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An Experiment in Self Bondage

by Steve Fowler

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© Copyright 2006 - Steve Fowler - Used by permission

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This is a story about my experiences in exploring self-bondage.  I am normally a dominant male who enjoys placing submissive women in restrictive bondage for prolonged periods.  I had always wondered what it felt like to bound and helpless, so I began exploring self-bondage.  As you know, the trick with self-bondage is to make the release reliable and foolproof, although I would prefer to give control of my release to someone I trust.

I thought about the ways I could do this and, of course, the key in an ice block is a tried and true method.  I wanted it to be difficult to get the key and to have to wait a long time to get it.  I placed the keys to my many padlocks in a small toolbox, locked this with a chain around it and through the handle.  I have quite a lot of bondage equipment to experiment with and time as well.  This adventure took about two months of trial and error before I was able to go through with the complete procedure.

My bedroom is located at the end of a long (25 ft.) hallway with two bedroom doors on one side and a closet, bathroom and laundry room doors on the other side.  I decided to make getting from my bedroom to the freezer a little more difficult by putting thumbtacks on the carpet in the hallway.  So I started by tossing the tacks on the carpet in a random fashion while going back to my bedroom.  I placed some on both sides of my bedroom door, and then closed it.  Once there I proceed to lock my ankles together with leather cuffs, put on a latex blindfold, and lock my hands behind my back.  I knew that I would need to walk down the hall and into the kitchen and open the freezer, remove the cooler, and let the ice melt before getting free.  Once I had the key, I had to go back down the hall to unlock myself.  The thumbtacks were a minor hindrance, but easy to kick out of the way.  I did use the wall as a support to make sure I did not fall.  While this worked, I wanted to make it more difficult and a longer period.  I decided that I needed to get more tacks, so every time I went to a store that had them I bought more.  Eventually I ended up with about two thousand tacks.  This made it more difficult.

The latex blindfold did not work well so I would try a leather one the next time.  After another test, I was still able to move the blindfold enough to see out the bottom so I decided something else was needed.  What I found was a leather hood with a gag and blindfold.  Testing the hood along with the latex blindfold worn under, I could not see any hint of light.  The gag made it even more interesting.  As I progressed, I added restraints at the knee and switched to better quality handcuffs since the cheap ones that I used originally popped open when I fell.  Even with my hands cuffed behind me, I found I still had good use of my hands.  The solution was to this was to take a chain from my ankles and thread it through the hasp on my collar.  I wanted the chain to pull my hands high up behind me so they would be useless.  I tried locking the cuffs to different links on the chain until I found the length that worked best and made my hands virtually useless when I was standing.  When I bent my legs, it would give me slack in the chain so that I could use my hands.  I then cut the remaining chain off so that I only had one choice.  I also wanted a way to restrict the use of my hands even further.  

Many times when I was ready to try something more restrictive, I would back out before locking my wrists together.  I even pushed on the toolbox enough to let the keys slide out.  I solved this by putting the keys in an envelope and taping it to the bottom of the toolbox before locking and chaining it.  I also chained it to the bed frame so I could not push it down the hall ensuring that I would have to make a round trip to get free.  After experimenting and turning chicken to to avoid the final click, I was ready to go for it.

For the final key in the ice, I took the only key to the toolbox lock and froze it in a small cooler (the size that holds two or three six packs).  I did this because I figured it would take longer to melt.  First I filled it half full and put it in my freezer, when frozen I placed the key to the toolbox in the middle and filled it to the top and put it back in the freezer.  At this point, I had no idea how long it would take to melt.  I locked a chain to the handle of the cooler so it would have to stay in the kitchen when I got it out of the freezer.  I waited a day for it to freeze solidly and turned the freezer to the coldest setting.  The next day, I looped a short chain connecting the handles of the refrigerator and freezer (a side-by-side model) and locked the handles together.  I took this key and tossed it in the middle of my living room floor.  This was a small key about ½ inches by ¼ inch and would be hard to locate even though I knew its approximate location.  Next, I took all of my thumbtacks and spread them in the hallway placing a greater concentration near areas where I would have the most trouble, mainly near doorways.  I decide to leave the closet, bathroom and bedroom doors open since this made balancing more difficult.  Slowly working my way to my bedroom, I looked at the number of tacks and knew getting down the hallway would be difficult and a little painful if any tacks were stuck in my feet.  Once in the bedroom, I took a shower and got ready to start my bondage.  The final bondage was to be as complete and escape proof as I could make it. 

The first item to go on was a waist strap with a butt plug attached to a belt going between my legs.  The front piece had a hole for a strap on, but I used it to hold my cock and balls.  I pushed them through the hole so they would be exposed if I fell on any tacks.  Next, I attached the cuffs to my ankles.  These were leather cuffs with two straps with hasps for locks and a buckling strap in the middle.  I locked them together by overlapping the hasps and putting the shaft of the padlocks through both hasps.  This made for a more restrictive binding.  Before closing the padlocks, I put the ends of two longer chains between them.  I then took a thin chain, looped it around my big toes, and cinched it tightly through the middle.  When this was done, I proceeded to take another chain and pace it under my feet, crossing it over the instep and locking it snugly together around my ankles.  This would make walking (if you could call it that) more uncomfortable.  My ankles were now secure even if I could tear the leather restraints, which were sturdy enough to make this impossible.  Next were my knees.  I used a leather strap with a hasp lock.  It was pulled as tightly as I could and locked.  Next, I cinched the leather strap with a chain put the lock through the chain and wrapped the rest around my knees securing it tightly to the padlock holding the cinch.  Now my legs and feet were secure.

Now on to the bondage helmet.  This helmet was designed to be very secure.  It was made of flexible black leather with eyehole, nose holes, and a mouth hole.  The blindfold part was riveted to the helmet and had thick pads that more than covered the openings.  The same was true of the gag.  The nose holes remained open with no covering.  I would put small tubes in the holes and feed them into my nose to ensure I could breathe easily.  The strap was fed through keepers sewn to the helmet and each strap had a hasp that would hold a padlock.  The final strap was a chinstrap that fastened at the top of the head and could be locked.  The helmet laced in the back with grommets and a heavy leather lace.  The last feature was a heavy collar also riveted to the hood.  It was three inches high and when locked it covered the knot in the lacing. Before putting the hood on, I placed foam rubber earplugs in my ears and covered them with wax earplugs.  

First, I put on the latex blindfold.  This helped to hold heavy foam ear covers that would help me hear nothing.  It took a short time to put the hood on.  I was careful to keep it as smooth as possible when lacing it as tightly as I could.  During this process I got off my bed and down on the floor to make getting up to walk more difficult.  First I adjusted the gag to be as comfortable as it was going to get, then I reached backed and locked the gag strap.  Of course, this effectively locked the hood on.  Next the blindfold, with the latex blindfold already in place this was overkill, but it would make sure that I could not see any trace of light.  Again reaching behind my head, I pulled snugly and locked it in place.  Time for the chinstrap.  This would snug up the gag and prevent me from opening my mouth.  I pulled it tight and locked it.  Now I was getting closer to the point of no return.  Every time I heard a lock click, I felt it in my cock.  I was getting harder with every click!  

I took the chain that was attached to my toes and locked it to a ring in the front of the collar.  I pulled the collar tightly around my neck and put the lock in place.  This would really lock the collar on!  I snapped the lock!  Click!  I was secure in the helmet, my legs were bound tightly.  The carefully measured chain from my ankles was the threaded through the hasp and locked to a pair of sturdy handcuffs.  This chain would pull my wrists high on my back unless my legs were bent.  Only two things to do now.  

I had decided to put on a pair of nipple clamps to enhance the pleasure/pain aspect.  They were the type with alligator teeth covered in rubber with a screw to adjust the tension on the nipples.  From prior testing, I discovered the rubber would eventually allow the clip to slide off, so I removed the rubber.  I found out they hurt!  I fed them through the chain leading to my collar. The connecting chain was tied to the chain and I attached short springs to the chain about two inched from the clamps.  While lying on my stomach with my feet raised toward my head, I gingerly placed the clamps on my nipples.  The pain was not as bad as I thought it would be.  However, I had not yet fully loosened the tension screws.  I lay there for a while deciding whether to go through with the final steps.  I started to loosen the screws little by little increasing the discomfort.  I could still back out, with my hands free, it would not be too bad.  I kept turning the screws and finally and quickly turned them so they fell out and the full pressure of the clamps hit my nipples.  They hurt!  

Bending my legs to put slack in the chain holding the cuffs, I reached behind me and put my left wrist in a cuff and swung the other half over.  Could I close it?  Was I crazy?  I took my right hand and placed it on the top half of the cuff.  All I had to do was push!  First, I heard one click than another than another, then another!  I still had one hand free.  Could I continue?  I wanted to but I was afraid.  I took the small nail I had taped to the cuffs and pushed it into the double locking hole.  At least it would not get tighter.  I lay there trying to decide what to do.  Bound as I was, it would be a while to get free, but not as long as if both hand were bound.  I said ’fuck’ it and placed my right hand in the cuff and reached over with my left and quickly pushed it closed!  When I heard the clicks, I came right there!


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