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Emma and the Stable

by West Coast Comet

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© Copyright 2014 - West Coast Comet - Used by permission

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Thursday: Billy Goat Gruff

Emma was a high school senior, but much to her disgust, she looked much younger. She had a slight frame and was on the small side. She thought she had a nice figure, but her young looking face and smaller size caused most boys to think of her as a little girl. This frustrated her greatly, so she had begun to wear more daring clothing, and walk with more hip swing, just to see if she could attract some boy’s attention. She was a woman damn it, and she wanted someone to notice. She knew that she looked damn hot without her clothes. She had looked in the mirror a few times while naked.

Emma spent most of her free time at the boarding stable that was just down the road from her house. She kept a horse there and would go riding whenever she could, usually after school on weekdays and most Saturdays. She was one of the few boarders that was there during the week. Most were weekend riders only, so the barn was usually empty on Thursdays.

It was an early Thursday afternoon when she stumbled across a pile of elastic nylon sleeves in the tack room. There were 4-5 of them laying behind a chest. They were relatively thick, about 8”-10” in diameter, and about 6” long. They had a smooth sturdy seam, and were padded on the inside. She could not figure out what they were used for. Perhaps they were some sort of leg protectors for transporting the horses. She just didn’t know.

She pulled one sleeve on her arm. Then, just for kicks, she pushed her other arm into the sleeve. It was loose, but she liked the feel of it. She pulled her arms out of the first sleeve, and pulled another sleeve onto her legs. It would only go up to mid-calf. She lifted one leg so her ankle was next to her calf and was able to pull the sleeve up to her knees, and slightly over to the bottom of her thighs. The thick elastic sleeve tightly strapped her legs together. She tried to pull her legs apart, but found the elastic more than a match for her strength.

For some reason, she found this very exciting. She was wearing a pair of terrycloth shorts, and a sleeveless T-shirt, without a bra. She was small breasted but with long nipples. Strapping her legs together made her very excited and her “headlights were on”, big time. She pulled a second sleeve onto her ankles and squeezed it together in the center with her fingers.

“Hmmm…. I need something to hold this together” she thought. She looked around and saw a spool of binding twine. She hopped over to the spool and pulled off about 5 feet of twine. She wrapped it around the lower sleeve several times in a cinch, and pulled it tight. “Wow, this felt interesting!” Once cinched, the lower sleeve pulled tightly around both her ankles.

Emma played around, hopping from one end of the room to the other, almost giddy with the feelings. She just liked the feeling of having her legs tied together. Emma had never thought much about any sort of kinky behavior, let alone bondage. However, she found this activity very daring, and somehow sexually exciting. She sat against the edge of the chest and as she put her hands back to brace herself, she brushed another of the sleeves. She slipped her hand into it, then reaching behind her back, she slipped her other hand into the sleeve. Her little arms fit loosely. She pulled against the elastic, pretending to be tied up.

As she pretended to struggle, the elastic sleeve began to slip up her arms. This gave her an idea. She worked the sleeve up her arms to her elbows. Then she hopped over to a low nail and use it to pull the sleeve up above her elbows. She had to struggle to get the sleeve hooked over the nail, but once she got the nail into the little loop on the sleeve, it was an easy task to use her weight to pull the elastic sleeve up past her elbows. Of course, she had given no thought to how she would escape the sleeve. That was an issue she would face later.

The sleeve was now tight on her upper arms, forcing her elbows to almost touch. Because she had such a slight build, she could easily and comfortably wear this restraint. Now she was really excited. She felt like a helpless captive with her arms pulled together behind her back. She liked how it made her chest look larger as it forced her breasts outward. The sleeve was more or less stuck on her arms. It was tight enough not to fall down when she hopped around or struggled. She wondered if this is what it is like to be kidnapped. Sure she could wiggle her lower arms around, but they were tightly pulled behind her back by the elastic strap

The door to the tack room swung open and in walked Billy. “What the hell are you doing?” He said, as he looked at her with hard eyes. Billy was hired by the stable owner to take care of the horses when the boarders were not there. He was a high school wrestler and football player, now between his second and third year of college. Most of the girls who boarded horse there could be considered to have a crush on him. Emma always called him “Billy Goat” because he had a bit of a stupid looking goatee on the bottom edge of his chin, or as she put it many times, on his “chinny-chin-chin”.

“I was just playing around with these stretchy things and got stuck” Emma stuttered.

“You shouldn’t play with stuff that you don’t own. What were you doing?” he demanded. “Looks like you were playing a sex game to me”.

She flushed red immediately. Emma did not realize how hard her nipples had become and how evident her excitement was. Billy crossed the room quickly and grabbed her hair. He pulled back her head and kissed her hard and long. Emma found herself responding to his kiss and she kissed him back as hard as he kissed her. Her head was spinning.

When he released her, Emma gave him a wanton look, like “don’t stop now”. He grinned at her obvious physical response. However, Emma’s brain then went into damage control. She spat out “Fuck you Billy Goat. Leave me alone”.

Billy looked around the room and grabbed a rag and some duct tape.

“What the hell are you going to …. Mffff-ugh” She said as he grabbed her nose and forced her mouth open. He stuffed the rag in and began to wrap duct tape around the lower half of her head. He probably made 4-5 wraps before he tore off the roll and patted down the end. The tape was tightly wrapped across her mouth and chin, and wrapped under her little pony tail in the back. She could not make much of a sound. She struggled with trying to pull her arms out of the sleeve around her elbows, but without a hook to pull it down, it wasn’t budging. Her eyes went wide, then into a bit of a smile.

He dropped his shoulder into her middle and slung her onto his shoulder like she weighed almost nothing. She squealed in surprise behind the gag. He grabbed a clean horse blanket and walked out of the tack room and into the open area of the barn. No other boarders were around. Few came during the week. He walked down the stalls to last stall on the right, which was currently unused. He opened the stall door walked inside and closed and bolted the door. Billy threw the blanket onto some fresh straw and gently dropped Emma down onto the blanket.

He wasted no time. He pulled her T-shirt up and over her head, and began to kiss and massage her breasts. Emma moaned and wiggled as best she could. His hands and mouth felt so good to her that she did not fight him at all. If this was going the way she thought it would, she would have NO objection. Well, she thought to herself, I’m going there whether I want to or not.

Billy pulled down her shorts and her panties and began to finger her gently. She rolled her head back and moaned. With her arms pinned under her, she was not that comfortable lying on her back. Billy noticed this. He had an idea from looking at the way Emma had bound her ankles. He stood up and said, “I’ll be right back. I need to get something to make you more comfortable”.

Emma lay there blind, bound, and exposed. She pulled at her bindings but there was no escape. She found this situation extraordinarily exciting. She shuddered involuntarily. This day had sure taken an interesting turn, she thought.

Billy returned with about 10 feet of the binding twine. He rolled Emma over onto her stomach and pulled the T-shirt down her arms in back. He wrestled the makeshift arm binder off Emma’s arms and allowed her to flex her shoulders. She did nothing to indicate she was unhappy with the situation, so Billy continued. He gently bent her right arm behind her back, and slipped the elastic sleeve over her forearm. He then bent the other arm up and pushed it through the sleeve in the opposite direction. He then wrapped the binding twine around and around the sleeve between her arms, tightly cinching it. She felt him tie off the ends and tried to pull her arms out. Nothing doing.

Billy did the same thing with Emma’s legs. First freeing them from Emma’s initial bondage, then removing any vestige of clothing. Next he positioned her legs much like he had Emma’s arms, pushing them through a sleeve in opposite directions, forcing her legs widely apart. He also cinched that sleeve with the string, but not as tightly as he had the arms. Now Emma’s arms were held horizontal in a box tie, and her legs were also held open by the way the sleeve forced her to hold her legs.

She liked this position. She knew that it left her vulnerable and open to anything Billy wanted to do. She was now completely naked and bound helplessly. She could hardly move. Billy wanted to do all kinds of things, but he started with simply kissing her all over. When he got to her pussy, he began to slowly lick her. Emma moaned and squirmed to no avail. Billy held onto her and kept at it. It did not take long before Emma had a roaring orgasm. She screamed through the gag. If someone had been in the barn, they would have though some sort of wild animal was being strangled in that stall.

Billy stayed at his licking, right through Emma’s obvious orgasm. He lifted her hips into the air, allowing her to touch the blanket with only her shoulder blades. This had an electric effect on Emma and she began to come again, this time the orgasm came on more slowly and more powerfully. Emma was snorting through her nose trying to get enough air. She felt light headed and that caused her orgasm to string-out and last longer. She was convulsing on the blanket when Billy decided it was his turn.

He lifted Emma’s bound legs over his head and slid her down his torso. Then he picked her up and swung her around on top of him, with her feet under his thighs. She was now locked to him. He slowly slid her down and onto his dick. She squirmed and resisted, straining against her bonds, arching her back. Her efforts had no effect on the outcome. She slipped onto him with almost no resistance.

For the first time in her young life, Emma had a man inside her. Yes, she had experimented with different artificial devices, the end of a hair brush, her fingers and so on. None of that matched what she felt now. She was already overstimulated and this… this was far more than she could handle. She went almost numb. She opened her eyes and stared at Billy. He had his eyes closed, concentrating on making love to her. She closed her eyes and lay her head down on his chest.

Billy was patient. He was a good lover and moved her slowly along his chest, up and almost off his shaft. Then down, burying it to the hilt. Slowly she slid along his chest. Each move stimulating her nipples and rubbing her vaginal lips. Each time her clitoris rubbed along his shaft. Soon she was moaning uncontrollably. She came with quiet teeth-clinching prolonged heat. Arching her back and shuddering on his shaft so hard that she drove him over the edge and he came right along with her. She had collapsed on him, falling into a deep sleep.

As she lay in his arms and slept, Billy carefully cut the duct tape around her head. Strand by strand he worked to free her hair without hurting her. It took a while. He was mostly successful and was able to pull the tape off her mouth, only then, waking her as the tape pulled from her face.

“Thank you. I was afraid that tape would be a problem. Billy, oh Billy. That was the most intense experience I have ever had”, she panted. Looking him in the eye, she started to move up and down on his shaft slowly, as best she could still bound as she was. Soon they were going full tilt and, again, came almost simultaneously.

“Shit girl, you are going to kill me!” Billy said with a broad grin. “I think I had better get you out of this rig. Somebody is likely to come along, and then, what would we do?” He used his knife to cut the arm cinch string, then rolled Emma off him and cut the binding twine around her ankle bindings. He stood up and reached for the stall door.

“I got’a go. I told my mom I would be home an hour ago”. He stared at the lovely lithe little girl lying on the blanket, naked. “You are something special. I’d like to see you again, if it is okay with you” Billy said in an embarrassed and surprisingly shy manner. “I’ve had a crush on you for some time, and I thought I’d better seize the opportunity to…. Get to know you? I hope that was okay?” He was trying to be polite, and he was worried he might have gone too far with Emma.

As Emma pulled her arms and legs out of the elastic sleeves, she smiled, almost laughing. “Hell yes! ..And bring more string next time too”. Billy was relieved, and immediately smiled back. “Oh damn girl! See you tomorrow!”

Emma lay in the stall a while, then decided she had better get dressed. She whistled and sang while walking home, making her plans for the next day.

Friday: The Attack of the Trolls

School seemed to last forever Friday, but finally Emma was free. She was able to get out an hour early today, skipping last period study hall. She ran to the stables, prepared to reenact yesterday’s exciting events. She was already wet while thinking about what would happen today, throughout the school day. She knew just what to do. She went to the empty stall and bolted the door behind her. Of course, she could just reach through the stall bars and unbolt the door, but she liked the idea of being in a cage. She removed all her clothing. She pushed her clothing into her school bag and set it outside the stall.

Now naked, she shivered with the cool air and the excitement. She tied a log piece of string to the bars to use later for her hands. Quickly she set to work to bind her legs. Using another piece of that binding twine, she fixed her legs just like Billy tied them yesterday, causing her legs to form sort of a triangle.

She had decided that the duct tape gag was too much, but she like the idea of being gagged. She had torn an old towel into strips and soaked it at the water faucet. She tied a knot in the towel and pressed it into her mouth, tying the ends behind her head. It was not as effective as the rag and duct tape, but it would be much easier on her hair.

Now for the hard part. Her arms. Emma looped the string hanging from the bars about a dozen times and tied a slip knot to hold the loops together. She slid her arms into the elastic sleeve with the string loops between her arms. She crept and wiggled away from the bars, slowly tightening the loop with the slip knot. Once they tightened, she gave it one more jerk to set the knot.

She was worried about the knot coming undone, although the twine tended to knot very permanently. She got up on her knees, and allowed a little slack in the line up to the bars. With a hard twist, she flung herself to the floor. She was jerked back as the string pulled tight, then snapped. The slip knot was now set tight, and the string to the bars broken. Emma tried to push her arms out of the sleeve and found she was very securely bound. Now all she had to do was wait for her lover.

After about thirty minutes she began to have her doubts. “Maybe he wasn’t coming? Shit! What am I going to do if Billy doesn’t show? How can I get out of this?” She thought. She looked around the stall. Nothing to use to cut the twine. Hell, she couldn’t even open the stall to wiggle to where a knife or scissors were kept. She was in trouble. Naked, bound and gagged. Locked in a horse stall.

Just then, the stable barn door opened. Emma heard horses walking in, then voices. Where Emma was lying, she could not be seen from the aisle way. Emma was up against the inside stall wall. As long as the stall door stayed closed, she was hidden.

Emma could hear the intruders talking. “Damn it” Emma thought, “it’s Gloria and Margie”. Neither of these girls had been very nice to Emma. They were snobs. She thought they were both bitches of the highest order. No way was Emma going to call out to these trolls for help. She would never get past the humiliation of being discovered like this, naked, bound, and gagged. They would probably take photos and put them on Facebook, or something. Emma lay as quietly as she could, on her belly, next to the inside wall of the empty stall,

The 2 girls stopped near the empty stall where Emma was hiding. They began to brush down their horses, when Gloria spotted Emma’s school bag laying near the empty stall door.

“What’s this?” She grabbed the bag and opened it, digging around inside. “This belongs to that little Emma bitch. It’s got some clothes and school stuff in it. She must have left this by accident.” A nasty smile came across both girls faces.

Margie said, “Let’s take it”, grinning evilly.

Gloria responded, “No, let’s just hide it in case she comes looking for it. I’ll throw it into the hay loft. She will never find it up there”. They both giggled and Emma heard the book bag land in the loft above her.

“Well”, she thought, “I will need to climb up there naked to get my clothes back”. Emma found that thought strangely thrilling. It added to her sense of helplessness and vulnerability.

“You know, that Emma girl is not bad looking. I’d do her in a minute. I wonder how she would like me licking her hoo-ha? I’ll bet I could get her to lick mine if I got her alone for a while.” Gloria said out loud. “Hell, for that matter, I’d do that Billy guy that hangs around the stables too!”

Margie smirked, “You’d do your horse if he weren’t a gelding, you lesbian whore. Why don’t you just stick to licking my hoo-ha“. Both girls laughed.

Gloria responded, “I’ll lick your hoo-ha any day, as long as you keep licking mine”. She paused, then said, “I think you smell like hot pussy”. She sniffed the air.

“Oh shit!” Emma thought. “I don’t want to lick anybody’s hoo-ha, and I don’t want anyone but Billy licking mine. I must be giving off enough odors that I smell like I am in heat…. Hell I am in heat”. Emma knew that the slightest movement, the smallest sound would give her away. She held her breath, trying to make no sound at all. The sleeve on her legs held her pussy open, and allowing all of her natural scents to fill the air.

Emma was sure that if these two lesbian bitches found her, there would be no stopping them. She imagined herself strung up by her heals from the rafters, with both girls licking away. She shivered just thinking about it. Emma realized that this was a likely outcome if they discovered her. Then she wondered just a moment about hanging upside down. She would be even more helpless than she was now. The image struck her as very erotic.

“Ah shit! What am I doing imagining that!” She thought, “What am I going to do? I can’t get out of these elastic sleeves. I can’t get out of the stall, and I don’t dare call out to these two idiot lesbian trolls for help. Damn it! Where the hell is Billy today?”

What was even weirder to her, she found herself very turned on by the situation. Maybe the excitement was from almost getting caught, naked and helplessly bound. She couldn’t figure it out. She just knew that she needed some relief from the building sexual excitement. If her hands were free, she would have put both of them in her crotch immediately.

It was at this point she heard the worst words of the day. Margie said to Gloria, “Be sure to feed and water your nag. I heard Billy took the day off, so he won’t be here to take care of the horses”.

Emma heart sank. She could feel her eyes tearing up. She was in big trouble. How was she going to get out of these bindings? How would she get to her clothes? How would she escape a hoo-ha licking by these trolls?

When she had tied herself up, she had not given a thought to a backup plan in case Billy didn’t show. Here was her dilemma. If she calls out to the trolls, she will be subjected to humiliation and assault by these lesbians. Plus there was that Facebook thing with photos. If she didn’t call out to the trolls, she might be stuck in the stall all night. People would search for her, but they might not find her for some time. When they did find her, she faced huge humiliation. Besides, she had a short term problem. Her nose was itching like crazy. She shifted slightly to scratch it on the blanket.

Gloria kept sniffing. “Damn, something smells good. I don’t think it’s you. You got that sour pussy smell. This smells really good”.

“You stupid ignorant bitch! You seem to like the smell of my pussy most days.” Margie snorted. “Wait, I think I heard something”. She glanced into the empty stall. “Hummm… must be a mouse in there somewhere”. Margie was dumber than a stick, but Gloria was pretty sharp. Gloria pointed at where Emma’s school bag had been sitting, and put her finger to her lips. Then she mouthed, “Get some rope from the tack room”.


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