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Embarrassing or...

by James Ellis

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© Copyright 2015 - James Ellis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; naked; outdoors; chast; manacles; chain; gag; stuck; caught; hum; cons/nc; X

Jim stepped out of the back door in jogging pants, hoody top and trainers carrying a metal toolbox. He locked the door and put the key in the masterlock keysafe. Walking down the garden and through the gate to the footpath running alongside the bird sanctuary. The motion activated security light switched off leaving just the soft moonlight illuminating the path. 50 yards along another footpath lead into the sanctuary, this ran about 800 yards to a wooden birdwatchers hide. Another path passed by the hide from the golf course to a tea garden and row of cottages. All the paths had thick undergrowth along them ideal for ground feeding birds.

Jim walked to the path leading into the sanctuary, looked nervously around and then walked in about 15 yards to a pair of bushes, he squeezed through the gap between the bushes into a small clearing and put the tool box down. Opening the box he took out a stainless steel scolds bridle with a rubber pear gag attached, a small padlock, a pair of heavy steel ankle manacles and a pair of heavy steel wrist manacles, both with integrated locks, placing them on the ground next to the box. Then he stripped off the trainers and jogging clothes and put them in the bottom of the box.

Now he was naked except for the tight Neosteel chastity belt around his waist and between his legs. Taking a deep breath he locked the scolds bridle securely in place and put the padlock key in one of the screw boxes in the lid. Locking on the ankle manacles he put the keys in the next screw box. Next he crouched down with his back to the box and with a bit of a struggle locked the wrist manacles behind his back. Fumbling he put the keys in another screw box and retrieved a large padlock from another screwbox. Now he closed the box and worked the padlock into the locking hasps, with a racing heart he clicked it shut.

That was it he was trapped like this until he got the padlock key! Earlier in the night he had hung a key on a protruding nail on the front of the bird hide. The spare was hanging by his back door in full view of the security lighting. His plan was to make his way to the hide retrieve the key, return to the toolbox and free himself. The ankle manacles had a 2 foot heavy metal chain so he could take short steps but not run. The wrist manacles were joined by a single heavy link which kept his arms pulled securely behind his back. The scolds bridle and gag prevented coherent speech, and the tight chastity belt was really embarrassing. Chained up like this he did not want to meet anyone, but felt sure at this time of night no one but him would be in the sanctuary.

Setting off at a steady pace he headed for the hide along the winding path. The weight of all the metal was quite exhausting, after what seemed like hours, but was probably only 15 to 20 minutes. He reached the hide and carefully made his way down the side and to the front.

Suddenly he heard an agonised scream from the direction of the golf course. This was followed by the sound of a sobbing female running past the front of the hide towards the tea gardens. His first instinct was to go and help, but chained like this it would be him needing help. As he pondered what to do he heard voices and dogs barking from the direction of the Tea gardens.

The shock of what had just happened wore off and he realised he must quickly get himself free. He fumbled for the padlock key and after a few minutes had it firmly in his hands. Starting along the side of the hide he felt a sharp tug on the ankle manacles and nearly fell. A couple of tugs confirmed the chain was stuck on something, looking over his shoulder he saw a large tree root sticking a few inches out of the ground. Backing up carefully he looked down to see the ankle chain trapped under it, eventually after a good many jerks and backward shuffles he worked the chain free. Now taking a lot more care he made his way along the hide and onto the path. Setting off at a fast shuffle and with a pounding heart Jim headed for the tool box and freedom.

He had gone barely 5 yards when he heard sirens, then voices and more barking coming from the direction of the tea gardens. ‘Oh God the cops,’ he thought as he tried to quicken his pace.

His heart racing as he heard voices getting nearer just as he reached the bushes concealing the hiding place of his tool box. He squeezed through the gap and into the clearing, relief flooding through him,’almost free’ he thought ‘just another few minutes.’ He crouched with his back to the box and fumbled with the padlock, click it was open.Then he heard voices shouting, “Nero has got a track you two go that way we’ll go this.”, his heart leapt into his throat.

Frantically Jim got the padlock from the hasps and pulled the box open and started groping for the manacle keys, ‘just a couple more minutes’ he thinks 'I don't want to be caught like this!'.

Too late, a dog starts barking and a stern voice says, “Police officer with a dog, step out of the bushes or I release the dog!”

Jim has no choice, this is going to be so embarrassing, sheepishly he shuffles out of the bushes. Lit up by the officers torch his bondage humiliation is complete, “Somehow I don’t think you are our would be rapist.” Says the officer, as Jim wishes the ground will open up and swallow him.


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