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Endurance vs Annoyance

by Mikeroper

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My story is about scratching that itch of bondage. I have had this itch since as long as I can remember. I did my share of self bondage, tied people up, and always I was trying to imagine myself as the damsel in distress and envied those who were confident wearing female attire and braving the outside. So I was single for a while with no real good bondage prospects, made a few mistakes and visited a few mistresses, but really it was more awkward than satisfying. I only wanted to dress up when I was in bondage, after wearing women’s clothing for a while, the thrill leaves and it is like wearing any type of clothing, so I guessed I am not a transvestite, only a crossdresser for the purposes of bondage. I have tried to talk to a therapist about my bondage and crossdressing proclivities, but even breaching the topic was met with astonishment and started to feel “labeled” as a pervert; something I have been called for a great deal of my life with rejection of dates or bondage partners.

So, I started to seek out what would scratch my itch, because I feel a void but do not know how to fill it. I love the challenge of self-bondage, but when done right, can become problematic if you do not have various safety factors in place. I broke two pairs of EMT scissors when trying to cut my way out of a self-bondage hogtie after the ice timer made them drop. I finally got married to a woman who let me tie her up, then she tied me up with trash bags as a mummy, she laughed at the situation and said she was only aroused because I was, not because of bondage at all. I was beginning to feel like the bondage life will fizzle out and I will have to do self-bondage in secret.

As our relationship progressed, I became bolder, and told her I wanted to use pantyhose during bondage, then I bought panties, a skirt, then a dress, then a slip, then a wig. My wife was apprehensive but somewhat supportive about shopping for skirts at thrift stores. I also became bolder in my requests for more bondage and she was becoming annoyed. I proposed to her I would go into an isolated room, dress up, tie myself up, and she would come in, tie my hands, set an ice timer, and put on a fan and close the door/turn out the lights. We did a few situations where I could enjoy bondage without my wife being annoyed. A few times it was not as I had hoped, it was pleasant, but I either got out too soon and wanted to try again or lying on the hard floor proved too much for my shoulders with a hogtie. I have a wireless doorbell I can press if I need assistance, but then I am met with annoyance and irritation because she considers tying someone hard work with no reward.

Bondage was going to have to be an adjustment if I want to scratch this itch and keep my wife happy. I had proposed being tied to a chair and giving her shopping money to go to the store, I can feel “kidnapped,” and she can have fun and forget about me for a few hours. Same ice timer was implemented and rope tied to the chair, so once it would drop, I would pull the rope to cut my way out if she did not return in time. The same issues kept appearing, I could untie myself after about 10 minutes, and I was frustrated, my wife was frustrated, and annoyed because I wanted to be re-tied. She established a “one and done” bondage session for us. I was losing hope and my passion for bondage because it was always ending in frustration and arguments. My wife told me she did not like me dressed up and does not like the CBT device for chastity I bought; it was “too much for her.”

My goal was to be a damsel in distress, fully transformed, and in bondage until I get to that point of 4-5 hours, but the longest was about 2.5 hours and I was a little in subspace, but it is So a few days ago, I wanted to propose a deal with the wife, I would get some time alone tied up after she gets home from work, and she could do what she wanted and go to sleep if she wanted, I wanted to be an afterthought and on my own. I put all the safety precautions in place, a hidden pair of scissors hard to get (but can in an emergency). My wife reluctantly agreed with the understanding she will not know how she feels during the day and could change her mind. I asked things in code over the text so we can be discreet, “Chair/floor” Timer/non? Time? So she texted back, “Floor, timer, before dinner.” So I inventoried my items and set up my hogtie bondage adventure. I watched a few videos and pictures to get a feeling of how I would look bound and gagged, and I got the bondage butterflies.

I put out my tan body shaping nylon panties, hipsters, satin, glossy pantyhose I got from a Chinese store, so silky, my black slip, my bra with inserts, my Kim Kardashian bodycon dress with turtleneck, yards of cotton rope, panties to shove in my mouth and gag myself and satin pantyhose to go over my head to ensure the panties in my mouth, only go so far. I have micro foam tape to secure the gag to ensure I cannot even ask for help. My wife came home, needed me to crack her back and she took an ibuprofen because she was exhausted so I did not press the issue of bondage. So after about an hour, she said for me to go get ready. I said “great, can you bring in the ice, set up the timer, tie my hands and complete the hogtie, turn out the light and put on the fan?” I went in and made sure my scissors were hard to get, but reachable. I put on the panties, pantyhose, bra, dress, then slip; definitely not passable, but I am not a runway model.

I tied a terrible chest harness, my wife usually does it, but I wanted her to be in and out without being annoyed. I tied a waist rope and then attached it to my chest. I tied my upper thighs and ankles. I tied my upper thighs to my waist, so they don’t slip down after struggling. I made a wrist coil for the wife to tie and placed it aside. The wife entered and set up the ice timer, she asked how much, and I said to use her discretion, I don’t want to know or look at it. She went back out and I realized I had about 5 minutes until she is ready, so I tied a rope from the back of my neck rope harness, so it pulls away from my neck, wrapped it around the waist rope behind my back and let it sit as a tail until the wife comes in to finish the hogtie. I put on my black satin opera gloves and put one leg of the glossy pantyhose over my head, stuff panties in my mouth, behind the teeth, and then the second leg to keep it in. I use a cut up pair of panties as a type of cleave gag and tie it tight around my mouth, ensuring I cannot spit out my panties. I am ready just as she walks in the room.

I give her the wrist coil and she ties my wrists very tight in a knot but no loss of circulation, then uses the slack to wrap the wrists to my waist and then tied off to the chest harness, way out of my probing fingers. As I was testing my wrists, she used the long rope to wrap my arms tight to my sides, making the tie a bit more stringent and confining. I love when my arms are tied to my sides, it is a big rope hug! I drop to my knees and feel the knee rope tight against my skin, but still not bad. She used the tail rope from my chest and made a tight hogtie.

When she was finished, she said “Okay?” I nod and she turns on the fan, turns out the light, and shuts the door. I cannot reach the doorknob, so there is no escape; I cannot move my arms, wrists or legs, so I am confined to being on my knees. I can see a little light from under the door, but I know soon the light will be dark because it will be nightfall and pitch black in the room. I need to get my bearings while I have a small amount of light.

As all those hogtied know, if you tie your arms and your knees, when you lie down, there is a 90% chance you are not getting back up, so I tried to stay on my knees as long as possible. Time has no bearing when you are tied, so you drift in and out of awareness; set adrift by your passion. I shift my weight to each leg because the position will not let me stay comfortable too long; no one said bondage is comfortable if it is efficient.

I decided I would try my luck getting down. THUD. I am on a soft blanket, but hard floors are unforgiving on your body. A bed is much more comfortable, but you eventually must go to the floor to get your ice timer, so the floor is where I am now. I test all parts of my body and I am stuck, not getting out through wiggling, cannot reach any knots so the bondage is very good, so I drift. I must shift around because any position longer than a couple of minutes, I start to feel numb. I realize I can barely move, and the hidden pair of scissors are out of reach unless I do some maneuvering.

I bang something which was blocking my hiding spot and the wife comes in, very upset, stating I am going to break it, telling me to stop touching it (I cannot even see it, how can I avoid it?) I nod subserviently, she slams the door and I continue, but quieter. The chest harness I haphazardly put on is starting to creep under my arm and cause discomfort, so I need to get the scissors sooner than later. I manage to feel around, but with gloves on, I cannot make out where it is, so I used my feet and pulled it out. I get the scissors and try to cut the wrist coil, but the handle breaks off. I will now have to ring the doorbell (if I can get to it) because I am getting numb on my right arm and starting to panic a little.

It took about twenty minutes, but I managed to get to the doorbell and ring it. My wife comes in about a couple minutes later, and asks if I am using the safe word, I nodded. She removes my gag and says she is busy and will be back later, but if I really need out, to call out to her. I rolled back onto my stomach and tried to tough it out, but the chest harness is digging into my underarm, so I relent and call to her. She comes back in about five minutes later and cuts my hands free and leaves in a huff. I spent the next twenty minutes undoing all the ropes and go into the bedroom. I talked to my wife about the experience because I am in a state of elation from bondage, but she is annoyed and reminded me about bondage being an inconvenience. So I am trying to find how I can get her help with bondage and not to be annoying.


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