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An Extremely Long Nano Second

by Chas313y

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© Copyright 2009 - Chas313y - Used by permission

Storycodes: Extreme Sbm; rope; leather; collar; cbt; toys; cons; X


I would like to point out that this is an account of an actual event that I engaged in. This is not a fictional story and as such I would like to take a moment to say that I would not recommend any of the scenarios! They are dangerous and if you choose to incorporate any elements into your own lifestyle please take great care.  


Where to start with this story!

I guess I can turn my hand to most things of a creative nature but when it comes to writing I’m not so sure that’s the case.  Anyway I have the desire to start sharing some of my adventures in self bondage and as such I hope they will be written in a coherent manner but if I ramble on a bit please feel free to scroll on to the juicy bits which I will mark below <<<JUICY BITS >>> so they are easy to find.

My working life started out with lots of varied jobs but always with an intense desire to draw, paint and sculpt however as much enjoyment as these activities bring me they did not pay the bills so I eventually found my way into the building trade which I found fulfilled my creativity, paid the bills and gave me access to knowledge and materials to fire my interest in bondage.  

I’m male, mid 30’s, tall and slim with dark hair.  I can trace back my interests in bondage to when I was approximately 8 years old when I was bound to a fence by some friends, well boys will be boys right!. The question I often ask myself is did experiences like that one and the numerous subsequent childhood ones form my interest or do I merely recall them with such familiarity because of the later interests that I embarked apron as an adult... Hmmm chicken and the egg springs to mind.

Ok well talking of chickens and eggs and to move on from the lengthy story of my life to the bondage story at hand. So I want to be bound tight and with restricted movement both of which I can do with little or no bother however the problem of not having access to the key or knife which will facilitate my escape was a problem. I mean we all want that feeling of helplessness right? The feeling, I will get free but when? Just to fill you in I’m going back to a time before I had a PC and as such had not found the joys of the Internet and websites like Gromet's for ideas.

 So one day I’m running through the problem in my mind of how to get the key from a place that’s out of reach and I’m in the kitchen making a coffee when the idea hits me. I’ll secure an arm on the movement of an egg timer so when the timers clamped to a shelf and the time is set the arm will travel round knock the key off the shelf and fall down to where I can get it. Simple enough but with the maximum time I can set the timer to being only an hour and that’s including the time it takes me to secure myself in bondage, something that can be most elaborate with me and so after all that work I end up with 20/30 minutes of inescapable bondage. Was a nice idea but really not worth all the work it takes, if only I had known the ice and stockings method in those days, something I have come to rely on after finding it on Gromet's (what a revelation that was when I first read it).  

However it’s not long before I find a solution to this problem by using a clock which is fixed to the wall again the maximum time will be limited by the travel of the hand which the key is on. A few tests to perfect this and I have a piece of string with a key tied to one end a few inches away is a loop that the hand of the clock runs through and the other end of the string runs down to where I will be waiting. The key is put on the hour hand when it is at 11 and will then travel as far as about 4 before it falls off, giving me about 5 hours of waiting before I can pull it to me .  


Ok so the first play session with the new clock release method is upon me and all the plans come together. I have the room empty apart from a piece of furniture I built  which is in the centre of the room along with all the items I will be using to bind myself and the clock is on the wall for my escape (for those that scrolled  to the juicy bits the clock is mentioned in detail in the paragraph above but I'm sure you will get the idea of how it works later in the story) The furniture is made of pine and is in the shape of a saw horse, two legs at the back which come down from a centre bar and spread out as they travel to the floor, these will hold my legs apart and the same is repeated at the front to hold my arms while the centre bar has my torso tied to it, I guess in a kneeling doggy style position.

I do like to cross-dress but today I was only interested in tight bondage as I was to test my new timed release and the truth was I wanted to make things as hard and restrictive as I could on myself as I was very much aware that after this first experience I would no doubt have all manner of second thoughts when ever trying a slow release device again. So with great naivety I started. First with a 40” spreader bar tied to my ankles holding them apart nicely, I then took my leather under bust corset and laced it as tight as I could get it which was tight as I have had lots of practise at putting it on.

Next came some 2” leather belts one round my waist, one a little lower at my hips and the last one just at the ribs all of which I again pulled as tight as I could get them. I then take some rope which I keep tied in a Japanese tortoise shell harness and start to tie it around my torso before coming from the back under my crotch to the front I insert my inflatable vibrating but plug. Once done I continue with the harness tie and finish the rope work with several lengths of rough string bound round my cock and balls, a little touch that I’m sure will be regretted latter in the day. Things are getting very tight and I’m feeling it a little harder to take air into my lungs with the corset, ropes and straps and this is set to get more difficult with the next step.

I have a leather plate gag which is next to be buckled tightly in place with It’s three straps pulling the plate firmly over my mouth. I then put on my leather posture neck and mouth collar, now this is exactly what it sounds like in that it laces up the back like a corset and is shaped at the front to fit over the mouth stopping just under the nose and fits over the whole lower part of the face and cutting across the ears, for good measure it has a criss-cross of straps that go over the head fixing both at the back just behind my ears and at the front they are on my cheeks. I add to this with a leather hood that laces at the back and another heavy leather posture collar. This is as tight as it gets folks, your face feels like it has an elephant on it and I can’t hear much more than my own breathing and the pounding of my heart, add to that my head and neck are held in a very uncomfortable restrictive position by the collars.

I’m now ready for the next and final stages of the bondage and before doing this I have one last check of the string leading from the clock and all seems fine to me so I set it at 11 which is not far of the real time. Next I get on my knees in front of the horse and shuffle up to it propping my whole body onto it so that my knees are about 3” off the floor. More pressure on my stomach and chest but I push on and bind my knees and thighs as tightly as I can to the legs of the horse, a couple of loops of rope at each point  cinched off with the running end is all that it takes to weld my legs immovably in place. I finish off my torso with two leather straps, one around my waist the other just under my arm and both pull me tight to the cross bar of the horse which is 5” wide and solidly runs from a D shaped cut out at my groin which accommodates my now bound cock and balls all the way up my body and ends at my chin with two holes cut out at my nipples to allow for clamps. These are applied next and bite into my nipples but I move on and take the trailing end of the string that I earlier tied round my cock and balls and tie it off in the middle of the chain running between my nipple clamps and finish this off with fishing weights.

Almost there now and I’m as horny as hell and it is taking all my strength to stop me from playing with myself, so many pleasures are assaulting my body and I have to force myself to take the next step. I reach down a pump up the butt plug 1 2 3 4 5 pumps and then I turn the vib to full power, man that feels so good and the rope harness is transferring the vibrations to my balls and cock and very lightly up the string to my nipples. Grrrrr I try to open my mouth and take in some clean fresh air but it is glued in place and the pleasures wash over me as I suck as much air in as I can, HOLD IT!!! then let it out.

Right I need to finish this now or I will not be able take much more and at that moment I know I have taken this further than I can go!!! I tell myself that as much as I want this I can’t take it!!! FECK I will finish the all the bondage but for the handcuffs and see how long I can last before I relieve myself so I reach up and as I start to tie the first of several pairs of stockings round my eyes I note the time on the clock and feel quite proud that I have been at this for almost an hour. I finish the blind fold with several passes of the stockings round my eyes and a few round my nose for good measure and my breathing is reduced further, “What the hell I'll not be tied here much longer!". Once done I add a last leather belt around the back of my neck and under the horse buckling it firmly in place so my head is now totally ridged and forced into the horse.

I’m feeling rather good about now all the pleasures are out weighing one another from the buzzing of my anus to the throbbing of my cock and balls leading up to the biting clamps. My breathing is slow but going well and the ropes, straps and corset are holding me like a firm but fair lover. I resolve to move on with the proceedings and I take up the rope that is tied to an eye bolt in the centre of the spreader bar between my legs and pull it up over my back and down over my shoulders tying it off around the front legs of the horse making sure that my legs are pulled up as tight as I can get them.

The final part of the position was for me to reach round and under the legs of the horse and then up to the handcuffs attached to the underside of the horse just under my chin. I go ahead with this step even placing my wrists in the cuffs without closing them! And relax for a few minutes and absorb the position I’m in and the assault on every pleasure zone in my body. With a rush of adrenalin, thoughts of pleasure and pain and an over powering feeling that I need to do this now or never. I close the first cuff at which point I realise there is no way out now even with only one cuff in place, how I would come to wish that even though I could not escape I had not closed that last cuff, Oh for that one little mercy but that rush just beat me by NANO seconds and the final cuff was closed. Secure but not content with my predicament I squeezed both cuffs until they were as tight as they would go, Innocent to the hours of pain I would have to endure.

I can’t move any part of my body and every part of my body starts to ache. My knees are on fire along with my neck and back with the position they are now in but that is minimal to the pain in my balls and nipples. I figure I must have closed the cuffs about 2 hours after I started so maybe 1 in the morning and I think it’s been  20 30 minutes since the cuffs shut so I’m half way there. I don’t know if I can take any more of this. I try to move and the cramp hits me, first in the back and then in both my legs, my breathing is getting harder as I try to fight the cramps and I don’t know what is hurting the most.  The cramps which have spread to most parts of my body, my anus which has newly started to burn, the cuffs on my wrists which are now on fire and I am trying not to dwell on the clamps on my nipples or the string that is buried in the flesh of my cock and balls, particularly the length I passed through the eye of my now rock hard cock.

Time is passing well it must be! I really can’t tell but I am finally falling in and out of what I have read of as being called sub space, that or my mind body just can’t deal with the onslaught funny thing was my thoughts were drifting from one thing to another and on very abstract subject but a larger amount were around new bondage themes. I eventually start to wake from this state and mustered the mental fortitude to try and pull in the string for the key with little hope that it would have dropped, as I was doing this the thought touched me that if I had not had my ears covered by all the leather I would have heard it fall but if I was in sub space or asleep I would not have been able to hear it anyway.

I will never know but as I became more awake so did the feelings of pain throughout my body with a new ferocity and as that built the key touched my fingers. I can’t say how long it took me to put that key in the lock but it was a long and painful process followed by a lengthy wait on my arms sorting themselves out before I could move on one stage at a time. I had to drag myself to the shower as I could not walk and then into bed at which point I notice the time was 6am. I must have started to pull the key in about the same time it was released and I really don’t know if I would have managed any longer.



I have read in recent times about how many people have been found dead after this kind of thing has gone wrong. Research suggests that many people involved in self bondage feel that they need to take things further each time, looking for a new high, caught up in the moment and safe in the knowledge that it all worked out the last time. Exactly what I have found but I was lucky enough to get myself free each time, sometime only just!  I never take risks like I did in this story having weighed up and found a balanced formula for play. This still comes with its risks but I feel they are more calculated and as safe as they can be but one thing that I will never compromise on! That being I will never add to the scheduled play once I have started, everything is planed and tested before hand and each step is double checked as I go through and finally I always have a back up for my means of escape... Play safe and don’t become a statistic...                              


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