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Erin’s Diary 3

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2002 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; FF/f; bond; toys; cons; X

Erin's Diary - A Possible Part 3
Based on characters created by Gman

Hello again! If you've read the first bits of my diary, then you know what I'm all about. If you haven't, then here's a little background on me.  I'm eighteen years old in my first year of University. I'm about five feet, 7 inches tall. I have black hair that goes to my neck. I have a twenty nine inch waist, and wear a 36C bra. I don’t think I’m ever going to be a centerfold, but I’m not lonely either. I first got started on bondage when I was sixteen, when I found some movies in my parent's things. I soon got hooked on bondage, and eventually got into self bondage. I learned a lot on my own, but it was all textbook stuff. I found a "teacher" online- her name is Terri. She's in her early thirties, married, and has a love of bondage that rivals mine. From her I learned some techniques, tricks, and generally how to really enjoy bondage. I have yet to meet her in person, but someday I hope we will meet.

I share an apartment a little off the University of Toronto campus with my best friend Suzie. She knows all about my ‘little fetish’. Actually, she was cleaning out our computer's hard drive and found E-mail and IRC logs of conversations between me and my mentor Terri. She confessed to being curious about bondage, and a few days later, we engaged in a very hot little session. At one point, the two of us sat back to back, bound and gagged, wriggling our way to try to get to the key which would release us. What a night that was!

That was actually a couple of weeks ago. I work part time with the university, grading papers and the like, and haven't had much time to ‘play’ recently. Suzie works at the student bar, and we both have had midterms recently too. Suzie's a little over a year older than me, an old lady of twenty actually. She's slightly taller, about 5 foot 8 inches, with long brown hair, and is a little more voluptuous than I am.

I'm continuing this story from where I left off my last one. It was mid-November, and I had finally invested in a ‘home improvement’ (which I would certainly have to undo before vacating the apartment). I purchased an eight-foot length of 4X4 lumber and attached this to the ceiling of my bedroom with 3 heavy lag bolts, one in the middle and one at each end; it will hold any weight Sue and I might care to put on it. Now, with a minimal mutilation of the apartment, I had a multi-purpose suspension device and almost turned my room into a dungeon!

I had a particular use in mind when I installed this device, and this Friday was my first opportunity after its completion. I can’t do too much self-bondage game playing during the week, what with studies and all, and by Friday my urges have usually built up plenty. I started tonight’s game by drilling two small holes into the 4X4 (it really didn’t matter how much I mangled this board, since only the three bolt holes would have to be patched and painted over when we left) and screwed in two sturdy J-shaped hooks. Putting away my tool chest, I pulled out my ‘toy chest’ and extracted a rope and a bungee cord. I pulled over a chair and stood on it to hang one end of each cord from a hook and then put the chair back in the corner. The general idea was that I was going to cuff my hands behind my back and use the rope to pull my elbows together. The bungee cord was going to go from my hands, through my crotch (whee!), and up to the other hook. The release mechanism was something I was going to have to work out yet.

I made a small platform to stand on by placing a sturdy piece of board across a stack of philosophy textbooks- possibly the best use I’d ever gotten out of them! I stepped up on the platform and estimated where to tie a loop in the rope; when I’d tied the loop, I pulled the upper part of the rope down through the loop. I laboriously slipped both arms through this loop, which was more or less at my elbows. I held my hands together and carefully stepped down from the platform; as I descended, the loop pulled closed and pulled my elbows together. However, the loop was far too high, and I had to repeat the process three times before I got it to where it pulled my elbows snugly together at the elbows. I can’t get my elbows to touch yet; I’ll have to practice some.

That bit of preparation done, I stood underneath the hook holding the rope and pulled the bungee cord toward me. I pulled it between my legs (where else?) and stretched it out so I could wrap it around my waist and hook it to itself in front of me with the hook built into its end. Yes, this had possibilities, I decided as I rocked my hips and felt the stretchy cord grinding into the crotch of my jeans, rubbing roughly over my cunt. I saw something in a porno magazine once and decided to try it out- I tied a half-dozen knots in the portion of the cord which would be in contact with my ‘naughty bits’. 

That bit of work done, I naturally had to verify that it worked- all on the interest of better engineering, of course! (Yeah, right.) I went to the ‘toy chest’ and brought out a pair of leather handcuffs which clipped together with a spring clip. I’d added a couple of links of chain so I had some possibility of releasing myself unless somebody cruel or clever like Sue tied my fingers or made me wear mittens! I put the cuffs on my wrists but left them separated. 

I stepped up on the platform, pulled the bungee cord back between my legs and locked it around my waist. I worked my arms into the loop of rope, squirming for a while to get the rope up around my elbows, and then wriggled just for the fun of it. With “Gee, I hope I can get out of this!” I clipped the cuffs together. Then I stepped carefully off the platform; the rope around my elbows tried to make me lean forward, but the bungee cord (stretched even tighter as I stepped down) pulled forward on my hips to make me stand upright. I wiggled my hips... oohhh, that felt good! That was enough to convince me to try a ‘stress test’. I stepped back up on the platform and (with the tension off my elbows) managed to gets the cuffs unclipped. 

It was but a moment’s work to strip down to my bra and panties (contrary to fantasies, I usually just wear plain ‘tightie whities” unless I’m inviting attention). I went through the setup procedure again, this time being sure that the bungee cord was buried between my pussy lips over my panties. When I clipped the cuffs together and stepped down off the platform this time, the cord pulled tight and I found out why the lady in the magazine had had a smile on her face! I rocked my hips back and forth, feeling the knots rubbing over my clit, and managed to wait for ten minutes before my crotch and my brain exploded in a marvelous orgasm.

Okay, this was too good not to share! After I got myself loose, I went to the phone and called Sue at the bar. Yes, she would be home at ten thirty like usual, about an hour off. I just wanted to be sure she wasn’t going to go ‘out with the girls’ or something. Thus assured, I got ready for a more substantial bit of self-bondage. I smeared on some makeup and made myself more presentable but a bit slutty, which I think makes me let go of my inhibitions. I pulled out a pair of heavy gloves and dug around in the toy chest for a gag and an ankle spreader bar- a piece of wood about two feet long, to each end of which I hooked an ankle cuff. Then I got out a pair of tweezer-type nipple clips, stripped down to my skin, and put the clips on my nipples. I slipped the little adjuster rings up to tighten them a little and then tightened them more, just on general principle. My nipples were thick and erect by then, always a good sign! I popped the ball gag in my mouth and strapped it in firmly, making a few muffled cries for help (which I really didn’t want) just to set the scene.

I locked one ankle cuff on myself before I pulled on the gloves; it was quite a bit of work getting the other cuff locked on, but I managed. I worked my elbows into the loop of rope as before and really struggled to get the wrist cuffs clipped together. This better be worth it!

Finally, I was ready. I looked at myself in the closet-door mirror: made up rather trampishly, naked, and bound! I smiled my approval and stepped awkwardly off the platform. First my right foot hit the floor. Then, with my left foot, I swung back and kicked the platform. The already-shaky stack of books and board scattered across the floor. Now I was trapped, just like I wanted to be! Between the loop of rope at my elbows and the gloves, there was no way I could uncuff myself. I waited for Sue, calling periodically for help, rocking gently and then vigorously back and forth on the bungee cord, and came twice before I heard Sue’s key in the apartment door.

In another minute, Sue stepped in, dressed as usual for her night working at the bar- black slacks which stretched snugly around her gently-swelling butt and a white shirt unbuttoned just far enough to show off her cleavage. (She said every button undone got her better tips!) She smiled lasciviously at me for a moment before she stepped up to give me a firm hug. “Well, Erin, I see you’ve really done a number on yourself!”

She slipped her hand across my thigh, finding it quite wet for some reason. She smiled and told me “Well, you certainly picked a good night to immobilize yourself. Have I got a surprise for you!” She patted my bottom and stepped out, closing the door.

In about ten long minutes, she stepped back into the room. She had changed from her bar uniform into what we called ‘play clothes’: a black latex bustier and matching black latex hot pants; both of them fit her so snugly that every detail of the sensuous form beneath was displayed. “And, best of all, I’ve found a friend! You remember seeing and being seen by the young Korean girl at the pizza place? Well, I struck up a conversation with her last week. It turns out that Miko is just separated from a guy whose only virtue was that he ‘taught her the ropes’. She really enjoys bondage, but only with girls. Miko?”

Through the door stepped the young lady I’d seen so often. She was thirtyish, about 5 foot six, and built like the proverbial “brick bathroom” (whatever that is). She was slender but dressed to “accentuate the positive” in black leather slacks that fit her like a glove, black heels she walked very well in, and a white blouse which she was peeling off to reveal a flimsy white X-Bra- the pushup bra that click-adjusts between the breasts to change the cleavage. Hers was adjusted to the max, heaping her breasts up lusciously.

She smiled at me. “Hello, Erin- nice to meet you!” She stepped up to me and grabbed my helpless form, giving me a long, drawn-out hug. “Sue told me a lot about her ‘pretty pervert friend’ and I’m glad to meet you. Aren’t you going to greet me? Oh yeah... you don’t have much to say. But your position tells me a lot!” She grabbed the bungee cord and worked it back and forth through my crotch until she overcame my embarrassment and I started to get wet again. “Ah, good- a lusty little bitch, for sure!” She bent down and took a clamped nipple between her lips, causing me to moan behind my gag.

She stepped back and took Sue’s hand. “Well, Sue my friend, can we give her the advanced course?”

“Yes, let’s do that!” Sue stepped over to the toy chest and brought a roll of Duct Tape; stepping behind me, she pulled off my gloves and taped my hands tight together, palm to palm. Now there was absolutely no way I was going to get free by myself! Miko smiled at the expression on my face as I realized I was now helpless and in the hands of both Sue and a stranger. I wished Sue could have seen the change in expression on my pussy!

Miko and Sue whispered for a moment and giggled; then Sue stepped behind me and undid the rope that bound my elbows while Miko released the bungee cord. With the ropes out of the way, Sue put her hands on my waist and marched me toward the bed; this was exceedingly awkward, with my ankles spread too far apart by the spreader bar. When we reached my bed, she pushed me gently to my knees and then bent me down so my face was on the sheets. While I was crossing the room, Miko had taken a long piece of rope from the toy chest and was waiting when I knelt. 

Miko wrapped the rope around my waist, tied it there, and tossed the rope under the bed. She went to the other side of the bed and pulled it up over the bed. While Sue pushed a pillow under my stomach, leaving my clamped nipples just grazing the sheets, Miko pulled the rope under one shoulder, across my back, under the other shoulder, and pulled it tight. This left me kneeling beside the bed and leaning across it when she tied the rope at the other side. My arms were still bound behind my back and I was incredibly helpless beyond my wildest dreams!

Miko and Sue whispered some more; then Sue said, “You know that I would never do anything to really hurt you, don’t you, Erin?” I nodded my head. “Good- thank you. You know, Erin, this position shows off one of your best features- your ass! Miko confided in me that she thought one of the most amazing ways to subjugate a woman was to securely bind her and then- well, to fuck her silly. Now that you’re securely bound and can’t change your mind, you’re going to experience the thrill of a lifetime.”

While I’d been listening with amazement to Sue, Miko had been kneeling on the other side of the bed, digging around in her purse. She stood up, and I saw that she’d taken off her pants. Not only that, but instead of panties she was wearing a black leather harness which poised a really substantial black rubber dildo! I started to panic and struggle, but to no avail. Both I and they had been much too thorough! Miko spoke up: “This isn’t just a dildo, my sweet Erin- the tail end of this snatch-shafter has a rough surface to rub my pussy with. It’s just like fucking somebody- I get off too!”

Sue spoke traded places with Miko, sitting down cross-legged on my bed. The vinyl of her shorts pulled so tight that it clearly outlined the details of her pussy. She unsnapped her bustier, her breasts tumbling out so she could play with her nipples.  Then she lay back on the bed and squirmed out of her pants (no panties, of course!); then rolled back up and sat with her legs over my shoulders. My eyes opened wide- I had never gotten seriously sexual with Sue beyond groping and nipple play for stimulation, but it was clear that our relationship was ‘moving to the next level’! I smiled acceptance at her, and she scooted toward my face.

As my nose brushed her bush, her hands reached out and caressed my hair. She reached back, undid the gag’s buckle, and eased the gag out of my mouth. “Quiet now, girl! We’ll be nice to you.” She slid closer, and my face was buried in her crotch. I was tentatively exploring her cunt with my lips when I felt Miko’s hands at my naked, wide-spread crotch; in my preoccupation with Sue, I had almost forgotten about her! Miko’s hands delved gently into my crotch, and in seconds I felt the ol’ juices flowing. I dipped my tongue into Sue and enjoyed Miko’s ministrations.

I worked earnestly at Sue’s pussy, and she leaned back, her eyes closed and her hands working vigorously at her nipples. Then I felt Miko shift behind me, and I felt the massive rubber shaft poking between my cheeks. I squirmed helplessly; it seemed that my struggles just forced my pussy back on the shaft, and in half a minute Miko had her hands on my hips and her cock was buried deep within my belly! I tried to struggle and at the same time passionately service Sue’s twat. This was an incredible experience- eating my best friend into a frenzy while a stranger plowed my own wet pussy delightfully, and all this while I was helplessly bound! I felt the beginnings of a tremendous orgasm, and the more I struggled the nearer the orgasm came. 

I had mastered the trick of sticking my tongue deep into Sue’s pussy when I felt Miko slip a finger up into my asshole. She pulled back and gave two long strokes and screamed out her orgasm. Those deep strokes drove me frantically into Sue’s pussy, and both Sue and I went over the edge. I jerked convulsively at the bonds that held me helpless and Sue’s juices gushed out over my face.

About ten minutes later, after three loud female orgasms faded away, Miko and Sue untied me and helped me into the shower, where the three of us crowded in and cleaned up happily. When we were all dried off, we padded into the kitchen and sat and talked for hours. This unexpected meeting was sure to turn into a long, lasting friendship!


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