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by Mikel

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Julie stared at herself in the long mirror studying her long toned legs, flat stomach and perky breasts, the tight spandex that had become her signature look shining in the light. The spandex had originally been worn for her workouts but as they became more frequent she began to wear the tight material more often. Julie loved the tight shiny material and the way it hugged her body eventually wearing layers of it to add to the restrictions during her workouts and during her normal activities during the day. The thin blonde had started to mix her two favorite pastimes bondage and working out adding thick bungee cords between her cuffed wrists and ankles. Julie had also taken her weight support belt attaching chords to it then attaching them to her ankles and wrists forcing her body to fight the resistance of them to increase her work outs.

Now when Julie wasn’t at work she was always encased in layers of shiny spandex and almost always locked into her “exercise” cuffs and belt. Julie would freeze the keys in larger and larger bottles keeping her restrained for hours fighting the thick chords just to take a step or to bring her hands in front of herself. Lately she had been inserting a small vibrator in her pussy with a plug in her firm ass just to spice things up never turning either up high enough to get her off. The constant teasing and feelings of desperation and helplessness drove her to keep adding to her “Workout” attire eventually getting a large ball gag and a very severe set of nipple clamps.

Julie would strap the ball gag securely into her mouth locking the straps before pinching her nipples tightly with the clamps then strap the belt on limiting her stride and how long she could remain standing since the thick chords continuously tried to pull her ankles to her ass. The chords attached to the wrist cuffs had been shortened until they would keep her hands behind her back causing her to have to fight to pull them in front. Julie could only keep her hands in front of herself for a few minutes at a time before the chords would pull them to her lower back again. To keep herself from removing the clamps she had gotten a set that had small holes in the top arch of the frame so locks could be put through making it so they would have to be dragged off her sore nipples. Once she got accustomed to them she would tighten them very tight before locking them forcing herself to suffer until she could retrieve the keys.

Julie was spending more time bound in the heavy cords struggling to move around her apartment checking the melting ice before being forced to squat with her bound hands held tightly to her lower back. Each time she would move the clamps would tug on her nipples while the weak vibrations continued to tease her. Julie was sitting in her desk chair one evening her knees pulled up to her chest watching a video she had found while she chewed on the large ball making her jaw ache. While her hands flailed uselessly behind her back she saw a young woman forced to do sit-ups by her computer each time she would stop she would be punished and couldn’t stop until the timer ran out. The idea of combining her two favorite pass times interested Julie arousing her even more than the weak vibrators as she watched the woman struggle to complete her sit ups.

Julie searched the internet for the equipment she would need to complete her new idea adding a few quirks to her plans as she found items that intrigued her. The first task was to make it so she could use her computer to time her bondage finding a motion sensor that could easily be controlled by her lap top. She was surprised she could find a small motor that would turn slowly being activated by the computer using the signal of the motion sensor triggering the bell that came with the sensor. During her tests she found the motor would only turn briefly extending the string by only a half an inch. Julie wanted to make it more difficult being she could easily do a hundred plus sit-ups so she took a pair of inexpensive shoes with six inch heels and screwed them to the floor to hold her feet still. Julie found a large neck stock on line, the stock was very wide around her neck and would hold her hands out away from her shoulders clamping around her neck. Each cuff could be ratcheted closed and she could easily reach the key holes for the cuffs so made it perfect for her plans.

Julie purchased leather wrist cuffs to wear under the steel cuffs knowing that in her struggles she might chafe her wrists planning to wear them under the steel and possibly use them for other games. Her next purchase had been something she had always been curious about since first seeing one. The large ass hook was very exhilarating to her, she had picked one with a large ball on the end of the hook hoping to use her remaining bungee cords to attach it to her collar so each time she sat up it would pull it deeper into herself. The nipple clamps were a given having found two small vibrating toys she could attach to the clamps to keep them moving and twisting on her nipples while she did her sit-ups. The more her plan formed the more excited she was to restrain herself and let herself be tortured and teased while she “exercised” until the key lowered to her captured hand.

Julie waited impatiently for her gear to arrive testing her release and her foot restraint deciding to add two leather straps to the shoes unscrewing the shoes then slipping straps under them. The first strap would cross over the balls of her feet the second strap she would wrap around each ankle then under the steep heel of the shoes. Julie liked how her feet were held firmly to the floor coming up with an idea to use them now. Julie took her chords and gag inserting her vibrators under the tight spandex shorts stepping into the long spandex pants then setting the cup of ice next to her before strapping her feet to the floor. Julie tightened the belt around her waist quickly locking the ankle cuffs onto her ankles with the elastic cords pulling her body towards her feet. Julie placed the clamps on her nipples adjusting them until her eyes watered before taking the new gag harness and wrapping it around her head. The larger ball filled her mouth stretching her jaw wide open before slipping behind her teeth stretching her lips tightly across the ball.

Julie groaned into the gag rubbing her hands around her face unsure how long she could stand her mouth being held open that wide and sat back wincing as the clamps shifted. Julie could feel her arousal growing as she rubbed her caged head tightening the straps around it moaning as she felt the pressure increasing and the ball slide further into her gapping mouth. Julie positioned the remotes for the vibrators on either side of her waist noticing with her feet strapped to the shoes how little she could move them and how her knees were forced towards the ceiling. With her arousal guiding her Julie twisted to one side whimpering as the clamps shifted again and slid her left hand under her back. Julie rocked back and forth working her hands under her before sitting up squealing as the clamps pulled and twisted her nipples and the plug was driven deeper into her.

Julie was now feeling the building orgasm thinking only about climaxing as she wrestled with the leather cuffs attached to the belt locking each tightly around her wrists before lying back on her trapped hands. Julie was starting to enjoy the larger gag, she could already tell how much better it quieted her with her lips stretched around the large ball and hoped she wouldn’t have to control her screams when she orgasmed like she had to in the past. Twisting and pulling on the cords Julie pulled her hands to her sides allowing her to lay flat and grab the remotes. The bound woman lay fighting her restraints relishing how well she had bound herself knowing the ice would take at least an hour to melt so she wanted to wait to make herself orgasm for as long as possible. Julie would push against the bolted shoes stretching the cords finding she could only move herself backwards a few inches before her steeply angled ankles stopped her.

During Julie’s struggles she rolled to her right pulling her left hand out from under her looking down to turn on the plug in her ass. Julie knew if she used it alone it would taper her arousal some but found that with all the straps around her head she could barely see passed them and blindly pushed a button. When the plug shook her violently she squealed jumping in her bonds letting her hand get jerked behind her back. Julie was twisting and flexing her body gasping and panting around the gag from the pain from the plug shaking her realizing as she flailed about she could no longer feel the remote in her hand. Julie whined and twisted then sitting up making the vibrations feel more intense as she looked for the remote. Julie whined loudly spotting the remote about two feet away from her knowing there was no way she could reach it while she was bound.

Julie whined lying her head forward on her knees pressing her pinched nipples against her legs making her flinch again while her hands flailed behind her back desperately trying to find away to free themselves. Julie quickly flipped on the vibrator in her pussy slowly truing it up hoping to compensate for the pain from the plug. When the vibrator began to feel good Julie sighed and eased herself onto her back still pulling at her restraints and gasping around the large ball. It took about twenty minutes before Julie’s orgasm returned and she was thrashing and yanking at the elastic cords letting her hands snap back behind her as she started performing sit-ups to see how possible it was smashing her nipples each time she sat up increasing her building orgasm. Julie was really enjoying herself when the orgasm slammed though her body making her howl around the ball gag falling back on her bound hands while her body quivered.

It took Julie a few minutes to recover from the massive orgasm and lay smiling around the gag flexing her hands behind her back before pulling them out to her sides and relaxing as the vibrations continued to shake her. Julie already knew she no longer had the remote for the vibrator either having lost control of her hand losing it in her struggles not caring because she was sure the ice had melted enough by now to free herself. When her bound body stopped quivering and she had regained control of her breathing she tried to stretch her legs so she could reach the cup sitting near her shoulder. After several attempts to scoot her body backwards Julie pushed as hard as she could whining as her ankles stopped her from straightening her legs very far. Julie raised her head looking at her knees pointing straight up and pushed again realizing she would not be able to use them to adjust her position.

Julie turned her head looking at the cup sitting so close and tried to bring her hand up to it stretching the elastic cord as far as she could not even getting close to it. Julie let her arm snap back to her side grunting still not understanding that the cup was out of reach. Julie laying rocking her body as another orgasm continued to grow, her movements were making the clamps flop side to side twisting and pulling on her sore nipples sending waves of pain through her making her fight her bonds even harder. Julie was still enjoying her predicament fighting the restraints and pain as she felt the climax nearing no longer caring about ever being released. Julie’s bound body was covered in a sheen of sweat as she fought pulling her hands out and letting them get dragged behind her over and over using her quickly draining strength to fight the cords.

The orgasm was bigger and stronger than the first making Julie’s body quiver and shake as she screamed behind the gag her arms and legs flailing against their bonds. Julie was exhausted as she lay gasping around the gag whining unable to even pull her arms away from her body. If it hadn’t been for the shoes her feet were strapped into she would have rolled to her side and gone to sleep but with her hands held behind her back she couldn’t get comfortable and the gag and plug were both getting painful. Julie lay whining her mind foggy from her exertions trying to figure out why she was trapped and why she was gagged so painfully. After a few minutes Julie remembered what was happening and smiled around the gag as she slowly pushed herself as far back as her legs would allow. Holding herself against the tight cords connecting her ankles to her waist was not easy as she rolled to one side stretching her arm as high as possible unable to see she was still a long ways away from reaching the cup she needed so badly.

Julie tried to reach the cup several more times each becoming more desperate as the vibrations, clamps and gag continued to get more painful before flopping on her back panting. Julie couldn’t believe her nice easy position had turned into one she might actually be stuck in and lay gasping and whining while she thought about what to do. Julie couldn’t lay still for long because of the growing pain, lying until she couldn’t take it anymore and started thrashing wildly twisting her entire body fighting the cords and bolted shoes as she sat up frantically pulling at all her bonds. Julie was almost in tears sitting with her head on her knees not finding any of this enjoyable anymore wondering when she would be found and by who. While she contemplated her demise she leaned back on her pinioned arms to ease the pain from her nipples. Julie found if she “walked” her hands away from her back she could reach much further and kept leaning back while her arms moved closer to the cup using her body weight to help fight the elastic cords pull.   

Julie couldn’t see but could tell her hands should be about even with the cup and slowly started working her hand over towards the cup stretching her arms as she pushed with her legs and leaned back further. Her hand brushed something feeling it fall over and then the dampness of the spilt water soaking the carpet. Squealing as she knew she was close she continued stretching her shoulders and arms ignoring the pain of the extreme position as she eased her hand onto the wet spot feeling the small key she knew would free her hands. Julie grabbed the key whining as she relaxed expecting her arms to snap back to her waist but feeling them stay stretched out. Julie sat gasping wondering what was happening feeling her body straining in the new position each arm and leg stretched to its maximum unable to overcome the strain she had placed it in.

Julie was whimpering from the violent vibrations, pinched nipples and large gag all hurting her worse than ever frantically going through her options when she stopped panting cursing herself and pulled her exhausted body up into a sit-up position releasing all the tension on her body. Julie was glad to feel her hands snap against her back as the cords drew her body closer to her ankles easing all her stretched muscles. Julie only took a few minutes to have her hands unlocked quickly removing the clamps screaming as they were loosened and removed then unbuckled the gag using it to hook over the remotes and drag them back to her turning both the vibrators off. Julie lay back panting rubbing her sore nipples thinking about what she had just done glad she had been able to free herself already wondering if she could do it again.

Julie was waiting until her all her new gear arrived before binding herself again partly because of the fear of getting stuck but mostly wanting to let herself stay fully aroused. She had always hidden her secret activities from her boyfriend not wanting to share her private time with anyone else and being unsure of his reaction. One evening he had gone to her house to pick her up for a trip to the gym and back to his house for the night arriving at her apartment finding a large box leaning on her door. Julie was getting ready for her work out as usual slipping a small plug in her firm ass before stretching three layers of spandex on her body compressing her nicely. Her pent up arousal was forcing her to be more daring in her attire covering her lassoed nipples with two sports bras before pulling a spandex crop top over them. Frank opened the unlocked door yelling he was there getting “I’ll be right out” from Julie leaving him alone with the box. His curiosity drove him to open the long heavy box pulling out the new stock she had ordered setting it on the table wondering how long she had been hiding her fetish from him.

Julie came out of her bedroom seeing a strange look on his face then noticing the thick aluminum stock lying on the table. Julie was embarrassed but snapped “Why did you open my mail?” Frank just smiled at her asking “Why have you been hiding this from me?” Julie smiled saying she hadn’t been hiding anything but had gotten it as a surprise for him. He grinned not believing her and said “Well then let’s try it out”. In her aroused state Julie couldn’t help but agree to let him help her test it since she was already horny and wanted to see how it worked because she had ordered a different stock than she had originally wanted. The one she had tried to order only had openings for her wrists and neck this one had two additional holes for her ankles and could be used to lock her wrists and ankles in it as well as her wrists and neck.

The one she wanted had been out of stock but when she saw this one she noticed it was a little longer and would force her arms away from her body further and to Julie that was even better. Frank opened the neck, pulling the lock and pin walking up to Julie and carefully closing it around her throat. Julie felt her pussy tingle as he dropped the pin through the hold snapping the lock closed letting her pull and tug on the stock. Frank pulled one of her wrists outwards pushing it into a cuff ratcheting it closed making Julie moan as she raised her other hand letting him lock it tightly. Julie wandered around pulling and twisting in the stock for several minutes while Frank watched her struggle. Julie stopped and stood staring at Frank panting from her struggles gasped “Ok, we’ve seen what it does let’s go to the gym”. Frank sat smiling at her and asked for a bottle of water enjoying the sight of her fighting to get to the fridge, open it and reach in and pick up a bottle of water.

Julie sat down wincing slightly as the plug was pushed in a little deeper and watched Frank drink his water twisting the stock around her neck while her hands flailed uselessly at the ends of the stock. Frank said “I think we should test the ankle holes, don’t you?” Julie grinned nodding her head slightly as he stood removing the pin at her neck replacing it once it was away from her neck and opening the ankle cuffs by removing the pins on them. Julie smiled weakly as she bent forward letting Frank guide the stock around her ankles closing each and replacing the pins. Julie was now locked in the heavy stock spreading her ankles about fifteen inches and her arms another eight or so bent over in her chair as Frank went to the fridge leaving her to explore her bonds and got a beer. Frank sat down watching Julie as she stood up grunting as she was forced to bend over like she was touching her toes feeling the plug in her ass seem to grow.

Julie shuffled around in a slow circle pulling and yanking on the stock finding she was fully restrained and unable to free herself. Julie asked to be released so Frank dropped the keys on the floor in front of her. Julie chuckled as she shuffled forward shifting her position as she reached for the keys. Julie was able to just reach the keys when she looked down noticing that the key holes were facing up making it impossible for her to reach them. Julie looked up seeing Frank smiling and watched him move to the couch and sit down patting the seat next to him. Julie was enjoying the game so she shuffled to the couch finding being bound in front of him arousing backing up to the couch and falling back on it. The two sat laughing and talking about her situation with him watching her in the tight spandex struggle to find a comfortable position.

Julie had been cuffed for over an hour when she asked to be released getting a chuckle from Frank saying “I couldn’t work out now unless my hard on is taken care of”. Julie as seductively as possible bent over with her ass in the air said “Well free my ankles and I’ll take of that”. Frank smiled at her saying “I have a better idea” grabbing her from the couch forcing her to stand and led her around until her back was against the couch and yanked down her three layers of spandex. Julie gasped as he pulled the tight material down to her thighs blocking her vision and began fondling her body before pushing his swollen cock into her from behind. Frank smiled as he noticed the cap of the plug reaching down and tugging and pushing on it as he stroked his cock in and out. Julie was mad but he felt so good inside her and the feeling of helplessness made her enjoy being forced to have sex in this position. It didn’t take long for Frank to explode in her bringing her close to an orgasm before pulling out and sitting down behind her leaving her standing bent over with her pants pulled down to her thighs.

It only took a moment for Julie to become embarrassed about her current position and began to twist and complain about him leaving her there. Frank smiled as he watched her shuffle around so she could see him watching her firm ass twist and shake as she moved. After a few minutes of her whining Frank unlocked one wrist handing her the keys and watched her struggle to free herself finally falling backwards onto her filled ass as she fought to open the shackle around her ankles. Once she was free Julie was very horny and wanted Frank to reapply the shackle around her neck and fuck her again getting irritated when he declined saying they needed to get to the gym teasing her as she pulled up her pants about the plug and multiple layers of spandex. Reluctantly Julie went to the gym leaving the plug in when he basically ordered her too but left him at the gym to go home and play by herself.

Julie was not ready to use her new system yet so she carefully set everything up making sure the sensor had to see both up and down motion when she did her sit-ups or it wouldn’t count and changing the settings so if she stopped for more than ten seconds the string would begin to retract. The small electric motor would lower the key one half an inch, its normal rotation for the slightly larger spool she had put on it, for each complete sit up retracting the same for each incomplete or for each ten seconds she waited before doing the next one. Julie had secured a steel eye bolt into the floor to attach her ankles to further secure her arched feet to the floor worried the stress on the shoes might be too much and they would pull loose. Julie stared at the ass hook, she had ordered a large ball on the end to make it more interesting but was now concerned it would be too big. The elastic string was next, carefully cut to length so it would keep constant tension on her pinched nipples while she was working out both in the laid back position and as she sat up with the toys bouncing around and vibrating the cords.

The new clamps she purchased were extreme the adjustment for tension could be set to keep her nipples painfully tight but she worried about them pulling off during her workout. Julie had tested them with a dab of super glue on each spiked pad finding that it would keep the clamps from pulling off and was easily released when it was time with a small amount of remover. Julie felt like she was ready all her gear had arrived the stocks were perfect with the addition of the leather under the steel she wouldn’t have to worry about chafing and the thick collar of the stocks was perfect for attaching the ass hook cord to.  Julie made sure the string was routed carefully around the spool on the end of the small motor and that it was long enough to reach her hand only while she was sitting up. Julie decided that once it reached her hand if she wanted to extend her incarceration she could continue to do sit ups winding the string back up basically reversing what she would need to do to lower the key. The thoughts of having to remember the sequence in an exhausted state excited her and she hoped she could make it work.

Julie waited until Saturday morning to try out her new exercise machine having bathed and flushed herself before inserting her vibrator setting it to come on in one hour pulling her spandex shorts up tightly to her waist then stepping into two pairs of long spandex pants just for good measure. She had measured the distance from the ceiling to where her hand would be when she sat up winding the string almost all the way to the top. Julie calculated the distance was 72 inches meaning she would have to do at least 72 sit ups, “Easy” she thought I should be able to extended that further maybe even doing one hundred with the heavy stock would make it a real work out. Julie glued the nipple clamps on her erect nipples she was very aroused not having satisfied herself since they had tested the stocks. Julie would wait to adjust the clamps and turn on the “tormentors” as she had started calling them until just before locking her last free hand in the shackles.

The gag was strapped on with each strap being pulled very tight sealing her mouth around the large ball with the padlocks closed in each strap just to add to her feelings of helplessness. Julie sat down centering her already sweat covered body under the string before taking a deep breath and leaned to one side working the large hook under her pants and slowly easing it into her ass gasping as the ball popped inside her then rolling back over letting the hook slide deep into her firm ass. Julie had always liked anal play and was quickly aroused by the strange feeling of having the large ball and hook inside her. Strapping her feet into the mounted shoes was a whole new experience for her thankfully she was gagged or she would have had the police called but she managed to get both feet strapped and locked to the tall high heels with the leather ankle cuffs locked together and then to the eye bolt. Julie lay back with a grunt feeling the bar from the hook sticking out from the top of her spandex pants under her back wondering if she could do this or not.

With her arousal growing Julie hooked the first bungee cord to the eyelet on top of the hook, the cord immediately pulled towards her welded in place feet making her moan as the ball slipped downwards inside her. She quickly pulled the stocks up to her neck making sure the key holes were facing the right direction before clamping it around her neck. Locking the pin in place behind her head was more difficult than she expected with the cord attached to the hook but she deftly slipped it through the pin and locked it without stopping to think about what she was doing pulling the ball upwards slightly. Julie was suddenly aware she had locked herself in place with the hook pulled deep inside her and could not do anything to change what she would have to do now to free herself. Lying back eased the tension on the hook letting it slide downwards again making her sigh around the gag still wishing she had tested it before since the thick bar from the hook was under her lower back already becoming uncomfortable. Julie was committed the thoughts of being stuck drove her to finish her preparations tugging on the clamps making sure the glue had set then pulled the cord attached to her knees to the connecting chain whimpering slightly as she connected it.

Julie was now lying on her back with a ball so big strapped in her mouth her lips were actually stretched tight around it. Her feet were strapped with leather belts to a pair of shoes she had bolted to the floor forcing her knees to point almost straight up with leather cuffs locked around her ankles and to a large eye bolt in the floor just for good measure. In her pussy was an untested vibrator that not only stretched her pussy but also covered her clit being pressed tightly by the three pairs of spandex pants she had pulled onto herself. Julie had glued to each nipple a steel clamp attaching the thin elastic cord to the chain between them and her bent knees and they were already pulling her tender flesh dramatically having two small vibrating toys that would continuously bounce around shaking the chain. Around her throat was a thick set of stocks that she had locked in the back attaching another elastic cord to the hook buried deep in her ass that seemed determined to work its way up to her throat.

Julie lay gasping thinking about it didn’t matter her hands were free she was still locked in place and would be forced to do about a hundred sit-ups before she could free herself. In her lust filled fog she didn’t realize she could use her hand to break the beam and trigger the key to drop. Julie lay back looking over at the cuff slowly slipping her wrist into it then ratcheting it tightly. Julie chuckled for a moment before realizing what she had done suddenly feeling very trapped pulling and twisting her captured wrists before calming herself and lying still catching her breath trying to find the courage to tighten the clamps. Julie leaned up twisting in the stocks to ease the pull on her nipples slightly before reaching to the clamps and quickly turning the adjustment knobs until she was whining loudly. Julie flopped backwards letting her hand find the on switches for the toys attached to the nipple cord flipping both on before quickly jamming her wrist into the remaining cuff snapping the clasp around her wrist then rolling towards it pressing it on the floor closing it tightly around her leather covered wrist sealing her fate.

She had barely closed the cuff before she started squealing as the “Toys” bounced off her stomach and started dancing along her sides not only pulling and shaking the cords to the clamps but tickling her savagely. Julie wiggled as she whined and chuckled around the gag desperately trying to reach the toys but could not get her trapped hands near them. After a few minutes Julie sat up feeling how heavy the stock really was around her neck and how much different doing sit ups with her hands held so far away from her neck. Julie forced herself up feeling the hook get pulled deeper as the clamps tension was eased slightly waiting to hear the beep from the computer that her challenge had started by it registering the beginning of the first sit up. Julie pulled herself closer to her knees slowly until she felt her nipples touch them squealing as she had to press her chest hard against her knees. The beep sounded letting her know she would have to smash her nipples against her bent knees every time she sat up or it wouldn’t count.

Julie moaned into her gag leaning her chin on the shackle when she heard another beep and could faintly hear the small motor running for a second. Stretching her neck she could just barely see the countdown clock running meaning not only would the computer retract the string for stopping while she lay back but it would also do it for taking too long to complete a sit up! Julie had not thought about that and lay back whining as the toys shifted and the cords pulled everything tight again but no beep. “Damit!” she mumbled into the gag knowing the first sit up didn’t count hearing the motor run again and could see the short length of string she had left from the ceiling was now almost gone. Julie grunted as she sat up pressing her nipples into her knees then lay back hearing the beep and motor run knowing it was going to be a long day. Julie continued doing her sit-ups each one pulled the hook up inside her when she sat up then relaxing the hook letting it slip downwards as her nipples were pulled on as she lay back. The vibrators had not come on so Julie was forced to concentrate on her exercise listening to the beeps and the motor running as she got into a rhythm and started to enjoy herself.

When the vibrator started Julie squealed loudly, the “Toys” attached to her nipples were making her regret using them as they had now bounced to one side tickling her mercilessly while pulling her nipples down as she sat up and sideways when she lay back. In her attempts to get one on each side again she lost two rotations of the spool before getting back into her rhythm and completing twenty more reps. Julie's first orgasm was approaching as she gasped for air through her flared nostrils looking up to see the key had definitely dropped but not as far as she thought it should have stopping for a second too long hearing the beep watching it move upwards slightly. As Julie instinctively performed her sit-ups her mind drifted to the measurements she had taken when suddenly she realized it wasn’t seventy two sit-ups it would be at least one hundred and forty four! Julie had lost count but she was sure she had done fifty or so and could already feel the strain on her body. Julie continued doing her reps thinking about how many she would have to do to lower the key to her hand glancing around as her desperation grew now convinced she could not do as many sit-ups as she needed to free herself. Julie could find nothing to help herself as her fear increased along with her struggles as she began to slow down and started missing sitting up completely getting even more frustrated and scared as she listened to the infernal beeps telling her she was screwing up.

Julie fought with her anxiety as she did her restraints for almost an hour before calming herself and getting back into her rhythm forcing herself to complete each sit-up perfectly. The vibrator and hook had started to feel good again as Julie struggled to keep her momentum going getting more distracted from the vibrations and hook even starting to like the toys bouncing around her sides tugging playfully on her pinched nipples. For the next hour Julie’s sweat covered body strained to complete each sit-up desperately hoping the building orgasm would allow her to continue to ignore the burning in her abs and thighs as she pulled herself up for another rep. Julie hadn’t looked up not wanting to think about how far she needed to go concentrating on the building orgasm only as she slowly lost energy and could tell she would have to stop and rest soon.

Suddenly Julie was screaming and twisting in her bonds the massive orgasm slammed through her first making her lean on her tortured nipples then flop backwards shifting everything sending her on another violent wave of pleasure. Julie lay twisting and whining, her movements making the cords pull harder on her nipples and letting the hook slip further downwards not hearing the multiple beeps as the computer retracted the string. For several minutes Julie could do nothing but lay struggling in her bonds as the orgasm faded leaving her breathless and gasping. Hearing the beeps Julie quickly snatched herself up to her knees pulling the hook back into herself squealing at the movement and feeling another tremor in her pussy. Julie stopped where she could see the computer seeing she had been docked thirty nine, BEEP, now forty reps! Julie screamed as she started doing her sit-ups again cursing herself for stopping then for getting herself into this situation but also thinking it might be worth it if she can have another massive orgasm like the one she just had.

It had been almost three hours since she had started her session, she was exhausted barely making it in time with each up and down movement. She had orgasmed three times each costing her more reps but now could see the key dangling just a foot or so above her hand driving her to struggle more as she attempted to reach it with each sit-up. Julie was about to collapse, she didn’t think she could do one more sit-up knowing that the approaching orgasm would finish her off. Her nipples were on fire and her ass felt like it was being raped by an elephant and wondered how she could still be getting aroused. As she struggled to sit up again she was thankful the toys batteries had died but now they were stuck between her sticky thighs and burning abs keeping the cords even tighter so her sore nipples never got any tension release no matter what position she was in. The hook had slowly worked the tight spandex down slightly so it now felt like it was moving several inches inside her with each rep and the large gag was making her jaw throb painfully.

Julie was lowering herself back to the floor with tears running from her eyes as the pain from her cramping legs made her scream and quickly sit back up leaning her head on her knees for a much needed rest. As she sat whimpering she felt something touch her hand and turning her head she saw the key sitting next to her hand. Julie was shocked, she had done it! As she twisted slightly she heard a beep and watched the key rise slowly confused she struggled to shift her hand higher pulling on the stock as she watched the key rise again abruptly realizing the beeps were telling her she wasn’t moving, as she heard another one she instinctively flopped backwards. The sudden awareness of being teased by the nearness of the key only to have it pulled away from her made her body convulse as another orgasm hit her making her scream loudly into the gag and lay with her eyes closed as her hands flailed at the end of the stocks and her body shook inside the bonds holding her to the floor.

Julie was lost in her exhaustion, she lay letting the afterglow of her orgasm soothe her aches and pains ignoring the annoying beeps for several minutes again before jumping back into her rhythm and slamming out a dozen or so sit-ups never opening her eyes as she slammed her clamped nipples into her thighs. When she finally opened her eyes she could see the key had lowered almost within reach her tear filled eyes brightened as she threw herself back and raised herself again stretching her arms up grabbing the key before falling back onto the floor. Julie could feel the key in her hand turning her head inside the heavy shackle she carefully inserted it into the lock and pulled and twisted until her wrist was free. The relief was immediate she had done it, she was a sweat covered mess but she had beaten the challenge relaxing she quickly dropped off to sleep.

Waking only a few minutes later Julie unlocked her bound wrist removing the lock to the stock and pulling her neck out of it. Julie barely had the strength to slide the stock out from under her forcing herself to roll over while she reached back and eased the hook out of her tender ass. Once the hook was removed Julie drifted off again waking to hear Frank’s voice and she struggled to figure out what was going on since her hands were once again locked in the heavy stocks. Frank had come over as planned, he was to be her safety but finding her sleep only partially bound he reinstalled the stocks and waited for her to awake. Julie was confused as she listened to him tell her “This is some set up I’d hate for it to go to waste” Julie quickly realized she was locked up again still with her feet strapped to the floor and he wanted her to start over.

Julie desperately tried to get Frank to understand but all he did was turn the “Toys” back on and told her to get moving. Julie could see the key hanging from the ceiling again thankfully not very far above her and started doing her sit-ups. Frank sat down next to her watching her sweat covered body as she got into a rhythm again admiring her dedication and wondering what the three hundred and seventeen number meant on the screen. Frank watched her struggle to do her reps for twenty minutes playfully tugging on her nipple clamps adjusting the clamps tighter before increasing the tension on the cord thinking the clamps would pop off when it was too tight unaware they were glued on. Julie could do nothing to stop him, the vibrator was still humming inside her and thankfully he had not forced the hook back inside her so she continued to struggle desperately trying to ignore the increased pain from her nipples and feeling another orgasm building.

Julie was slowing again as the key neared her hand but when she noticed it starting to rise again she didn’t know what was happening frantically looking around for Frank she saw a note written in large marker “Call me when you get out or I’ll come back after the gym”.  Julie looked back up the string seeing the knot where frank had tied the broken pieces back together knowing she had made it to where it would just reach her hand and with the two inches or so missing it would never get low enough for her to reach. Julie flopped back letting the explosive orgasm wash over her twisting and flailing in her bonds almost wishing for the hook to be put back as the vibrators and toys continued to run extending her orgasm as they bounced and twisted her nipples. Julie was content knowing she had beaten the challenge and could only wait for Frank to return and lay wondering how many reps she had done feeling her cramping legs and abs and planning to try it again once the soreness wore off. Maybe she would get the tens unit she had seen that could be controlled by her computer or maybe she would use a blindfold next time drifting off to sleep as she dreamed of Frank using her for his pleasure and keeping her locked in the stocks all weekend.      

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