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by Mikel

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Alice had achieved her goal, she was exhausted she hadn’t slept more than a few hours a night all week and worked a full schedule plus two shifts for others who failed to come in. During the nights she was home she had slipped her feet into her new ballet boots, inserted her largest vibrators turning both on high before locking the leather chastity belt on herself to keep them inside her, then cuffing her ankles together and her hands behind her back around the thick bed post forcing her stand all night in the uncomfortable boots, the leather hood with its large cock gag was added just to keep her quiet. The clock would drop her keys while ringing loudly giving her just enough time to get dressed and get to work.

Now she felt she could sleep no matter how much discomfort or distractions she added and that had been the goal. Alice has been determined to sleep in bondage, not just a few hours but all night, she had been desiring the comfort of being bound while she slept but had never been able to actually do it all night and even the last few nights she had begun to sleep more each night even while her feet hurt and the vibrators were trying to rip her in half but tonight would be different and if her plan was correct every night after this would be different.

Alice had started playing bondage games in high school, mostly by herself not understanding why she enjoyed it but progressed in her abilities in binding herself as she grew older always wearing something to keep mind in the gutter during her classes especially enjoying having her ass plugged along with high heels forcing her to walk carefully along the schools halls. In college she had also added the leather chastity belt locking it tightly around her narrow waist making sure her vibrators would be held deep inside her all day, when she read about breast bondage Alice had begun tying her large breasts tightly at their bases during school changing to dogs collars then to steel collars to keep her breasts sensitive all day long.

Now two years out of school Alice had developed into a beauty, her long black hair cropped straight at the ends and over her eyes made her blue eyes shine brightly, she always wore dark red lipstick making her lips look more full than they already were, with her narrow waist, recently accentuated by corsets, making her large c cup breasts appear larger also, Alice had long thin legs and since she always wore tall heels they looked almost too long for her five foot six frame.

The only drawback Alice’s fascination with bondage had was it had made her awkward around other people, always thinking about what if they found out what she was wearing under her clothes and worried if they did they wouldn’t understand and shun her in some way or worse tease her about her fantasies, so she had kept to herself and studied hard and now she worked hard and could afford her pastime and thought of nothing else but the wonderful orgasm’s she would have as she played the victim to herself while she waited for the release to arrive.

In all her time spent bound she had only been able to sleep with her hands bound in front with her ankles tied and her favorite leather hood, she could never sleep with her hands behind her or a gag in her mouth and since she found ballet boots and shoes she also wanted to master them but the cramping in her legs had stopped her after a few hours.

As she drove home she thought about her last attempt to sleep bound remembering how she locked herself into her wide handcuffs while they were attached to the back of her new chastity belt, her ankles were locked in matching cuffs over the boots she had with six and a half inch heels. Alice had locked the steel collars tightly around the bases of her breasts and locked the clamps onto her nipples with small padlocks through her large pierced nipples, the hood would keep the hollow gag deep in her mouth and had a blindfold that could be removed during the day when she could free her hands and reset the timer.

Alice spent the entire week of her vacation locked into her steel desperately trying to teach her body to sleep in her bounds, each morning the keys to her cuffs would be dropped allowing her to release them and use the bathroom and feed herself through the gag then she would reattach the blindfold and lock her hands behind her, spending the rest of the day shackled only able to shuffle around her small house blindly while she waited for the small box to be delivered to her with the keys for her remaining restraints.

Alice spent six days chained and even though she slept during her nights bound she was only able to get a few hours at a time and never felt fully rested or comfortable and that was what she wanted more than anything, she had always felt comfortable and safe while she was tied, but she could never make her body feel comfortable while she slept always having dreams of being freed or having to fight while she was bound and these dreams had always kept her awake and after spending six days bound in her house she had not learned to sleep a full night bound even when she would have incredible orgasm’s daily she still could not sleep a full night. This time she would reverse it, tire herself out during the week and then spend the next three days or until the mail delivered her small package again, opting not to use prearranged delivery but use the unknown delivery time as a aphrodisiac and hope she could force her body to sleep soundly while she lay helpless.

Arriving home Alice was thankful the stop sign she had missed and had almost caused her to hit another car was the only thing her foggy mind had missed and parked her car in the garage, before entering her house she put the small package in her mailbox then closed the garage locking the doors behind her. Slipping off her work clothes, what she considered her costume, leaving only her corset, leather chastity belt and breast rings. Shedding the chastity belt she evacuated her bowels before tightening the corset, the half cups forcing her swollen breasts to strain against the metal locked tightly around their bases and making her hardened nipples jut out even more then slipped her vibrators in and locked the steel chastity belt on.

Alice smiled as she stood panting against the constriction of the corset and belt and forced her feet into the knee high ballet boots before locking her ankles together. She sat back and looked at her pointed feet admiring the heavy steel encircling each ankle and the shiny steel covering her damp pussy before locking the cuffs to the back of the belt and moving to her alarm clock. Since she would not be tethered to anything she left the clock on the shelf and positioned the key so it would fall at eight o clock in the morning giving her twelve hours of possible sleep time.

Alice moved back to the bed locking her nipple clamps and their heavy connecting chain on, before lacing the padded leather hood over the large cock shaped gag filling her mouth, Alice liked the feel of the cock in her mouth and often wondered if a real cock would feel as nice in her mouth but didn’t think any man would want her knowing her dark desires. Lacing the hood on tight she slipped several locks through the draw string eyelets making it impossible to remove without the keys, or destroying it. Ready for bed she turned the vibrators on a low hum, sliding her arms into her leather shoulder length gloves to minimize any chafing then reached back and locked her hands into the waiting cuffs.

Even with the adrenaline from the final lock closing Alice felt spent, the vibrators were messaging her gently and she felt like she could go to sleep immediately as she lay back and adjusted her body until she felt comfortable and lay thinking about everything that could go wrong and for a few minutes panicked, as usual, she struggled against the steel holding her firmly before calming herself and drifting off to a deep sleep. Even as exhausted as Alice was she only slept a few hours before waking herself up with a dream of being lost outside bound, gagged and blindfolded wandering aimlessly only hearing people talking about the freak that had chained herself and lost her keys.

Yelling into the gag as she woke Alice rolled on to her side and wept quietly as she thought about the dream and what the people had called her and as she lay struggling with the chains holding her she vowed never to do any of this again, knowing she had made the same vow countless times before and always broke it. Fully awake Alice decided to wander around her house until she was tired again, needing some practice in her boots anyway she slid her cuffed legs over the edge of the bed and exhaled as she leaned forward raising herself to her pointed toes.

After a minute of wobbling Alice steadied herself and started taking her short steps around the room finding the door and went out into her home blindly easing her way from room to room bumping in to a few things while she enjoyed her bondage, tugging on the cuffs holding her wrists close to her back and keeping her arms slightly bent. The vibrators were still humming nicely inside her making her feel aroused but with her hands chained where they were and the steel covering her wanting pussy she could do nothing to stimulate herself further even though the thought of her being helpless increased her arousal by itself it was only enough to frustrate her.

Two hours later Alice found her bedroom again, her pointed toes were aching and her gasps for air had made her breasts heave and combined with the swaying motion of her limited steps had the chain connecting her nipples swinging from side to side and made her nipples be in constant pain. Carefully Alice sat on the bed letting the extra compression of the corset squeeze the air from her lungs and force her to take much more shallow breaths adding to her discomfort and arousing her more as she sat dreaming of being forced to hold this position as they watched her take shorter breaths making her struggle more and in turn making her need more air finally blacking out and lay wedged tightly in her erect position, her tormentor smiling knowing when she did wake up it would start all over again. Alice woke up on her back, she felt her legs still over the edge of the bed and cursed herself for falling asleep in the uncomfortable position and possibly ruining her chances of sleeping soundly again tonight.

Wiggling further onto the bed Alice rolled onto her tortured nipples letting out a muffled moan and as she rolled over she felt the chain pull hard and screamed as she flopped back onto her stomach. Alice’s chain was stuck under her arm but the leather gloves kept her from feeling where it was so she had to wiggle around and hope she freed it before attempting to roll over again, Alice was panting hard from the exertions of fighting her bonds, finally getting comfortable and drifting off to sleep again no longer caring if her chain was trapped or not.

Alice was having wonderful dreams of someone stroking and fondling her bound body, as they pinched her trapped nipples she moaned and thrashed but calmed again as she felt the hands gently touching her body everywhere she was uncovered, as the hands continued to stroke her the sensations in her sealed pussy and ass became more intense and quickly had her climaxing hard as she screamed into the gag and gasped for air the feelings continued as the orgasm seemed to last forever. Alice woke slowly moaning and gasping as she felt the orgasm afterglow slipping away and between gasps purred with contentment and smiled knowing it was the first time she had ever dreamt about pleasant things while she was bound. Laying on her other side Alice drifted into and out of sleep for the next several hours each time dreaming of the hands exploring her and even though she didn’t cum again she was enjoying having happy dreams and felt wonderfully comfortable and safe.

Alice had no idea what time it was as she lay on the bed fully awake and refreshed waiting for the alarm on the antique clock she had purchased because of its sheer size and she knew it would be able to hold her key easily. Wondering how long she had slept as her arms had begun to ache along with her pointed feet she wondered how much longer until the alarm would go off. Getting bored Alice forced herself to her pointed toes and tried to work the cramps from her body by wandering around her house again while she stretched as far as she could.

Bumping into what turned out to be her couch she found herself disoriented as she blindly groped around the room finally finding the next room and continued her way around ending back at what should have been her bedroom door. Alice groaned when her shoulder hit the closed door making her think she had the wrong one but remembered she had opened all the doors and froze in place desperately trying to hear if someone else was near her. ‘Someone broke in,’ Alice thought to herself as she stood pulling at the chain holding her wrists to the steel belt, backing slowly away from the door. After several minutes she had calmed herself thinking she had just bumped the door and it had closed on its own.

Moving close to the door Alice groped for the knob and was able to just brush it with the back of her leather covered fingers and grunted as she remembered how high the knobs on the doors were in this old house and tried to stand on her toes. This made Alice giggle as she remembered she was on her toes and could get no higher. Backing close to the door she twisted and strained until she felt the knob turn and suddenly was falling backwards, screaming Alice twisted and kicked her pointed toes desperately trying to get them under her but fell hard on her shoulder having the wind get forced from her lungs and rolled onto her back gasping as she blacked out.

Waking Alice screamed behind her gag twisting and rolling across the floor trying to remember what had happened as she kicked her cuffed legs and fought her chained hands finally stopping as she grew short of breath and lay gasping while the memories returned and she calmed down. Alice had never fallen before and had no experience getting up from this position and scooted herself around until she found the bed stopping to work on a plan for getting up, first she tried to push her head into the carpet and draw her legs under her but the tight stiff corset didn’t allow her to bend her torso enough and her pointed feet could not get enough traction to push themselves under her. Rolling onto her arms she forced herself to sit up straight then pushed herself back towards the bed by digging the high heels into the carpet and pushing, the added restriction of sitting made her remember her dream of being trapped sitting up just as her elbows touched the bed. Already panting Alice’s fear of being trapped and forced to gasp for each breath forced her to flail wildly causing her to fall onto her sore shoulder again.

Straightening her legs Alice lay panting cursing herself for being stupid and twisted and turned until she was sitting up again and this time when she pushed with her heels she flexed her neck and back and slowly slid up to the bed again, rolling onto the side before working her chained legs up onto the bed and lay panting but smiling now sure she could get back to her feet when she needed to. Laying for what seemed like days Alice was sure something had gone wrong with her escape plan and began replaying her setting everything up again in her mind and when she got to the clock she couldn’t remember actually flipping the switch for the alarm or not and knew without it her key would never be dropped. Panicking Alice thrashed in her bonds finally rolling over and swinging her pointed toes to the floor and rocked herself to her toes and as quickly as her bound ankles would let her moved to where the key should be hanging and started groping with her leather covered fingers trying to find it.

Alice searched for over an hour before leaning against the wall and sobbing under the tight leather hood, her fingers might not have even felt the small key due to the gloves and she cursed herself for wearing them as she thought about setting the clock or not. Standing for several hours against the wall crying Alice moved back towards the bed and flopped onto it almost immediately going to sleep, the wonderful dreams returning as she lay enjoying the feelings of someone teasing her and even tickling her while she struggled in the steel and leather holding her so firmly captive. Alice woke to her shoulder throbbing and her head spinning rolling over she was able to take a much deeper breath and realized she had partially covered her breathing tube and that’s what caused her to wake up.

Calming her breathing Alice sat up thinking about her situation before standing and trying to walk the kinks from her body as she paced the room stretching and flexing her stiff body happy that she could now sleep fully bound but unhappy that she would have to seek help outside her house if she was to survive. Her thirst was becoming over powering and Alice could not understand why unless she had spent a lot more time then she thought bound, even her compressed stomach was starting to grumble making her think that much more than twelve hours had gone by. Alice decided to check for her key one last time before finding and going out the front door to her neighbor’s house and slowly dragged her elbows along the wall where it should have been hanging hoping she would feel the string on her shoulders. The first pass she felt nothing but on the second pass just as she was about to give up she felt something drag across her shoulder and stopped and started groping for it with her pinioned hands finally grasping it and worked the string up until she felt the key.

Weeping again Alice worked the key into the small hole and released her right hand then quickly releasing her left squealing as her body shook knowing she was so close to freedom, after her hands were free she stood leaning against the wall rubbing her wrists through the leather wondering how she would know what day it is, the hood was locked on along with her boots and the corset was under the chastity belt none of which she had keys to unless they had already been delivered. Alice rubbed her leather covered head wishing she had used the hood with the removable blindfold thinking, hoping, she could cut it off and moved carefully to the bathroom to get her scissors, reaching into the drawer she found nothing groping through another before wrestling the long gloves from her hands she searched them again and still found nothing. She knew the only other scissors she had were blunt tipped and for light cutting and would never cut the thick leather over her head and started pulling and digging at the hood until she was gasping again.

Calming herself while she walked to the kitchen and finding a turkey baster she sucked some water into it then forced the tip into the hole in her gag and squeezed the bulb forcing water into her filled mouth, after coughing some she figured out how to swallow and squirted enough water into her mouth to sate her thirst and make her feel better. Leaning on the counter she found the remote for the TV in the kitchen and turned it on cranking up the volume, she listened for any mention of the date or time finally sitting down and waiting for something she knew to come on to tell her what day it was, she had planned to use the alarm clock to tell her how many days had gone by but now she was completely lost. While she waited she rubbed the steel over her pussy and wished the vibrators were still running when she finally heard a news program come on and say the date and she knew that it came on at ten o’clock. The date sunk into her mind as she realized it had been over three days since she locked herself up and her keys should be in her mailbox on the railing of her porch already.

Jumping to her feet she dashed to the door almost falling in her hurry, surprised to find it unlocked she ripped it open and walked proudly to the railing not even worrying about her neighbors and pulled out the large wad of mail she found and turned and walked back into the house shutting the door and locking it before returning to the chair and sitting down to sort blindly though the heap of envelopes in front of her. Finding the one she wanted Alice squealed again and got up and tip toed to the small metal box in her closet and opened the lid retrieving the key ring and going to her bed to sit down.

Unlocking the hood was first and Alice whined as she pulled the sticky leather from her face unbuckling the gag and slipping it out of her mouth, Alice sat rubbing her head and face for several minutes before unlocking the clamps from her nipples and stifling a scream as she opened each clamp dropping them to the floor. Alice unlocked her ankles and began to unlace the boots but stopped deciding she would wear them until the key for the chastity belt arrived now enjoying them too much to take them off.

Moving to the kitchen again Alice warmed up a prepared meal as she fluffed her hair and drank some water and a soda listening to the news talk about the prison break and other topics she was uninterested in then wolfing down her meal. Checking her messages Alice heard her friend say she had sent her package today and asked if Alice would call her to tell her she was ok because she was worried about the prison break. Alice humphed and muttered to herself, “If she only knew she had the key to what any escaped convict would want she wouldn’t be asking!” smiling as she tapped her fingers against the tight steel plate covering her pussy.

Alice called her friend and told her everything was fine letting her ramble on that she had heard that three of the men had been captured in her neighborhood and was really worried and was about to call the cops to go have them check on her. Alice laughed and thanked her and said her goodbyes before turning off the TV and going to bed. Lacing the hood on over the gag again Alice left the cuff key swinging where it was and cuffed her ankles together before slipping her hands behind her and locking her cuffs around her wrists.

Several months later Alice was awakened by her alarm clock after another long nights sleep in her cuffs and leather, the corset and chastity belt had been wore continuously since that long weekend, she also slips her ballet boots on as soon as she gets home every night and had no more troubles with sleeping while she was fully bound and had now added a sleepsac to her nightly routine making herself wiggle out of the unzipped end each morning to get her keys, she had been happy that she finally broke through and could now sleep while bound and was enjoying her bondage more each day.

Opening her mail one evening she read a letter from someone and was stunned by what it said as it described a weekend this person spent with a beautiful woman in her house that had restrained herself in such a way all they had to do was not let her free herself until after they had gone, the letter went on to describe the woman’s restraints in detail and how much they had enjoyed watching her wiggle under his hands and how many orgasm’s she achieved with his help.

The person went on to describe moving her furniture around to confuse her and replacing the key just before he left her home and hoped she had enjoyed it as much as he had and that he hoped if he was ever in the area again she wouldn’t mind if he stopped by and they could “visit” each other again. The post mark was from somewhere she didn’t recognize and after reading it a few more times she sat remembering her dreams that she had those first few nights and every night since realizing she had not been alone and putting it together that he must have been one of the escapee’s and had waited it out at her house keeping her bound during his wait by denying her the key.

Alice had noticed strange things since that weekend, an overcoat had been missing, several of her frozen dinners were gone, the front door unlocked but nothing had been found to explain them so she thought she had just miscounted and would find the coat later. Alice slept unbound for the first night in months and couldn’t sleep well because of it, reading the letter at work and again at home she locked herself up leaving a key above the back door just as the letter had told her to do and slipped into her sleepsac and dreamed of being held again by the man who had helped her have wonderful dreams and understood her needs and still wanted her enough to risk telling her where he was, silently hoping he would return and hide out at her place again but stay much longer this time.

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