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Faced with A Stiff Problem

by Techster & Techie

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© Copyright 2006 - Techster & Techie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; bond; cons; X

This morning I awoke, horny as all hell.


I looked over at my wife of the past 35+ years and she was sleeping in the nude and glistened in the golden rays of the sunrise.

It was Sunday, the one day of the week we sleep late, so I did not want to wake her I just wanted to hold my lust in check while watching her.

Remember that Techie is my keyholder too I sleep with my cock controlled with a Chastilock. I order for me to even have an erection I have to wake her to get the key to unlock my sex.

I quietly slipped down the hall to our playroom. I opened our toy box and removed a collar, leather leash, one small lock, a large ball gag, one pair of handcuffs, a spreader bar with ankle cuffs on it and a small ring of keys on a clip.

I wrote the letter below and printed it out.

I went back to our bedroom, taped the letter on the dressing mirror on the wall, secured the spreader bar and ankle cuffs that set my feet 2 feet apart leaving me thoroughly exposed.

Next I buckled the collar around my neck, attached the leash to a the upper hinge on the door in front of our walk-in closet, stuffed the gag into my mouth and buckled it.

I then locked the handcuffs to the lock on my cock, removed the key from the lock and snapped the ring of keys to the collar.

Lastly I snapped the handcuffs around my wrists. Now my wrists were kept down so I could not reach the keys or leash. With the Chastilock I could not masturbate so I just stood there, helpless in silence watching a sexy woman sleep in the nude.

The time was 08:30 AM.

At 10:00 AM the newspaper truck passed by and our dogs barked.

Techie woke up, looked around and then she saw me.

She got up read the note and kissed my cheek as she went to the WC.

Dearest Techie,

I awoke dreaming of you

I was awakened dreaming of you, I had just dreamt of your touch teasing my body.

In my dream I was naked and in full restraint and gagged as you teased me again and again before freeing me to be your silent masseuse and bring you to the point of lust that we could share.

Rather than stir you I chose to place myself in silent restraint in a manner that prohibits any sexual relief on my part and saves all my energies and dreams for you.

The keys are on my collar along with the tag denoting that mind, body, soul and sex I am your property.

I stand before you silently awaiting your touch.


Your dreamer, lover, husband and friend

When she got back from the WC the games began and my fantasies were realized.

She removed the lock from my sex, locked it to the collar and started teasing me. When I got hard and almost ready to shoot, she ceased and went to take a shower.

She turned me around so I could watch her – she deliberately showered with the curtain open. She lathered up her sex and slowly with a spray rinsed the soap away and gave herself a mild orgasm at the same time.

My wrists were unlocked from the collar as she passed me a long soft towel. I dried her hair, and her body as she stood in front of my.


Finally she reached up, removed the keys and unlocked me.

“I think you are ready!: she laughed as she pointed to my rock hard cock. “Let’s make the earth shake old man!”

The warm rays of the sun warmed our backs as I made love to her.

WE bundled up in a soft comforter and cuddled as we took a nap.

Life is soo very much more fun when your wife, lover ( and keyholder) is also your playmate.



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