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Electro-stim Hogtie

by Rockett

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© Copyright 2005 - Rockett - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; electroplay; latex; toys; cons; X

Because I have no bondage partner, I am a big fan of self-bondage, and over the years have become very proficient at it. As all of you know, self-bondage is satisfying for a limited time, then it involves just waiting for your release mechanism to work. Well, I thought maybe I could add a new twist with my electro stimulation unit. 

First, I took a warm bath and shaved all over, just to set the mood. Then I set up the knife suspended by an ice cube out of my reach while tied. Next, I set up the electrical probes in  both holes then stuck a contact on my pubic bone and just above my anus. The electricity should alternately stimulate, shock, jolt, or whatever, both my cavities. I connected one side of the circuit to the pussy probe and pubic patch and the other side to the anus and anus patch. When hooked up to the control box, it should provide some serious stimulation especially since I would have no way to alleviate the condition till I could get to the knife and cut my hands loose. Now, I put on my corset that sucked my  waist in to about 22 inches and restricted my breathing some. A short latex cat suit with nipple holes completed the outfit. I strapped on my knee high 5 inch heeled boots and nearly had an orgasm as I looked at myself in the mirror. My Devonshire half-hood silenced me for the duration. 

Now for the twist. I rigged a cord to the switch of the control box and tied it to a doorknob across the room from the knife which was suspended out of reach for about another hour. I then sat down on the floor and began to rope myself up. I tied my ankles together and cinched them up tight. Then came my knees. Now for the tricky part. I placed the control box against the back of my calves and taped it in place with the controls turned up to max. Now anytime the string yanked the switch to the “on” position, I was in for a BIG shock. I made sure the wires to the electrodes came out the front of the cat suit so I couldn’t reach them with my hands tied behind me. 

The next step was to fold my legs up to where the control box was hidden between my calves and thighs, so I couldn’t reach it either while bound. I strapped my legs in this position and made sure the cord to the switch was out of reach also. I tied a rope around my waist and through my crotch to tie my wrist ropes to. I put a zip tie through the knot in the small of my back and started the end forming the cinch loop for my wrist rope. 

To summarize, I would be in a pretty strict hogtie with the electrical stimulation box out of reach as well as the knife when it finally dropped to the floor. Now the only way I could get to the knife to free myself was to scoot toward the knife until the cord to the doorknob pulled the switch on and began to shock me in both holes. Then, with no way to turn the thing off, all I could do was endure it till I could scoot the rest of the way to the knife and cut my hands free. Sounds like a plan, right? Well, maybe not as great as planned, but that was part of the thrill. 

I checked to be sure that every thing was like I wanted it and would work as planned. Satisfied that I had covered all the bases, I then put on the tweezer type nipple clamps just to add a little more discomfort. Almost there now. I picked up the 4 loop wrist rope, slipped my left hand through, and put it behind my back. I put the loop through the zip tie cinch loop and wriggled my right hand through. Now all I had to do was zip up the cinch loop and I was caught till the knife fell and I could cut myself loose. I pulled on the end and cinched it up pretty good. I could still get out, but just barely. 

Another pull would imprison my wrists for the duration. I figured I still had about 20 or 30 minutes till the ice melted and dropped the knife. Since I was pretty comfortable so far, I figured that would be about right. The real test would start when I had to pull the “onswitch cord” to get to the knife. Taking a deep breath, I pulled the zip tie and went past the point of no return. Now I was totally caught  with only the prospect of a good shocking before I could get free. I was very careful not to jerk around too much lest I pull the switch on before the knife was available. It would be bad enough just getting to the knife for a minute or so, but 20 minutes of that would be disastrous. 

I pulled and writhed around testing my bonds and trying to get free. I had done a terrific job. Absolutely no way out. I just tried to remain calm and rub around on the rug in an attempt to induce an early orgasm. I managed to get very hot and bothered, but couldn’t quite get over the edge, much to my dismay. 

Self bondage is pretty boring when you are just waiting, even if you are hot and on the edge, but a change of context can really modify thatsituation. At this point, I heard a car drive up in the driveway. I certainly was not expecting anyone, since no one in the world knows about my kinky behavior. My heart beat faster as I listened closely, hoping it was the ups man. Since I live alone, a couple of friends have a key to my house so they can water my plants when I am gone, but I couldn’t imagine why either of them would just drop by at this time of night. I went cold as I heard a key turn in the lock and the door open. 

Since I was at the other end of the house in the guest room, I still had hope that whoever it was wouldn’t come in and find me. It was my friend Annie. She hollered for me to see if I was in. Getting no audible response, I could hear her in the kitchen. She seemed to have come over to borrow something like milk or bread. I was certainly hoping that was the case as I was panicking in my bonds and struggling to get out of the wrist rope, to no avail. 

Now that is what I call a change of context. I nearly yanked myself silly trying to get away before she could come down looking for me. She called out to me again, and getting no response, I heard her looking around in the other end of the house. I was breathing so hard and struggling so violently that I was getting scared she would hear me. After what seemed forever, I finally heard her open the back door, go out and lock up. At this point, I was sweating and shaking so hard that I didn’t know if I could cut myself loose even if I could get to the knife. 

In a few minutes, I returned almost to normal except for being soaking wet with sweat. At least I hadn’t been discovered. I was very sore from all the struggling and ready to get out of this predicament. I realized though that I still had quite a trial ahead of me. About now, the knife dropped to the floor. I steeled myself for what lay ahead and started scooting toward the knife. I was about 5 feet from the knife when I could feel the cord pull tight. The next struggle would begin shocking me severely. I would have thought about it for a while, under other circumstances, but I was just dying to get out of this. I scooted again and the shock banged into my pussy with a vengeance then immediately assaulted my ass. It went back and forth alternating about every 2 seconds. 

I hadn’t counted on the fact that when it hit my pussy, it brought my shoulders forward and the ass shock made me arch my back. This severely retarded my ability to scoot quickly toward the knife. I was jumping and jerking around almost uncontrollably and making almost no progress toward the knife. I picked that time to go over the edge into a roaring orgasm. Thank goodness for the gag! I was making all the noise it would allow, trying to get over the orgasm and make some organized progress toward the knife. 

After several minutes, I was within reach,  but I realized that I had to be VERY  careful with the knife jerking around the way I was. I didn’t want to cut myself trying to cut the ropes. I finally got ahold of it and carefully got the edge on the wrist rope and sawed it loose. I untied my legs and finally got to the control box and turned it off. It took about 10 more minutes to get completely free of the ropes and about another 10 till I could stand up. I felt like I had been run over by a truck, but the roaring orgasm still left a warm feeling in my pussy. After stripping off all the rest of my stuff, I crawled  into a warm bath and let my friend, the vibrator make me feel good all over again. 

I figured this session, would hold me for a while till I could get over the soreness and plan out another, better self bondage evening. 



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