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Far too tight!

by James Ellis 2000

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© Copyright 2006 - James Ellis 2000 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; hogtie; cons; X

Far too tight! by Jamesellis2000 Sbm; hogtie; cons; X

It started out as just another solo session, that would last around thirty minutes, or so I thought.

It was five thirty in the morning I was wide awake and feeling frisky. I decided on some fairly restrictive rope bondage, using a few new tricks I had picked up from the internet. I would have my escape close to hand rather than using any sort of timing device. My backup was a friend asleep in the adjoining room. This friend, while not a player, knows of my interests and is prepared to free me if I get stuck.

I gathered my equipment, four lengths of nylon rope, and a five loop rope coil for my wrists, one six inch and two eighteen inch cable (zip) ties and a leather muzzle style ball gag. As it was a warm spring morning I decided to wear just a pair of tight leather briefs.

Now I was ready to begin, I set up my back up, the stereo system set to go on at full volume (to wake my friend), with the remote control to switch it on, on the floor close to where I would be tied. Next I put the primary release, a pair of snips, also close by where I would be tied.

I sat down on the floor next to the snips and started the bondage, first I tied a rope tightly around my waist and added a crotch rope trapping the wrist coil at the rear. I next tied my ankles and knees cinching them securely. Next came the gag, this is a leather muzzle with a leather covered plastic ball that fits in the mouth. Once this is in position a strap goes round the neck below the chin. A second strap goes around the back pulling the muzzle leather tight over the mouth. Next a strap goes from the top of the muzzle over the head and is tightened to the mouth strap. Another strap runs up either side of the head and buckles at the crown passing through a restraining loop on the head strap. A final strap goes round at forehead level keeping everything in place. Once this is on I can grunt but cannot speak at all.

I then passed the six inch cable tie around the wrist coils and waist rope ready to be tightened, and loop one of the eighteen inch cable ties through the ankle ropes at the rear. The last rope was formed into a chest loop holding my arms tight to my body. Almost there, I rolled on to my stomach and worked my left wrist through the wrist coils. As I had decided on a hogtie style tie I looped the final cable tie through the ankle cable tie and wrist cable tie, my ankles were now connected to my waist by about sixteen inches of plastic, a fairly loose hog tie. 

Almost done, a quick check, the snips were nine inches to the left of my waist with plenty of room for me to roll in to, the remote was about two inches further away. I thought these would be reachable without too much effort. So on to the final bonds, I wriggled my right wrist into the wrist coils, catching hold of the short cable tie, I ratcheted it tight trapping my wrists in the rope coils and pinning them to the waist and crotch rope.

I tested my bondage, it was pretty secure but I still had quite a bit of leg movement so I decide to tighten the long cable ties up a bit. I caught hold of the end of the first tie and ratcheted it up. This brought my legs up close to my hands, and brought the end of the ankle tie ratchet to my hands. Carried away in the heat the of the moment. I tightened this one too. Great I was in a really tight hogtie, my feet were held close to my hands, if I’d tied a rope from the ring on top of the gag harness I would have had no movement at all. I was as well tied as any professional bondage model in a magazine. This was the tightest hogtie I’ve ever got myself into. I thrashed vigorously, but was really secure.  The ankle ropes were securely connected to my wrist ropes, the wrist ropes were securely attached to the waist and crotch rope. With my arms pinned I had no upper body movement at all.

I had made a big mistake! I’d tied myself far too tight! I was such a securely trussed bundle, that I was a helpless prisoner! My ankles were bound tightly to my waist and crotch rope with no movement at all. Worse, with my wrists pinned securely to the small of my back I couldn’t move them up, down or sideways. My arms were pinned to my chest by unyielding rope, and with my wrists pinned, allowed no upper body movement. The muzzle harness was severely restricting my head movement, and felt as if it was tightening to crush my skull.

This ultra tight hogtie was getting very uncomfortable very quickly, I needed to get loose. But I was in such tight bondage, I could not generate any movement anywhere, apart from my head, hands and feet. Try as hard as I liked I couldn’t get any rocking motion to flip on my side. On my stomach I had no way to reach either my release or my back up! I tried wriggling forward or back, no go! In fact I could not move in any direction at all! I was crying out in the hopes of waking my friend, grunting and squealing through my nose, I even tried to bang my chin on the floor, but to no avail. So there I was stuck, cramping up, scared to death, if my nose blocked up I could easily suffocate, and the pain wais bringing tears to my eyes! 

So there I lay, a miserable prisoner of my own idiocy, for what seemed like hours.

Fortunately my friend woke early and decided to look in to see if I was awake. I must have been quite a sight, trussed by tight ropes, wearing nothing but an intricate head harness and leather briefs! The first reaction was to leave me to my fun! I grunted and squealed frantically, and fortunately my friend realised I was in real distress and quickly cut me loose.  




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