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Escaped Slave

by Ropemeister

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© Copyright 2003 - Ropemeister - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; gag; strap; cuffs; naked; outdoors; caught; M/f; bond; bdsm; spank; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

It all started when my friend took me out to his private ranch, out in the hills away from the City. All that open country with trees and even a small creek running through it made it look like heaven to a city girl like me. Even better, he didn't live there, but had plans to build a house on the property some day. I saw a chance to have a private place where I could escape to indulge in my fantasies, so I didn't hesitate to ask him for a key to the gate. He gave it to me, somewhat reluctantly, I thought, but I was glad to get it.

I never realized that key would lead to meeting my first master. This is the story of that day.

It was an afternoon in the middle of the week. I took off from work right after lunch, so as to enjoy the whole afternoon at my private woodlands (well, not mine, but you know what I mean). I had called my friend, the owner, to make sure he wasn't going to be there, I didn't want any surprise visitors, as you will soon see why. I drove out to the ranch and let myself in through the gate, which was at the top of the hill. Before going in, I checked the road outside for parked cars, as people sometimes sneaked over the fence, then I drove down the dirt road to the center of the property. Here there was an open space, with woods both back to the road and out towards the back part of the property, which was at the bottom of the hill.

I parked my car, opened the trunk and got my costume ready, what there was of it. Taking off the conservative pants suit, shoes and underwear I had worn to work. I paused to let the warm sun seek out my petite body. At 5 1 tall, 110 lbs with a 34-23-32 figure and long blond hair, I turned a lot of heads, both male and female. But just thinking about my fantasy that I would soon play out was getting me wet, and I had to resist the urge to play with my blond furred pussy. I started out by putting on black thigh-high stockings, which had elastic garters at the top to hold them, so I didn't need a garter belt.

After pulling them on my long legs and smoothing and straightening them out, I added to my small feet 5 inch high heels sandals with ankle straps. To make sure I couldnt remove them, the ankle straps had little locks, the keys of which remained in the trunk. I took a few steps in them trying to adjust to both the height and the jiggle they gave to my apple sized breasts. I even jingled from little brass bells attached to the shoes. Turning back to the trunk, I pulled out a pair of opera gloves and put them on. These would protect my wrists and make handling the keys harder when I tried to get back into the car. I then pulled out the remaining three pieces of my outfit, took the trunk key off the key chain, tossed the rest of the keys into the trunk and slammed the trunk shut. Above the back tire was a magnetic key box, into which I deposited the trunk key and return the key box back to its resting place. There, I was almost ready to start my fantasy.

The ball gag I put in my mouth had both a leather chin strap, which added to the sensation of being gagged, and a small lock, whose key was in the trunk. Next I took a band of velcro about 3 inches high and wrapped it around my thighs just above my knees. Now, the final touch, a pair of leather armcuffs, with padlocks whose keys are, you guessed it, in the trunk of my car. When I locked the cuffs around my wrists, I would become a helpless slave girl, at least until I managed to get the trunk out of the key box and the keys out of the trunk. I was so hot by this point that I had to resist the temptation to throw myself on the nearby grass, spread my legs and massage my clit and nipples until I came. But I knew that once I was locked up, I wouldn't be able to simulate an orgasm, and so the one I would have when I got back would be mind-blowing. So quickly, before anymore seconds thoughts I pressed both the locks closed on the cuffs,

There, now I was an escaped slave girl! I knew that my masters would soon catch up with me and take me back for my punishment if I didn't escape and hide. So off I ran down into the forest, or at least tried to run. With my heels, the thigh band and my arms locked behind back, the most I could manage was a sexy waddle, blond hair flying, apple breasts bobbling and my full bottom bouncing up and down. It was both humiliating and sexy to think how I looked running down the dirt trail through the forest. I ran for a couple hundred yards into the forest, until I couldn't see the car or the opening. I paused to catch my breath, trying to pull enough air in through my nose. I heard a dog bark in the distance and decided that must be masters on my trail. I felt the pit of my tummy drop in fear of the thought of being caught by them, and turned to run down the trail. It forked with one path following a little creek and the other disappearing into the woods. I turned down the creek fork as I raced (well, wiggled) down the trail. I ran until I was out of breath and stopped in a small stand of birch.

My legs felt weak, partly from exhaustion and partly from the turn-on of running around naked and bound in the forest. I leaned back against one of the white birch trees, letting it support my weight, enjoying the feel of the bark with its mixture of smooth leathery feeling and the rough edges where it split. I looked down at myself and could see my hard brown nipples wiggling with each breath, demanding to be squeezed and pulled. I could feel my pussy juices running down the inside of my thighs. I wanted to come so badly, but needed something to push me over the edge. I rubbed my bottom back and forth against the tree trunk, feeling the cheeks pull apart and the roughness of the bark against my anus, but that wasn't enough. With a sob of frustration I turned and pressed my front against the tree, rubbing my nipples and my pussy mound against it. Closer and closer, but it was no good. I had to get my hands where I could do something with them, but they were locked behind my back. Sighing, I deciding to head back to my car, and get myself out of my bondage so that I could get my hands into my pussy.

When I reached the clearing, I received the surprise of my life. There was a MAN leaning against the trunk of my car, watching me! My first reaction was fear and embarrassment, the latter showed with a red blush that reached down to my breasts. I saw that he was naked, except for a pair of hiking boots. I scanned my way back up his 6' body; he had a nice size cock, a hairy chest with good shoulders and the most infuriating smile as he watched me check him out. I blushed again and then tried to glare.

"Come on over here and lets talk. I won't hurt you", he said with a deep voice that seemed to reach down into me and send quivers throughout my body.

I realized I didn't have much choice since all my clothes and things were in the car he was leaning against, so I tried to gain the upper hand by pretending I was angry and stalking towards him. This didn't work very well as my bare bouncing breasts and my short mincing steps from the leg bondage made it more of a sexy sway then a stalk. Even more infuriating was that he ignored all my goodies and just stared into my eyes with that smile on his face. I stopped closer to him that I had planned to and waited for him to explain his presence (I sure couldn't explain mine).

"The owner of this land told me about your little adventures here, so I decided to come see them for myself," he said as I blushed again. "I've been watching you since you arrived and quite enjoyed your little escaped slave girl fantasy. So, I want to offer you one of two choices . The first is that I will let you go and get dressed, but on the condition that you give me your phone number, so that we may go out to dinner and discuss our mutual interest in bondage. The second choice is that we continue playing your escaped slave girl fantasy out, where I am your master tracking you down and punishing you. Which do you prefer, dinner or the fantasy?"

This was the strangest proposition I ever had. But I decided to accept. I turned and starting running back into the forest, not very fast, of course. I thought with my legs strapped together my butt would be bouncing up and down like jello and I wondered how he would resist grabbing me right there. But he just called out after me, "You'll have a five minute head start, then I'm coming for you."

Only five minutes, I thought, I wouldn't be to make it very far. But I really did have to try to escape from this master. Down the same trail and then at the fork I took the path into the woods. I soon found a small grouping of large bushes that appeared to have a space hidden under them. I dropped to my knees and crawled through the curtain of branches into a small area hidden from the trail. Low branches covered the area with about 2 feet of room, just enough room so that I had my bottom rested on my heels and leaned forward so my breasts were flattened against my knees. Waiting there, my heart pounding and trying to control my breathing, I knew how a rabbit feels when it hides from the wolf. I wondered if he would find me there. And I wondered what he would do to me when he found me. Just that thought kept my pussy juices flowing.

The space was so tight that the branches poked at me from all sides like little fingers. The curtain of branches I had crawled though fell back into place, covering my bottom and sliding in between my legs, poking at my pussy and even my butthole. They tickled! Even with the slightest movement, I found the tickling sensation distracting and teasing. I tried to stay still but the branches poked at me as if trying to get entrance to my holes.

As I knelt there, I soon heard him come up the trail. How did he find me? He stopped right outside my protecting bushes, but from the way I knelt with my back to the trail I couldn't see him. I tried looking over my shoulder, but the bushes hid him just as effectively as they hid me. I tried to control my breathing so he wouldn't hear me. Then with a loud crackling he pushed his way through the bushy maze, reached down with both hands and grabbed me by the waist. I squealed at this and tried to struggle, kicking and wiggling but to no avail. Holding me at arms length (boy, was he strong), he backed out of the bushes carrying me, then set me down, grabbed me around the waist with one arm and proceeded to spank me with the other. This quickly reduced me to a sobbing, wilting slavegirl, but I could still feel each hit on my poor bottom echoed with a spark in my pussy.

Turning me around so I faced him, he bent over and lifted me up on to his shoulder, so that I fell face down over it. He straighten up, with one arm around my thighs to hold me in place. I had never felt so humiliated as I did then, stretched naked over the shoulder of my new master, know my red bottom and wet cunt were exposed to the whole world. Tied up as I was, I couldn't do anything but wait there. He carried me down the trail for a while but I couldn't tell where as all I could see was his back (well muscled) and the ground below us.

After a short unpleasant walk (you try be carried over a man's shoulder bouncing on your tummy), he set me down and gently pushed my hair out of my face behind me. While holding me with one hand on my arm, he continued stroking me, first around face and neck, then lower down onto my breasts, lifting each in turn, then pulling gently at each nipple, first right then left. I tried glaring at him, but the caresses quickly reduced me to quivering mass supported only by his strong hand.

Suddenly turning me around, he walked me over to a dead tree that had fallen. The bark had fallen off, leaving the smooth gray deadwood about a foot in diameter. How convenient that nature had left it lying at the height of my waist over a shallow gully. He walked me into the gully and up to the tree. He quickly undid my hands, pulled them in front of me and clambered over the tree trunk. I tried struggle, but he was too strong, and he quickly pulled down on my wrists so that I was bent over the tree trunk. Grabbing a couple of handy pieces of rope (how did those get here!?!), he tied one wrist to each ankle. He then took another piece of rope and stretched it from my left ankle and wrist to a handy branch. With a fourth piece, he tied my right ankle and wrist to another branch, spreading me wide open.

He came back around the tree to the side my head dangled over and stood right against my back. I felt his legs pressing against my sides and his hard cock and soft ball sack pressing against my lower back. At least I was having the same effect on him that he was on me! I figured out that he was staring down between my legs and I felt even more embarressed than before. I was wide open and felt like he could see right up inside of me. He place both hands on me, starting at the top of my butt and stroking over it and down my thighs. He ran them back up inside my thighs, with a quick touch to my pussy then back over my butt. He continued stroking and caressing, and I started to respond, trying to lift my pussy up to encourage more attention there. But then he started spanking me, combining the hard painful strokes with caresses that was getting me hotter and hotter. I was gasping and moaning, giving little yelps when a particularly hard slap landed. 

Not long after with my bottom still pink from the spanking he entered me from behind, pushing himself into me, my moist hole easily accomodating him, allowing him easy access to me. He used his cock well, pushing me closer to my first orgasm of the day, much needed after my adventures in the woods. By the time he released himself into me I had had my third climax, screaming into my gag as he pushed me over the edge, my pussy clamping down on his solid member as he gushed his seed into me. He left me tied there whilst he recovered from his climax, I savioured the after-glow of a great sex session, my pussy still tingling from the pounding it had received and the three orgasms that I'd had whilst bound by this man, who would become my bondage Master.



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