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The Exercise Bike

by SubJade

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© Copyright 2008 - SubJade - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; D/s; electroplay; machine; toys; cons; X

My Name is Jade and my Master has commanded me to document my life becoming and living as a 24/7 submissive. This story is just a small part of my “Slave’s Journal” as my Master calls it. If you like this part let me know, and keep on the lookout for more posts to come.

Let me tell you about myself. I’m a tall white woman at 5’11” with waist length black hair. Thanks to my Master’s strict diet and exercise plan I am a lean 130 lbs. with a well defined muscle tone. I have a nice shapely ass my Master just loves to spank, full 36C breasts capped with long, thick, dark, thimble size nipples which always seem hard and are the focus of men’s stares. Of course the fact that I’m rarely dressed and very scantily when I am doesn’t help much. My entire body from the neck down is smooth and hairless. Long ago I went through laser hair removal and my skin feels smooth, creamy and is very sensitive. Like my long pierced nipples my pussy also attracts a great deal of attention, from the several piercings on my large labia lips to the single ring through my circumcised monster clit.

I live as a 24/7 submissive who has given complete control of everything to my Master. He tells me what to do in all aspects of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My Master commands that I exercise daily and one of the activities that I do is to ride the exercise bike at least three times a week. This exercise bike is a Lifecycle machine which my Master acquired and modified for my use. A Lifecycle is an exercise bike which is programmable for time, type of routine, simulated terrain, etc. Master has modified this one by wiring it into a home computer along with other changes that have turned it into a self-bondage torture device that only he can control.

I call it a self-bondage torture device because I prepare, mount, and start the device knowing full well that once I begin, my release won’t come until I complete the routine set by my Master into the computer. It’s a routine that would be difficult even without the extras that have been added. Quite simply if I‘m lazy I get a punishment from the computer.

Here’s how a typical ride goes. I put my hair into a long single braid starting from the top of my head the way Master likes it. I then put on my cycling shoes. Master swapped the flat pedals for racing pegs which when combined with certain shoes lock together as one. Common in the cycling world but it means my feet won’t be slipping off. I then put the penis gag into my mouth and buckle it tightly behind my head. It’s about 3” long with holes in it for breathing. Next I lube up both my holes before nervously inserting the large metal butt plug into my ass. Now it’s time to start the computer.

The first question pops onto the widescreen monitor; “Do you have your shoes on and the plug inserted?” I click the “Yes” button.

“Approach the bike and attach your left shoe.” it says next. From this point on all commands will be answered automatically as each sensor registers a completed connection. I spin the left pedal around until it’s on the bottom of its revolution then snap my shoe into its connection.

“Mount the bike and attach the right shoe.” The computer pops up. Holding the handlebars I swing my right leg and snap the right shoe into place.

“Connect the anal device.” It commands next.

This part always makes my insides churn. Up to this point if I did nothing else I would simply have to get my feet out of the shoes for release. However once I connect the wires to the butt plug and the sensors register body temperature I would have 30 seconds to complete each command as it comes or I will get a strong electric jolt from the butt plug. Connection is made by inserting a small plug into the base until it clicks. Disconnection is now impossible without removing the anal plug itself, not an easy task when standing upright within 30 seconds. I make the connection.

“Insert the dildo.” Master’s change here was to remove the seat it had and replace it with a dildo on a screw device. He took a ¾” steel rod and inserted it most of the way into a large dildo he had hollowed out for this purpose. The rest of the rod had been threaded and attached to a motor inside the bike. On command the motor would raise or lower the dildo to the instructed height. When I saw the command on the screen I bent my legs and lowered my pussy onto the monster. Seconds later the dildo, called KONG on the package, slowly rose until my left leg was again straight.

KONG was a monster. The package boasted it was 15” long and 9 1/2” around and it was certainly doing a very good job of filling me up. Master had set the height by raising it until I tried to raise up on the balls of my feet for release from the pressure then he added 1 more inch. My pussy has always been able to take large objects combined with the fact that I love the ache inside from a thoroughly pounded pussy; my Master set it so that with every revolution I would feel it deep inside. No way can I raise up high enough to get it out of my pussy.

“Attach the Clover clamps” it says next. I quickly attach the metal nipple clamps to each nipple just in time to feel the tingle of the mild test current. Though it hurts to attach these I have learned to be quick. On more than one occasion I have been reminded not to waste time.

“Grasp the hand levers.” The machine used to have a handlebar display combination which would show your settings, your progress, time remaining, etc. Master removed this and put on old curved racing handlebars to include brake levers on the lower front curve. This means I must bend forward grabbing the lower handlebar and squeeze the brake levers, only there not brakes. There spring loaded levers that when squeezed complete a circuit connection that can’t be broken.

I have just finished securing myself into my self-bondage torture device. If I relax one of my hands it will break the circuit and my tits and will know it instantly and painfully.

“Time to start pedaling!”

I had two minutes to get up to the pace required by the program so I started pedaling. The program always started with a warm-up segment so the pedaling was easy unlike when the simulated hills came up and I really have to work hard to maintain the pace.

The required pace along with the whole routine are unknown to me. Master had over a dozen different routines programmed into the computer, all of varied intensity and duration. The shortest is a 45 minute high intensity workout and the longest is a 3 hour teasing workout. When I reach the required pace the butt plug starts vibrating; equal to a low setting. It isn’t strong enough to make me orgasm and is mild enough that if I get distracted by other things it is easy to overlook.

That would be a big mistake on my part because when the plug is vibrating I’m in what I call “The Zone”. Anything outside of “The Zone” is pain. If I don’t pedal within the pace margin set by the computer I get an electric warning shock to my breasts. I will get a second warning shock to my breasts two minutes later if the pace isn’t resumed. If I haven’t met the required pace two minutes later; the electric shock that hits my ass and breasts is strong enough to make my eyeballs cross and my back arch like a cat. The penis gag in my mouth is the only thing keeping the glass from breaking from my screams. It is agony that has caused me to slow my pedaling and or release one of my hands. That’s really bad; because if I’m not at the required pace five minutes later I get shocked hard again. If I’m dumb enough to release my hold on one of the hand levers the shock comes instantly and very painfully.

Stay in “The Zone” is the mantra I mentally chant to myself. Of course that is easier said than done. As I turn the pedals, bent forward holding the hand levers, my hips rise and fall naturally with the motion. That means the monster dildo attached to the machine is pumping in and out of my pussy at the same rate I am pedaling. Master tells me it is about a four inch stroke but it feels like more as it constantly slams into my cervix deep inside my pussy. If the pace is fast I quickly hit my multi-orgasmic nympho mode orgasming almost continuously until my ass and breasts are on fire again.

Damn, I got distracted and lost the pace again. Got to get pedaling faster; BAMM!!!, I get hit again. Pedal faster, there it is, the butt plug is vibrating again. I’m back in “The Zone”. I orgasmed so hard I missed the warning shocks.

Concentrate on the vibrations, Concentrate on the pain deep inside, concentrate on breathing and the puddle of drool forming under the bike. Don’t let the orgasm building again distract you.

Wait, was that a shock to my breasts. Pedal faster, second shock, am I slowing down? It must be a steep hill, pedal harder! Here it comes…..

BAMM!!! My ass and breast are on fire again. Push through it and pedal harder. BAMM!!! Oh my God it hurts so bad. Tears are streaming down my face as I try to pedal harder. BAMM!!!, I get hit again. Where is the top of this hill? BAMM!!! Again.

My legs muscles are burning from pedaling. My arms are tense from holding and squeezing the hand levers. My back, abs and chest hurt from the tension. My lungs burned from my labored breathing. My guts hurt deep inside from the constant pounding of the dildo. And of course my ass and breasts are on fire from the severe shocks.

About then I start to feel a vibration again and feel a wave of relief wash over me. I’m at the top of the hill. I hope that was the only one but I know from experience that there could be more. I have had as many as three hills in a routine before.

This time I have two hills and the second one is harder than the first. My body hurts so much I have to really concentrate to notice the vibration. I have orgasmed so many times and I am so tired I am scared to orgasm again. It is taking way too long to get back up to pace. The dildo isn’t even going in and out anymore as I am just sitting impaled on it. My feet would have come off the pedals if they weren’t locked on. My hands hold the levers for dear life terrified of adding another shock to my tortured body.

I hear a loud screeching wail and feel my body lower as the screw lowers the dildo. I stop pedaling as I realize my workout has ended. I look over at the computer screen to see the results of my workout.

“Routine Time: 1 hour 50 minutes”
“Routine Efficiency: 63%”
“Workout Rating: POOR”

I start to cry as I reach up and release my nipples from the torturous clamps. I rub my breasts as the blood rushes back in. I reach down and loosen the laces on my right shoe. I rise up on my left leg lifting myself off the dildo, taking my right foot out of its shoe and dismount the bike. I then release my left foot from its shoe leaving them attached to the bike. Master has a special tool he uses to get them off.

I reach up and unbuckle the gag and put it to the side by the computer. Still crying I walk off to the Jacuzzi to try and relieve my aching body before my daily afternoon yoga session.

As I soak in the tub I wonder what my punishment will be when Master gets home. I am sure there will be a punishment tonight because that is one of the rules. Anything less than an Efficiency Rating of 75% means an automatic punishment. I think back to some of my Master’s past punishments and a smile comes across my face from the memories. They may be punishments but I truly enjoy them as much as my workouts.

Only my Master has given me such pleasure. It’s going to be a long night.



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