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by Natalie

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© Copyright 2001 - Natalie - Used by permission

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I have been a bondage lover for many years. But as many of us self-bondage lovers know, it can be hard to find a partner. Therefore, self-bondage commences as it does with so many of you. And it was great, but like usual again, it gets boring eventually. I’m also an exhibitionist, in that I like to be naked in public and show off. I’ve been streaking since high school.

I’m now 26, dark haired woman, and am single in my own apartment. That means I get lots of practice in “the arts,” if you know what I mean ;) . I have size C breasts, pretty good if I do say so myself. I love to show em off. I’m pretty thin too.

When I go dry on ideas, I either try something outdoors, or go online. For this particular occasion, I found a fun one to experiment with. It’s called the Arm-Leg tie, and I’ve heard it can be very difficult: just what I was looking for. Pictures can be found at , if you want to understand or try for yourself.

I started by calling my friend Natasha, like I always do for my self-bondage adventures, and asked her if she wanted to go bar-hopping tonight. She said she’d come by at 8:00 tonight, and it was 4:00 now. That gave me 4 hours to “play.”

I began by pulling out the rope. I have a stash hidden under my bed. This was ¼ inch cotton rope... soft, but knottable. I love to use this all the time, it’s perfect. Then I took my “special cutting knife” (the one I use for all my ropes, because it had ridges in it for cutting, not slicing!), and carried it across my apartment with me. 

I stood up against the glass window and peered outside at the house next door. They were one floor below my apartment, but could still see my deck from the second story. I’m sure they’ve seen me walking around my house nude like I usually do (and was then), which is actually exciting to me. But my bondage lifestyle was very personal, and being seen in my tie would not be something I’d want to experience. This was thrilling even more, strange as that may seem. Being an exhibitionist is great :) .

I didn’t see anyone outside, so I quickly slid open my door and stepped outside. I looked up and around, looking for other apartment’s decks to see if anybody else was outside. In my state of undress, I had to be very wary. The coast was clear, so I quickly set the knife on the floor of the deck and slipped back inside, leaving the door open enough for me to get through. Then I would be taking a chance to get seen while receiving my escape. It’s so thrilling that way.

I then went back into my bedroom and got ready to try this new tie. Self-bondage is best done nude I think, but there are always exceptions. Today wasn’t one of them. I took some gags from my box. None of them seemed good for the occasion. So instead of a conventional gag, I just took some duct tape and a pair of my favorite panties. I rolled up the panties and stuffed them in my mouth. They didn’t fit too well, as I have a small mouth (I guess). Then I just covered my mouth with a fat strip of duct tape, securing my mouth shut. With the panties in there I couldn’t push the tape off with my tongue. I attempted a scream... not very loud. It was adequate for this tie.

For this bondage, I would be curled in a ball. I tied a rope coil around each leg, leaving just barely enough slack to fit my arms through. It was perfect, because I like my bondage reeeeal tight ;) . Then I got some more rope and started to tie my feet. Around each ankle, a couple times. Of course I ran the rope in between my ankles too to wrap around the rope, making it super tight. I tried to wiggle my feet apart or out: impossible. I brought the excess rope up behind me, just a few inches. I didn’t even need the ring device. I prepared my wrist coil, which was already made perfect from earlier occasions. It’s well worn in and measured to be perfect for my slender wrists.

I was about ready to finish myself off, when I made a last minute decision. I thought this tie seemed really easy (oh how wrong I was), so I thought I could pull my arms away from my legs too much. So I pulled out some of my favorite nipple clamps: the ones with the dial on them for increased pain. They’re little metal ones, with the dial on one side and the clamp on the other. So simple, yet so wonderful. So controlling ;) .

I took some tooth floss, and tied it firmly around the dial end of each. Then I measured it right so that when I was hunched over, I could tie one nipple to my opposite side big toe. The floss would run right between my thighs, and hold my breasts close to my feet. That would keep me from pulling my feet down. I didn’t quite put them on yet, I wasn’t quite ready. I checked my wrist coil: good. The loop to my ankles: good. I looked out at my deck: door was open. I could even see my knife. It was about 20 feet away: across my living room and out the door. I was sitting in the door between my bedroom and living room.

Okay, here goes! I had to act quickly before I chickened out. I took the clamps and put them on one at a time: 7/10 torture level. I twisted them on quickly and flinched in marvelous pain. Then I hunched over and thrusted my arms through my leg coils like in the picture, and reached back. When I did this, my legs went together, which put pressure on the floss, which tugged at my toes and tits... oh so good.

I put the wrist coil through the ankle loop, put my hands in, and before I could change my mind, twisted and pulled forward. I was already lifting my toes up as much as possible to minimize pull on my tits, so when the momentum went forward so swiftly, I rolled over my toes and onto my knees and the side of my face. “@!&#!” I screamed, which came out “HUMF!” My knees drove into my chest, which squished my tits into maximum pain. I think I started to tear immediately. I thought quickly, which turned out to be a bad thing, and rolled off my face and knees. I laid there on my side, knees in my chest, arms around my body backwards, tied to my feet.

For me, some of the best part of bondage is the struggling. I started to test all my bonds, tugging with my ankles and wrists. Nothing, just a little bit of tug at my tits. Damn they hurt bad. Maybe I should have stuck with 3/10. I laid there exhausted already. I looked up and looked at my open door. There’s that knife... so far away though. I started to get a little hot now, but couldn't even get near touching myself. Everything was around my pussy, but couldn’t reach myself in any way. It was horrible, yet so teasing. Great.

If I wanted relief, I needed to start moving. I rolled with my legs. All I had to do was throw my weight in the only direction I could, which was very luckily towards the door. I managed to throw my weight over my legs, and roll over my chest again. OUCH! I immediately started to regret the nipple clamps. I had moved about 3 feet in one roll, but had totally drained my energy. My wrists even started to hurt now, but my pussy said “more! more!”

But more was a long way away. I shuffled a bit, then threw another roll towards the door. OUCH again, but more progress. I was about ¼ of the way across the room now. I was so excited that my nipples were pointy, and with the pointyness came more pain. It was so hard to roll without pulling on my toes at all. I relaxed my toes, and the pain was really slow but definite in my tits. This would be so easy without the clamps. 

Sometimes I am just stupid about these things. It’s the heat that gets me ;) .

About this time I fell asleep from exhaustion. I woke up to a bird outside my open door. It was perched on the railing, looking at me. It soon flew away, and I came into realization of my predicament. It was DARK outside! Natasha would be by soon, and she didn’t know about my bondage lifestyle yet. I couldn’t see a clock, so I just threw my weight at the door and managed to roll more. The pain soon reminded me of the difficulty of this task. Then my pussy woke up, and made me moan to touch myself. But I had to go on. Roll. Roll. Roll.

This took a surprising amount of energy, and time actually, and I knew anytime Natasha would be by. I was almost to the door when I heard my phone ring. “Oh no! Probably her, saying she’s on her way!!!” And sure enough, she announced she would be by in 10 minutes. I about lost it, but I was so close!!!.One more roll put me through the door and the pain about killed me. My tits had to be blue by now, and my toes were so tired from sticking up so much.

I fumbled my fingers for the knife. I lost it for half a second, but quickly placed it again. I sawed at the ropes quickly. I poked myself in the heel a few times, but I didn’t care. I wanted up. I had underestimated the armleg tie.

Soon my heels were free, and soon my hands. And the best part was my tits... oooh they hurt. I temporarily forgot Natasha’s soon arrival, as I stood on my deck naked rubbing my tits. I bent over and picked up the cut rope, knife and clamps, and ran inside. As I turned to close my door, I noticed somebody next door turning on a light and walking into their bedroom upstairs. If I was 5 seconds later I’m sure he would have noticed me.

I ran into my bedroom and hid all my stuff back under my bed and put the knife away. I stood there for about 2 seconds wondering what to do next. Then I heard my pussy screaming at me again, “Down here!!!”

I dove into a very quick masturbation, which was very easy to do, with all that horniness built up ;) . Just as I was done I heard Natasha’s key in the lock of my door turn. I ran into my room and closed the door. I threw on some clothes on the floor (much to my disappointment) and went back into the living room, finding Natasha on my couch watching TV.

“I was just in the bathroom,” I claimed. She said OK, and we proceeded to a great night of drinking with some hot guys (after I changed into something suitable, of course ;)

Looking back, this was a great bondage session, but I should have turned down the clamps. I was so tired that night, and slept veeery well. There’s actually a moral or two to this session: NEVER underestimate a new position, and NEVER make last minute decisions for your bondage.

I got lucky... very lucky. -Natalie


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