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An Engineer’s Approach to Selfbondage

by Techster

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Since a child I have always been fascinated by bondage. Due to the fact that my wife of the past 30 plus years doesn't have similar fantasies I decided to give self bondage a try. After exploring Gromet's website and the gallery I knew I could be more creative. I had to approach everything as if it were one of my engineering projects at work.

Self Bondage: A Mechanical Engineer's Approach

I don't know why, but ever since being tied to a tree in a game of cowboys and indians the subject of bondage interested me. Just because I am older and married does not mean those thoughts go away, as matter of fact they only get stronger over the years.

The biggest problem I faced was my wife while being great sexually was not about to "experiment" with bondage or BDSM in any form. After exploring Gromet's website and the SoHo gallery run by "helpless" I decided that self bondage was the way to go.

I decided to design around the "melting Ice Timer" since it was virtually failsafe.

I wrote out the goals of my device just as I would any engineering project:

ease of self bondage total restraint ( no movement possible) no leg movement genital mid-body/torso heavy restraint head and neck restraint functional gag that permitted breathing yet had drool drain tube automated closing ice timer failsafe locking mechanism standing position with buttocks sticking out reasonable comfort urine drain

Armed with these design specs I broke out the Computer Aided Design program and began measuring myself starting from my feet:

the length of my feet the diameter of my ankles maximum comfortable spreader bar length (I found 28 inches to be the perfect workable length) the diameter of my penile shaft between the balls and my body the diameter of my penis when flaccid or soft the distance when standing flat footed in bare feet between the soles of my feet and my shoulders (I wanted the headstock to rest firmly against my shoulders preventing upward movement) the diameter of my neck the diameter of my wrists the maximum opening between my front teeth for the gag alternative gag- maximum diameter ball that could fit in my mouth

Having developed the design specs I began drawing I started with 5 pieces of 1 by 3 inch varnished Oak that were 24 inches long and were screwed to the studs of my workshop. The location could be neatly hidden by my big rolling tool chest when not in use. Located 6 inches off the centerline to the right and left were the 2 upright columns of 2 by 8 inch varnished Oak. This would be attachment point for the footstock, the genital restraint and the headstock.

The end result was a set of wall mounted stocks located behind where a rolling toolbox is normally located in my workshop. The foot stocks, genital stock and head stock are attached to a pair of 2 by 6 inch uprights. The uprights in turn are notched out and bolted to four 2 by 8inch crossbraces that are attached with heavy wood screws to the main studs of the house.

When I use the stocks I placed a small chair behind them. That way when I sit down I can put my feet in the lower stocks. The lower set of stocks-spreader are triggered by weight and my ankles are trapped by the "V" shaped cut-outs in the moveable section, the inner section is also "v" shaped. In order to release them I must sit on the chair since it is my weight on the bottom of these stocks keeps them locked as long as I am in the upper stocks which held both wrists and my neck. The "V" for the foot stock are 28 inches apart so they also serve as a spreader bar and insure that I am completely helpless and full exposed.

The genital stock is mounted on the uprights at the correct level and extended outward so I am mad to stand with buttocks outward when it is closed.. When I experiment with this rig I decided to keep it simple so the lower "V" shaped cutout is attached to the uprights, while the upper part, and inverted "V" is in routed grooves so that I can place my balls and penis in the lower element and let the upper unit slide down. To in sure the escape- proof inegrity of this restraint I weighted the sliding element with a pound of lead solder. Unless I reach down and pull it upward I cannot move. Attached to the inside of the genital stock is a piece of 1 1/2 inch piece of ribbed bilge pump tubing in case I must urinate It drains into the floor drain in my workshop. My penis must be lubricated and forced into the tubing with is attached to the stock by small chains.

There is a tee fitting in the urine drain that receives the input from the drool drain, an epoxy covered depression with a small tube that drains the drool coming from my gagged mouth.

The upper stock is a wooden structure. The inner section is two pieces of 3/4 by 4 inch epoxy sealed Oak. It has a pair of blinders that prevent me from looking in any direction except straight ahead at the wall there is also a piece of 1\2 inch oak dowel stock which has a foam rubber ball that serves as a gag. The gag ball has a hole drilled through the center with a 1/2 inch plastic tube so I can breathe .

After several uncomfortable experiments I got the wrist and neck cutouts just right. They now have a foam liner. The right end is hinged and a spring closes the left end. A tooth picks keep the locking pin up until the outer section snaps into place against a oak stop. A small piece of wood keeps the stock open until my neck and both wrists are in place. When I am ready to place myself in bondage I simply knock the wood block out with my left wrist, the stock slams shut against the stop, knocks out the toothpick that holds the locking pin up and I am trapped in standing bondage, my wrists in the headstock, my genitals clamped securely and my ankles spread apart. Believe me there is no room for movement here!

I machined the heavy steel locking pin with deep thick grooves. To use it I simply place it in a bowl standing with grooves down in the freezer and fill the bowl with water. When the water melts the pin drops and I will be free.

My first experiment was much more of a success than I could have dreamed. I violated one of the cardinal rules of self-bondage and did not dry-run or test everything before actually using it. My error was that I did not test to see how long the ice would last. I used an 8 ounce tapered cocktail glass as my mold and set the pin up about and inch from the bottom on an ice cube.

Final test:

I had chosen the day after Thanksgiving since my wife had to work all day. Right after she left for work I started. I had looked at my watch it was 8:04 am

I ran out to the workshop, stripped, set my feet into the footstocks, my balls and penis into the genital stock. I started to get a little anxious, but I committed, placed my neck and both wrists in the head stock and knocked out the wood block that kept the stock from closing. I tried to struggle but being restrained by both ankles, my genitals, the wrists and the neck and was in very, very heavy self-bondage.

No movement at all, none permitted up or down as the head stock rested frimly against my shoulders. From side to side was likewise impossible.

The first hour or two were boring as I tried to move but could not. I heard a neighbor mowing lawn and tried to shout for help, but the gag worked too well. I simply drooled down the drain as I tried to call out.

I was almost a permanent fixture on the wall standing there nude, securely restrained with my buttocks sticking out.

Then things got interesting as I had an erotic day dream and the genital stocks and the urine drain tube reminded me just how secure they were.

I must have fallen asleep and when I awoke it was dark out. I panicked and struggled. Suddenly I heard the door open. It was my wife who switched on the light saw me and remarked, "What a clever gadget! I wish I'd known about it. Here's what you get for not sharing."

I heard her fiddling with my clothing that was on the chair. Then I felt my belt across my buttocks.

She chuckled. "Hey this is great! I can't see your face or hear your voice, I can do anything and not feel guilty." More belt blows landed.

I attempted to struggle but the increasing pressure on my penis and balls let me know that that was not the way to go.

Then she laughed, "Do you know what, in our 30 years of marriage I have never spanked you. Let me know when to stop!"

She laughed again knowing I could not respond. I tried to speak out but due to the gag could not. I just stood there helplessly restrained as her small hand landed blow after blow. My buttocks felt like they were on fire. Then the endorphines kicked in and I started eagerly awaiting each blow. As soon as she realized that I was no longer struggling she stopped.

Then it happened , the ice had finally melted. The pin dropped and I swung the headstock clear. I quickly dropped my hands and released the genital stock. I sat down on the chair and pulled my feet out of the foot stock.. I stood up as the soreness of my buttocks started to sting.

I looked over at my wife and laughed," I guess I'll eat dinner standing up tonight!"

She inspected the stocks. "Why didn't I notice these before?"

I explained that I had just finished them the previous week and they were hidden by my rolling toolbox.

She had only one thing to say, "That is a neat rig, but it has one problem."

"What's that?" I inquired.

"The upper section is not adjustable, How am I supposed to use it?"


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