her sides and her legs stretch out as she lay panting glad it was over. After lying for a few minutes the pulses and beeping became more intense so Janet unbuckled the hood and pulled it from her wet face and looked at the screen. “remove restraints and add hood 0087 and cuffs 0002 and 0003 and wait for command”

Janet drug herself off the bed removing the ankle cuffs and went to the closet and locked her steel cuffs around her ankles and wrists and pulled the half hood with the breathing tube onto her head and neck buckling it tightly. Janet was still confused and staggered back to her bed and sat looking at short chains between her cuffed wrists and ankles wondering if she had screwed up or not and thought about having to endure this for the next thirty days. Janet was kept in her ballet boots, collar and cuffs for the next two days having to force food she had liquefied through the breathing tube, by the time she was given the keys to the cuffs she was almost in tears from the pain the boots were causing and had started to doubt she would be allowed to go to work.

For the next week Janet was controlled by the computer and found that the random setting was making much more of a difference in her programming than she thought it would and even though during working hours she was left alone only getting small shocks and tingles, at night she was forced to restrain herself and endure the punishments that seemed to be increasing in severity and length and had still not been allowed to remove the suit or to orgasm never seeming to get caught up on her punishment time.

On the tenth day Janet was told to lock the chastity belt and bra over her corset before she was allowed to leave the apartment, after she had locked them on and put the keys in the box hooked up to and controlled by the computer she was then told to put a pair of her “stripper” shoes on. Stunned because she had already slipped into the tight leather skirt that forced her knees tightly together and made her walk stiffly along with the tight white silk shirt that showed everything under it she didn’t understand why it was dressing her like she was going out.

Janet didn’t understand why she was being forced to wear her “night” clothes at work but had no choice so she tried to trick the computer and put on her normal work shoes and carry the others out I her purse, the computer picked up the tags and started shocking her until Janet fell back into the door and removed her work shoes and strapped the tall platforms on and the shocks decreased and let her leave the apartment. During the day Janet sat uncomfortably in her restrictive clothes and tall shoes desperately trying to gain access to her program but had made sure there was no way anyone could hack in and was effectively locked out, thinking about how she could get out of the mess she was in and trying to decide if she really wanted out or not until lunch when she went out to go shopping and bought two pairs of normal heels and two more skirts and blouses thinking she could change at work and the computer would not know.

In her office Janet slipped out of the leather skirt and shoes stepping into the much lighter clothes and shoes and briskly walked out of her office feeling better thinking that she had out smarted the computer. Janet had only walked about ten feet when she felt her pussy get zapped by electricity making her flinch and yelp slightly, Janet stood looking around as she felt another pulse then her ass was shocked, hard. Janet panicked and turned to go back to her office, reaching it just as she was being doubled over in pain from her pussy and ass and now her nipples being shocked much harder.

Janet stumbled to her chair and could see her screen reading “reapply items pain level 4 - increasing to level eight in one minute” Janet kicked her new shoes off and dropped the skirt to the floor quickly slipping back into the leather skirt and stepping into the stripper shoes. The shocks decreased but began pulsing every few minutes up to level 4 making her stay in her office for the rest of the day because every few minutes she would flinch and yelp and she didn’t want anyone to see or hear her.

Arriving home Janet was desperate to get the shocks to stop so when she was told to apply the full hood, boots and hogtie restraint again she complied and spent the night being shocked savagely and forced to wear the extreme heels and night clothes to work including her latex for the next week, Janet had found she could wear her untagged clothes over the sexy clothes even though she knew she looked silly but at least she wasn’t showing everyone her fetish wardrobe except for the shoes that she couldn’t hide.

When Friday night came she was told to lock herself into the severe hood again then her boots and forced to tighten the corset, not sure how the computer could tell it was tightened or not but when she didn’t tighten it she started being shocked until she had it laced closed making her gasp for air as she lay locked to her bed Friday night spending the whole weekend being tortured by the ruthless computer. Monday morning she was released and struggled to the bathroom to get cleaned up and get ready for work. Her clothes had returned to normal and she only received small shocks during the day again and for the rest of the month she obeyed every command and was able to maintain during the day and spent every night restrained but being tortured less brutally.

On the last day of the month Janet sat waiting for the computer to release her and when the time came she saw the computer say “punishment incomplete 10 days added” Janet almost started crying, her ribs ached badly since the corset had been tightened and her wrists and ankles were sore from fighting the restraints every night, Janet didn’t want to spend another ten days in the suit and desperately wanted to orgasm and sat weeping in her office until the end of the day then drove home and robotically obeyed the commands and spent the night restrained to the bed.

Janet was exhausted by the time she made it the remaining ten days, her constant wearing of the tall heels and ballet boots now made her have to wear them and because of the locked on corset it would take her months to get used to not wearing it. Janet sat thinking about these things not even checking the computer at work anymore as she sat in her tight leather and tall shoes again waiting until she got home and found she had made it through the torture and felt her suit relax and found the box open allowing her to remove all the restraints on her body making her moan as she unlaced the corset but feeling much better as she stood in the hot shower ending up laying in the tub soaking her sore body in the hot water for hours.

Janet closed the program and locked away her suit and probes having to install slightly smaller but much softer plugs because she had been stretched out and slept soundly calling in the next day to say she wouldn’t be in. After another night of uninterrupted sleep Janet ate breakfast, only eating a small amount before feeling sick and went to work feeling much freer even though she had laced the corset back on and wore the tall heels performing her daily duties before heading out for lunch and doing some shopping, she had lost some weight and wanted a new corset and some skirts and dresses that fit her better. Arriving home she found the two new suits from the company and scoffed at them as she threw them into the closet and laced one of the new corsets tightly around her waist and ate a small meal and went to bed. Lying in bed she wondered why she no longer had the desire to orgasm but did nothing to arouse herself and slept deeply.

As the weeks passed Janet was starting to forget the painful parts of the computer controlling her and felt herself being drawn to the suits she had hid in the closet. Janet opened her computer and started looking at the programs finding that the usage of the random computers had gone up and that was why she had been so mistreated and why her overrides hadn’t held up. Janet spent the next few weeks changing the programs and was slowly getting used to the idea of wearing the suit again finally slipping into it and having the computer lock it on at night and unlock it in the morning, with it and her vibrators she was able to orgasm regularly and even began wearing them to work having the computer message her breasts and pussy all day.

After a few more weeks Janet had decided that her programming was perfect, removing the random computers and adding several random actions and programs the computer could choose from and was getting ready to try it again but this time it’s only for the weekend.  Janet stuffed herself with the probes that now felt very large inside her before stepping into the suit and hit enter on her computer and watched the screen turn blue before she read “apply suit 0002, shoes 00098, hood 889, restraint 0900”

Janet quickly laced the toe boots on her feet only to hear beeping and read the screen and saw it said “apply suit 0002 now” Janet was confused since she was already wearing 0001, when it hit her she was wearing the wrong suit and tried to open it finding the computer had already closed it, as she sat struggling with the suit she started getting shocked again and unlaced the boots and pulled them off then not having time to figure out anything else she stepped into the second suit and pulled it up her body over the original suit and felt it tighten around her and the shocks lessened as she sat letting her body adjust to the extra compression of the second suit.

Janet was stunned again as she hurriedly stuffed her feet into the now very tight boots and laced them tightly up to her knees, then locked the hogtie harness around her ankles before pulling the hood over her head filling her mouth with the large cock gag and as she heard the computer beeping and felt her pussy and ass getting shocked more severely she reached back and closed her wrist cuffs squeezing them and pulling herself into a tight arch. Janet had spent many hours in this position during her first experience with the computer controlling her but now she could feel that with the extra suit the hogtie was much tighter and restricted her breathing considerably more than only one suit did and lay ached and gasping as the shocks increased in severity and duration of pulses until they had her screaming in the hood and pulling hard on her restraints as her body tensed with each pulse.

Janet suffered for hours as the computer punished her for being slow to get dressed and when the punishment ceased she slumped whining as she wondered why she was being punished and why the computer had not started vibrating her with the nice message like she had programmed it to do. As Janet lay moaning and sucking on the cock filling her mouth the computer screen showed a message “reprogramming not accepted press enter to stop……. reverting to original programming, tripling time punished for attempted program change and adding twenty days for wardrobe substitution and delay, total time one hundred and ten days plus any addition for punishments”  “saving all settings from original program including random activity and reactivating random protocols” as Janet began her new punishment phase she thought about being glad she had disconnected the random key stroke program since the company was starting a new project and ten more engineers would be using the computers Monday morning for the rest of the year.

Janet was kept hogtied and blind until Monday morning, releasing herself she was forced to go to work dressed in the two suits, fuck me heels and her slutty clothes not figuring out until she was alone at work and she pulled up the status screen and saw she was to be enslaved for over a hundred days. Also finding that all her new programming had been deleted and now there was no “pleasure only” sessions at all and she could only hope the extra keyboard users would help change the random odds and bring her to an orgasm and smiled thinking about how much she loved electricity.

Janet thought if she survives the computer this time what would she do next and hoped she would be locked into the chastity belt and corset again, sitting at her desk smiling Janet could only dream about how it would feel to be under something else’s control for that long. Thinking I wonder if “the continue program option” she had added making it necessary for her to agree to turn off the program might still be in place, if it was when she reached the end if she didn’t answer the question in time it would automatically restart the last program.

Surely it would have been deleted along with the other new programs Janet thought to herself with a small grin as she hoped the end was on a weekend or she wouldn’t be able to see the message and could be trapped in her private hell again, wouldn’t that be terrible.

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