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I've been using a small plain bentwood chair similar to a lion tamer's for my sb chair ties for several years with much success and satisfaction. It is light with many places to attach ropes, and pretty comfortable. With this in mind, I began laying out my equipment for another session to be combined with my electrical stimulation unit. My plan was to attach the electrodes to a butt plug that would come and go randomly when the unit was turned on. I've had this sort of stim in the past, but not while completely helpless and unable to stop it for the duration. 

I put on my corset, which makes my waist down to about 23 inches and pushes my boobs up into great prominence as well as thigh high hose and 5 inch ankle strap heels. Just having this stuff on makes me very horny, but I still have a long way to go till things get really good. I laid out all the ropes in an accessible place and placed the chair next to them. For this electroplay deal I have to put something on the chair to sit on so the wires to the plug don’t get crimped. I used a rolled up towel like a donut. Now the hard part. Getting the plugs in without getting so distracted that I can’t go thru with the rest of it. The front plug was pretty easy, but the butt plug is pretty big and somewhat painful to get in even with lots of lube. After lots of straining, It finally popped in and I was ready for the rest. I hung the knife by a loop over an ice cube that would drop it to the floor in about and hour to an hour and a half. At that point, if I want to get out, (and I MUST) I have to tip the chair over and scoot over to the knife and cut my hands free. Just adds another element of difficulty.

Now I could start on my imprisonment. I began at my ankles, tying them and cinching them to the cross piece between the front legs of the chair so that I could barely touch the floor with my toes. Makes it harder to scoot the chair around that way. Then came the knees, tied and hooked to the side braces of the chair to keep them centered. Then the thighs to the seat. By now, my legs are very secure and can barely move. A waist rope hooked to the chair back further limited my movement.

I did a quick check of things before going further to be sure that I wouldn’t get stuck due to my own stupidity or forgetfulness. Things seemed ok, so I started buckling on my half-hood gag. I got it on pretty tight and added the posture collar on top of the collar part of the gag. This is very tight and prevents all but the slightest movement of my head in any direction. From here on, movement gets very limited. I looped on the chest rope above and below my boobs and cinched it  up really tight. Now I was completely welded to the chair. I had rigged up the electro-stim box to the back leg of the chair, out of reach, but with a string that I could turn it on with but not turn it off. I checked that I could reach the string if I had the nerve later on and was ready to proceed.

By now, the knife had been hanging by the ice for about 15 minutes, so I wasn’t in any hurry. This is pretty uncomfortable after a while, so I didn’t want it to be too long before the knife came down. Besides, after the knife fell it was still gonna be a difficult task to cut myself free. The last ropes consisted of diagonal over the shoulder ropes which went around the back of the chair and thru the waist rope and pulled everything that much tighter. With these ropes over each shoulder, I was jammed down in the seat and could hardly move in any direction. I could see myself in the mirror and nearly had an orgasm right there just looking at my hot looking self. My hands were still free, but I could tell that once they were tied, this would be very difficult. I had no idea how difficult, as I picked up the wrist loop with the zip tie  and slid it over my left wrist. Putting my hands behind the chair back, I slid my other hand thru the loop. Now all I had to do was yank the zip tie and I was completely helpless until the knife fell.

I pulled it a little just to see what it would feel like. I could still back out, but I really didn’t want to. I checked again to see if I could reach the string switch to the electrical unit. All seemed in order. I checked the clock and figured it would be about 30 minutes til the knife fell, which meant that I could do nothing about anything for a half hour.

I began tightening the zip tie and got it almost done. I questioned myself about whether I really wanted this degree of helplessness for this long. Like the old saying goes, “What the hell”. I yanked the zip tie good and hard and nearly came again realizing that there was no way out now. I began to test my bonds and jerk around in  the chair and realized that I couldn’t possibly get free and couldn’t even wiggle around in the chair. I nearly panicked realizing that maybe I couldn’t even tip the chair over. The knife would do me no good if I couldn’t. I tried scooting the chair around a little, which was to almost no avail either. I had done a much better job of this than I had thought. The panic brought me over the edge of orgasm right there. I yelled into the gag and strained against the ropes trying to get some relief, or stimulation, or something. I nor anything else moved.

I sagged against the ropes for a few minutes, coming down from the high. Pretty soon the plugs began to make them selves more obvious. With all the other stimulation, they hadn’t seemed like much, but now in my heightened state of stimulation, the were very intrusive to say the least. I tried everything to get some relief, but only succeeded in moving the chair about 6 inches. With the knife about 6 feet away, it was gonna take some time and a major effort to get over to it when it finally came down.

Looking at the clock, I saw that I still had about 10 minutes maybe less till the ice melted. Now I started thinking about the electrical box and its stimulation. I gave it another 5 minutes and fingered the switch wondering if I had the nerve and desire to have this thing clinch my ass up for 5 minutes or more. It would not be steady, but a series of 3 second jolts with random intervals of 3 to 10 seconds between. The jolts were pretty severe though.

Again, another What the Hell moment. I reached down and yanked the string and immediately felt my whole bottom end jerked and seize up as the electricity hit my sphincter and asshole. I would have jumped at this stimulation, but tied as I was, I barely moved. As the jolts came and went, I did too, numerous times, but try as I might, I could not come close to reaching the switch to turn it off. I was hollering into the gag, straining mightily and sweating like a race horse, but could do nothing to alleviate the pain and stimulation.

After about 5 minutes of this, I heard the knife fall to the floor.  I began trying to scoot the chair over closer to the knife, but it was very slow, since my toes were barely touching the floor and the electro stim kept interrupting me. I covered about 3 feet of the 6 and decided that maybe it would be faster if I tipped the chair over and scooted on my side. That’s when I found out that I couldn’t tip the chair over, at least not sideways. I tried everything I had ever tried and some new ones to tip it over, but I just couldn’t move sideways enough to make it go over. I was pretty sure I could tip it over backwards, but was not excited about landing on my hands and arms and not knowing if I could roll over onto my side.

After lots more jerking and straining I realized that was the only way. Screwing up my courage, I endured a few more jolts and a lot more sweating and another crashing orgasm and pushed with my toes and jerked backwards. Hooray, I went over backwards, landing on my arms, which wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected, since the chair was so light. After a lot of rocking and rolling I got the chair to roll over on its side.

Between jolts, I started scooting over to the knife. It took about 10 minutes and yet another orgasm to cover the 3 feet, but I finally got there. My hands closed around the knife handle and I knew I was finally gonna be free. I cut the wrist rope, but then realized that I still could not reach the electro switch. I had to spend another 15 minutes getting enough ropes loose so that I could turn the thing off..

I lay there for a while before getting the strength to get completely free. Checking the clock, I found that I had been in this predicament for over an hour. Six forced orgasms in an hour makes for a pretty exhausting evening. I made myself a very stiff drink, a very hot long bath, and fell into bed to dream about the next session. I can’t imagine it being better than this, but I’ll keep trying.





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