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Emmas Self Bondage Frog Tie... Trapped

by Emma Bond

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Here is a little something I did a little while back in 2010. I had been made redundant so was between jobs. I also posted it on my Blog if anyone’s interested in a little more bondage kink.

Emmas Self Bondage Frog Tie... Trapped
14th April 2010

I woke up this morning feeling exceptionally frustrated. It was signing on day for me as I am yet again between jobs. It is also very depressing. I recently got turned down for some Jobseekers cash I asked for, when I was out of work between October and mid November. It is their fault that my records were wiped from their computers, and I had also been on jury service too. This didn't help as the interviews I was to have with the Job Seekers office were during my two week stint at the crown court!

It wasn't like I buggered it all up, and my phone records hold testament to how often I tried to get this rectified! In the end I gave up with the whole lot of them. Keep the 10 years worth of tax I paid them, for "fuck all" help you provided!

Now the best way to relieve that frustration for me was to have a little bondage fun with a buzzy friend. I go into "bondage damsel" mode and switch off to all other things, struggling in my bonds. It’s just me, the ropes, and trying to move around and get out of them.

I haven't tried a frog tie for ages, and recently I bought some "Kwiklok" straps that you can pull tight, but you need to press the lever release to slide free. It was a great time to try both of them together.

I turned the breakfast TV down low, got out 5 of the straps, a Venus Butterfly, a ball gag and my leather hood from my bondage box under the bed and proceeded to strap myself up.

I knelt down on the bed and looped one of the straps over my thigh and under my ankle and put the loose end through the lever/buckle and pulled it tight. I then wrapped the loose end around the buckle and tied this to hide the excess. Then I did the other leg with a second strap.

Next up was to put on my vibrating Butterfly. I spread the lips of my fanny open and forced the rigid beast to press right onto my pussy and clitoris before I adjusted the waist and thigh straps tight, to hold it in place.

I took my red latex ballgag (its a 2 1/4 inch ball) and squashed it and forced the ball behind my teeth and buckled the strap tightly behind my neck. I pulled the leather hood over my head teasing my hair out the bottom and proceeded to lace it up tightly down the back. It has a zips across the eye and the mouth, but I left these open because of the big ballgag I was using on myself. Well a girl has to breathe, and the view isn't clear through the zip anyway.

Next up was a longer third strap which I looped around my arm then one of the loose ends went out to my front under my breast, while the other, around my back and around and through the other arm where I joined the loose end to its slider/buckle.
Pulling on the strap to tighten it, pulled my arms into my sides and tightened any slack I had to move my arms away from my chest. (an oOo arm,torso,arm pattern)

I reached down and felt for the fourth strap and joined this into a loop.

I put my hands behind my back which pulled the chest strap back a little so it bit in under my boobs, and slipped both hands into the loop and pulled to tighten. The easier way to do this was for me to cross my hands, rather than palms together. When I had the loop as tight as my little fingers could get it, I twisted my hands to take out the last of the loose slack. Now I felt really snug. I fell onto my side and was dreamily thinking of GMTV's Penny Smith and the new girl Helen Pospero doing some mild doming of me while I was all tied up and helpless. I was squirming and moving nicely around on the bed.

After my Venus kindly let me orgasm, I decided I had a little too much slack. I could easily twist myself over onto each side. The trick is to open your legs apart (I know, the Venus added to the thrill :-)), then throw the opposite leg against the one you want to land on and twist your torso in that direction all at the same time.

By lifting your ass up, you can easily hump along moving a few centimetres at a time, in a fairly straight line if you are on your side. It is even easier if you are in an upright position, as you can slide your legs, and if you lean back, your hands can quite easily be used to push yourself along the floor.

So I untwisted my hands and pressed the buckle/lever, allowing me to escape fairly quickly. I took the last strap and put that into a loop too, and then placed it over my ankles and tightened it. This basically took away my ability to open my thighs to aid movement. With my ankles bound together and the thighs frogtied to the ankles, the whole of my bottom half became what would become an immobile weight.

I took the wrist loop and retied my hands, again twisting out the slack so I was nice and snug. With my thighs now more firmly secured, the Venus butterfly was pressing harder onto my pussy and clit and humming away nicely. I came and cried out into my gag, and then rolled over onto my side. I went back to daydreaming of Helen and Penny being all mean and moody, teasing me in my bonds. After the Venus had me come again, I started to struggle a bit as I wanted to test how far I could move with the added ankle bonds.

It wasn't a hell of a lot! This little strap had made it really tough to throw my weight around to change sides. I got myself onto my back and then tried to sit up. Well that was near impossible. So I decided I would edge my way to the side of the bed and slide off onto the floor in an upright position and I would then free myself that way. It wasn't like I couldn't get out right?  And a small two foot drop won’t kill me if I controlled the slide down onto the floor. So that's what I did.

Afterwards, it was at this point I had realised I had made the unforeseen mistake. I should never have tied the ankles together.

Sliding off the bed I had jammed myself between the radiator on the wall, and the side of the bed preventing any side to side movement. It wouldn't have mattered if I hadn't tied my chest straps and arms. The bed covers had half slid off, wedging me into the small gap. I couldn't move forwards because of the covers and because I couldn't open my thighs to slide on my knees along the wall. My back was also pressing against the bedside cabinet.

I wasn't hurt, just really sweating and panting hard into the hood after the excursion. The Venus vibrator somehow had turned itself on full and the control was digging uncomfortably into my thigh. Now my fanny was having the time of its life in the throes of ecstasy, but my ONLY brain cell was hurting trying to figure out how the hell to move. I tried to untwist my hands behind my back to give me back the slack to press the lever to let me out, as I couldn't reach the lever without that slack.

Twisting my arms just made it worse and my bound hands tightened. I cried into my gag in frustration and tried the other way and again my hands tightened together. In the hood I didn't have much of a view and couldn't look at the hands to see what had happened. All I knew was I had forgotten which way to twist my hands to release me.

That's when I really felt like a proper bondage damsel, without any way to escape.

Right at that moment the vibrator gave me my biggest orgasm. I cried out in pleasure and frustration at not being allowed to do even the simplest things; being able to talk or move my body, being forced to come without me wanting to.

Coming down from my ecstatic high I remembered I still had my penknife on the bedside table. I usually use it as a backup release if I can’t get free of any rope bondage I usually play in. How to get to it when I couldn't move though?

I knew it was at the front so I lent back into the bedside cabinet. The drawer knobs pressed into my back and shoulder but I tipped the cabinet against the back wall. This pressure on the cabinet and the unyielding wall made me slip forwards a few inches. It was just enough for me to lean forward to allow my hands to finger pull their way to the top of the drawers and onto the top to search for the knife. A few seconds to open the blade with trembling fingers and the wrist strap was carefully cut and I was free.

I had a soak in the bath for half an hour to calm down, and then went off to Rayleigh to sign on.

If you guys and girls are going to play like me then don't do it on a bed. Do it on a nice roomy floor and play nicely and safely!

Emma x

(So who said I was a failure at Science then Mrs Jones. I remembered that pressure rule thingy about force and opposed forces.)

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