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Fantasy Gone Too Far

by Dark Foxxwraith

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© Copyright 2001 - Dark Foxxwraith - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; gag; hotel; bed; stuck; cons; X

This is a story intended for adults only. It contains scenes of humiliation, various aspects of bdsm and non-consensual acts these things. So this is not for the kids. This is fiction mixed with some reality. The names and events that are real have been altered to protect all involve.

Prelude: The Ideal

It came to me one day, an ideal like none I’ve ever had before. I have always been interested in Bdsm. A switch but more prone to be the slave. However I had never been really fulfilled as being either top or bottom. I had tried many things and many people. Yet, I could not find fulfillment I have been into bdsm since a child. I was always willing to be tied up or do the tying up a friend in the childhood games of old. To be quite honest I went out of my way to make childhood games involve being tied up or spanked. I was the kid who always chose dare in truth or dare. But I digress; as I grew up I found a few people with the same desires and helped me to explore mine. By the time I was 23, I knew I would always be into this life and it was no experimental phase. I did most anything and anyone in high school. To be quite honest I was a male slut. Always trying the new and different seeing if I liked it. I had many a domme and Dom in these years but none never lasted. I didn’t care if man or woman owned me or used me. As long as they fed my desire for more.

As I became an adult, there was one fantasy that I always loved. The ideal of having no choice but to be a slave. To be a true slave or else suffer the consequences of disobeying. I found I was not alone in this desire. Thanks to the Internet I found others like myself and stories about this same fantasy. I read them all and no matter how they ended. Be with a slave being sold for real or worse, I was even more enthralled by my desire to be this type of slave.

That’s when the ideal hit me for what I wanted. I wanted to be blackmailed, forced into slavery or have my very personal life exposed. I thought of a plan that to be was very logical yet very extreme as I was told by many. I decided that my ideal fantasy was this, I would meet a complete stranger (male or female, even a group), I would know nothing about them yet I would provide them with all they needed to make me their victim. I decided to make few videos of myself engaged in various acts, some self-bondage, masturbating, tasting myself, performing sex acts and even cross dressing. I made sure only my face was visible in the videos if anyone else was in them. I also took about a hundred photos of me in similar situations. I scanned them and kept them on disk as well as having the hard copy. Next I wrote down every sex fantasy I ever had. As well as ever sex act I had ever done along with who and how much I loved it. The final touches was a complete list of all I knew and as well various signed documents and videotaped confessions saying I started all of this and my blackmailer was only doing what I asked.

The final step was finding someone. To this end I searched the net in chat rooms, personal ads and groups. I found many that told me how dangerous it was. (But that is what made it so appealing) I found many that seemed to want it too much. And then I found the one. Charming not overly aggressive, the screen name was simply anonymous, the profile for the user blank and the way he/she spoke left me wondering about everything. Sometime it seemed like it was more than one person. Using words like we and us other times only me and I were used. We talked back and forth for about a week. We spoke of what we each wanted and it seemed that this was it. A meeting was set and my fantasy was about to be real.

We decided to meet the following Saturday at a local hotel. I would arrive first at 5:30 PM; I would bring with me all my evidence as well some bondage toys. I checked in to the room we had agreed upon. I entered the room and laid down the two bags I brought with me. One was all my blackmail material, the other some bdsm toys. I removed my clothes and emptied the bdsm toy bag. I placed my clothes in the bag and locked it shut using a padlock attached to it’s zipper and handle. Next I placed the bag of info and the bag of my clothes on the little end table in the room. I laid the keys to every thing I owned as well as my wallet beside them. I also laid the keying, which had the keys for every lock and restraint I brought with me on the table. I was to be bound to the bed with no escape save for my blackmailer releasing me or the maid finding me the next day.

I looked at the bed with the pile of rope and restraints. I turned to make sure the door was unlocked for my blackmailers access. I then began making myself helpless. I placed myself in some light cock and ball bondage with some of the rope. Nothing too bad just enough pain and tightness to tease me. Next I looked on a studded collar. I attached a heavy chain to it; the chain about 4 feet long was then locked to the headboard of the bed. With that I was locked to the bed with not enough slack in the chain to make it to the keys for release. I didn’t even think about it.

As I continued tying myself up. I shackled my feet togther then attached some rope to the middle of its chain to the footboard of the bed. The next step was gagging myself. I stuffed my mouth with some white thong panties I owned. I then wrapped duct tape around my head securing the panties in my mouth. I then took a pair of handcuffs and cuffed my right wrist. As the cuffs dangled form my wrist I used a black scarf to blindfold myself. Now the fear set in as I fed the cuff through the headboard poles and found my left wrist. As I clicked it I knew I was now a prisoner of my own making.

For the first few moments I was fine, then fear set truly upon me as I moaned and struggled trying to free myself. But to no avail. All I could do was scream into my gag and cry. At the position I had put myself in. don’t know how long I laid on the bed bound. Till I heard the door open and then...

To be continued in chapter one


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