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Elle & the Old Farmhouse

by West Coast Comet

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© Copyright 2009 - West Coast Comet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; leatherbelts; stuck; caught; mast; toys; cons; X

Ellie was stuck, and she knew it right from the moment she slipped into her bonds.  Now naked, tightly tied up, and very horny, she was in a bit of a fix.  No rescue on the horizon, and even if there was a rescue, good God would that be embarrassing.  How had she gotten into this mess? 

Ellie was an attractive girl, 5’2” with a slim build, and sandy colored hair with a great smile.  She had been told she had a nice butt, but she already knew that.  She also had a very nice rack, not overly large, but well proportioned to her body. She had heard some guys call her a “spinner”, and only found out much later what it meant.  She was not sure she appreciated the rude comment, but the idea behind it intrigued her.  In fact she was just awakening to that highly charged world of sex that would soon consume her summer.

In spring, at the end of her sophomore year, Ellie had applied for several summer jobs, but it seemed someone beat her to each opportunity, and there were just not that many summer jobs for college kids this year anyway.  The last thing she wanted to do was spend the summer at home, with nothing to do.  So when her Grandparents called with a job offer, she jumped at it.  They needed help around the farm, and asked her if she could spend her summer helping them run the farm.  She loved her grandma and grandpa, and she remembered the old farm as a place of great adventure and fun.  Of course that was 12-15 years ago.  Had she thought about it, she would have realized that Iowa and her grandparents’ farm had both changed considerably since then.

When she arrived, her first thought was “Who shrunk the house?”  “This might have been a mistake”, she mused as her parents were dropping her off.  She recalled that the house seemed much larger when she was a child.  Instead, it was a just small white farmhouse set almost a half mile back from the main road.  It was almost a mile to neighbors on either side, so it was very isolated.  That would not have been so bad, except that they discovered cancer in her grandfather the second week she was there, and the treatments required her grandparents to travel a great distance to the clinic every week.  They would leave Monday morning, and would return Friday, staying near the hospital where grandpa was getting his radiation and chemo. She was stuck in the house alone, and without a car.  Internet? Cell phone reception? Texting?  No such thing out here.

Over the past few years, as Grandpa’s health had been failing, the old couple had leased most of their land to other farmers, and sold their livestock, except for the damned chickens.  Somebody had to feed the birds every day, and collect the eggs.  So Ellie was left alone with the chickens every week, bored out of her skull.  Just Ellie and those damned birds.  When her Grandparents returned, she could use the car to go in town, but by then she had to do most of the shopping for them, so there was not much time for fun. 

To entertain herself, Ellie had turned to sex.  Well, the solo kind anyway.  She found that she quickly bored of the usual stuff, and began to have other fantasies.  She tried walking around the house naked just to see what it felt like.  In fact she once fed the chickens in nothing but her Keds.   Once past the initial rush, it was just like feeding the damned dirty birds in her usual sweat pants, and the solo experience afterward was lacking something.  Yes, it was thrilling to be outside walking around naked, but that wore off quickly.  The chance of getting discovered seemed to provide some thrill, but the likelihood of that happening out here was pretty remote.
In college, one of her most intense experiences was with Matt Weatherly, who she had a major crush on.  He had taken her to bed, and they connected at all levels.  He asked her if he could tie her up, and she said yes.  He flipped her on her belly, pulled her hands behind her back, and wrapped his belt around her wrists.  She felt completely helpless and vulnerable.  It made her intensely horny.  He played with her, tickling and teasing until she was almost crazy with lust.  Their mutual climax was the most vibrant and intense experience she had ever had. It was this experience that she focused on for her most intense orgasms when masturbating now.  She decided that this “helplessness” element was what was missing from her fantasies.

On one of her trips in town, she had stopped by a second hand store, which was one of the few businesses still left in their small local town.  While browsing amongst the trash, she found some old wide belts from the 80’s.  She thought to herself, “This is what Disco Stu would wear” in a reference to the Simpson’s cartoon show.   The belts had holes punched in a pattern from one end to the other, so the buckle could be positioned anywhere along the belt.  They were about 1½” to 2” wide.  Some of them were quite long, and had been owned by a fairly large man it seemed.  They were heavy leather.  

Had she just put them down right then, she would not be in the fix she was in.  Instead, she remembered her experience with Matt, and thought that these could be fun to play with when I’m bored.  Just the feel of those belts sent a thrill through her soul.  She shivered involuntarily.  She had to have those belts.  She bought them all, plus some western style belts for a pittance.

That Saturday night, after everyone had gone to bed, she pulled the box out from under her bed and examined her treasures. She was eager to try them out so she slipped out of her PJ’s and wrapped a belt around her ankles three times, going up her lower leg just a bit.  She found she could easily fasten it tightly and it was very secure.  Ellie wrapped a belt around her waist and forced her hands through it, behind her back.  She lay there in total ecstasy.  She rolled around a bit, remembering Matt’s gentle touch.  Later she pulled her hands out, and satisfied herself.  Oh God this was good.  She could hardly keep her concentration Sunday thinking about what she would do, once Monday rolled around and she could really tie herself up right! 

Monday her grandparent waved goodbye.  She fed the chickens, and went inside.  It was one of those gentle late June days in Iowa with only a few high white clouds hanging in the sky.  Warm, but not too hot, with a gentle breeze blowing through the open windows in the house, pushing the old lace curtains around.  This was it, she thought to herself.  She left her clothes in her bedroom, and walked out with her box of belts, completely naked, and sat down in the living room.  Matt would not be here to tease and torment her, but the belts would have to do. 

She was going to start simple and see how that went.  Unfortunately she did not think about how to release herself later.  First she wrapped a belt 3 times around her ankles and lower legs.  Then she fastened a belt above her knees, wrapped twice.  Another belt around her waist, and just for good measure, one of those longer belts around her chest and upper arms.  That last one was a tight fit, but by rolling her shoulders back she could just get it to fit.  She coiled another belt into 3 loops that she thought would work for her wrists.  She slipped her hands through the waist belt, and picked up the wrist strap.  She intended to push both wrists through the three loops, but found the second wrist would not quite fit through the last loop. Damn!   She didn’t want to resize the loop because she wanted it tight enough to feel like she was really tied up.

She tried again, this time straightening and twisting her arms closer together.  Success! As the last loop popped over her hand and around her wrist, it pushed the other two loops further up her arms.  Since her forearms were a little larger, all the slack that allowed her hand to enter the last loop was now pulled out of the belt.  Furthermore, it pulled her arms closer together.  Her wrists and forearms seemed tightly locked together. The belt around her shoulders dropped down a little and seemed to find a way to pin her shoulders back just a bit more as she struggled.  She was deeply thrilled at first.  God Damn! She was really tied up, and better than Matt had ever done her!  She pulled at her bindings, and realized that she had been beyond successful.  She was really stuck.   Well, she thought, I may as well enjoy the feelings while I’m here.  After all, this had been her objective.  She’d figure out how to get out later.  It never occurred to her that she might not be able to get out at all.

Ellie lay on the sofa for a while tying different positions.  Struggling and finding no rescue and no slack.  She had brought out her little vibrator, and as she lay on her belly, she attempted to reach her most sensitive area so she could have some satisfaction.  She wasn’t able to reach all the right places but she did manage to make herself very horny.  She was sweaty and moaning.  It was then she became vaguely aware that a car door slammed.  Oh God!  She came to her senses and looked out the front window.  She saw a dust cloud settling in the driveway.  She could see a delivery truck parked out front, and a man walking up to the door right now. 

She panicked.  She wanted to be free of these belts right now!  She could not pull her arms free of the waist belt with her arms held so rigidly straight, and the belt around her shoulders holding her upper arms against her body so tightly.  She tried to pry the last loop of the wrist belt off her arm by hooking it under the coffee table, but all that happened was she lifted the table.  The belt didn’t budge.  She was out of time.  Thinking quickly, Ellie rolled under the coffee table on her belly, and watched through the window. 

Would he see her?  Could he see her?  When no one answered the door, the delivery man held his hand over his eyes and looked inside through the living room window.  She froze.  At the same time she was thrilled beyond her understanding.  She might really be discovered: a bound and naked captive, unable to do anything to resist his advances.  The whole idea went bouncing around her head at the same time she prayed he would not see her.

Maybe the glass top of the coffee table deflected his glaze.  Maybe he just didn’t expect to see a naked girl bound with leather belts lying on the floor, so he didn’t really notice.  He wrote something, then set down the package on the porch, and walked back to his truck.  The whole event only made her hornier.  The close call of almost being discovered was a huge turn on. Now she had to have release.

Ellie wanted to get off so badly she ached.  She thrashed. She arched her back, strained as hard as she could against those un-giving belts, and pressed her pelvis against the floor as hard as she could, just to get some pleasure. The pressure started to work.  Her hands started to flutter uncontrollably and her muscles took on a hardness she had never felt before. An orgasm ripped through her unlike any she had felt before. It did not want to quit.  Bang…, bang…, bang…!  She hit the peak about three or four times in a row as her body seemed to convulse into a rigid pole.  She thought she had gone blind for a second.  She had never had such a violent orgasm.

She collapsed, resting for a while.  She noticed that she was still horny. Unfortunately, she was going to be in her predicament for a while.  She needed to get out and get off again. Bound as she was, she could not easily stand up.   After some effort, she did manage to free her arms from the waist belt.  This allowed her to use her arms to stand.  She had been bound about 2-3 hours now, and it was starting to get old.  She must have struggled for another 20-30 minutes with no success.  Visions of her emaciated corpse being found by her poor grandparents started to bother her. She pushed them away, and got back to escaping.  

She still had no idea how to get out; however, she had to pee.  She hopped into the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and did her business.  Sitting there, she realized that the edge of the bathroom sink might give her enough leverage to pull that last loop off her wrists.  At least it was heavy enough not to lift up when she pulled on it.  After several attempts it finally worked.  As soon as her hands were free she brought herself off again.  Again she seemed to orgasm violently and longer than usual.  With her legs still bound, Ellie damn near fell down from the intensity.  Holy Shit that was good!

Ellie took a long shower after she cleaned up the belts.  She felt more satisfied and refreshed that she had ever been.  The next time, she thought to herself, I want to have a better exit strategy, and furthermore, I don’t want to get out until I’m bound even longer.  She did not realize it at the time, but she was now addicted to this strange and thrilling self-bondage activity that would last all summer.

She thought to herself, there was that old barn on the back acreage.  That was a good hang out when she was a kid, and who knows, maybe there are some possibilities there?  She went to work plotting a new adventure.  


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